25 Best Tourist Attractions to Visit in Myanmar

25 Best Tourist Attractions to Visit in Myanmar

Here is a list of the 25 Best Tourist Attractions in Myanmar

1. Mrauk U

tourist attractions in Mrauk U
Mrauk U

Something of a more off-the-beaten-track substitute to much-visited Bagan, Mrauk U can be seen between the dirt-caked hills of Rakhine State, situated in the distant western ranges of the country. It’s capped with innumerable stupas and temple spires and provides an amazing glance of the ancient school of Arakanese religious edifice. It’s also assumed that Mrauk U developed into a mighty merchant hub in the late Middle Ages, with boats floating across the Bay of Bengal from business partners like India and Persia, and even Portugal and Europe!

2. Naypyidaw

tourist attractions in Naypyidaw

This place is different from everything else in the country. Purpose-constructed and declared the epicenter in a sudden move by the then Burmese military chief Than Shwe back in 2005, it’s set out in a firm grid of impressive palaces and governmental edifices, nationalist memorials, and grand establishments. Some consider it as something of a hangover from the days when Burma was an iron-fist junta (even if that time is not totally disappeared), others think it a futile worthless project. But whatever the propulsion of Naypyidaw, its aspiring parliament compounds and massive golden Uppatasanti Pagoda are definitely worth visiting!

3. Ngwe Saung

tourist attractions in Ngwe Saung
Ngwe Saung

One of the best tourist attractions in Myanmar, Ngwe Saung might not have the tropical magnificence of Ngapali, but gratitude to a top position on the banks of the Bay of Bengal, along with a grab of beautiful coconut copse and five-star resort hotels (see how those dazzling infinity pools combine with the blues of the Indian Ocean!). It’s gradually flourishing to become another of Myanmar’s top beach destinations. Made for entertainment and relaxation, the extensive golden sands in this place are the main draw, naturally. However, it’s also probable to try Southeast Asian seafood – right find to the local eateries that line up along the coast.

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4. Mergui

tourist attractions in Mergui

The plenty of names of the Mergui Archipelago (this bit of innumerable land heaps in the Andaman Sea is also called Myeik Archipelago and the Pashu Islands) shows the broad character of the different destinations it holds. mainly untrodden, the wealth of over 800 islets in this place provides up everything from tucked away sands that radiates pearl-white under the Asian sun to natural mangroves followed by macaques (find the conserves of big Lampi Island for some of the finest of those). Yachting is becoming substantial in this place too, and yachters gather to relish playing between the unpopulated rocks and inlets, salt-wiped fishing villages and the accommodation of sea wanderers.

5. Mawlamyine

tourist attractions in Mawlamyine

A large town with a relaxed feel, Mawlamyine is a wonderful pause from the busy life of other Burmese main towns like Yangon and Naypyidaw. It can be seen deep in the region of the Mon, only a stone’s hurl from the boundary with Thailand, where it releases a separate type of cultural character than plenty of other spots on this list. You’ll be able to ascend to towering pagodas like the Mahamuni Paya, which exudes Mon architectural twists, or you can find the high-settled Uzina Paya stupa, covered in gold gratitude to the contributions of innumerable pilgrims. For now, the city’s Central Market vibrates with fruit and veg vendors, and there are the chances to hire a boat across to strangely-called Shampoo Island (abode to some amazing Buddhist shrines, not hair products!).

6. Hpa-an

tourist attractions in Hpa-an

Located between rugged, jungle-covered peaks and ringed by the radiating waters of the Thanlwin River, small Hpa-an is a rural, rugged-around-the-edges tourist city with several wonderful hostels, rest houses, and beer bars. Lead down the busy strip of Zaydan Road to trip between the coffee shops and spice-perfumed roadside kitchens, or hurry directly to the beautiful lakeside of Kan Thar Yar, which glimmers like a mirror within walking distance of the center. When it’s time to tour the karst peaks on the skyline, mystifying Mount Zwegabin and its summit monastery signal. All these attractions made Hpa-an a wonderful tourist attractions in Myanmar.

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7. Hsipaw

tourist attractions in Hsipaw

Prepare the strolling boots and thigh muscles for that tour to highland Hsipaw, because this previous royal epicenter of the Shan population is steadily advancing to challenge even after mentioned Kalaw on the hiking front. Don’t be astonished if you become involved in these deep northern mountains longer than you assumed – not just are the panoramic looks of sun-burned jungles to die for, but there’s an affluent cultural convention to discover too. You can see this between the craft shops of the city’s Central Market, or seek it out at the Shan Palace that even now sits evocatively atop the paths in this place.

8. Pindaya

tourist attractions in Pindaya

It is one of Myanmar’s less-visited religious spots. It makes its abode in the aspiring Shan Hills of the eastern Myelat area and provides a distinctive look at the extensive Buddhist histories of the nation. Created from a series of deep caves, Pindaya is the abode to about 8,000 separate images of the Buddha, which can only be formed out shining in gold and brass colors in the dim caverns. You can also luxuriate in the lakeside in the city of Pindaya, which relishes a top position between the peaks, and at the beginning of the beloved cross-mountain hiking routes to Kalaw to boot.

9. Ngapali

tourist attractions in Ngapali

There’s no sand expanse in total Myanmar as beloved as Ngapali and that’s why it’s one of the best tourist attractions in Myanmar. A big curve of yellow-white that bends its way around the Bay of Bengal, it’s got a surrounding ocean of greenish-blue waves and a bordering of massive palm trees. The random clutch of salt-washed fishing boats floats in and out of the bay during the day, providing the kitchens with a limitless supply of newly caught seafood. There are a great number of loungers spotting the sands too, and many trip organizers providing SCUBA diving, water skiing, jet skiing, sea kayaking and more. Ngapali also has its very own airfield, forming it one of the simpler coastal locations to communicate with from the capital.

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10. Inle Lake

tourist attractions in Inle Lake
Inle Lake

The time you see the peculiar leg rowers of Inle Lake and listen to the squeaking splash of those carved canoes floating across the water, you’ll feel that you’re in the heartlands of rural Myanmar. A spot where time has remained still, this vast body of water is dotted with villages made of wood. The natives are familiar for their on-surface farming technique, and you’ll be able to find dashes of lush gardens developing directly from the lake. Key religious spots like the Hpaung Daw U Pagoda (which has a stunning carnival in late-summer) also spot the edges, but the true attraction has to be the food, which exudes fresh herbs, Chinese spices, and lake-caught fish.

11. Kyaiktiyo

tourist attractions in Kyaiktiyo

It’s only a short trip east from Yangon to the aspiring heights of Mount Kyaiktiyo, which are renowned as the abode of one of the most admired Buddhist remains in the nation: the insecurely-placed Golden Rock. This wonderful, gravity-defying lump of granite can be seen sit on its own mantel atop the extending jungles and green hills of south-central Burma. Myth has it that it’s hanged by a single thread of Buddha’s own hair, and (male) pilgrims appear to scale the winding steps to the marvel to abandon gold leaf and attain motivation. The spot is encompassed by its own temple and pagoda, fulfilled with immersive small shrines to lesser-familiar Buddhist spirits.

12. Mandalay

tourist attractions in Mandalay

You can just assume how splendid the town of Mandalay would have looked when that sturdy Shwenandaw Monastery shined with its coatings of gold leaf, and it’s effortless to find why even the very name of this curious temple-topped city in the depths of central Myanmar has motivated poems and lines by probably Asia’s most productive English writer: Kipling. However, present day’s Mandalay does well to stabilize all those stylish Bamar pagodas and sculpted stupas with a true bout of Burmese uproar. This is, after all, the second-biggest city and a wonderful tourist attractions in Myanmar, a pilgrimage location (gratitude to the Maha Myat Muni Paya), and a renowned tourist destination (familiar for its fenced Royal Palace) all reeled into one!

13. Kalaw

tourist attractions in Kalaw

It has developed and flourished on the Myanmar tourist site to become one of the favorite destinations for trekkers and adventurers striking the country’s eastern mountains.  Located high up on the ridges of the Shan hills, the site started life as a mountain city under British dominion, intended to provide a break from the Asian warmth of the plains below. Now, tourists can still relish the cooling winds of the highlands, along with a bunch of relaxed guesthouses, wonderful food bazaars, and – most significantly – hiking without the requirement for a permit!

14. Yangon

tourist attractions in Yangon

The city got fame in the days of British dominion, flourishing with the rise of the Raj and becoming a medley of stylish Victorian city houses and Georgian structures. Much of that side of the town stays unharmed too, and now you can proceed through the tuk-tuk-packed roadways to find the matches of St Mary’s Cathedral and its Anglo spires. However, the true masterpiece (and what usually attracts tourists to this former Burmese epicenter) has to be the Shwedagon Pagoda. This marks the religious site where the sacred lotus buds once became visible to indicate the coming of Gautama Buddha and lead the knowledgeable to Nirvana. Be certain to travel the spot and marvel and the shining gold establishment, the prayer chambers, and the delicately sculpted pavilions for pilgrims. No wonder, it’s the best tourist attractions in Myanmar.

15. Bagan

tourist attractions in Bagan

Stunning Bagan secures a well-worthy top place on this list of the finest places to travel in Myanmar. The cause? Most of the tourists who proceed this way leave with a definite sense of wonder and surprise and that’s why it’s one of the best tourist attractions in Myanmar. And it’s simple to find why! A sea of limitless temple tops penetrates the clouds and the jungles; Crests of dust combines at the spires of age-old stupas; the dim outlines of forgotten Hindu demigods signals from the wonderful platforms, and all the while the jagged tips of the Arakan Mountains emerge in the canvas. Finding Bagan by balloon is becoming growingly famous and provides a really distinctive look over this 26-square-mile land of temples.

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16. Monywa

tourist attractions in Monywa

Located nearly halfway between Mandalay and Bagan, Monywa is a busy business hub on the Chindwin River. Two big pagodas are situated in the center of the town, and there are some more noteworthy temples situated some miles outside of the town. Other marks of enthusiasm in the town and the neighboring region incorporate the busy bazaars, the riverside park, and the Phowintaung and Shwebataung Caves. Most people halt in Monywa on their way between Mandalay and Bagan, but it’s also a perfect beginning spot for anyone enthusiastic in hiring a boat down the river to the villages in the north.

17. Shan State

tourist attractions in shan state
Shan State

While you might frequently come across locations to travel in and around the Shan State, you won’t definitely come across someone recommending you investigate the Shan State itself. Once you are done visiting around the famous spots of draws in and around Shan, make certain to keep a day or two to occasionally walk around the Shan State and get emerged in its charm altogether. The spot is familiar around for its picture-perfect landscape, pristine sceneries and the finest thing about this location is the broad range of delicious cooking you get to sample around in this place. The small villages around in the Shan State add to its charm and originality even further. One of the most beloved spots to explore while there is the Keng Tawng Falls that frequently go not noticed by the majority of the travelers because of the fact that it is frequently a lot less unvisited.

18. Macleod Island

tourist attractions in Macleod Island
Macleod Island

While you must require a solitudinarian from often traveling the sites of a pilgrimage around in Myanmar, Macleod Island is basically a fine enough spot to travel. It is located in the far southern tip of Myanmar and is one of the 800 unspoiled islands in the Andaman Sea. Not just do you get to observe a stunning view all around, but the island is also verdant in a colorful variety of plants and animals which further makes up for the comprehensive feeling of exploring this spot. If tropical weather is the thing you wished to feel while in Myanmar, exploring Macleod Island is a perfect choice for you to move into.

19. Shwendagon Pagoda

tourist attractions in Shwedagon Pagoda
Shwendagon Pagoda

Rising high above the town of Yangon, the Shwedagon Pagoda is one of Myanmar’s most amazing monuments. The outer side of the temple is nearly fully covered in gold plates, and the very point of the pagoda is adorned with true rubies and diamonds. The myth holds that the edifice is nearly 2,600 years old and that it is the abode to hairs collected from the head of the Buddha. The pagoda is accessible every day between 4 am and 10 pm and admission tickets are proper for numerous visits throughout the progression of a day. Guided trips can be organized for an extra fee.

20. Saddar Cave

tourist attractions in Saddar Cave
Saddar Cave

Adorned with hundreds of small golden Buddha sculptures, Saddar Cave is a genuine natural marvel and one of the most important Buddhist spots in the Zwegabin Mountains of Karen State. The access point to the cave perches at the top of a sheer white staircase, and from this place, a little path guides tourists past a little pagoda and into the dimness of the cave. The path terminates at a lagoon, where instructors with canoes will be waiting to take you out of the cave and into a portion of open water where you can see native fishermen at work.

21. Giant Buddha of Mudon

tourist attractions in Giant Buddha of Mudon
Giant Buddha of Mudon

Relaxing Buddha sculptures can be seen nearly everywhere in Myanmar, but the Giant Buddha of Mudon (also familiar as Win Sein Taw Ya) holds the glory of being the biggest independent reclining Buddha in the whole world. The sculpture is 98 feet long and 590 feet tall, and the inner side is made up of chambers that contain different statues and delineating the life of the Buddha and the main principles of Buddhism. The sculpture is even now very much a work in advancement, and a second largest Buddha sculpture is today being established contrasting the real statue.

22. Mingun

tourist attractions in Mingun

Although the building of the Mingun Pahtodawgyi was never finished, the construction holds the glory of being the biggest heap of bricks in the world. It was intended to be a 500-foot-high stupa, a construction that would have challenged the Great Pyramid of Giza in size, but the building of the pagoda concluded after the demise of King Bodawpaya in 1819. The incomplete pagoda today erects 50 feet high, and a lately-constructed staircase grants tourists to ascend right to the top. Another key attraction of the site is a huge 12-foot bell, which can be rung solely by hitting the exterior.

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23. Inwa

tourist attractions in Inwa

Established in 1365, the town of Inwa was the Burmese epicenter for over 350 years between the 14th and 19th centuries. Unluckily, the charming imperial town was deserted in 1839 after being wrecked by a series of dreadful earthquakes. Now, the devastated town is a captivating sight to visit; key attractions incorporate the Bagaya Kyaung Monastery, the yellow Maha Aungmye Bonzan Monastery, and the Buddha sculpture inside the Yadana Sinme Pagoda. Tourists are independent to explore the region on foot or by bicycle, but the spot is quite big. There are many native guides providing trips by horse and cart.

24. Anisakan Falls

tourist attractions in Anisakan Falls
Anisakan Falls

Roughly 5 1/2 miles outside of Pyin Oo Lwin, Anisakan Falls is the name offered to the sequence of waterfalls inside the jungled amphitheater near  Anisakan village. The most magnificent of these is Dat Taw Gyaik, a series of 393-foot-tall cascade with a little pagoda at the foot. The falls look most charming during the rainy season, and it’s finest to visit during the early morning or the late evening to shun trekking in the warmth of the day. For those who seek a wonderful look from the top, a magnificent resort and restaurant stand overlooking the falls.

25. Hlawga National Park

tourist attractions in Hlawga National Park
Hlawga National Park

Surrounding 1,540 acres, the Hlawga National Park was founded in 1982 to offer a natural home for local Burmese wildlife. A charming lake flows at the center of the park, and the rest of the region is principally formed up of marshland, semi-evergreen jungle, and deciduous forests. There are many picnic spots for unwinding in, and tourists can also enjoy a safari-style bus journey through the park, enjoy boating on the lake, walk along the strolling paths, or enjoy an elephant ride. Another characteristic of the park is a mini-zoo, which contains Asiatic black bears, crocodiles, leopards, and other animals.

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