Tourist Attractions in Croatia

25 Best Tourist Attractions to Visit in Croatia

 Here is a list of the 25  Tourist Attractions in Croatia

1. Zadar

tourist attractions in Zadar

Familiar for its plenty of wonderful Roman and Venetian relics, Zadar is located on a tiny peninsula on the Dalmatian shore. Zadar is a wonderful best tourist attractions in Croatia Medieval churches and other old remains line the roads, but there are also many present-day cafes and restaurants. Two distinctive artistic centers can be seen on this spot: The Sea Organ, which plays music produced by the motion of the waves, and the Sun Salutation, a poly-layered solar panel that brightened the waterfront with a string of spectacular lights in the evenings. There are also many magnificent museums in the town, and the port provides several ferry links to the encompassing islands.

2. Trogir

tourist attractions in Trogir

Situated on a small island, the beautiful fenced city of Trogir is joined by a bridge to both the mainland and the bigger Ciovo Island. It’s one of the finest-protected medieval cities in Europe, and an enjoyable afternoon can be passed walking through the slender marble paths of the old city and appreciating the charming Romanesque and Renaissance edifices. A broad seaside esplanade lined with bars and eateries surrounds the city; this is a wonderful spot to meet with friends on warm summer evenings. There are also many boats here standing to take tourists to the charming beaches and inlets of the neighboring islands.

3. Split

tourist attractions in split

Located on a peninsula that extends out into the turquoise waters of the Adriatic, Split provides the ideal mixture of attractive history and suitable modernity. The historic town center has been on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List since 1979; this is where tourists can see the spreading Diocletian’s Palace, which is identified as one of the finest-protected pieces of Roman architecture on earth. Tourists should also make time for a walk along the waterfront esplanade familiar as the Riva, which is lined with eateries, bars, and cafes, and frequently arranges cultural functions and other types of entertainment.

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4. Sibenik

tourist attractions in Sibenik

Situated against the magnificent waters of the Adriatic, Sibenik is soaked in history. The town is specifically renowned for being the abode to the Saint James Cathedral, which dates back to the 15th century and is on the UNESCO World Heritage List which made Sibenik one of the best tourist attractions in Sibenik. The medieval monastery orchard is also worth a tour, as are the town’s four fortresses, each of which offers wonderful sights of the sea and the neighboring islands. Although Sibenik is a valuable destination in and of itself, tourists should know that it’s also a significant access point to Krka National Park and the Kornati Islands.

5. Rovinj


Nestled on a hilly peninsula overlooking the sea, Rovinj is frequently mentioned as the best picture-perfect city and one of the best tourist attractions in Croatia. The abrupt cobblestone paths of the ancient city are lined with beautiful art galleries and crowded bars, and the town’s plenty of restaurants provide mouth-watering food and majestic views. There are several rocky and pebbly coasts for anyone seeking for swimming or sunbathing, and if you want to experience some nature, it’s absolutely effortless to get out of the town; the islands of the Rovinj archipelago make for a wonderful day tour, as does the neighboring Punta Corrente Forest Park.

6. Risnjak

tourist attractions in Risnjak

Situated just 32 km away from the town of Rijeka, Risnjak National Park surrounds some of the hilliest lands in all of Croatia. The greater part of the park contains dense beech and pine forest, and there are plenty of chances for hiking, mountaineering, and mountain biking. Fishing for enjoyment is allowed during the months of April and October, and the forest is the abode to a varied range of animals incorporating brown bears, wild boars, chamois, and wolves. There are at the present time no campsites in the park, but the park provides a tourist lodge and a mountain hut for anyone loving to pass the night.

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7. Rijeka

tourist attractions in Rijeka

Abode to Croatia’s biggest harbor, Rijeka is frequently considered as a spot of transit rather than as a destination. However, the town has plenty to provide tourists who intend to pass longer than a day on this spot. Tourists can appreciate the historical memorials of the downtown center, move to one of the beaches on the fringe of the town, check out the town’s lively nightlife site, or enjoy a bit of shopping in the city center or at the major market. The town also arranges the Rijeka Carnival each year before Lent, familiar as Croatia’s biggest carnival.

8. Rab

tourist attractions in Rab

Familiar to many as the “Happy Island,” Rab is an island with varied landscapes, many histories, and custom of yielding olives, grapes, and vegetables. The southwest part of the island provides captivating pine jungles and sandy shores, while the more unproductive northwest shore is distinguished by lofty cliffs and exposed rocks. The cultural capital of the island is Rab Town, which is stuffed with medieval edifices that date as far back as the 11th century, incorporating a wonderful 26-meter-elevated bell tower that can be accessed for magnificent sights of the town and the sea.

9. Pula

tourist attractions in Pula

In spite of being the biggest town in Istria, Pula has managed to maintain an amiable little-town beauty. The town is filled with best-protected Roman architecture, the key attraction of which is the big amphitheater situated just in the center of the town. The three-story construction towers over the neighboring edifices and is frequently utilized to host concerts, fake gladiator battle, film screenings, and other significant events. Other mentionable sites incorporate the Temple of Augustus, the 1st-century Hercules Gate, and the Triumphal Arch of the Sergii; these can effortlessly be found by taking one of the hop-on/hop-off bus trips provided in the summer months.

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10. Porec

tourist attractions in Porec

With a history dating back to the era of the ancient Romans, the little city of Porec is today the most beloved leisure destination in Istria. The most ancient portions of the city are from the 4th century, but Porec is most renowned for being the abode to a 6th-century basilica, which presents gem-decorated Byzantine mosaics and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a wonderful tourist attraction. However, plenty of tourists are attracted on this spot by the beaches; Porec boasts more than 10 km of shoreline, with coasts ranging from rocky to pebbly to sandy. The region also provides over 250 km of cycling tracks of diverse lengths and complications.

11. Paklenica

tourist attractions in Paklenica

Surrounding 95 square km of the Velebit mountain range, the Paklenica National Park brags about some of the most scenic mountain views in Croatia. There are some outstanding chances for hiking, rock ascending and cycling here, and tourists might even be fortunate enough to locate beasts like eagles, bears, lynx, and chamois. The park is also the abode to two incredible canyons: The 14-km-long Velika Paklenica and the 12-km-long Mala Paklenica. Some basic rest houses are accessible for anyone loving to pass the night in the park, and there is a campsite too that is available from March to November.

12. Pag

tourist attractions in pag

Familiar for its scenic, infertile landscape, the island of Pag is an abode to 270 km of charming pebbly shores. An astonishing number of vineyards can be seen here, and the area is famous for its wine as well as for its distinctive sheep’s milk cheese and twisted Pag lace. Historic Pag Town provides amusing architecture and culture, while Zrce Beach in the north brags about a vibrant nightlife site during the summer months. The island is effortlessly attainable thanks to a bridge that joints it to the mainland, and it arranges a famous summer festival every July.

13. Osijek

tourist attractions in Osijek

The biggest town in Eastern Croatia, Osijek is a stylish university town with much history. The 18th-century Hapsburg protective fortress is a large tourist attraction, but there are also plenty of charming and historic cathedrals, fortress, and other neoclassical edifices. Walking along the esplanade on the verge of the Drava River makes for an amusing afternoon; many restaurants and cafes can be seen on this spot. There’s more than enough to do in the town itself, but it’s also a wonderful spot to base yourself if you’re enthusiastic in travelling the neighboring landscapes or the Kopacki Rit Nature Park.

14. Mljet

tourist attractions in mljet

According to past myth, the serene charm of the island of Mljet attracted the hero Odysseus so much that he resided here for 7 years. Accounting everything there is to do on the island; tourists now might be persuaded to remain just as long. A greater part of the island is filled up by Mljet National Park, which provides wonderful pine jungles, two saltwater lakes, and a concealed seaside cave. There are several man-made draws here as well, incorporating a Benedictine monastery, tombs that date back to the Illyrian era, and the remains of a big 5th-century Roman mansion.

15. Makarska

tourist attractions in Makarska

Located between the Makarska Riviera and the incredible Biokovo mountain range, Makarska has plenty of attraction for nature enthusiasts and beach lovers alike. Adrenaline junkies can take benefit of the chance to enjoy paragliding or windsurfing, while anyone seeking for a more tension-free holiday can take a walk along the waterfront esplanade or kick back on the charming pebbly shore. The region encompassing the town lends itself ideally to entertainment activities such as hiking, rock ascending, kayaking, and mountain biking. Plenty of bars and eateries can be seen along the shore, and the town brags about a bustling nightlife site during the high season.

16. Krka National Park

tourist attractions in Krka National Park
Krka National Park

Surrounding 142 square km along the Krka River, the Krka National Park is renowned for being an abode to several wonderful waterfalls. The most beloved of these are the Skradinski Buk falls, which are one of the most renowned visions in the whole country. However, the park is the above to several other noteworthy sights as well, incorporating concealed monasteries, varied wildlife, and the 200-meter-deep karstic canyon through which the river flows. The park can be reached by car through any of the five major access points, which are seen at Skradin, Lozovac, Roški Slap, the Krka Monastery, and Burnum.

17. Krk

tourist attractions in krk

Linked to the mainland of Croatia by a toll bridge, Krk is the biggest island in the country. The island is well flourished and brags about several infrastructures for tourism as well as an airfield that is accessible between April and October. Most travelers base themselves out of Krk Town, a medieval fenced town with a crowded seaside esplanade and historical draws, for instance, the 12th-century St. Mary’s Cathedral and Frankopan Castle. Tourists can also visit the island’s many unfrequented beaches and genuine Mediterranean fishing villages or enjoy the wine and olives the area is famous for.

18. Kornati National Park

tourist attractions in Kornati National Park
Kornati National Park

Surrounding 89 of the 140 islands that comprise the Kornati archipelago, Kornati National Park is frequently defined as nautical heaven. The islands are unpopulated, and maximums are made of karst limestone, which constitutes substantial ridges, caves, and grottoes. The closely knit islands offer an exceptional challenge for even skilled mariners; anyone who loves to sail through the National Park must buy a ticket. It is also feasible to travel the islands on a guided day tour from Zadar, Sibenik, or Split. Tourists can hike on the islands, swim and snorkel in the plenty of charming bays, or take part a well-ordered diving expedition.

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19. Korcula

tourist attractions in Korcula

The sixth-biggest Croatian island, Korcula is familiar for its thick jungles, silent coves, and unfrequented sandy shores. Korcula Town attracts tourists with its medieval squares and churches, but the island is also marked with many little cities and villages ideal for anyone seeking for a peaceful holiday. History and custom exist well on the island; tourists can relish observing the Moreška sword dance, ancient religious ceremonies, and live presentation of conventional folk music. Korcula also yields some wonderful wine, incorporating white wine produced from pošip grapes, which are cultivated just here and on the Pelješac Peninsula.

20. Hvar

tourist attractions in Hvar

As the brightest area in Croatia, the island of Hvar attracts visitors from all over the world. There’s something for everybody on this spot, whether you’re seeking for a thrilling night out on the city or aspiring to get near to nature. Hvar Town is the epicenter of the island, and it provides magnificent architecture, crowded beach bars, and many wonderful restaurants. Charming coves can be seen on the remote southern tip of the island; these make for a wonderful day tour. Hvar is also famous for its lavender, olives, and wine, so go inland to appreciate old olive trees, pretty uneven peaks, and extending lavender fields.

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21. Dubrovnik

tourist attractions in Dubrovnik

Situated against the impressive background of the Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik is an amazing fenced town that has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site from 1979. Tourism is the main industry here, so there is no scarcity of restaurants, bars, and hotels. Many tourists relish just walking through the town’s marble paths or along the old city fences, but other beloved activities incorporate chartered yacht trips, kayaking, and swimming in the wonderful blue waters of the sea. There are also excellent views to be had from the peak of Mount Srd, which can be attained either by foot or by cable car.

22. Bol

tourist attractions in bol

Located around a little marina, Bol is a beautiful old city made up of historical stone residences joined by winding paths. The city is a specifically wonderful spot to travel during the summer, and the most beloved draw here by far is the Zlatni Rat beach. This extraordinary pebble beach juts into the Adriatic Sea, shifting with the tides and offering much space for swimmers, sunbathers, and plenty of windsurfers that the region draws. A beautiful tree-lined esplanade runs between the shore and the city, and many bars and eateries can be seen along with the port.

23. Opatija

tourist attractions in Opatija

It was one of the most beloved escapes for the rich during the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and now it stays one of the elegant destinations in Croatia. Breathtaking residences abandoned from this era line the shore, allowing the town a definite air of splendor. The weather is wonderful all year round, and travelers are well catered to, with many spas, restaurants, and exclusive hotels. The town is fronted by a 12-km-long seaside esplanade, and tourists loving to leap in the warm waters of the Adriatic can do so in one of the region’s charming protected bays.

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24. Plitvice National Park

tourist attractions in Plitvice National Park
Plitvice National Park

Situated in central Croatia, Plitvice National Park is a region of extraordinary natural wonder that has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1979 and for this reason, it’s one of the best tourist attractions in Croatia. The park is the abode to 16 crystalline lakes, which are linked to each other by a number of waterfalls and cascades. A ticket is needed to access the park, and tourists should note that swimming in the lakes is prohibited. Visiting the park on foot takes at least 6 hours, but tourists can also take benefit of the costless boats and buses provided by the park, which leave each half hour between April and October.

25. Zagreb

tourist attractions in Zagreb

The epicenter of Croatia, Zagreb brags about a wonderful medieval old city wihtmany museums, galleries, theaters, and historical sites which made it one of the best tourist destinations in Croatia. The neighboring Jarun Lake is a famous spot for swimming, sailing, and dancing in lakeside discos, but Zagreb’s plenty of wonderful parks mean that you don’t even have to quit the town to pass some time in nature. The town is a wonderful winter destination too; the plenty of restaurants, bars, and cafes make it effortless to remain warm, and nice skiing can be had at Mt. Medvednica, which provides magnificent looks of the town and is effortlessly approachable by tram or by bus.

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