tourist attractions in Niger

25 Best Tourist Attractions to Visit in Niger

Here is a list of the 25 Best Tourist Attractions in Niger

1. Diffa

tourist attractions in Diffa

It is a tough location to pin down. Diffa is one of the best tourist attractions in Niger. Sometimes it’s been a strong cradle for military revolts against the Niger government; at others – like now – it’s a container for the thousands of displaced people that come rallying across the Nigerian frontier in fright of insurgent groups and fundamentalists. Regrettably, that more late progress has made the location quite risky for present-day tourists (even by Niger’s standards), so it seems we’ll have to wait to travel the peaks and trenches of the dust-caked Diffa Region – the abode of roaming waterbucks and leopards and so on.

2. Arlit

tourist attractions in Arlit

If you can get beyond the openly industrial nature of Arlit, then you might right admire the city for the earthy and unpretentious location that it is. Deep in the wild Agadez Area, it’s one of the finest access points to the huge dunes of the Ténéré Desert (although, admittedly, Agadez is better) and one of the best tourist attractions in Niger. The abodes are of sun-baked bricks of clay; the inhabitants are exhausted uranium miners with leather-like faces, and you can pretty much be sure that very few – if any – tourists have ever stayed in this place for very long before you.

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3. Balleyara

tourist attractions in Balleyara

A tour to the renowned animal market of Balleyara Market is a glance at the conventional lifestyles of central Africa. A combination of tribes and peoples, it attracts merchants from Mali, Burkina Faso and all over the remote extends of greater Niger. The outcome is a crash of informal stalls and emporiums selling strange pieces of carved art and good luck amulet. The other side – and by far the biggest – of the bazaar is the animal region, which means watching everything from bull herds to camels altering hands. And the truly good news? Balleyara can be arrived at in only two hours from the epicenter at Niamey.

4. Dosso

tourist attractions in Dosso

Old Dosso, is one of the few visible existing artifacts of the pre-colonial time and one of the best tourist attractions in Niger. The former capital of the Dosso Kingdom, the state that ordered the obedience of tribes in the south-west corner of the country before the emergence of the Europeans, it’s a location thriving with heritage and cultures. Now the city is a blend of the new and old, with low-rise concrete edifices blending with dilapidated yurts. The bazaar still crowded with life too, as whining camels move in and out of the dirty streets all around.

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5. Koure

tourist attractions in Koure

It is the location to go giraffe locating. Surrounded by warm and sandy Sahelian landscapes, the small city has its affirmation to renown in the long-necked animals that stride its wild areas. They are thought to be the final existing full giraffe herd in total of West Africa; a glory which continues to attract wild lover folk over the rumbling tracks from the epicenter (over 60 kilometers to the north-west) by the bucket load. Native guides can assist you to locate the unique animals, but be ready, because you may require strolling some before they show themselves!

6. Timia

tourist attractions in Timia

Fat pink pomegranates, blood-red and orange citrus fruits, and plentiful bunches of watermelons are might not what you’d suppose to find this deep in the center of the Sahara Desert, but the remote city of Timia describes an unfamiliar story. Fed by an oasis for the whole year, the tiny clusters of low-rise cottages are encompassed by green fields of gardens and farming ground. They extend along the length of the valleys that chiseled through the center of the Air Mountains, appearing here and there in a blossom of date palms, or a crash of green grasses. Journey to Timia is adventurous and assures accomplishing confronts with the desert wanderers and villagers of the area.

7. Tahoua

tourist attractions in Tahoua

Conventionally the area where the Tuareg tribes of the northern desert land combined with the Fulani people of the southern stretches of the country, the city of Tahoua is where two of the main cultural uniqueness in Niger can be found mingling, blending, and – most significantly of all – trading their goods. The bazaar in this place basically does take center stage, so be certain to head down and find its reverberating stalls and the limitless wealth of engraved totems and witch doctor’s knick-knacks there. The site is also familiar as one of the country’s phosphate mining centers – so don’t be astonished if there’s a grip of the ugly-looking industry too. Don’t miss to visit this wonderful tourist attractions in Niger.

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8. Maradi

tourist attractions in Maradi

For most tourists, Maradi – the third-biggest town in the total country – will be only a supervisory stop; to change transports or stock up before advancing out to the historic richness of Zinder, or to the Nigerian frontier to the south. However, those who stay will find a city that barely feels like any other suburban destination in the nation; an area of (relative) economic success and thriving bazaars, exuding confidence and flamboyance. Advance to the Grand Marché to negotiate your way through shamanic ornaments and sorcery charms like lizard tails and the like. There’s also the amazing luxurious abode of the tribal chief: the Maradi palace, mounting in imposing styles on one of the central squares.

9. Nguigmi

tourist attractions in Nguigmi

The access point to the after-mentioned Ababa National Park and the easternmost accommodation in the total Niger, the city of Nguigmi buts up to the edges of cross-frontier Lake Chad with its meek airstrip and beautiful city mosque. The total place exudes the nature you’d anticipate of a distant desert city, with camel caravans appearing and disappearing each day of the year. The tiny accommodation is also the abode to the ethnic groups of the Kanuri people, the Daza, and the Wodaabe-Fulani – plenty of whom are some of the few existing instances of Niger’s captivating rural communities. Obviously, Nguigmi is one of the best tourist attractions in Niger

10. Abaaba National Park

tourist attractions in Abaaba National Park
Abaaba National Park

Founded back in 1987 for the single motive of defending the threatened animals that make this area their abode, the Abaaba National Park has stayed securely off the radar for nature-loving tourists making their route through this land on the meet of the Sahel and Sahara. That doesn’t signify it’s not worth the tour though. There are jungles of low-lying acacia trees and semi-savannah plains in abundance, all crisscrossed by flocks of bucks and elephants. The area is also significant on the preservation front, as one of the final existing homes of the extremely rare black rhino.

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11. Ayorou

tourist attractions in Ayorou

After only three hours on the rumbling dust streets from the epicenter, you could see yourself landing in the beautiful river city of Ayorou, one of the top tourist attractions in Niger. Familiar for the neighboring riparian territories that surround the accommodation, Ayorou itself stands on its very own island, where the mosque and marketplaces both make their abode too. Actually, the bazaar is a wonderful spot to begin your tour here, probing through the strange public remedies and tasting simple Sahel street food, all before breaking out to find the hippos spattering and relaxing in the mucky waters nearby.

12. W National Park

tourist attractions in W National Park
W National Park

Undoubtedly the most renowned national park in total Niger, the W National Park has also achieved that craved UNESCO World Heritage Site tag, which it was given because of its distinctive exhibit of transition abodes between the savannah and the West African jungles. Only one part of the vast W Transborder Park that crosses into Burkina Faso and Benin, it’s constructed up particularly of dusty bushland. You should get the camera prepared for a collection of baboons and African buffalo, giraffes, leopards, lions and so on. Today it’s a wonderful tourist attractions in Niger.

13. Agadez

tourist attractions in Agadez

Bragging about almost 1,000 years of history and soaked in stories of Sahelian camel caravans, the Ottomans (believe it or not!), and the ancient Songhai imperialists, fascinating Agadez surely has a story to narrate. The city is seen smack bang in the center of the country as a total, encompassed by the sun-baked dunes of the Sahara Desert and the limitless yellow of the sand sea. It’s constructed from a grid of slender streets and accommodations, mud-brick abodes. The highlight has to be the earthen minaret of the central mosque, which imitates the special monuments of the desert cities of Mali to the west.

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14. Niamey

tourist attractions in Niamey

Over 1.3 million people reside, work and play in the epicenter town of Niamey, making it the veritable human heart of Niger. The town bestrides the flows of the Niger River in the south-west, and full with wonderful open-air bazaars, and an unexpectedly thrilling nightlife view after dark (check out the beer joints around Yantala Ancien – and keep in mind the harsh drinking laws as you do!). International restaurants selling pizzas and pasta mix with the spicy foods of the African kitchen too, while the bulging blue domes of the Grand Mosque are obviously not to be missed!

15. Zinder

tourist attractions in Zinder

A labyrinth of tight-knit lanes and concealed paths weave and serpentines to form the difficult-to-navigate center of Zinder. Meanwhile, the Sultan’s Palace mounts over the city with its magnificent adobe architectural acquirements. And that’s not even referring the busy market, which extends as far as the eye can find – it’s effortless to trust it was one time one of the most active camel caravans stops on the trans-Saharan path! Yep, Zinder appears top for plenty of causes: its affluent history of French rule, ethnic culture, and trading; its commercial vitality; its absolute, unrefined African charm.


tourist attractions in Bilma

This is an oasis city and confers in north east Niger with, as of the 2012 survey, a gross population of 4,016 people. It sits defended from the desert dunes beneath the Kaouar Cliffs and is the biggest city along the Kaouar slope. It is famous for its gardens, for salt and natron manufacturing through evaporation ponds, date farming, and as the destination of one of the remaining Saharan caravan ways.

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17. Iferouane

tourist attractions in Iferouane

Also called Iferouan, Iferouane is an oasis city in northern Niger, in Agadez Department. It is situated northeast of Arlit in the northern Aïr, in the Ighazar valley close to the Tamgak Range. Iferouane is too the place of the headquarters of the Aïr and Ténéré Natural Reserves, a World Heritage Site extending over more than 7,700,000 ha. The Project for the Conservation and Management of the Natural Resources of the Aïr-Ténéré, a joint venture among the administration of Niger, the World Conservation Union, and the World Wide Fund for Nature, is too based in Iferouane. The city has an airfield: Iferouane Airport.

18. Say

tourist attractions in Say

It is a city in southwest Niger, located on the Niger River. It is the epicenter of the Say Department in the Tillabéri Area. The city has 12,000 residents, and its economy is controlled by farming, herding, and little business.

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19. Fachi

tourist attractions in Fachi

An oasis, Fachi is encompassed by the Ténéré desert and the dunes of the Erg of Bilma in eastern Niger, positioned on the western bank of the little Agram mountain outcropping. It has an approximate population of about 2000 people. A halting-place of the Agadez to Kaouar caravans of the Azalay, Fachi is 240 kilometers west of Bilma and 320 km east of the Aïr Mountains. Except for water, dates, and salt, Fachi yields no foods, and rely totally upon business in these commodities with going by caravans. Often attacked by Tuareg and other Bedouins in former times, the city is established within high fences, familiar locally as a ksar, made from banco salt blocks. They are today unused. Fachi’s population is mainly drawn from the Kanuri and Toubou peoples, in whose language the city is named Agram. Fachi, its formal name, is from Tuareg and Hausa peoples who at one time resided there in greater numbers.

20. Ingal

best things to d in Ingal

In-Gall is a city in the Agadez Area, Tchirozerine Department of northeast Niger, with a year-round community of fewer than 500 people. Familiar for its oasis and salt planes, In-Gall is the meeting point for the Cure Salee carnival of Tuareg and Wodaabe ship and cattle farmers to observe the conclusion of the rainy season every September. During the carnival, Ingall’s inhabitants increase to several thousand nomads, administrative, and travelers.

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21. Dogondoutchi

tourist attractions in Dogondoutchi

The city community of Dongondoutchi, also called Doutchi, is situated in Niger, nearly 300 km east of the epicenter Niamey and 40 km from the Nigerian frontier. It sits on national way 1 which connects the epicenter to the cities of Maradi and Zinder to the east and the RN25 advancing to the north to Tahoua, Agadez, and Arlit. The boundary of the Dogondoutchi district is approximately those of the ancient area of the Arewa. Since 2008, Dogondoutchi is the executive center of the nearby Dogondoutchi department which holds the same name. It is a portion of the Dosso Area.

22. Abalak

tourist attractions in Abalak

It is a city situated in the Tahoua Area, Abalak Department of northern Niger. It is both a city and Commune: a native government division. It is the chair of Abalak Department, one of eight subdivisions of Tahoua Area. The city had a community of fewer than 13,000 people at the 2001 survey.

23. Tillaberi

tourist attractions in Tillaberi

City Tillabéri is in northwest Niger. It is located 113 km northwest of the epicenter Niamey on the River Niger. It is a significant market city and government center, it is the epicenter of the department of Tillabéri and Tillabéri Area. The city had a community of more than 16000 people at the 2001 survey. The region was the abode to giraffe groups until the 1980s.

24. Galmi

tourist attractions in Galmi

This is a village of about 8,000–10,000 in. It is situated 500 kilometers east of Niamey on the east-west street between Birnin Konni and Maradi. It is on the southern border of the Sahara Desert is thus a dry region with a parched, rocky landscape. Galmi is well familiar for its purple and red onions beloved in West Africa. Onion cultivating in the village was the theme of the Nigerien documentary film For the Best and for the Onion. A renowned monument is the missions hospital, Galmi Hospital. The hospital complex is abundant with vegetation from a native well compared to the neighboring region.

25. Madaoua

tourist attractions in Madaoua

It is a city situated in the Tahoua Area of Niger. Madaoua has a community of 22,175 people. It is the place of the Madaoua Department, organizing the southwest corner of the Region, and is a City Commune.

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