Tourist Attractions in Morocco

25 Best Tourist Attractions to Visit in Morocco

Tourist Attractions in Morocco, Visit 25 Best Amazing Places:

1. Blue Door cuisine

Tourist Attractions in Morocco
Blue Door cuisine

One of the best Tourist Attractions in Morocco, Blue Door Cuisine provides you the chance to take abode something really distinctive to remind yourself of your trip to Morocco. Most tourists will accept that tasting the striking native taste of your destination is a significant characteristic of your holiday and Blue Door Cuisine provides a vast diversity of cookery classes that will offer you all the knowledge you need to astonish your friends and family when you come back home. You can select from an easy lesson on how to prepare iconic mint tea or advance several steps further as you master how to roll couscous, bake Moroccan bread, and make a genuine Moroccan tagine. Some of the classes contain a guided trip to the native market and a conventional couscous dinner.

2. Berber Rafting Adventures

Tourist Attractions in Berber Rafting Adventures
Berber Rafting Adventures

Who would assume that along with camel trains going through the desert, busy market places, and spicy fantastic food, Morocco also provides daring tourists the opportunity to enjoy rafting in the High Atlas Mountains? Berber Rafting Adventures concentrate in a diversity of rafting adventures appropriate for both families and adrenalin addicts. You can select from a half-day modest family “float” along the Ahansal River, passing through some breathtaking canyon views, or prefer the more energetic Red Canyon Day Trip along a 20-mile expanse of Moroccan backcountry. For the true adventurous tourists, Berber Rafting also organizes multi-day whitewater rafting entertainment on the Morocco Grand Canyon Tour, which contains overnight accommodation in a true Bedouin tent.

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3. 4×4 Camel Tours Morocco

Tourist Attractions in Morocco 4x4 Camel Tours
4×4 Camel Tours Morocco

One of the finest methods to know all about the life and culture of Morocco is to take part in a guided trip and 4X4 Camel provides you various Morocco Discovery Tours outside of Marrakech in an air-conditioned 4X4 Land Cruiser. The Berber Villages Tour will offer you a wonderful overview of the rough lifestyle of the genuine Berber immigrants and lunch in a true Berber village. You will also have the opportunity to travel an Argon Oil factory to know about the health advantages of this distinctively Moroccan nut. You could also advance off to the Atlas Mountains or outside of the sands to go to the coastal city of Essaouira, which has a unique Portuguese ambiance as well as cold sea breezes.

4. Morocco Planet

Tourist Attractions in Morocco Planet
Morocco Planet

Based on fantastic Marrakech, Morocco Planet is a trip company providing customized individual and group trips all over the country. Whether you seek the seclusion of the desert or like the energy of the market places, Morocco Planet can put together the perfect trip based on your individual choices. You can go on a personal day tour around the energetic town or prefer a comprehensive luxurious tour of the country, which can contain various outdoor activities. You can attempt camel trekking, golf, hiking the Atlas Mountains, desert mountain biking, or even desert yoga. Besides these, you can take lesson on how to prepare conventional Moroccan cuisine or even organize to have a Berber-style wedding. Lengthy trips range from a few days to 17-day show.

5. Marrakech Urban Adventures

Tourist Attractions in Marrakech Urban Adventures
Marrakech Urban Adventures

If you are the type of tourist who prefers to visit off the beaten track and get a more close look of your destination, Marrakech Urban Adventures is may be just what you are seeking. The company provides trips of Marrakech led by ardent and brilliant native tour guides who know all the small details of the town. They are familiar with the finest locations to eat, the best market places to find an arrangement, and the amicable natives, and are ardent about sharing their expertise with tourists. Some of the trips on offer consist of the Medina, Palaces, and Tombs Tour (for history buffs), the Taste of Marrakech Tour (for first-time travelers), and the Shopping Secrets of the Medina Tour (for passionate bargain hunters). You can also prefer taking part in the Tagine Cookery Tour to know how to prepare Morocco’s national dish.

6. Marrakech Guided Tours

Tourist Attractions in Marrakech Guided Tours
Marrakech Guided Tours

Old, fantastic, and enchanting, the Moroccan town of Marrakech greets tourists to appear and uncover its history, architecture, culture, and conventions. Although it is absolutely feasible to visit the city on your own, you will surely get a more in-depth experience of the town and its inhabitants on a Marrakech Guided Tour. The company advances the additional mile by providing illustrated private trip and day tours that are earnestly assembled to suit your curiosity. Whether you like history and architecture, culture or shopping, Marrakech Guided Tours will put together the ideal half or full-day trip to satisfy you. Preferences consist of visiting all the cultural and historical locations of the town or attempting further afield to watch the snow-capped Atlas Mountains or the fishing city of Essaouira on the shore.

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7. Marrakech Food Tours

Tourist Attractions in Marrakech Food Tours
Marrakech Food Tours

One of the finest methods to submerge you in a foreign culture is to try the tastes and aromas directly. However, plenty of tourists never get to attempt genuine Moroccan cuisine because they are uncertain of what to order or just travel the unavoidable visitors-trap restaurants that govern the beloved visitors’ regions. Marrakech Food Tours is dedicated to providing tourists a perception into genuine Moroccan family-style food and has cautiously sourced restaurants that provide good things. Your guided 3-hour stroll will guide you through the paths and market places of Marrakech, knowing about culture, history, and conventional Moroccan cooking process and trying a diversity of real dishes including salads, tagine, couscous, slow-roasted lamb, sweet pastries, and more. Trip choices include breakfast trips, evening trips, and gourmet trips.

8. Marrakech by Air

Tourist Attractions in Marrakech by Air
Marrakech by Air

If your Moroccan holiday consists of a trip to Marrakech, you can capture the chance to make life-long memories on a distinctive warm-air balloon/camel riding experience against the canvas of the Atlas Mountains. Your 5-hour thrill starts at morning (5:00 am) when you will reach the balloon launch site, see how a hot-air balloon is made for take-off, and know all about the safety precautions. Once airborne you will be carried silently over the waking landscape for nearly an hour, at the impulse of the wind. Back on the ground, you will be served to a conventional breakfast in a Bedouin tent overlooking the Atlas Mountains and then enjoy a camel ride through a real palm oasis. Ultimately, you will come back to your hotel by Land Rover.

9. Saadian Tombs

Tourist Attractions in Saadian Tombs
Saadian Tombs

Isolated and concealed from view for a few centuries, the impressive Saadian Tombs have maintained much of their real grandeur and are a must-visit draw in Marrakech. The first tomb in the complex dates back to 1557 and the edifices were established between 1578 and 1603. After the tombs were shut up around 1672 they remained undisturbed until 1917 when they were discovered again and totally renovated. Now you can find more than 66 tombs lay out in the major two mausoleums and a further 100 beautifully tiled graves in the gardens. Established to be the ultimate resting spot of the Saadian royalty, the mausoleums are lavishly decorated with fine engravings and wonderful zellij tiles, reminiscent of the decoration found in the Alhambra in Granada, which was established 200 years before.

10. Rabat Archaeology Museum

Tourist Attractions in Rabat Archaeology Museum
Rabat Archaeology Museum

The Archaeology Museum in Rabat was established in 1934 and is splendidly abode to a rich collection of statuary, remains and antiques expanding hundreds of years, and is a must-visit draw for anyone fascinated to past history and the advancement of humanity. As you go through the prehistoric part of the museum you will be able to find human relics dating back to the Paleolithic and Neolithic (4000BC) times. These displays are followed by the Islamic part of the museum which exhibits religious gems dugout in XIII and IX century archaeological sites. However, the Roman and Pre-Roman collection are probably the most amazing and contains some wonderful bronzes and marble busts.

11. Majorelle Garden

Tourist Attractions in  Majorelle Garden
Majorelle Garden

Your trip to Marrakech would be deficient without passing an hour or two exploring the charm and tranquility of the Majorelle Gardens, which were founded over a time of 40 years by the famous French artist Jacque Majorelle. After the artist’s demise, the gardens fell into dilapidation until they were purchased and renovated to their past fame by French designer Yves Saint Laurent. Now the gardens contain shadowy lanes of fantastic trees, varieties of flowers, gushing streams, and calm mirrorlike pools that offer natives and tourists (including hundreds of birds) with an oasis of serenity near the center of the town. Besides exploring the gardens, you can also know all about the captivating culture of Morocco’s Berber people at the Berber Museum and find the gift store.

12. Koutoubia Mosque

Tourist Attractions in Koutoubia Mosque
Koutoubia Mosque

The Koutoubia Mosque or, to be more particular, the wonderful minaret of the Koutoubia Mosque governs the skyline of Marrakesh and is a beloved draw in the town. Unluckily, the inner parts of the mosque are out of bounds to non-Muslims, but everyone is greeted to appreciate the outer part of Marrakesh’s biggest mosque and the intricate architecture of the minaret, which dates back to 1150 and is the most ancient existing Almohad minaret in the world. The impressive structure erects more than 70 meters high and the ornamental design include a strap of ceramic tiles, pointed balustrade, and other quintessential Moroccan ornamental designs. After visiting the mosque, you can visit the plenty of draws of the neighboring Jemaa el Fna, the town’s renowned market place.

13. Kasbah of the Udayas

Tourist Attractions in Kasbah of the Udayas
Kasbah of the Udayas

The striking Kasbah of the Udayas has been guarding over the town of Rabat for hundreds of years and indicates tourists to come inside and know about centuries of Moroccan culture and history. The kasbah is encompassed by threatening fences that are more than 8 meters in height and between 2 and 3 meters wide and brags about a huge opening that includes two heavily adorned towers. If the fences could tell, they would narrate amazing tales of battle and piracy spanning some centuries. Now you can go through the impressive entrance to visit slender serpentine streets lined with stores, courtyards, and gardens, find Rabat’s most ancient mosque and the Museum of Traditional Arts or appreciate the mesmerizing views as you relish a cup of sweet mint tea.

14. Jemaa el Fna

Tourist Attractions in Morocco
Jemaa el Fna

Jema el Fna is a huge town square and market place which has been an emblem of Marrakesh since it was founded sometime within the 11th and 14th centuries. Now the square relishes UNESCO World Heritage Site identification and you can go back in time and imbibe the ancient cultural conventions of Morocco as repeated by storytellers, musicians, and performers. You can appreciate the charming minaret of the Koutoubia Mosque, which rises over the square, find a snake charmer, relish mint tea at one of the plenty of garden terraces that encompass the square, or lose yourself in the Marrakesh marketplace or the multitude cobbled paths that travel through the medina (old town). As the sun sets the square is packed with food sellers providing an original taste of Morocco.

15. Ifrane National Park

Tourist Attractions in Ifrane National Park
Ifrane National Park

Ifran National Park is not absolutely what one anticipate to see in busy Morocco, and is surely worth a trip for anyone fascinated in nature watching, hiking, camping, or fishing. The park is located in the Middle Atlas Mountains south of Fez and defends and exhibits one of the biggest cedar jungles in the world as well as a broad variety of more than 200 species of birds, reptiles, sheep, and the extinct Barbary macaque. The monkeys have become really tame and you can purchase nuts to feed them. There is a network of hiking tracks that will guide you past waterfalls, a volcanic plateau, lakes, jungles, and mountains. Berber villages within the park provide camping and dormitory-style accommodation and there is a hotel in the city of Ifrane.

16. Hassan Tower

Tourist Attractions in Hassan Tower
Hassan Tower

Governing the horizon of Rabat, the incomplete Hassan Tower bears proofs to aspiration of Sultan Yacoub al Mansour who basically intended the tower to be double its present altitude and it’s one of the best tourist attractions in this region. Although a maximum of the Hassan Tower site is in the wreckage, you should not miss the opportunity to see the site and stand in wonder of the expertise of the craftsmen who built this stunning structure back in 1195. Sultan al Mansour wished the tower to be the minaret of a huge mosque that would place more than 20,000 devotees, but when he expired in 1199 the project was relinquished. Now you can find the incomplete 44m tower and some of the 200 columns, which demonstrate the magnificent scale of the well-designed mosque.

17. Hassan II Mosque

Tourist Attractions in Morocco
Hassan II Mosque

The Hassan II Mosque is one of the first milestones in Casablanca and is necessary viewing for all tourists fascinated in art and architecture. The construction occupies an incredible spot on a platform that expands over the Atlantic Ocean and includes a distinctive portion with a glass ground (off-limits to tourists) so that the devotees can kneel down to say prayer straight over the ocean. In addition, a portion of the ceiling can be withdrawn so that devotees can concurrently see the magnificence of God’s sky and ocean, in accordance with Hassan’s desire. The design and decoration of the mosque manifest extreme Moorish motivation and no cost was spared in the establishment. Although the mosque is open to devotees all day, non-Muslim tourists can only see the interior of the edifice by taking part in a guided trip.

18. El Badi Palace

Tourist Attractions in Morocco
El Badi Palace

This palace was built over a time of 25 years for the Sultan Ahmad al-Mansur during the Saadi dynasty; when it was finished in 1593, it was really “unparalleled” (which is the interpretation of el badi). Although big parts of the palace have necessarily been lessened to relics (following dynasties stripped the palace of its past splendor and utilized the looted substances to construct their own palaces), the site is even now extraordinarily magnificent and is one of the best Tourist Attractions in Morocco. The real edifice seems to have included more than 350 lavishly adorned chambers, a splendid hall, and a central pool that was nearly twice Olympic size. Now you can visit underwater tunnels and submerged gardens as well as some pavilions/summer residences, stables, and prisons.

19. The Chellah

Tourist Attractions in The Chellah
The Chellah

It is a captivating enclosed archaeological spot including Roman remains and an Islamic burial graveyard situated right outside the town of Rabat. Although it is today mainly in the wreckage, the spot was once abode to a thriving old Roman accommodation overlooking an alluvial plain near the Moroccan shoreline. As you stroll through the calm site you will find a well made Roman road, a triumphal arch, a forum, and some varied edifices in different stages of ruin. There are also remains of old Roman underwater plumbing, columns, and marble sculptures. The Islamic relics, which date from the 14th century, are far better maintained and are these days unusually residence to dozens of nesting storks. You can walk around on your own or rent a guide at the entry.

20. Chefchaouen

Tourist Attractions in Chefchaouen

Tourists to Morocco who would love to explore a bit deeper into the history and culture of the country will see the little town of Chefchaouen, situated in the northern hills of the country, a captivating add-on to their Morocco trip. The city stays mostly unaltered since the Middle Ages and provides you the opportunity to truly go back in time and observe and appreciate conventional Moroccan culture. In the medina you can stroll through serpentine streets encompassed by lively blue walls that are evidence to the city’s Spanish and Jewish origins. The city has present day accommodation choices, where you can pass the night and take time to taste conventional foods, shop for distinctive arts and crafts, or directly luxuriate by the pool or stroll in the mountains.

21. Casablanca Cathedral

Tourist Attractions in  Casablanca Cathedral
Casablanca Cathedral

Encompassed by mainly Muslim architecture, the Cathédrale Sacré Coeur hits a somewhat tuneless note in the architectural landscape of Casablanca. Today regrettably disregarded and unused, the once impressive and stylish church dates back to 1930, when Morocco was still under the dominion of Catholic France. After Morocco earned independence in 1956, the church was utilized as a school and later as a cultural heart. However, the neo-Gothic style architecture, with comprehensible art deco and Moroccan Muslim motivations, is notable and anyone fascinated in architecture should make a point to explore. You can stroll up to the peak of the two towers (which display a noticeable similarity to Muslim minarets) to relish panoramic views of the town and to get a closer observation at the uncommon external square buttresses.

22. Menara Gardens

Tourist Attractions in Menara Gardens
Menara Gardens

Marrakech’s large Menara Gardens date back to the 12th century, when the gardens were founded to grant city inhabitants to produce crops. Now the gardens are one of the best Tourist Attractions in Morocco which provide natives and tourists a calm break from the warmth and bustle of the town amongst woods of olives, palms, and fruit trees. At the center of the orchards, you will see a big man-made lake overlooked by a stylish Saadian pavilion, from which you can sometimes find the snow-topped Atlas Mountains. What truly makes these gardens exceptional is that subterranean tunnels were established to bring water to the spot from the Atlas Mountains over 30km away. The gardens can be effortlessly entered on foot or by taxi and are open every day – entry is without cost.

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23. Bahia Palace

Tourist Attractions in Bahia Palace
Bahia Palace

The beautiful Bahia Palace is a key attraction of any Marrakech trip and is one of the most-traveled draws in Morocco. Art and architecture lovers can observe the distinctive blend of Islamic and Moroccan architectural styles as they walk through the attractive palace, which was established nearly 1859 and is lavishly adorned from floor to ceiling with mosaics, stuccos, gilded finishes, and studded timbered ceilings. Main attractions of the palace incorporate the impressive marble-paved courtyard, ideal fenced gardens (riads) fragrant with the fragrance of oranges and jasmine, and the charming colored and tiled inner parts. Now the palace is utilized to amuse traveling important persons and portion of it is residence to the Moroccan Ministry of Cultural Affairs.

24. Agdal Gardens

Tourist Attractions in  Agdal Gardens
Agdal Gardens

The Agdal Gardens in Marrakech date back to the 12th century and are a must-visit destination in the town. Here you can walk along calm olive-lined tracks to appreciate the originality of the old Almoravids, who provided water to the orchard gardens from the Ourika Valley through an underground network of tunnels and trench. The gardens you can visit now include some inter-linked fenced squares of gardens, olive groves, and plantations encompassing a pool named the Sahraj el-Hana or “Tank of Health.” The gardens (which cover more than 400 hectares) make a portion of the royal palace and are just open to the general people two times a week (Fridays and Sundays) when the king is not in residence.

25. Meknes

Tourist Attractions in Meknes

Despite its age and architecture, Meknes makes its path to the chart of the top tourist attractions to visit in Morocco. It is situated in the north of Morocco and is a 9th-century medina and also one of the country’s past epicenters. On your tour here, while you might sense that it’s not as good as the other towns to travel in Morocco, but the royal palace and other main historical spots are a perfect stop to know about Morocco’s culture. Don’t fail to explore the pleasant draws that form it so beloved among trippers seeking for fantastic Arabian experiences.


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