Tourist Attractions in Germany

25 Best Tourist Attractions to Visit in Germany

Here is a list of the 25 Best Tourist Attractions in Germany

1. Dresden

tourist attractions in Dresden

The epicenter of East Germany, Dresden, was primarily finished in 1743 but reconstructed again after it was ruined during the World War. The Dresden Cathedral and Semperoper Opera House can be seen within the neighborhood of Dresden Castle and are a portion of a museum compound which contains Neues Grunes Gewolbe – a spot for tourists to visit the wonderful artwork and ornaments of the 1500s. Other spots of enthusiasm in Dresden incorporate the Albertinum Museum which exhibits beautiful art from the 19th and 20th century, Pillnitz Castle which was one time the regal home, and the Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister which contains key Renaissance works, for instance, Raphael’s Sistine Madonna, Vermeer’s The Procuress, and Giorgione’s Sleeping Venus.

2. Trier

tourist attractions in Trier

This city was overcome by the Romans in the recent 1st century, which is why tourists will see plenty of sites and draws which mirror that in this wine area city. The relics of the Porta Nigra, the biggest Roman town gate to date, and the relics of Roman baths are several of the most traveled locations in Trier. Tourists also relish going on the stone bridge over the Moselle River and visiting Eltz Castle and the neighboring amphitheater. Trier is also an abode to one of the most ancient cathedrals in Germany, the Cathedral of St. Peter. St. Paulinus’ Church is also greatly traveled for the famous drawing seen on its ceiling.

3. Rottweil

tourist attractions in Rottweil

The city of Rottweil is located between the Black Forest and Swabian Alps and is a wonderful tourist attractions in Germany for three separated kinds of carnivals held yearly. One is the Rottweiler Festival where thousands of Rottweiler dogs appear together from all over the world. Second is a festival devoted to a summer jazz carnival, and third is an ancient city festival observing German tradition. There are plenty of other carnivals and bazaars held throughout the year as well so tourists are compelled to visit across one event or the other. Other things of attraction incorporate museums devoted to medieval statues, Roman mosaics, salt manufacture, and native dolls and toys.

4. Rothenburg ob der Tauber

tourist attractions in Rothenburg ob der Tauber
Rothenburg ob der Tauber

It is one of the most fascinating cities and a wonderful tourist attractions in Germany and is situated on the sheer verge of river Tauber. Rothenburg ob der Tauber is really wonderful how the ancient edifices, slender roads, and high towers mirror how the old days have stayed unspoiled since the war. Draws, for instance, the Master Builder’s residence with its impressive square and timbered balustrades, the Burggarten, or the fort orchard and its wonderful flower beds must all be traveled when in Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Other distinctive points of attractions are the 700-year-old stained glass at St. Jacob’s church, and the Medieval Crime Museum which has relics on offense and punishment dating back to more than a thousand years before.

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5. Quedlinburg

tourist attractions in Quedlinburg

The first epicenter of Germany, Quedlinburg is a warehouse of German history from past times. The ancient city, the renaissance-style fort, and the magnificent Romanesque church were all nominated as UNESCO World Heritage sites in 1994. Tourists will live visiting the cobblestone paths of the ancient city, the 1,000-year-ancient church located at the top of a sandstone cliff, and the wonderful fort along the panoramic Romanesque Road. The collegiate church of St. Servatius, a famous cathedral treasure, the Roman Catholic Church of St. Wiperti, and the relics of the Marian monastery conserve Germany’s history. Other activities incorporate visiting the 1,300 wooden residences which date back to the 8th century, kayaking on the Concordiasee, or hiking in Selketal-stieg.

6. Munich

tourist attractions in Munich

Bavaria’s epicenter and the third-biggest town in Germany, Munich is stuffed with fine art, culture, technology, education, and tourism. There is so much for tourists to perform in this place, specifically for those who love exploring museums and ancient churches and all these made this place a wonderful tourist attractions in Germany. There are some iconic churches, for instance, St. Peter’s, and the Frauenkirche Cathedral, significant art galleries, for example, Museum Brandhorst, and the Neue Pinakothek, and museums, for instance, the German Museum. Sports lvoers will love traveling the clubs of professional football teams or having a go at river surfing, which Munich is famous for. Let’s not forget the incident that draws tourists from all over the world; Munich’s yearly Oktoberfest observation, and the famous Hofbrauhaus beer hall is a must see!

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7. Monschau

tourist attractions in Monschau

A little resort city in the Eifel area of West Germany, Monschau is the abode to the High Fens, which was announced a nature conserve in 1957. Visiting it is a amusing way for the whole family to pass the day jointly. There are many trips that take tourists through the wonderful outdoors and close to the Belgium-German boundary in which the 11,000-acre nature conserve stands. The city played an significant role in Germany’s history at the time of  both World War I and World War II, as its situation was important in the Battle of the Bulge. Other spots of enthusiasm are the Mustard Mill, and the Red House Open Museum which has an wonderful compilation of fine art.

8. Meersburg

tourist attractions in Meersburg

Situated in Baden Wurttemberg in southwest Germany, Meersburg is a famous medieval town that is distinctive for the city being divided into two sections, a lower and upper city, joined by a sheer staircase. The key draw when exploring Meersburg is the Burg Meersburg, a 12th century fort alongside Lake Constance. Tourists like visiting the plenty of chambers and their decoration, the architecture, museums, and cafe that is today seen in the baroque hall. The museum contains a renovation of a Stone Age village that is amusing to travelers of all ages.

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9. Lindau

tourist attractions in Lindau

It is a charming site on Lake Constance, also familiar as Bodensee, in Bavaria. The location’s ancient town is situated on a beautiful island, making it a must-visit site for those traveling Germany. Lindau is also the begining point for plenty of cruises over the Bodensee, providing the waterside a wonderful touristy sense with ornament stores, and bars and restaurants distributing native food. Other than the wonderful pictures of the port, lakes, and the awesome mountains, the architecture seen in the ancient city will enthrall tourists. Monuments and draw, for instance, the Bavarian lion sculpture at the port, the soaring stone Lindau Lighthouse, and the St. Peter’s Church are  the must visit.

10. Leipzig

tourist attractions in Leipzig

This is the biggest and the 14th most crowded town in the federal state of Saxony and has become a main city center after the World War. It has been a business town from the times of the Roman Empire because it’s located on the crossroads of two significant medieval business routes, familiar as Via Regia. The city also incorporates with the White Elster, Pleisse, and Parthe rivers at the ending of the north German plains. Leipzig is famous for two renowned businesses, both of which tourists are compelled to come across during their trip: Music and publishing. Tourists will relish visiting the Museum of Musical Instruments, the Museum of Applied Arts, and the Ethnography Museum, all situated in a compound named Grassi Museum. Iconic sights incorporate the art in the massive glass cube at Leipzig’s Museum of Fine Arts, and the 91 m elevated memorial to the Battle of the Nations.

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11. Hamburg

tourist attractions in Hamburg

The lifestyle and climate of the main harbor town, Hamburg, is unparalleled to any other spot in Northern Germany. Plenty of the waterside hotels provide magnificent scenes of the North Sea, but tourists who are seeking to do rather than find will like the bars, cafes, restaurants, and nightlife that’s provided in this place. Food lover will like indulging the different food offered, from the ocean-fresh oysters and different seafood to dishes, for instance, the famous aalsuppe. Tourists who love art and theatre can visit Hamburgische Staatsopper, the Hamburg State Opera, or the Hamburg Ballet theatre. The Colonnaden is one of the most ancient pedestrian roads in Hamburg and is lined with plenty of shops for tourists seeking to purchase different things.

12. Gorlitz

tourist attractions in Gorlitz

Often thought to be one of the most charming cities in Germany, Görlitz is a treat for its tourist’s eye. There are more than 3,500 well-conserved architectural memorials which stretched over 500 years incorporating defensive walls, theaters, and majestic ancient churches which made this place a wonderful tourist destination in Germany. The variation in architectural styles is sufficient to thrill any tourist, but what can be seen inside is even more striking. For instance, the late Gothic church, St. Peters, has two spires and an 18th century organ, while the Gorlitz Museum of Cultural History has drawing which date back to the 17th century. Logically, Görlitz is a beloved filming spot amongst film directors who are attracted to the different wonderful backgrounds. Film-enthusiast tourists will like traveling the shooting spots of renowned films, for instance, Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds, and Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel. 

13. Augsburg

tourist attractions in Augsburg

One of the biggest and most ancient towns in Bavaria, Germany, Augsburg was discovered by the Romans in 15th century BC and has been at the center of European business ever since. The various architectures in the town center narrate the tale of the town’s significance throughout history. It incorporates plenty of medieval guild residences, the charming 11th-century St. Mary’s cathedral and the elaborate onion-domed Sankt Ulrich und Afra monastery. Some of the most important Renaissance edifices are the majestic Augsburger Town Hall and its Golden Hall. The Fuggerhaüser and the Fuggerei – the business center and abode of the potent banking family – are evidences of their riches. The town is a wonderful place of art and culture, which you can see in the ancient palaces, churches, and museums.

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14. Cologne

tourist attractions in Cologne

Tourists will like visiting this 2,000-year ancient town in Western Germany as it has so much to provide. From extensive looks of the Rhine River to remarkable birds-eye looks from a cable car above the town, the views alone are worth a trip. Amusing spots that the whole family will relish traveling incorporate the soaring Cologne Cathedral, the Museum Ludwig, the Cologne Zoological Garden, and Imhoff-Schokoladen Museum, a museum devoted to chocolate! Other must-visit museums are the Fragrance Museum which indicates the birthplace of Eau de cologne, and the Roman-German Modern Museum which contains old Roman antiques and mosaics.

15. Celle

tourist attractions in Celle

Celli is located in Lower Saxony, Germany. Standing on the verges of the River Aller, the town is also the southern access point to the Lüneburg Heath, which is the abode to a big and magnificent fort familiar as Schloss Celle. Tourists can visit the castle which is established in a wonderful baroque and renaissance style. The ancient Ducal city is the incarnation of ‘postcard perfection’ as 400 wood-framed residences line the city center forming an exceptional look. Other spots of enthusiasm incorporate the Bomann Museum which is renowned for the way it has seized and exhibited the native history of Celle and its tradition to tourists, and the St. Ludwig’s Celle which is a wonderful 18th-century Catholic Church.

16. Berlin

tourist attractions in Berlin

Germany’s epicenter, a wonderful tourist attraction, Berlin, is a massive portion of the country’s historical and cultural importance. For instance, the 18th century Brandenburg Gate is a sign of reunification and a major site for travelers to travel, containing a huge park and parliament nearby. Tourists will love Museum Island, a compound of five internationally important museums, for instance, Neues, with Egyptian artwork and primordial archeology, and Pergamon with Greek, Roman, and Islamic gems. A must-see when in Berlin is the Holocaust Memorial and the East Side Gallery which contains a portion of the Berlin wall. Kurfurstandamm, Friedrichstrabe, and Bohemian Kreuzberg are perfect for shopping as they have a broad range of expensive boutiques and vintage stores.

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17. Old Town Hall at Bamberg

tourist attractions in Old Town Hall at Bamberg
Old Town Hall at Bamberg

Bamberg is a historic town in Bavaria, and it is the abode to a number of captivating architectural sights. None is so amusing or significant as the Old Town Hall or the Altes Rathaus. The myth tells that the town’s bishop wouldn’t grant the inhabitants to establish a city hall on the existing spot, so they determined to establish the edifice in an unpredicted location. The Altes Rathaus is located on the middle of a bridge spreading over the Regnitz River, and the inside is adorned with extraordinary frescoes.

18. Harz Mountains

tourist attractions in Harz Mountains
Harz Mountains

One of the loftiest mountain ranges in Germany is the Harz Range, an area inhabited by picture-perfect, conventional residences, snow-capped mountain top, and serene rivers all of which made it a wonderful tourist attractions in Germany. The Grimm Brothers, who excellently composed plenty of the world’s most famous fairy tales, based some of their tales in the Harz Mountains. With a small number of visitors, the Harz Mountains are a little bit off the beaten track, providing activities like hiking to the peak of Brocken, the loftiest peak or riding a genuine steam train through the mountains and valleys.

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19. Aachen Cathedral

tourist attractions in Aachen Cathedral
Aachen Cathedral

Situated close to the boundary with Belgium and the Netherlands, the Aachen Cathedral is the most ancient cathedral in northern Europe. Establishment of the cathedral started in the eighth century, and the design is a collaboration of Carolingian and Gothic styles. The cathedral was established by the king Charlemagne, and numerous inaugurations were held there in centuries before. Exploring now, some of the most captivating things to find are the stunning bronze Wolf Doors from the ninth century and the gold colored mosaics in the Palatine Chapel.

20. Silt

tourist attractions in Silt

Off the northernmost shore of Germany are the North Frisian Islands. Silt is one of the most famous islands, although its northern point means it is not as reachable for tourists as other German tourist attractions. Sylt brags about infinite coasts, not to refer beautiful sand dunes and conventional lighthouses. A little stroll from thatched cottages and vast lands, you can create a splash at the shore and reside in a modern hotel suite. It is also famous to hire bicycles and travel the island that way.

21. Saxon Switzeerland National Park

tourist attractions in Saxon Switzerland National Park
Saxon Switzeerland National Park

Not long way from the town of Dresden is the Saxon Switzerland National Park, an immense park close to the panoramic Elbe Sandstone Mountains. The park crosses over into the Czech Republic, but the Czech portion is familiar as the Bohemian Switzerland National Park. Saxon Switzerland National Park is the abode to the Elbe River and wonderful rock development, deep values and miles of hiking tracks. Mountain biking and rock ascending are famous amusements too inside the national park.

22. Schwerin Castle

tourist attractions in Schwerin Castle
Schwerin Castle

This castle in the town of Schwerin is one of the most important draws in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The castle is located on an island in the center of the Schweriner Sea, adding to its different attraction. Established in the 14th century, Schwerin Castle is today a seat of government, and it is accessible for guided and self-guided trips. The fort is considered to be possessed by the spirit of a beast named Petermännchen, and these myths draw in some inquisitive tourists every year.

23. Berchtesgaden

tourist attractions in Berchtesgaden

In Southern Bavaria, just up to the Austrian partition, is the little mountain city of Berchtesgaden. In spite of its size, Berchtesgaden played an important part in the formation of German history. Familiar throughout history for its salt pits, Berchtesgaden is today better familiar for being the summer escape of Adolf Hitler. Most tourists come to find the Kehlsteinhaus, or Eagle’s Nest, atop Berchtesgaden. Even after the termination of World War II, the construction was conserved and today runs as a museum.

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24. Reichstag in Berlin

tourist attractions in Reichstag in Berlin
Reichstag in Berlin

The epicenter town of Berlin is stuffed with historic edifices, but one of the most significant is the Reichstag. Although basically dating back to the 19th century, the Reichstag got a vast restoration in the 1990s after being gravely destructed in WW2. Following the termination of the Cold War, Berlin was selected as the all-inclusive epicenter, and the Reichstag became the formal seat of government in Germany. It today brags about a fascinating glass dome that provides sights over the town and looks wonderful when light up at night.

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25. Hohenzollern Castle

tourist attractions in Hohenzollern Castle
Hohenzollern Castle

The neo-Gothic Hohenzollern Castle is located on a bluff overlooking two little cities at the foothills of the Swabian Alps. Established in the 19th century, the fort is the third to rise in the very location over the final one thousand years. Hohenzollern Castle is located with wide-ranging views over the landscape, and it brags about magnificent chambers stuffed with stained glass windows and ornate frescoes. Family gems and relics can be seen in the Schatzkammer, or treasury.

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