Tourist Attractions in Denmark

25 Best Tourist Attractions to Visit in Denmark

Tourist Attractions in Denmark, Visit 25 Best Amazing Places

1. Zealand

Tourist Attractions in Denmark

This is a big island that holds Denmark’s capital town of Copenhagen as well as the town of Roskilde.
Zealandis one of the best tourist attractions in Denmark. The island’s northern, southern, and western shores are distinguished by tiny villages and cities that are beloved tourist spots with sandy beaches in abundance. The south is remarkable for the attractive Mon and Stevens cliffs, which provide wonderful views of the Baltic Sea. You could have a stunning tour to Denmark and never abandon Zealand. From the town area neighboring Copenhagen to the motivation for Shakespeare’s Hamlet to the fort in the medieval city of Elsinore and other well-maintained cathedrals, manors, castles, and more, there’s many to discover in this spot.

2. Svendborg

Tourist Attractions in Denmark

A city on Funen island, Svendborg is in the south-central portion of the country. One of the best tourist attractions in the town is the Naturama, which is a natural history museum that exhibits a good number of stuffed beasts ranging from bears to birds and everything in between in an original format. One of the main attractions is the Vor Frue Kirke church, which is a renovated 13th-century cathedral. Anne Hvide’s House is one of the most ancient abodes in the town and is utilized for occasional displays. Other draws in the region include Europe’s best-maintained Renaissance water castle named Egeskov, as well as other historic houses and castles dispersed throughout the neighboring countryside.

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3. Skagen

Tourist Attractions in Denmark

the northernmost city is Denmark’s main fishing port and has a prosperous harbor region. The town is absolutely popular with visitors and draws plenty of tourists every year. The harbor is encompassed by various restaurants, where you will frequently find groups of travelers milling about in the summer. The town is encompassed by white sandy beaches, which are beloved by natives and tourists alike. While in the region, you’ll surely wish to lead to Grenen, which is the northernmost spot in the country and the spot where the North Sea and the Baltic Sea encounter. Other draws consist of the Bolcheriet candy factory, the Buried Church, the Grenen Kunstmuseum, and the Skagen Lighthouse.

4. Silkeborg

Tourist Attractions in Denmark

Silke borg is a town in central Denmark encompassed by thick jungle and situated within effortless reach of a good number of lakes. The town was established around the Drewsen og Sonner paper mill, which was critically located here on the river in order to utilize its power as well as use it for transit and as a water supply for the plant. Now, there is a paper museum in the city with displays connected to the paper milling industry. Families will relish the AQUA freshwater aquarium, which has big tanks with a few fish species as well as birds and otters. Other draws consist of taking a boat trip on the most ancient working paddle steamboat on earth, the Hjejlen, and traveling the Silkeborg Art Museum as well as the Silkeborg Museum, which erects in the towns most ancient edifice.

5. Roskilde

Tourist Attractions in Denmark

An ancient town, Roskilde was established during Denmark’s Viking era. There are some amazing historical spots around the city, not the smallest of which are the Roskilde Cathedral and the Viking Museum. The Viking Ship Museum has a good number of authentic Viking ships in its collection as well as a working shipyard. The cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is remarkable as the location where the Danish authority was buried. Other draws in and around Roskilde consists of Roskilde Mini Town, the Museum of Tools, Boserup Forest and the Roskilde Palace. The town is also famous among music lovers as it holds the beloved annual rock festival, Roskilde Festival.

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6. Ronne

Tourist Attractions in Denmark

The biggest city on Bornholm island, Ronne lies in the Baltic Sea and has been motivated by plenty of its neighbors. Therefore, as you stroll the cobblestone paths, you will find touches of German, Swedish, and Polish culture as well as of Denmark. There are numerous historic residences and other edifices situated throughout the city, with a specifically affluent concentration of historical architecture along the Storegade and Laksegade roads. The Ronne Lighthouse is a dismantled light that stands at the seafront and is beloved among tourists, as is the St. Nicholas Church situated nearby. In neighboring areas, you will also see a military history museum named the Ronne Defence Museum, which is situated within a citadel dating from 1744.

7. Romo

Tourist Attractions in Denmark

The southernmost Danish island, Romo, is in the Wadden Sea. You can enter the island by road from the mainland of Denmark and by ferry from the neighboring German island of Sylt. People come on this island mainly to experience the amazing natural landscape, which consists of broad, roomy beaches, stretches of heather, and the wonderful Wadden Sea. Romo’s nudist beaches are also a strong attraction for plenty of tourists, and the beach here is mainly the biggest sand beach in total Northern Europe. There’s enough space to drive on the beach and kite-flying is also a beloved activity. Other draws consist of St. Clement’s Church and the Kommandorgard Museum, which has antique connected to the whaling industry.

8. Ribe

Tourist Attractions in Denmark

Denmark’s most ancient city, and although Ribe is absolutely little it is remarkable because of how well maintained plenty of the medieval edifices and characteristics are. You can effortlessly visit on foot, and that is the finest way to visit the historic city full of cobblestone paths, comfortable cafes, and half-wooden houses. Draws consist of the Ribe Cathedral, which has wonderful looks from the peak of the tower, the Museet Ribes Vikinger, which a museum is devoted to the Viking time, and the Wadden Sea Centre right outside of Ribe. The town is also the access point to Wadden Sea National Park and you can surely take a day tour there to what is Denmark’s biggest national park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

9. Odense

Tourist Attractions in Denmark

The biggest town on the island of Funen, Odense is the third biggest in Denmark. The town is frequently passed over by travelers in favor of Copenhagen and Aarhus, however, it has many things to provide in its own right, for instance, a well-equipped zoo, a beloved film festival, and amazing museums. One of the best tourist attractions in the town is the abode of the world-renowned writer, Hans Christian Anderson. The town has even started a new zoo, which you can effortlessly attain from the city center. At the conclusion of the day, there are a few restaurants and appetizing cafes you can recharge after all that traveling.

10. Mon

Tourist Attractions in Denmark

A little island south of Zealand, Mon, is renowned for its white chalk cliffs. The noticeable white color is the outcome of the shells of little plants and animals coming to laze on the cliffs, which were once a portion of the seabed. At some points, the cliffs rise up to 330 feet in height. Plenty of tourists love to hunt for fossils here. The Liselund Castle is another beloved draw. It is an amazing fort complex including some tiny castles set in attractive gardens. Guided trips are available, and the eastern side provides pleasant views of the ridges. Other draws consist of the historic Elmelunde Church and present days, family-friendly art museum named GeoCenter Mons Klint.

11. Mols bjerge National Park

Tourist Attractions in Denmark
Mols bjerge National Park

This National Park is one of the most charming and rough regions in the country. The park reserves 70 square miles containing its namesake, the Mols Hills. You’ll see a good number of various landscapes here, consists of beaches, jungles, prairies, and high heathlands. There are pretty perspectives throughout the park, not the minimum of which is the Jernhatten Ridge, from which you can find broad views of the whole park. A number of various wildlife species and amazing plants can be seen here, including lovable otters in the Stubbe and Lange lakes on the north side of the park. Some endangered species of insects also resides here.

12. Kolding

Tourist Attractions in Denmark

A city on the shore in southern Denmark Kolding is quite little, so getting around on foot is absolutely effortless as is hailing buses to an area on the outskirts of the city. Plenty of the major areas are just in the middle though, containing Koldinghus, the Church of St. Nicholas, and Geografisk Have. Therefore, maximum visitors don’t do much visiting at all once they’ve appeared here. Koldinghus is one of the best tourist attractions in Denmark. It is a Danish fort dating back to the 13th century, which has now been renovated for use as a museum. The Church of St. Nicholas is one of the most ancient churches in the country and is surely worth a break as well.

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13. Hirtshals

Tourist Attractions in Denmark

A seaside port city Hirtshals is located on Vendsyssel Island. As the sea plays such an important role in life in the city and on the island, plenty of the draws here will rotate around the coast or marine culture. Hirtshals Lighthouse is one of the best tourist attractions in Denmark. It is an active lighthouse that was established in 1862 on a rising mound of earth, providing incredible views of the nearby scenery and the ocean. The Nordsoen Oceanarium is also a key tourist destination. It is one of the biggest on the European continent and contains a giant aquarium tank that represents marine life from the North Sea as well as other little tanks and a beloved seal display.

14. Hillerod

Tourist Attractions in Denmark

This is a town to the north of Copenhagen that is most famous for Frederiksborg Castle, which dates back to the 17th century. The castle area expands over three tiny islands and highlights impressive gardens which are a typical example of the baroque style. The Museum of National History is housed within the castle and features displays that embed the gamut of 400 years of the country’s history. You’ll see the artwork, furniture, and other things from a range of separate times in Hilliard’s history. The Hillerod Town Museum has a beautiful collection of ancient printing presses as well as models of the streets from the 19th century. If you love to get out into nature, go to Aresso, which contains a lake where you can enjoy kayaking, or the Grib Forest, which has some amazing tracks.

15. Helsingor

Tourist Attractions in Denmark

A port town, Helsingor is on the eastern side of the country. The most remarkable construction here is the Kronborg castle, which dates back to the 15th century and was made renowned as the setting for Shakespeare’s famed tragedy, Hamlet. Those enthusiastic in marine history will surely wish to stop at the M/S Maritime Museum within reach, which narrates the tales of Denmark’s history of going to sea. There are displays covering more than 600 years. The tinier Skibsklarerergaarden is a historical abode museum that protects the houses where the town’s ship handler once resided. Other draws consist of the Oresund Aquarium, the Marienlyst Castle, and the Danish Museum of Science and Technology.

16. Funen Island

Tourist Attractions in Denmark

Its is a relaxed island famous for the birthplace of famous author Hans Christian Anderson. The island is wonderful with green plant life and sandy beaches. Even though it is an island, it is absolutely effortless to reach there by car as there is a big European highway that cut across the island and passenger trains also stop in this place. The past home of both H. C. Anderson and composer Carl Nielsen have been changed into museums about their lives. There are also several little fishing villages that you can travel as well as a park familiar as Den Fynske Landsby, which has historical abodes from all over the island that has been renovated for travelers to find.

17. Frederikshavn

Tourist Attractions in Denmark

A town in North Jutland Frederikshavn is familiar to visitors as a ferry port with tracks leaving for Sweden and Norway. The town is also a fishing city, and thus plays an important role in the regional economy. Because of the ferry terminal, plenty of visitors go through on their way to somewhere else; however, there are several amazing spots to watch if you determine to stick around. Go to the Bangsbo Museum which is one of the best tourist destinations in Denmark to know about the Danish Resistance during the Second World War as well as the maritime history in the area. You’ll also see an ancient fort with a museum and the Cloos Tower, which is a watch tower with wonderful views of the neighboring region.

18. Esbjerg

Tourist Attractions in Denmark

A little port city Esbjerg is on the western side of the Jutland peninsula. At a point in history, the little town was the largest fishing port in the country, and that heritage has not vanished off as fishing is even now the main portion of the city’s economy and lifestyle. Various people go through the city on their way to Legoland, which is nearly an hour away. In the city itself, you will find a shopping region close to the harbor. The middle is mainly walkable, so it’s effortless to find it all. Beloved draws consist of the Fisheries and Maritime Museum, which is the biggest museum of its kind in Denmark and includes displays connected to fishing and marine life as well as Denmark’s coastal domains.

19. Ebeltoft

Tourist Attractions in Denmark

An old port city, Ebeltoft is located on the country’s eastern shore. The town is comparatively new to the traveler circuit, but now people appear from all over to find the town’s renovated 1860 battle frigate called Jylland and a small town hall from the late 1700s, which has been changed into a museum. The frigate is the biggest timbered ship on the earth and is housed in a big marine center that is devoted to renovating and protecting ships. All these made Ebeltoft one of the best tourist attraction in Denmark. The ship was once a commissioned warship of the Royal Danish Navy and was also utilized to transport passengers from Denmark to the Danish West Indies. Now, it is kept on a concrete base along with other historic ships.

20. Bornholm

Tourist Attractions in Denmark

An island in the Baltic Sea off the south shore of Sweden Bornholm is with a cosmopolitan and remote feel to it. Even though it is Danish possessed, it is near to Poland, Germany, and Sweden than mainland Denmark. The north portion of the island has some renowned castle remains from the medieval fortress Hammershus, which was established in the 14th century. The south portions have sandy beaches, which are the most similar you will see to a Mediterranean-like beach in the Baltic Sea. The island is the brightest portion of the country and is a beloved tourist attraction in Denmark for Europeans. The island is famous for its hand made things and beautiful arts, its amazing natural views, and its smoked herring.

21. Billund

Tourist Attractions in Denmark

Bill und is a town in western Denmark’s Jutland area. The town stands in the middle of the area, so it is a convenient base for visiting Jutland and has routes leading in various directions. One of the largest draws is Legoland Billund, which is basically the most often traveled draw in the country outside of Copenhagen. They are over 50 rides and draws that are mainly designed for children under age 15. There is also Miniland, which promote renowned edifices from around the world that are constructed from over 50 million Lego bricks. There are infrequent trips of the Lego factory, which consists of a behind the scenes view at the way Lego is prepared as well as entry to the park.

22. Aalborg

Tourist Attractions in Denmark

In Denmark’s Jutland area lies Aalborg and it is the country’s fourth biggest town. The town is familiar for its striking seafront region on the Limfjord. The city center is effortlessly walkable and there is dependable public transportation if you want to get more afield. Some beloved attractions consist of Aalborg Castle, the Aalborg Akvavit alcohol and the KUNSTEN Modern Museum of Art. You can also travel a distinctive old Viking burial ground. Families who travel will wish to check out the tiny but amusing Aalborg Zoo, which has elephants, big cats, giraffes and the like. There are plenty of wonderful natural spots in the region encompassing Aalborg, but you will have to hire a car to explore them.

23. Aarhus

Tourist Attractions in Denmark

A trip to Aarhus will disclose a town with both contemporary, cosmopolitan views and the beauty of a tiny village. The town is Denmark’s second biggest and is situated on the Jutland peninsula. The city has a beautiful city center with a few picturesque restaurants and beautiful pubs to try along with passionate corners to dine with someone special. The town is well ordered and neat, making getting around absolutely effortless on the bike or on foot. You will see plenty of amazing instances of European architecture throughout the town, such as the Concert Hall. Other draws consist of the art museum named ARoS, the Women’s Museum, the Von Frue Kirke, and the Tivoli Friheden entertainment park.

24. Funen

Tourist Attractions in Denmark

Familiar as Fyn in Danish, Fune n is country’s third-biggest island, expanding over an area of about 1,200 miles and one of the best tourist attractions in Denmark. The island is reachable from the Danish mainland via the Great Belt Bridge and is well known as the abode of beautiful Danish metropolis Odense, the birthplace and abode of author Hans Christian Andersen. Tourists to Odense can relish the town’s wonderful art museums, prize-winning zoo, and famous annual film festival, with plenty of attractive restaurants and cafes, situated close to the city’s seafront. Other draws consist of Egeskov Castle, one of the most-protected Renaissance-era forts in Europe, and draws connected to the nation’s Viking past, including the Viking Museum, which maintains the sole familiar historic Viking burial ship on earth.

25. Copenhagen

Tourist Attractions in Denmark

Denmark’s capital town, Copenhagen is located on a pair of coastal islands named Amager and Zealand. The city has a charming historic center with tons of architectural marvels, containing the 18th-century rococo district familiar as Frederiksstaden, where the royal family’s residence, the Amalienborg Palace, is situated and all these made Copenhagen one of the best tourist attractions in Denmark. Within reach, you will see other amazing edifices, such as the Rosenborg Castle and the Christiansborg Palace. Taking a canal trip of the inner port and the encompassing canals are one of the most amusing methods to find plenty of the draws in the town. There are several companies providing guided trips, and some even have warm boats in during winter. 

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