tourist attractions in albania

25 Most Favorite Tourist Attractions in Albania

Here is a list of the 25 Most Favorite Tourist Attractions in Albania

1. Butrint

tourist attractions in Butrint

The last spot but surely not the least is Butrint – a UNESCO defended region and one of the best tourist attractions in Albania close to Saranda and next to Ksamil.  The Greeks occupied Butrint in the 6th century BC and afterwards the Romans took control over it.  But Butrint was populated well before that, in the prehistoric ages.  The first proof of life is from 50,000 years before! The park is unbelievably large; you can effortlessly pass the whole day in this spot enjoying all that it has to provide.

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There’s one restaurant amid the park at the top and there’s also another one down the street.  You can visit Ali Pasha fortress which is not too distant from the park at Butrint.  You can attain it by catching a ride with a native fisherman or strolling down from the position on the road leading towards Butrint. 

2. Llogara National Park

tourist attractions in Albania
Llogara National Park

This national park is wonderful for a summer or winter access point.  Amid the park, you have plenty of opportunities – hiking, paragliding, camping and you’re near to the sea too!  The Llogara pass is one of the most charming roads in Europe.  You will get extraordinary looks of the Albanian Riviera, specifically Palase which is the finest beach before/after the national park (it’s one of Albania’s finest beaches). If you like hiking, then it’s great news for you because Llogara is the access point for the Karaburun Peninsula.  There is even now not plenty of info about this peninsula as it’s the most unspoiled portion of the Albanian Riviera. To attain to the concealed inlet and beaches you have to hike for 4-6 hours one way and there are no definite paths yet.

3. Pogradec

tourist attractions in Pogradec

Just on the boundary of Macedonia is a beloved tourist attraction for families.  Pogradec provides charming looks of Lake Ohrid which is more than 4 million years old.  The lake is defended by UNESCO as it’s the abode to nearly 17 aquatic creature species which are larger number indigenous to this lake. The city is a must for nature enthusiasts who are seeking for a serene holiday by the lake!

4. Porto Palermo

tourist attractions in Albania
Porto Palermo

The Porto Palermo fort and its beach are a fine sojourn during a holiday to the Albanian Riviera. The fort was established in the 19th century and owned by Ali Pasha.  The fort is distinctive because it’s in a star shape in lieu of the usual 4 corners a fort usually has! You will also find ancient army barracks beside the fort and close to this there’s also a submarine bunker!  The beach is little and rugged but attractive, yet.

5. Finiq

tourist attractions in Finiq

It is a magnificently under-traveled spot situated right out of Saranda!  The Finiq archaeological park is still largely yet to be uncovered but there’s a Roman theatre, Hellenistic residences, a little prostylos temple, Byzantine church and plenty of remains. The spot was built in the second half of the 5th century BC. Many travelers are not even aware of this spot’s existence which is such a disgrace.  From the park, you will get wonderful looks of the neighboring landscape.  It’s a very tranquil spot.  Enjoying a picnic up to this spot and enjoying the look and history is highly recommended.

6. Permet

tourist attractions in Permet

This is close to one of Albania’s natural marvels – warm water springs!  The city is familiar to be the neatest and the greenest being referred to the city of flowers.  One of the key characteristics of this city is the huge rock that sits in the middle named the rock of the city. There’s also a charming ancient bridge named Katiu which is just beside the springs!

7. Durres

tourist attractions in Durres

It’s the oldest town in Albania with a history going back nearly 3000 years. Durres is a port town and a beloved tourist attraction in Albania for a beach access point for Albanians residing in Tirana as its just 35 km from the epicenter. The largest thing to find in Durres is the old Amphitheatre which accommodates more than 15,000 people. The theatre is the second biggest in the Balkans and is a wonderful thing to watch if you stop in Durres.  From Durres, you can go to the north for some phenomenal nature and hiking.  Only an hour from there is Cape of Rodon which is particularly recommended for traveling.  It’s the abode to sandy shores and a 14th-century fort.

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8. Fier

tourist attractions in Fier

To tell the truth, Fier is not one of the best spots in Albania to visit. BUT it has one edge- Apollonia! Apollonia is a UNESCO world heritage site stuffed with history!  It’s an old Illyrian and Greek town.  It is thought that less than 5% of Apollonia has been revealed, which is really unbelievable because as you stroll around the park you will in short time perceive how much is yet to be uncovered!

9. Vlore

tourist attractions in Vlore

It  is a coastal town, much larger than the likes of Saranda. It’s the beginning (or end) of the Albanian Riviera.  It’s an exceptional site in history because Vlore is where Albania declared independence in 1912.  This ancient town was established in the 6th century BC and usually called Aulona. There are many things to do in and around Vlora.  Visiting the fort is highly recommended as you will get mesmerizing looks of the town from here.  Sazan Island is nearby and is the biggest island in Albania.  It’s a military area but lately, it began opening in the summer for travelers to visit.  There are also many beaches in Vlore to travel.

10. Theth

tourist attractions in Theth

Situated in the north, Theth national park is one, if not the most charming national park and one of the best tourist attractions in Albania. Theth is a picture-perfect village concealed in the mountains. From this spot, you can begin some wonderful hikes through the Albanian Alps. This spot is a paradise for enthusiasts of wild creatures and charming nature.  More than 2/3rds of the park is coated with trees.  Theth is desolated but gradually tourism is growing.  There are plenty of things to find incorporating the park itself, springs, falls, stone engravings and more.

11. Jale

tourist attractions in Jale

A beach city Jale has become famous in the last few years.  This is a wonderful opportunity for a beach holiday and there are plenty of dwelling opportunities, beach parties and the ideal spot to laze. You can rent a kayak and travel some of the neighboring secret inlets and beaches and one thin, Gjipe is one of them!

12. Vuno

tourist attractions in Vuno

A bit off the beaten track spot, Vuno is seldom visited by the tourists.  It’s a pretty little village along the Albanian Riviera track.  There’s a beauty to Vuno right like Upper Qeparo.  Vuno was also deserted but now it’s gradually being resuscitated.  Stone residences and cobbled stone tracks guide throughout the village. You will get mesmerizing looks over the olive orchards and the shores of the Albanian Riviera. Gjipe beach is not very much distant from this spot and is a wonderful thing to visit if you stop basing yourself in Vuno for one night or two.

13. Dhermi

tourist attractions in Dhermi

This place is going to be one of the most beloved tourist attractions to travel along the Albanian Riviera.  There are some beautiful beaches and the city is made for travelers, plenty of accommodation and restaurant opportunities in this spot.  You may love to remain just on the beach or in the village above. Dhermi is a fine spot to base you as it’s in the center of some wonderful locations to travel in Albania. Make certain if you remain in Dhermi to make a tour to Gjipe beach.  It’s one of the finest beaches in Albania which is concealed in amid a canyon.

14. Borsh

tourist attractions in Borsh

Another beautiful spot to travel along the Albanian Riviera is Borsh.  Borsh is also very relaxed and holds the lengthiest expanse of beach in Albania.  It’s located in between olive orchards and is a wonderful site to escape from the madness of Saranda in the summer. Making a tour to Borsh fort which stands on the mountain overlooking the beach is highly recommended.  The castle is in relics, but it’s frequently overlooked by travelers and is totally out of mind.  The natural scenes are amusing.  There’s also an ancient mosque in the fort walls. This was annexed by the Ottomans!  It’s not a functioning mosque as it’s about totally damaged but it’s charming inside and you can even now find some of the drawings on the ceiling.

15. Qeparo

tourist attractions in Qeparo

There are two portions of Qeparo – old/new or up/down.  Upper Qeparo is otherworldly and disputably the most beloved spot in Albania.  It’s the ideal spot to find a conventional Albanian village, but there’s an eccentricity. This one is half deserted.  After communism’s fall, plenty of the villagers evacuated this area and went to other countries and therefore the village was totally deserted.  Now nearly half of the village has been reconstructed but the maximum of the old stone residences remain unsafe.  The paths are cobbled, the looks are wonderful, and history is affluent in this spot.  There are not many things to do except wonder at this charming village. Lower Qeparo is located right on the shore and is a relaxed tiny beach city.

16. Kruja

tourist attractions in Kruja

This is a must-visit tourist attraction when you go to Albania.  It’s a little city located on the summit of a mountain.  It’s called the city of Skanderbeg.  Skanderbeg is a national hero and rescued the Albanians from being taken control by the Ottoman Empire at one point.  He deceived the Ottomans and informed them that he wished to return to Albania to assist them in taking control over the country.  But actually, he returned to Albania and reunited the armed forces against the Ottomans. In Kruja there is a fort and a large museum which is stunning to know more about Albanian history.  There are also the most wonderful markets which date back to hundreds of years.  In this place, you will see the most lovely relics and distinctive Albanian mementos.  The relic stores are filled with little fortunes.

17. Korce

tourist attractions in Korce

When you visit Albania you will undoubtedly taste one of the native beers Korça.  Well, you can travel to the town when Korça is cultivated. The finest thing about it is that you will buy beer for the wholesale price.  That means you will have to spend a little for a can of beer, that’s crazy!  Korça is located in a valley so the town is encompassed by mountains.  From Korçë you can also enjoy some stunning hikes in the neighboring locations.

18. Ksamil

tourist attractions in Ksamil

One of the tourist attractions in Albania that will leave you tongue-tied is Ksamil.  Just a 20-minute bus ride from Saranda is this wonderful heaven. The sole suggestion I would give is to travel in any other months except for July and August. During those two months, the site is totally jam-packed.  It’s more convenient to travel in the season when the maximum of the summer travelers have left and there are just some sunbeds left. The sand is pristine, the sea is transparent, what more could you wish?  There are also some islands which you can swim out to as well as you can hire a jet ski or paddle boat and pass the day lazing in the Albanian sun.  Ksamil is frequently mentioned as the most charming spot in Albania and for perfect cause, it’s mind-blowing.

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19. Sarande

tourist attractions in Sarande

In the summer this is one of the prosperous beach towns in Albania and one of the most famous spots to travel in Albania.  Saranda is a wonderful blend of beach life, quality restaurants and the major spot in Albania for nightlife.  During the summer a remarkable number of Albanians appear in this spot to reside and work here in the peak season of tourism. The nightlife in this place is truly renowned. When the winter begins it transforms into a quiet beach town but still brags beautiful weather.  Actually, Saranda itself gets more than 300 days of sunshine a year so if you want to pass winter anywhere in Europe you should pass it here. 

20. Tirane

tourist attractions in Tirane

It is one of the most beautiful towns in Europe.  It has an advantage, there are plenty of things to find and most significantly for any tourist, the alcohol is low-priced.  In the summer as maximum people have drifted to the beach of Saranda or Durres, the town isn’t as active but in the winter the town thrives again.  There are some charming spots to party in Tirana as well.  Don’t miss to travel the raki bar, Komiteti.  You can taste all the separate flavors of raki in this place and its set in a type of museum. It’s a beautiful site to hang out. You can visit the old communist leader’s house too, Enver Hoxha. Visiting the residence where you can see a bit more about what Albania was like in the communist decades is highly recommended.  There are plenty of things to do in Tirana so you can stay for some days in this place. 

21. Gjirokaster

tourist attractions in Gjirokaster

Many people either go to Berat or Gjirokastёr because they think both of the cities are UNESCO sites and they will be identical – WRONG!  Make certain you travel Gijrokastёr also.  Cobbled paths and a fort located at the top, Gijrokastёr is worth the sojourn. Save some hours for visiting the fort where you can find and climb the old army tanks, plus you will gain magnificent looks.  There is so much to find in this place incorporating subterranean tunnels, a weapon museum (you can basically pick up the arms!) and deserted chambers of the fort.  Pass an afternoon strolling the paths and people observing from a café.  Gijrokastёr has quite a lot of character.

22. Shkoder

tourist attractions in Shkoder

Situated in the north of Albania, this town is very charming and a nice doorstep to some remarkable hiking in the region.  You will observe that Shkodër is the town of bikes and here everyone’s biking.  It’s also wonderfully inexpensive spot.  The architecture is different anywhere else in Albania.  You may find that you have moved back in time into an old-fashioned movie, that’s the magic of Shkodër. Amazing fact!  The southern Albanians use a separate dialect to the Albanians in the northern areas like Shkodër and in Kosovo.

23. Himare

tourist attractions in Himare

A less busy beach city, Himare is situated a few hours’ drive north of Saranda.  The scenes are stunningly beautiful and it’s the ideal spot if you wish to relax by the beach for some days.  There’s an esplanade with some truly quality restaurants to visit.  Himare has a more relaxed vibe than the equivalents of Saranda.  Visiting the old portion of Himare which is in the hills beside the castle is highly recommended.  From there you will see magnificent looks of the Riveria and you also be able to find a conventional village, it’s so beautiful!

24. Berat

tourist attractions in Berat

Itis also familiar as the city of one thousand windows for the Ottoman style residences that Berat is renowned for.  It is today a UNESCO site as there are more than 2000 years of history to discover.  If you go to the top of the fort you will get amazing views of the city of Berat.  Within the fort fences, you will also find residences that people even occupy now.

25.  Syri I Kalter

tourist attractions in Albania
Syri I Kalter

Positioned between the cities of Saranda and Gjirokastër there is Syri I Kalter, one of the most beautiful natural sites in Albania. It is a spring, over 50 meters deep, where natives swim in the warm summer times.

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