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25 Best Tourist Attractions to Visit in Cyprus

Here is a list of the 25 Best Tourist Attractions in Cyprus

1. Galata

tourist attractions galata

The Galata Village is situated in the attractive valley of Solea right west of Nicosia and an impressive tourist attractions in Cyprus. . With the River Klarios going through it, the city has established up on both sides of the river’s edges. It is famous for the neighboring rich greenery and the mouth-watering fruits it yields, incorporating a variety of apples, grapes, peaches, and apricots, among others. Galata promotes a distinctive mixture of both conventional and present-day residences as well as six 16th-century Byzantine churches. Their pyramid-like roofs with rectangular tiles give wonderful instances of the city’s extraordinary cultural and architectural legacy. Galata is linked to its nearby Kakopetria.

2. Fiti

Best Tourist Attractions in Cyprus

It is a tiny, conventional village right outside of Polis. The city has been around from medieval periods and brags about an array of splendid architecture. Though the city is small, it presents abundance of old spots, incorporating the village courtyard, the 200-year-ancient Phyti Village Tavern, the 19th-century Church of St. Dimitris, the Agia Marina Church, and the Agios Symeon chapel. Tourists can also visit the remains of Forester’s Mansion, explore the Fyti Museum of Weaving and Folkloric Art, and appreciate a charming garden exhibiting the bronze bosom of Constantinos Foitides, the village’s patron.

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3. Choulou

Best Tourist Attractions in Cyprus

A charming village, Choulou is in the northeast of Paphos. Its hilly region partitions the Paphos wood and is located next to the Ezousas River, offering cold summers with zero humidity and warm winters. This beautiful little village barely has around 120 inhabitants with one coffee shop, restaurant, and snack bar. The city also has three foundations that are accessible to guests who want to reside overnight and relish the village’s natural charm. Choulou has an exceptional number of amazing sights, incorporating some chapels, the lower fountain, the watermill, the mosque, two arched rock bridges, the Church of Pantanassas, Saint Theodoros Church, and Saint George Church and all these made Cholou a wonderful tourist attractions in Cyprus.

4. Tala

Best Tourist Attractions in Cyprus

In the Paphos district of Cyprus is the picturesque village of Tala, an other-worldly natural oasis with an average height of 918 feet. While it’s not familiar for sure, many think that this city has been around since the time of Frank supremacy. The eminent historical memorials in the village are the 15th or 16th-century church of Agia Ekaterini and the monastery of Agios Neofytos. Tala is a farming area filled with orange, lemon, walnut, almond, olive, and banana trees as well as seeds, vegetables, forage plants, and grapevines for both winemaking and fruit, promoting its natural charm to the next level.

5. Salamis

Best Tourist Attractions in Cyprus

It is situated on the Mediterranean’s lovely golden sands, north of Famagusta. This town’s relics were initially found by Teucer, a hero from the Trojan War in 1100 BC, and were rapidly considered the most important old metropolis in the country. It is familiar as one of the best historical spots on Cyprus, with a distinctive collection of old architecture that grants tourists the opportunity to find how ancient societies lived. Salamis presents remarkable Roman baths, theatres, mosaics, water tanks, Greek architecture, and a gymnasium, among other draws. One of the most admired spots in Salamis is the site where St. Paul said his prayers.

6. Protaras

Best Tourist Attractions in Cyprus

A family-friendly beachside village, Protaras is on the easternmost shore of southern Cyprus. One of its most enchanting features is its weather; this seaside city usually has about 340 days of cloudless skies, moderate breezes, and sunlight. The town has nine famous and separate coasts with plenty of them attaining Blue Flag status for their neatness and excellent water standard. Fig Tree Bay is the most beloved, Green Bay is the most peaceful, Kapparis is the most unharmed, Konnos is the most private, Sirena Bay is the tiniest, and Louma, Pernera, and Protaras are the nearest to the mainland.

7. Polis

Best Tourist Attractions in Cyprus

A town in the northwest area of Cyprus, Polis is 30 minutes from the city of Paphos; it is the perfect tourist attractions in cyprus for those who love a genuine experience in a serene environment. The region is a charming medley of plains, hills, and the sea, providing tourists the chance to take part in a wide array of outdoor and nature activities, for instance, cycling, hiking, and horseback riding. The quaint fishing dock of Latsi is another key attraction encompassed by fish taverns as well as a water-sport provision that offers boat trips up the Akamas peninsula. The wonderful Tsada Golf Course is only 25 minutes away.

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8. Platres

Best Tourist Attractions in Cyprus

A village inside the Limassol district, Platres is situated on the southern escarpment of the Troodos Mountains. It is the biggest Troodos resort and is one of the villages that form up the wine villages familiar as krasochoria. Platres’ rich history dates back to the Venetian and Lusignan periods and is divided into two individual parts, Kato Platres, and Pano Platres. There are some natural and cultural draws inside the town, incorporating cycling and nature tracks, the most beloved being the Kalidona Trail, which moves the Kalidona Waterfall. The Millomeri Waterfall, Krios River, and Milia Bridge are some extra natural draws worth traveling while in Platres.

9. Pissouri

Best Tourist Attractions in Cyprus

It is a hillside village with a wonderful coast only 3 minutes down from its major courtyard and only 30 minutes away from famous towns of Limassol and Paphos. The picturesque village has managed to maintain its conventional Cypriot style while adjusting to the requirements of the present day world. Pissouri offers a vibrant still luxurious ambience with its village and beach draws. Tourists will like “Cyprus Nights” in the city’s square cultural presentation at the amphitheater, drifts to the iconic Aphrodite’s Rock, and a trip to a concealed coast. The key tourist attraction of this town is its picture-perfect looks from on the top of the ridge that overlooks the Troodos Mountains, landscapes, and coastline.

10. Paralimini

Best Tourist Attractions in Cyprus

A picture-perfect city right outside Ayia Napa and Protaras, Paralimini is familiar for having a luxuriating historical ambience. This town has some architectural and cultural spots, several of which are situated inside the renowned church courtyard, the biggest center in Cyprus. The courtyard presents four churches, one established in the 19th century, one made in 1965, and two that have been dedicated in admiration of Saint George. There is also an old 13th-century Byzantine church constructed outside the spot called The Most Holy Mother of God, which is beloved among tourists. Paralimni exhibits its affluent history, offering instances of the method Cypriots live daily life through their folklore museum.

11. Panagia

Best Tourist Attractions in Cyprus

A quaint hilly village, Panagia is on the peripheries of the Paphos woods. It earned its name from the gatherings of monasteries and churches that are inside or close to the village devoted to the Blessed Virgin Mary. The old church of Panagia Elousa is located inside the village, with four more spots of worship encompassing the spot, incorporating the chapels of Panagia of Sarkas and Panagia of Karyon, and monasteries Pangia Chrysorroyiatissa and Pangia of Kykkos. The village is also famous for its agriculture area, Vouni Panagias, which is renowned for both delicious wine and distinctive wildlife.

12. Lofou

Best Tourist Attractions in Cyprus

The village of Lofou is only 25 minutes northwest of Limassol. It’s constructed in a round shape along the hills, encompassed by hills and split by two rivers – the canals of Kouris and Kyros. This small village is thought to have been around from the Bronze Age and has met many demands throughout the centuries, for instance, a shelter from the Arab invasions, a spot where shepherds halted to relax, and a vineyard. Now, Lofou works hard to maintain and renovate the historic architectural jewels that exhibit its affluent history, for instance, a neoclassic school and a conventional flour and olive factory.

13. Paphos

Best Tourist Attractions in Cyprus

The Paphos area has a wonderful landscape with a peaceful harbor; it is both a multiracial resort town and a historic and culturally affluent region. Tourists to this section of Cyprus can relish both the awesome Mediterranean Sea and the immense Troodos Mountains. One day they can experience snorkeling or scuba diving and the next they can do hiking different mountain tracks while bird observing. Paphos also has a wide array of old sites to visit, for instance, Geroskipou, the holy Garden, and Pegeia, a picture-perfect courtyard of Byzantine wonders. The region also provides a wide array of entertainment activities such as golfing, wine sampling, swimming in saltwater lakes, and visiting eye-catching orchards.

14. Omodos

Best Tourist Attractions in Cyprus

It is situated inside the wine-producing villages close to the Chapotami River’s west bank. High mountaintops encompass the village, the highest of which is Kremmos of Laona and Afames. A diverse number of fruit trees and vines are also produced in this location, incorporating plum, apple, peach, pear, and apricot. There are different locations that have not been plowed and promote a mixed collection of natural greeneries, providing the countryside a natural charm. In the north portion of Omodos, there is a little section of the state woods Paphos, one of the most eye-catching and diverse areas of the island.

15. Nicosia

Best Tourist Attractions in Cyprus

The epicenter town of Cyprus, Nicosia is a cultural capital with a history dating back to the Bronze Age, and probably the sole spot in the country that has been continuously active since the Chalcolithic Era. The town continuously mixes the past with the present through their architecture with Byzantine, Roman, Ottoman, Venetian, and the present day urban impacts of the Laiki Geitonia region. Encompassed by Venetian fences, the famous region of Old Nicosia is a spot where tourists can learn the affluent history of Cyprus through their ancient churches, museums, and medieval edifices and naturally it’s  one of the best tourist attractions in Cyprus. Nicosia is also the abode to the iconic Cyprus Museum, which exhibits its long history through its archaeological findings.

16. Limassol

Best Tourist Attractions in Cyprus

It is one of the most beloved tourist destinations in Cyprus, both for its marvelous shores and its cultural contributions. Lady’s Mile Beach has mushy white sand and not deep water, ideal for families with little children. Governor’s Beach is supreme for snorkelers and couples loving to observe the sunrise or halt by a Greek Cypriot taverna. Kourion Beach is the spot to be for swimming and sea sports but becomes a little jam-packed at times. Pissouri and Flo Café coasts are unpopulated and peaceful. Regional draws incorporate the Amathus Archaeological Site, Kolossi Castle, the old town of Kourion, Limassol Zoo, Old Town and the Castle of Limassol, and Limassol District Archaeological Museum. The Limassol Wine Festival occurs every fall.

17. Lefkara

Best Tourist Attractions in Cyprus

Pano Lefkara Village is located at the base of the Troodos Mountains. It grew one of the earliest pastoral municipalities of Cyprus in 1883 and earns its name from the neighboring white calcareous stones. Lefkara is most renowned as the starting place of Cypriot folk needlework, which became famous across Europe, fetching fast economic growth to the little city, and many women are today financially self-dependent because of it. Tourists will see the embroideries everywhere. Other draws are the village’s plenty of silver craft factory, where silversmiths manufacture ornaments, cherubim, crosses, and other religious symbols. Visit the passages and take in the white stone architecture of the residences.

18. Larnaca

Best Tourist Attractions in Cyprus

Tourists will love walking the palm tree-spotted Foinikoudes esplanade partitioning the shore from the restaurants and stores. Larnaca is the self-demanded ancient spirit of Cyprus, as it’s the longest consistently populated area. A neighboring sea passageway passes ancient areas and fish taverns. Renowned Salt Lake is the abode to wandering pink flamingos during winter, making for a beautiful sight. The city’s two most significant draws are the Christian Church of Agios Lazaros and the Muslim Mosque of Hala Sultan. Tourists will also see chances for wine sampling, strolling trips, mini cruises, strolling nature tracks, diving and, definitely, bird observing.

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19. Kato Polimidia

Best Tourist Attractions in Cyprus
Kato Polimidia

It is right northwest of Limassol in Cyprus’ wine country. This is the spot to be for tourists interested in visiting vineyards and attending wine samplings. Several wine trips incorporate observing the processing and bottling of wines. There are a good number of biking and hiking trails in the region. One of the most beloved ascends is a 5-hour (one way) trek into the mountains to Alhetona – the center of the rock. Myth has it that couple traveling Alhetona at sunset will never separate. Tourists will also wish to enjoy guided trips of the tea plantation, or relish an afternoon tea from a bed and relish breakfast with mountain visions.

20. Kakopetria

Best Tourist Attractions in Cyprus

Located in the northern foothills of the Troodos Mountains, Kakopetria, has a cold climate and stunning countrysides, forming it a wonderful tourist attractions in Cyprus. It is plentiful with fruit trees of every type but is famous for its apples. Vegetables – specifically tomatoes and potatoes – some grains, and vineyards for wine-making are notable. There are a number of must-visit draws in the region, incorporating Old Kakopetria, which was nominated an old memorial by the Department of Antiquities. There are also the Kakopetria Forest and the Trail of Atalanti, the Milos tis Gonias water mill, Central Square, and the Heroes’ Monument. Tourists may also wish to find the Olive Mill Museum, or Linos Museum, devoted to wine, bread, and olive oil; both are in Old Kakopetria.

21. Episkopi

Best Tourist Attractions in Cyprus

This place is a must-visit attraction for outdoor lovers. The biodiversity region incorporates everything from the Episkopi cliffs, where peregrine falcons make the nest, to the marshes of the lower Ezousa river valley with its black francolins – the sole destination in Europe where they reside. There are also bright-colored bee-eaters and black-headed buntings, red fox, and Cyprus chameleons, among plenty of others. Tourists will see strolling tracks, botanical gardens, ancient churches, rock channels, and water wheels, deep vineyards, and gardens, which all supply to the region’s calm and natural atmosphere. Saint Hilarion the Great was an important native religious personality, whose solitary chamber can be seen together with the church established in his respect.

22. Deryneia

Best Tourist Attractions in Cyprus

A little city in the Famagusta district, Deryneia is familiar for being the possible entry point of colonists after the Trojan War. One of the area’s “red soil” villages, it is the island’s key strawberry yielder. Lucky tourists may be able to take part in the biennial Strawberry Festival, where they’ll receive wonderful fresh strawberry commodities like ice-cream, jam, and juice. Within the other points of attraction in Deryneia is the open-air Museum of Traditional Crafts, which exhibits devices of a conventional businessman like a shoemaker, blacksmith, fisherman, peasant, carpenter, and others. Across the path is the Folk Art Museum, exhibiting appliances and instruments utilized by agriculture families.

23. Ayia Napa

Best Tourist Attractions in Cyprus
Ayia Napa

It is continuously categorized among the finest coasts on earth. Tourists will see no less than a dozen sandy beaches in this place, several of which have got Blue Flag status for their provisions and neatness. Nissi Beach is 3 km of golden sand and is immensely beloved among visitors, Sandy Bay is defended from the wind and is a wonderful spot for swimming with little kids, and Pantahou is a famous fishing port. Plenty of beaches provides a wide array of water entertainment, incorporating sailing, windsurfing, waterskiing, paragliding, boating, and jet skiing. Fishing and diving opportunities, as well as boating day tours, are also accessible. Landlubbers will experience horseback riding, hiking, and jeep safaris into the island’s mainland.

24. Agros

Best Tourist Attractions in Cyprus

Established at a height of 1,100 meters,  Agros  is in the Troodos mountains. The village has a unique amphitheater-style structure and developed around the Monastery of Great Agros, erected by 40 monks who were escaping Asia Minor. The monastery was ruined by a fire in 1894, and the Church of Panayia of Agros was established in its location. The panoramic mountainous region provides sweeping forested looks and a chance for conventional agro-tourism. Villagers yield fruits, vegetables, and roses; they produce homemade marmalades, distill rose oil, and grow cured meats. A little memorial to Nearhos Clerides, a native scholar who left an inheritance of tradition and literature, may be of some attraction.

25. Agios Georgios

Best Tourist Attractions in Cyprus
Agios Georgios

This is an archaeological spot close to the village of Pegeia. This 6th-century Christian settlement was partially unearthed in the 1950s with the discovery of three basilicas and a bath. In the 1990s, further diggings brought forth an unfenced accommodation, probably a harbor town along a transportation road from Egypt to Constantinople. Accommodation finding incorporates Basilica A with a baptistery and a tinier basilica, Basilica B, as well as the relics of Basilica C, a sacristy, guest chamber, square, well, and oil press. Agios Georgios is a renowned spot for pilgrimage in this area and is located among the basilica sites and the graveyard.  The access fee is nominal.


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