Tourist Attractions in Malta

25 Best Tourist Attractions to Visit in Malta

Here is a list of the 25 Best Tourist Attractions in Malta

1. Zurrieq

tourist attractions in Zurrieq

One of the most ancient cities in the whole Malta, Zurrieq provides tourists many to watch and do- so, it’s obviously one of the best tourist attractions in Malta. Due to the town’s long history, tourists can gaze at remains and relics that date back to the Bronze Age, the Roman era, and the 15th, 16th, and 17th centuries. There are plenty of different chapels dispersed throughout the town, but one of the finest is the Parish Church of St. Catherine, which is disputably one of the most charming churches in Malta. Other important draws incorporate the Xarolla Windmill, the Nigret Palace, and the Wardija Tower.

2. Zejtun

tourist attractions in Zejtun

It was called after the plenty of olive trees seen in the region; the town is usually one of Malta’s best yielders of olive oil, and it arranges the famous Olive Festival even now at the end of each September to observe the olive harvest. Another significant incident is the Feast of St. Catherine, which happens every summer. The finest churches to explore are the beautiful Parish Church of St Catherine, planned by the renowned architect Lorenzo Gafa, and the Church of St Gregory, which was previously used as an observing tower and contains some hidden tunnels.

3. Zebbug

tourist attractions in Zebbug

As one of the most ancient cities in the country, Zebbug has an affluent history that goes all the way back to primordial times. A good number of Phoenician graves have been discovered in the region, and the city was one of the most significant in Malta when the country was under the control of the knights. Nowhere is this significance more noticeable than in the parish church, which is devoted to St. Philip and sumptuously ornamented with charming drawings and statues. A banquet is held each June in respect of St. Philip; it’s worth being present at the feast to wonder at the fireworks and the procession. No wonder, this place is one of the best tourist attractions in Malta.

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4. Zabbar

tourist attractions in Zabbar

Often mentioned as Città Hompesch, Zabbar is a comparatively big town in the southeastern portion and one of the big tourist attractions in Malta. There are some wonderful churches for travelers to appreciate, incorporating the Church of Our Lady of Graces as well as the Annunciation Church. The Hompesch Gate is another beloved place with travelers; it was built in respect of Malta’s last Grandmaster, who permitted Zabbar city status in 1797. The town is also a marvelous location to base yourself for day tours of the neighboring region, as it provides a broad range of spaces and is situated within effortless driving distance of plenty of draws.

5. Valletta

tourist attractions in Valletta

Renowned for having been constructed by the Knights of St John, Valletta is the epicenter town of Malta and a UNESCO World Heritage Site for which it’s a wonderful tourist attraction too. The town stands on a small peninsula, but it has many tourist attractions in spite of its tiny size. The most ancient edifices in this place date from the 16th century; tourists should attempt to find the Grandmaster’s Palace, St. John’s Cathedral, and the Casa Rocca Piccola. Other beloved activities incorporate unwinding in the charming Barrakka Gardens, walking along the waterfront, watching a performance at the 18th-century Manoel Theatre, and exploring the town’s plenty of captivating museums.

6. St. Paul’s Bay

tourist attractions in st. paul’s bay
St. Paul’s Bay

The biggest resort city in Northern Malta, St. Paul’s Bay can be separated into four different regions: Xemxija, Bugibba, Qawra, and the Old Town. Every region has its own draw; Xemxija provides a serene fishing port, Bugibba is familiar for its vibrant nightlife, and the Old Town and Qawra are the abode to many hotels and restaurants. The beach is primarily rocky, but this doesn’t prevent tourists from leaping in the water and lazing in the sun. The region is wonderful for snorkeling and SCUBA diving as well, and there are many diving schools for tourists to select from.

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7. St. Julian’s

tourist attractions in St. Julian’s
St. Julian’s

Called in respect of its contributor saint, St. Julian’s is situated right north of Valletta and is a wonderful spot to base yourself for day tours of the neighboring region. The city was previously a fishing village, but it has smoothly and continuously progressed into a beloved tourist attraction with many genuine charms. It also provides the largest nightlife view in Malta, but there are many family-friendly entertainment opportunities as well. During the day, beloved activities incorporate lazing in Ballutta Square, traveling the boatyards, approaching to the water to sunbathe and swim, and visiting the beautiful Spinola Palace and Gardens.

8. Sliema

tourist attractions in Sliema

One of the most present-day cities, Sliema is a beloved tourist attractions in Malta with plenty of separate hotels, restaurants, bars, and stores. The city is situated on a peninsula just across the water from the epicenter town Valletta and provides wonderful looks of the town and of the neighboring Mediterranean Sea. There are several beaches for swimming and sunbathing, and there are even some diving schools for anyone enthusiastic in the sport. A promenade familiar as the Sliema Front goes along the coast and is an amazing spot for a daytime stroll or a romantic moonlit walk.

9. Siggiewi

tourist attractions in Siggiewi

Situated in the south of Malta, Siggiewi is a beautiful village with slender paths, marvelous architecture, and a genuine atmosphere. The bay of Ghar Lapsi is one of the greatest draws in the region; it provides an amusing cave, dazzling blue-green waters, and wonderful looks from the cliffs. Another amazing vision is the prime minister’s official home, which was established in 1625 and was previously the summer abode of the Maltese Inquisitor. The village is a charming attraction all year round, but it’s specifically vibrant in June, when a week-long banquet is held in respect of St. Nicholas, the city’s contributor saint.

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10. Senglea

tourist attractions in Senglea

Located on a peninsula in the Grand Harbor, Senglea is the tiniest Maltese city by land region and the third of the three towns. The native church is one of the largest views; devoted to “Our Lady of Victories,” it was ruined totally during the Second World War but later renovated. Anyone seeking a bit of enjoyment or for wonderful sights of the Grand Harbor can travel the charming Gardjola Gardens. There are also plenty of amazing sculptures to find in the city, incorporating the famous sculpture of Jesus Christ the Redeemer and the Madonna tan-Nofs sculpture.

11. Rabat

tourist attractions in rabat

It was an outskirt of Mdina when it was the epicenter town, but it is today a different village situated just a few minutes away from the ancient epicenter on foot. One of the most amazing things to watch in this place is St. Paul’s Grotto, a cave in the moat around the town where the saint supposedly resided after being shipwrecked. From this place, a subterranean passage guides to the Wignacourt Museum, which contains different pieces of artwork and antique furniture. Also worth a tour are the tombs of St. Paul and St. Agatha, which were utilized as a graveyard during Roman eras.

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12. Qormi

tourist attractions in Qormi

Like plenty of other cities in Malta, Qormi has been populated since the Bronze Age. However, the town truly jumped to life during the Middle Ages; the key draws now are from the 1400s, incorporating the magnificent Church of St. George. Qormi is also formerly the largest bread manufacturing center in the country, and it is still extensively accepted as the manufacturer of the finest bread in Malta and a wonderful spot to attempt conventional bread-based items. The city is also remarkable for arranging plenty of carnivals throughout the year, incorporating a wine festival, a bread festival, and the Malta Spring Fest.

13. Qawra

tourist attractions in Qawra

Actually flourished to draw the British visitors, Qawra is a beautiful seaside resort city with many hotels and other tourist facilities. There are no sandy beaches in the city, but people can still swim and sunbathe close to the water thanks to the plenty of big rocks on the coast. The region also provides the chance to attempt plenty of water sports, incorporating snorkeling, SCUBA diving, banana boating, jet skiing, and kayaking. There are many restaurants and cafes in the city, and tourists seeking for a night out will see a lively nightlife view total with nightclubs, bars, and casinos.

14. Naxxar

tourist attractions in Naxxar

Surrounding 11 square kilometers in Northern Malta, a wonderful tourist attraction, Naxxar is a beautiful village whose residents have maintained the maximum of their conventional lifestyles and customs. A delightful day can be passed just traveling through the city’s slender paths, exploring the city chapels, or lazing in the public gardens, but anyone enthusiastic in art or architecture should make time to halt by the complicated 19th-century Palazzo Parisio & Gardens. The city has many restaurants and cafes as well as some satisfying wine bars, but the real culinary attraction in this place is the village banquet held each year on September 8th.

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15. Mosta

tourist attractions in Mosta

One of the most inhabited Maltese towns, Mosta is suitably situated close to the middle of the island. The basic draw in the city is the Mosta Dome, also familiar as the Rotunda, which is one of the biggest church domes in the whole world. The church is also remarkable for having had a bomb penetrate the roof during World War II; the bomb arrived in the middle of a gathering of people but did not detonate. Other wonderful tourist attractions incorporate the rich San Anton Gardens, the Malta Aviation Museum, and a maze of catacombs that goes back to the 4th century AD.

16. Mellieha

tourist attractions in Mellieha

Located on a ridge overlooking both St Paul’s Bay and Mellieha Bay, Mellieha is a resort city that has managed to maintain an original, native sense. Plenty of people are attracted in this place by the white sandy shores, which are broadly accepted as some of the fines on the island, but there are many things to do in this place than swim and sunbathe. Many strolling tracks serpentine through the neighboring countryside, guiding to charming viewpoints and affording the chance to get a glance of some of the different colorful birds and endangered species of animals that lives in this region.

17. Mdina

tourist attractions in Mdina

The Maltese epicenter until the 16th century, Mdina is a fenced medieval city with citizens of less than 300 people. Set on peak of a plateau, the city provides magnificent looks of the island and the Mediterranean. The roads are exceptionally walker-friendly and only a few cars are granted to proceed through the gates, which have led to the city sometimes being mentioned to as the “Silent City.” Tourists can also appreciate the well-protected Norman and baroque architecture, travel through the city’s beautiful lamp-lit paths after dark or explore the Cathedral Museum, one of the finest religious museums in Europe.

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18. Marsaxlokk

tourist attractions in Marsaxlokk

Abode to Malta’s biggest fishing port, Marsaxlokk is a little yet picture-perfect fishing village with right more than 3,200 residents. An open-air bazaar can be seen in the port, where the water is generally dotted with many spectacular boats familiar as luzzus. There are also four charming coves in the village, which provide magnificent snorkeling and swimming. However, it’s worth visiting the place for the cuisine alone; the city brags about some of the finest seafood eateries in whole Malta. Recently captured fish is also sold straight to the public at the Marsaxlokk Market, which held in every Sunday morning.

19. Floriana

tourist attractions in floriana

Although it was initially planned to be a suburb of the epicenter town Valletta, Floriana rapidly became a city in its own right. Situated on the waterfront, it’s familiar as the “Gate to Valletta” and is situated within effortless strolling distance of the epicenter. The roads are lined with cafes and eateries, some of which sell recently caught fish dinners, but there’s more to the city than its culinary view. Major attractions incorporate the parish church, the Wignacourt Water Tower, and the wonderful Argotti Gardens, which have been a key attraction of the town since they were founded by knights during the 1700s and all these made Floriana a wonderful tourist attractions in Malta.

20. Fgura

tourist attractions in Fgura

A little agricultural area until the 1960s, Fgura is today a significant commercial center with one of the biggest population thickness in the country. In spite of being more of a suburban city than a tourist attraction, the region has its reasonable share of the draw and is an amusing spot for tourists to pass some days. The Reggie Miller Gardens and Patri Regent Gauci Gardens are both worth a tour, and anyone enthusiastic in architecture will relish the parish church, which is one of the most distinctive on the island as it was constructed in the form of a tent.

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21. Cospicua

tourist attractions in Cospicua

Another of the three protected town in Eastern Malta, Cospicua is situated on the east side of the Grand Harbor and often referred by the name of Bormla. Although today stuffed with exceptional instances of conventional Maltese architecture, the town has been populated from Neolithic eras, and tourists can know about its history in the Bir Mula Heritage Museum. For tourists fascinated in the town’s more recent history, draws incorporate the fences that encompass the town, familiar as the Cottonera Lines, and a 17th-century church that’s famous for having somehow outlived the devastating bombings of World War II.

22. Bugibba

tourist attractions in Bugibba

Situated on the northern shore of the island, Bugibba is a well-flourished resort city that has become one of the most beloved tourist attractions in the country. The city doesn’t have as much history as some other spots on the island, but there are many restaurants and hotels as well as a vibrant nightlife view, a casino, and companies providing SCUBA diving tours. Another beloved activity in the city is exploring the Esplanade, which runs all the way from Salina Bay to St Paul’s Bay and provides wonderful looks, magnificent swimming, and entertainment opportunities for all ages.

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23. Birzebbuga

tourist attractions in Birzebbuga

Just 8 miles distant from the Maltese epicenter, Birzebbuga is a beloved seaside resort city. Plenty of tourists visit here for the sandy shore of Pretty Bay, which provides many eateries, stores, and other visitors facilities, but the stony shore of St. George’s Bay is beloved with snorkelers, sailors, and fishermen. However, there’s more to the city than the beaches; Birzebbuga has a rich and spectacular history, and tourists can visit pieces of history, for instance, the Farretti Coastal Battery, trench from the 1500s, and archaeological spots that date back to the Neolithic era and the Bronze Age.

24. Birgu

tourist attractions in Birgu

Also familiar by the name Città Vittoriosa, Birgu is the most ancient of Eastern Malta’s three fenced towns. It’s situated just in the Grand Harbor, and because of this has an affluent marine and military history. The town is encompassed by protective walls but can be accessed through three separate entrances. Historical draws in this place incorporate the Notre Dame Gate, Fort St. Angelo, and the Inquisitor’s Palace, which was the place of the inquiry on the island for over 200 years. There are also some valuable museums, incorporating the Malta Maritime Museum and Malta at War Museum.

25. Attard

tourist attractions in Attard

The biggest of the “Three Villages” in central Malta, Attard is a beautiful city that has historically been famous for its plenty of sweet-scented citrus gardens. Now, plenty of these gardens are on individual property, but tourists still gather in this place to find the magnificent San Anton Gardens. There are many picture-perfect places in the orchards to relish a stroll or a picnic, but tourists also visit for the annual Shakespeare Festival and the periodic flower contest. In spite of the city’s little size, other remarkable draws incorporate a 17th-century palace, the Ta´Qali Market, and the relics of 16-km-long waterways.

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