Tourist Attractions in Monaco

25 Best Tourist Attractions to Visit in Monaco

Here is a list of the 25 Best Tourist Attractions in Monaco

1. Sainte-Devote Chappel

tourist attractions in Sainte-Devote Chapel
Sainte-Devote Chappel

Devoted to the benefactor saint of Monaco, this Roman Catholic chapel may be dated back to the 11th century.  It has encountered much reconstruction over the century and got damaged a bit during World War II.  Conventionally, the bride of the Sovereign Prince of Monaco will place her bridal bouquet in the chapel after the marriage ceremony. It also sprawls along the course of the Formula One Monaco Grand Prix.

2. Fort Antoine

tourist attractions in Fort Antoine
Fort Antoine

Formerly a military fortress and today an outdoor theatre, Fort Antoine is on the northeast bank of Le Rocher and a wonderful tourist attractions in Monaco.  Relish a hot summer evening and enjoy stunning performances beneath a sky full of stars.  There’s accommodation for 350 and all presentations are in French and cost-free to the public (though you have to get a ticket first).  Appear early to experience the look of the French Riviera shoreline as it expands all the way to Italy.

3.  Nouveau Musée National de Monaco

tourist attractions in Monaco
Nouveau Musée National de Monaco

One of the best tourist attractions, the Nouveau Musée National is accommodated in two different villas: the Villa Sauber and the Villa Paloma.  The displays exhibit modern art as well as avant-garde photographs, drawings, and paintings. At Villa Sauber, the subject is performing arts and at Villa Paloma, it’s the ambience that is the center of attention of the artists on exhibit. It’s an advance museum devoted to the reservation and you can find plenty of their works on display – like some theatre outfits. It’s an amazing and distinctive spot to explore for an afternoon.

4. The Jardin Japonais

tourist attractions in The Jardin Japonais
The Jardin Japonais

Established into a sheer hillside on the eastern tip of the country, this genuine Japanese garden is really a must-visit tourist attractions in Monaco.  The Jardin Japonais is a rich Zen garden fulfilled with water, stones, and greenery.  It’s right over 7,000 square meters and inside you’ll find a beach, an immaculate stream, and even a gushing waterfall.  If you’re seeking for tranquility, this is your site.  Formed to be a little piece of heaven between Monte Carlo and Larvotto, it sure lives up to that perception.  Carry your meditation mat and thinking and meditation are recommended.

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5. Monaco Ville or La Rocher

tourist attractions in Monaco Ville or La Rocher
Monaco Ville or La Rocher

This is where you’ll see the old Monaco.  Monaco Ville still has its tiny medieval lane from when it was a citadel of the Grimaldi dynasty. To reach there, you can stroll up the Rampe Major, a red-brick way constructed in the 16th century.  The stroll will lead you back the sculpture of the former Prince Rainer observing his dearest country.  Be ready to do some ascending! Monaco Ville is situated at the top of a big precipice.

6. Princess Grace Rose Garden

tourist attractions in Princess Grace Rose Garden
Princess Grace Rose Garden

Founded by Prince Rainer III as a testimony to Princess Grace, the rose garden has been accessible since 1984.  Situated in Fontvielle Park it spreads over nearly four hectares that incorporate a palm tree-fringed lake and a wonderful olive garden. It was given the title of “Ecological Garden” gratitude to the eco-friendly exercises utilized to preserve the park.  Inside are 300 species and more than 8,000 rose bushes.  If you’re a garden or an ardent rose lover, every rose has a distinguishing QR code.  Rest on the plenty of park benches, appreciate the statues, enjoy a walk along the several footpaths, and normally just take it simply in this serene setting.

7. Port de la Condamine

tourist attractions in Port of Condamine
Port of Condamine

Are you astonished to know that Monaco’s port is filled with yachts?  In the appearance of a square, the Port de la Condamine was finished in 1926 and planned to house a great number of magnificent yachts – even the Prince anchors his personal vessel in this place.  The Yacht Club facing the sea has more than 1,000 members from all over the world and arranges races and carnivals throughout the year. Relish a stroll along the harbor area and halt for a snack at an outdoor cafe or eatery.  You can also enjoy catamaran ride around Monaco to find the magnificent coastline.

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8. The Monte Carlo Opera House

tourist attractions in The Monte Carlo Opera House
The Monte Carlo Opera House

Inside the luxurious public square of Place du Casino, is the Monte Carlo Opera House which is one of the best tourist attractions in Monaco.  This is Monaco’s most lavish vicinity – filled with palm trees, a striking fountain, and a patio with beautiful coastline looks. Established in 1878, the Opera House acclaims the vicinity superbly.  Constructed by the very man who planned the equally renowned opera house in Paris, the auditorium is adorned in rich red and gold, charming frescoes, and spectacular statues.  Opera season is from November to June and provides classics like Rossini, Mozart, and Puccini.

9. Formula One Monaco Grand Prix

tourist attractions in Formula One Monaco Grand Prix
Formula One Monaco Grand Prix

Each year during the final week of May, the renowned Formula One Grand Prix occurs in Monte Carlo which is one of the best tourist attractions in Monaco. The route starts on the Boulevard Albert I, bends up toward Place du Casino, and then around a rather acute turn before the Monte Carlo Fairmont Hotel.  It’s the sole car race on earth that’s run on town streets. This is obviously one of the earth’s most beloved sports events.  In spite of the slender streets the race goes on every year out of a sense of custom.  A quality view is hard but the ambience is well worth the tour.  Tie in the Grand Prix with the Cannes Film Festival on the neighboring French Riviera – also held in May.

10. Les Jardins Saint-Martin

tourist attractions in The St. Martin Gardens
The St. Martin Gardens

Situated near the Musée Océanographique and overlooking serene blue sea is the Les Jardins Saint-Martin, a wonderful tourist attractions in Monaco. There you’ll see a sculpture admiring Prince Albert I, a well-appreciated marine scientist.  The gardens expand over the shore to Le Rocher peninsula and the sheer sea-cliff there.  Striking species flourish under the bountiful Mediterranean sunshine.  These gardens are perfect for walking as there is a complicated system of roads that cross the rocky inclines and ridges.  The planners have done a magnificent work of annexing in fountains, ponds, and tiny standpoints with stunning views.

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11. The Cathedral

tourist attractions in the cathedral
The Cathedral

The graveyard for all the Princes of Monaco, this Roman-Byzantine cathedral is constructed from impressive white stones brought from La Turbie close by.  You can travel the mausoleums of Prince Rainer and Princess Grace. Established in the late 19th century you’ll see ancient fortunes like an altarpiece by Louis Bréadating, which dates back to the 16th century, and Carrar, the white marble Episcopal throne. Be certain to visit the imposing organ that’s usually utilized for concerts and religious ceremonies.  From September to June you can listen to the “Les Petits Chanteurs de Monaco” and the “Cathedral Choir” chant mass every Sunday.

12. Jardin Exotique

tourist attractions in Exotic Garden
Exotic Garden

Situated in the Fontvielle region, right outside the town center, the Jardin Exotique is unmixed sensory overload.  With rich vegetation and breathtaking looks of the sea, this striking garden is charming past words.  Tropical plants flourish in this place due to the constant temperate weather. You’ll see species from Mexico, Africa, and further on, with more than 7,000 varieties of succulents.  Accessible since 1933 there is also an Observatory Cave with magnificently fun stalagmites and stalactites. A trip to the Anthropology Museum on-site will educate you about the prehistoric time and the prehistoric man that once resided in the neighborhood of the cave.

13. The Musee Oceanographique

tourist attractions in The Musee Oceanographique
The Musee Oceanographique

Ninety metres over sea level, on Le Rocher, is the Musée Oceanographique, the world’s ancient aquarium and also one of the best tourist attractions in Monaco. Established by Prince Albert I and inaugurated in 1910, the Musée Oceanographique is familiar around the world for its displays on oceanography and marine science.  Some findings of Jacques-Yves Cousteau are on exhibit. But the true attractions are the uncommon species you’ll see in all sizes, shapes, and hues.  There are three aquariums with more than 6,000 specimens in 100 pools. 

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You’ll like Turtle Island and the Touch Tank, where you can locate for yourself what a sea urchin feels like or even touch a baby shark.  The most recent section is the Shark Lagoon, which estimates nearly 450 cubic meters where you can watch the most remarkable colors of the coral reef and the plenty of animals that reside there.  After you’ve been through the displays and the museum, relish a wonderful meal at rooftop eatery and take in the shoreline below.

14. Palais du Prince

tourist attractions in Palais du Prince
Palais du Prince

The most ancient monarchy in the world calls The Palais du Prince the abode.  Established in 1297 by the Genoese family of Grimaldi, the spot was selected for its position high above sea level on the beautiful peninsula of Le Rocher. It was initially founded in the 13th century as a mighty defensive fortress. From time to time, the palace has been modified into what it is now:  a splendid palace in the style of Louis XIV. Tourists can travel the State Apartments when the royal family is elsewhere.  Inside you’ll see an Italiante gallery with 15th-century paintings, the timber paneled Mazarin Room, the Blue Room, which is coated in blue and gold, and the Throne Room with its extra-large Renaissance fireplace.  Every day at 11:55 am the conventional Changing of the Guard occurs at the palace access point.

15. Monte Carlo

tourist attractions in Monte Carlo
Monte Carlo

Your initial halt will surely be Monte Carlo where ease and luxury govern.  This is the region that everybody thinks of when they think of Monaco. It’s phenomenal for people watches – and car observing for that matter.  Not to be outclassed by man-made splendor, the natural charm of Monte Carlo will astonish you.  The district is situated on a peninsula that has wonderful looks of the Port of Monaco.  You’ll also see stunning seaside views from Place du Casino. For dinner attempt one of three Michelin-starred eateries and after taking a stroll down Princesse Charlotte Boulevard or Boulevard des Moulins.  Both provide expensive fashionable shopping and magnificent boutiques. If you can manage more self-indulgence, don’t miss the Opera House.

16. The Zoological Gardens of Monaco

tourist attractions in The Zoological Gardens of Monaco
The Zoological Gardens of Monaco

Motivated by a tour to Africa, Prince Rainier came back to Monaco and founded the Zoological Gardens of Monaco in 1954. The zoo is situated on the southern wall of “the rock”, not a great distance from the royal palace and all the creatures you will find have either been presented to the zoo or have been saved. When animals become large in number comparing the tiny confines of the zoo they are moved to other appropriate places. The mini-zoo is the abode to a broad diversity of animals and birds and as you stroll from one level to the next you also have excellent views out over the marina, packed with splendid yachts. Kids can relish feeding the goats.

17. Via Alpina

tourist attractions in via alpina
Via Alpina

The Via Alpina is a renowned Alpine hiking track which can guide you all the way from Monaco to Trieste in Italy if you have the time and the energy to spirit the total 5000km track. Although the Via Alpina extends across the Alps through eight countries, most enthusiast hikers will be pleased with a multi-day hike or a day hike out-and-return from Monaco to Peillon (2.5 hours one way). As you can assume, the hike provides magnificent views of Monaco and the charming Riviera and you will go by the wonderful village of La Turbie. On your come back you can sign the Via Alpina book at the Exotic Garden and get an official stamp as a memento of your hike.

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18. The Rock of Monaco

tourist attractions in The Rock of Monaco
The Rock of Monaco

You can visit all the intimate nooks and crannies of Monaco on a strolling trip of “the Rock” which is basically the Old Town of Monaco located on an eminent headland which expands out into the Mediterranean Sea. A strolling trip through the slender passages which date back to the Middle Ages will guide you beyond plenty of the most eminent landmarks in the Old Town incorporating the St. Nicolas Cathedral, the Chapel of Mercy, the Palace of Justice and the Place du Palais (Royal Palace) where you can observe the Changing of the Guard every day at 11.55am. Carry on your stroll to the magnificent Oceanographic Museum where you can relish charming gardens and a wonderful ocean view.

19. The Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology

tourist attractions in The Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology
The Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology

The amazing Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology was founded as a straight consequence of the wealth of anthropological remains which were discovered during the construction of much of Monaco. The museum constructs portions of the Exotic Garden compound and can be explored as a portion of your trip of the garden and the Observatory Cave compound. In this place, you will be able to appreciate collections of relics which track down crucial evolutionary transformation in the human race throughout the glacial and interglacial times. One of the key attractions of the museum’s constant collection is a reform of the skeleton of a grown-up woolly mammoth, which was discovered in Siberia. Kids will relish the opportunity to be an archaeologist for the day as they follow a themed hidden wealth finding.

20. Monte Carlo Casino

tourist attractions in Monte Carlo Casino
Monte Carlo Casino

The wonderful Beaux-Arts architecture of the stylish Monte Carlo Casino greets tourists to a Monaco landmark. The Casino de Monte Carlo initially inaugurated in 1863 and is even now a beloved meeting place for Monaco natives who come to relish a cocktail, a meal or a beautiful evening of gambling. The massive gilded and pillared gaming chamber contains numerous crystal chandeliers hanging above the usual roulette, Black Jack and Poker gaming tables. You can entice lady luck at the slot machines in the purified ambience of the Salle Renaissance, the bright-colored Salle des Ameriques or on the beautiful outdoor terrace. There is a French-styled fine-dining eatery where you can relish an appetizing dinner.

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21. Larvotto Beach

tourist attractions in Larvotto Beach
Larvotto Beach

When in Monaco, be like a native and pass some time unwinding on the bank of the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean on one of the town’s most beloved beaches. Larvotto Beach is totally man-made and you will be strolling on excellent pebble-sand which has all been brought from abroad for your relaxation. Larvotto beach holds both cost-free and exclusive regions – if you are contended to pay to access one of the exclusive beach clubs you can experience provisions, for instance, umbrellas, sun loungers, towels, drinks, and snacks. There are plenty of eateries and cafés spotted along the road behind the beach and at the eastern tip of the beach, there is a well-managed shadowy playfield for kids.

22. Casino Café de Paris

tourist attractions in Casino Café de Paris
Casino Café de Paris

Even if you are not a gambler, the charming Casino Café de Paris is worth a tour just to relish some people-observing, soak up the ambience and find some very expensive cars in the parking lot. The casino is accommodated in a majestic art deco edifice encompassed by charming gardens. You are greeted to enter the compound and explore the bar and restaurant without having to pay the access fee which applies to the gaming region. If you do love gambling you will like the wide variety of slot machines which are accessible inside the chief casino or on two big terraces where smoking is permitted. Players may enjoy cost-free drinks.

23. Le Metropole Shopping Center

tourist attractions in Le Metropole Shopping Center
Le Metropole Shopping Center

Inside the splendid Metropole Shopping Center, there is one of the best mixtures of boutique stores, grand stores, expensive brands, cafes and high-street shops that will keep even the most selective of shoppers contended. As you stroll into the excellent-marble edifice, you will see an invaluable period chandelier suspended from the ceiling that ideally sets the tone for your encounter. It’s worth a trip just to get a trace of the current trends and fashions and submerge oneself into the rich culture that embodies Monaco and come across some old-school grace.

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24. Monaco Naval Museum

tourist attractions in Monaco Naval Museum
Monaco Naval Museum

Looking over the marina in Monaco is the Monaco Naval Museum which initially inaugurated in the 1990s and has a wide variety of marine associated objects incorporating more than 250 ships in model form. Plenty of the items on exhibit in this place belonged to Prince Rainier III and were given to the museum from his personal collection. The museum leads you back in time with a view at Roman ships, conventional Viking longboats, and elegant Spanish galleons. There is even a replica of the Titanic as well as the Nimitz, a US warship that is also the biggest on earth.

25. Discover the Moneghetti District

tourist attractions in Discover the Moneghetti District
Discover the Moneghetti District

The Moneghetti District in Monaco is situated to the west of the principality and is familiar for its luxurious villas, superbly maintained gardens, and sloping terraces. The trip to this district is an adventure in itself and turning around roads cut into the cliffside, so it is not for the timid if you suffer from vertigo problem. It is worth a visit however if you wish to find how some of the most affluent inhabitants in Monaco reside.

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