Tourist attractions in Macau

25 Best Tourist Attractions to Visit in Macau

Tourist Attractions in Macau, Visit 25 Best Amazing Places

1. Flora Garden

Tourist Attractions in Macau
Flora Garden

Located at the foothills of the Guia Hill, Flora Garden is a European style garden which is thought to be Macau’s biggest public park. It is one of the best tourist attractions in Macau. This garden was once utilized as a domain for Flora Palace which is a mansion founded during the Portuguese Macau Era. Inside the garden, there is an aviary, a small zoo, and a courtyard. Along with this, the garden is decorated with flowerbeds, little waterfalls, and a summer house.

2. Studio City

Tourist Attractions in Macau
Studio City

Situated in the Cotai area of Macau, the Studio city is a hotel and casino resort which is the earliest in Asia. This grand studio resort contains television, film production provisions, gaming, and retail. Promoting an Art Deco design, the Studio city has different draws to relish while enjoying its gorgeous interiors. Several of them are the Batman Dark Flight, the Cosmos food station and many others.

3. The Venetian Macau

Tourist Attractions in Macau
The Venetian Macau

If you feel monotonous about the museums and galleries in Macau, then the key attraction of the town is still there to make the nightlife joyful. The Venetian Macao is the world’s largest Casino resort sitting at the renowned casino strip. Duplicating its sister property in Vegas, this resort is a ideal spot to relish the leisure like never before.

4. Taipa Village

Tourist Attractions in Macau
Taipa Village

Only a few steps away from Macau’s renowned Casino strip stand this conventional village which is one of the finest regions of the town preserved. This village mirrors the cultural side through its historic edifices, museums, galleries, and stores which are sitting there from ancient times. Decorated with pedestrian streets and charming passages, it is one of the most amazing spots to travel in Macau.

5. Mandarin’s House

Tourist Attractions in Macau
Mandarin’s House

Situated by the side of Lilau Square, Mandarin’s house was the home of Zheng Guanying who was a nationalist trader of present-day China. A wonderfully architectured patio style mansion, this draw became a UNESCO world heritage site in 2005 and thought to be the portion of Historic Center of Macau. This old memorial was founded in 1894 and after an eight-year restoration, this memorial was accessible to the public in 2010.

6. City of Dreams

Tourist Attractions in Macau
City of Dreams

Situated in Cotai, City of Dreams is a hi-tech and shimmering entertainment area and truly beloved among Macau tourist attractions. Nightlife in City of Dreams is just stunning with lively casinos, impressive discos, fancy pubs, elegant clubs, breathtaking live performances, modern accommodations, great dining restaurants of global foods and designer brand shopping.

7. Guia Fortress

Tourist Attractions in Macau
Guia Fortress

Gui a Fortress is one of the most ancient forts in Macau situated in the loftiest point of the peninsula. The fort is a beautiful white construction highlighting western and Chinese designs, boasting of styles of psychic and magnificent inspiration.

8. The Macau Canidrome Club

Tourist Attractions in Macau
The Macau Canidrome Club

Canidrome Club is the sole greyhound racing spot in Asia. The club is familiar for breathtaking and exhilarating dog races, 5 days per week. This premium club is one of the awesome spots to travel in Macau for children and has a couple of grandstands, private boxes, and VIP lounges along with public stands for viewers and supporters.

9. St. Lawrence Church

Tourist Attractions in Macau
St. Lawrence Church

Situated along Macau shoreline, the St. Lawrence Church is famous as a praying venue for families of Portuguese seafarers for an unharmed return. The neo-classical construction with intricate Baroque decorative motivation captivates tourists. Unquestionably one of the amazing places to visit in Macau!

10. Kun Iam Statue

Tourist Attractions in Macau
Kun Iam Statue

This statue is a 20 m high bronze sculpture of Goddess of Mercy appearing from a lotus. This piece of art is situated in outer port causeway and is one of the breathtaking spots to see in Macau in one day. The lotus erection is a non-sectarian center, which distributes different pamphlets on Buddhism and also propagates the religion.

11. Hac Sa Beach

Tourist Attractions in Macau
Hac Sa Beach

It is the biggest natural beach situated on the south-western side of Coloane Island and one of the calm and magnificent spots to see in Macau. This is a black sand beach and provides with great natural splendor. The placid coastline and magnificent seafront draw nature enthusiasts, honeymoon couples and tourists who love the calm and quiet neighborhood.

12. Fortaleza do Monte

Tourist Attractions in Macau
Fortaleza do Monte

Situated in extremely close to St Pauls Ruins, this Fortaleza do Monte has historical cannons, barracks, tank, and warehouses, utilized in important historical conflicts. Familiar as a military fort, this spot draws visitors, specifically history lovers. Now, one side of this ancient fort is renovated as the town office of Macau Meteorological Bureau.

13. Wine and Grand Prix Museum

Tourist Attractions in Macau
Wine and Grand Prix Museum

Grand Prix and Wine Museum are among the most fascinating areas to visit in Macau. The Grand Prix Museum is famous for exhibits that are linked to Grand Prix universally, such as pictures, video clips, significant write-ups, victory cups, and records of champions and plenty of celebratory things. Macau Wine Museum is also one of the most beloved and wonderful places to travel in Macau. It exhibits various processes and steps of brewing to the public. Expanding over 1400 sqm region, this museum brags about its collection of 1115 wine brands. Don’t fail to see Formula 1 cars driven by Michael Schumacher, David Coulthard, & Eduardo de Carvalho, and Ayrton Senna’s Formula 3 red & white racing car, helmet, and racing attires. Brewing method and trying the newly brewed wine at the Wine Museum are also recommended.

14. Macau Museum

Tourist Attractions in Macau
Macau Museum

Situated in Monte Fortress, Macau Museum is a colossal exhibition area, displaying different things and souvenirs of varied communities and nationalities. The museum also displays how diverse faction of people had resided here in amity, maintaining their own culture and spirit. Providing an insight into history and culture, it has become one of the finest spots to travel in Macau with family.

15. Fisherman’s Wharf

Tourist Attractions in Macau
Fisherman’s Wharf

Situated close to Maritime Terminal, Fisherman’s Wharf is a themed shopping area and park, planned observing Euramerican fisherman’s wharfs. Expanding over a huge 28 acres, the Fisherman’s Wharf has three divisions; viz. Dynasty Wharf, East Meets West and Legend Wharf and is certainly one of the finest spots to travel in Macau. Don’t fail to visit Water Performance Arena and a Video Games Center, Ramphi theatereatre, artificial volcano and waterfalls, replica battleship and Arabian themed childrens play zone.

16. A-Ma Temple

Tourist Attractions in Macau
A-Ma Temple

This beautiful Temple dates back to 1488 and is dedicated to the Chinese Goddess Matsu worshiped by mariners and fishermen). The old temple is one of the best tourist attractions in Macau. It is thought that Macau’s name itself was motivated by this temple. The temple brags about its wonderful architecture, ornamentation, style, and comprehensive design – all of which integrate to make it among the most significant areas to visit in Macau. There are six divisions of the temple and each bears important spiritual importance of its own. Don’t miss to experience Chinese architecture on the stone lions at the entrance, Mazu statue, Hongren Hall, Hall of Avalokitesvara and Zhengjiao Chanlin.

17. Macau Tower

Tourist Attractions in Macau
Macau Tower

It is is an important landmark of the town, famous for a pretty view from the apex, a splendid building, and a breathtaking construction. Built by Gordon Moller, this wonderful edifice (338 m long) is one of the stunning spots to see in Macau. It has watch decks and common room, cinema, café, rotating deck, and adventure area. Also, the most fascinating and thrilling activity connected to Macau Tower is ascending atop of the world’s second-loftiest bungee jumping base.  Experience the most amazing look of Macau Peninsula, Pearl River Delta, Coloane Islands, and Taipa. The finest experiences here consist of bungee jumping, a walk just around the border of the observation deck, eating in the 360 Degree Cafe and shopping in the luxurious stores.

18. The Venetian

Tourist Attractions in Macau
The Venetian

Venetian – the Vegas-style and Venice-themed hotel is one of the modern and finest spots to travel at Macau. It is famous for ultra-opulent stretches, wonderful decoration, luxurious facilities, and stunning activities. Situated on Cotai Strip, this magnificent exhibitions which is one of the top Macau tourist attractions consist of a huge lounge, royal rooms, Japanese, Indian and Italian excellent dining restaurants, colossal food court, attractive live shows, dazzling shopping malls, and games and entertainment spot. Don’t miss Gondola Ride through resort canals beneath colored sky ceiling, premium cabins for a luxurious poolside enjoyment and Manchester United Flagship store. Be prepared to try your fortune in the world’s largest casino.

19. Senado Square

Tourist Attractions in Macau
Senado Square

One of the most beloved areas to visit in Macau, Senado Square is all time buzzing with visitors and natives making it one of the best tourist attractions in Macau. The Square isn’t only about shops, restaurants, and offices, this is a significant World Heritage Site as declared by UNESCO since it well delineates the secret history of Macau. Plenty of European edifices, a park, and a fountain raise the attraction of the region. Though Senado is all-time crowded with visitors, with the approach of festivals and events it puts on a more impressive outfit. If you come here on any specific day like Chinese New Year – don’t fail to experience the beautiful firework, lion and dragon dance performed there. Don’t forget to visit original Chinese restaurants and clothe stores neighboring the square.

20. Ruins of St. Paul’s

Tourist Attractions in Macau
Ruins of St. Paul’s

Popularly known as Sam Ba Sing Tzik, Ruins of St. Paul’s is located close to Mount Fortress and Macau Museum and is one of the most beloved spots in Macau. This is the most significant and ancient construction of Macau with colossal remains and a stairway that mirror the remnants of the century-old Jesuit Church. This body of the largest Catholic church of East Asia has five tiers, constructed in granite. Don’t fail to visit sculptures of Jesus and Madonna, walls coated with low reliefs in different patterns like the devil, angels, indications of the crucifixion and Portuguese sailing ship, and the excellently designed garden in the forepart.

21. Kuan Tai Temple

Tourist Attractions in Macau
Kuan Tai Temple

This one of the best tourist attractions in Macau, Kuan Tai, is situated in a little backstreet just close to Senado Square. Its conventional Chinese architecture juxtaposes with the Western edifices in this region, representing the way in which different cultures prevails tranquility in Macau for centuries. Macau’s Chinese temples are accessible to the general people, who are free to travel the grounds and appreciate their dimmed splendor. Perfumed smoke drifts through these religious constructions as natives kneel in mute prayer and leave oblation to the Gods. The inner parts of Macau’s temples are specifically amazing, with complicatedly-engraved woodwork, attractive sculptures and vivid colors throughout. The peace they provide can be a rescue from the sound and gatherings of the streets of Macau, which is one of the world’s most thickly inhabited urban regions.

22. Rua De Felicidade

Tourist Attractions in Macau
Rua De Felicidade

North beyond Senado Square, the past Red Light district of Rua de Felicidade is one of the bustling regions of the historical enclosure. With its weathered Chinese storehouses, their doors and windows colored vivid red; this region has a distinctive appearance. Having lengthy shed off its sordid past, Rua de Felicidade today is occupied with plenty of little Chinese restaurants, some of which concentrate on seafood, including the ill-famed delicacy Shark Fin Soup. The Roasted Duck in this area is amazing, making it an ideal spot to dine and finish your day visiting the Historic Centre of Macau.

23. Guia Lighthouse

Tourist Attractions in Macau
Guia Lighthouse

Macau earned UNESCO status because it was (and still is) an important coastal port. Like most harbor, Macau has a fort and lighthouse (located on Guia Hill). Guia Lighthouse is a historic establishment and one of the best tourist attractions in Macau. The lighthouse is reachable by walking up a modest rise on a panoramic hillside but there’s also a cable car to the peak. Close to the lighthouse, established in 1864 was the earliest modern lighthouse to be founded along the Chinese shoreline. It stands 91m tall and the ray can be found from 20 nautical miles on a clear evening and it’s one of the fascinating spots to travel in Macau for nautical history.

24. St. Francisco Garden

Tourist Attractions in Macau
St. Francisco Garden

The past European control on Macau’s peninsula is obvious in the charming St Francisco Garden. This special green space spread down a hill several hundred meters beyond the Wynn Macau Casino. Shadowed underneath a thick tree canopy, the park’s elaborate fences and magnificent fountain invoke the bold designs of plenty of public spaces in Portugal. It is specifically amazing in the early morning and in the evening when natives meet to exercise, sing, dance in groups, or rehearse water calligraphy on its footpath.

25. Coloane

Tourist Attractions in Macau

Even though Macao is one of the most rapidly growing towns in Asia, there are still some spots to escape from metropolitan expansion. Coloane is one such retreat that stays unaltered by the course of time and now its one of the best tourist attractions in Macau. Nearly 100 years ago, Coloane was a burrow for pirates to hang around. Then in 1910, the Portuguese compelled the pirates out of the region and established the village square.

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The highlight of Coloane Village is its baroque St. Francis Chapel, which is a beautiful mnemonic of the Portuguese time. South of Coloane Village, past Tam Kong temple, shooting range cemetery, walk down Estrada da Aldeia, to Bamboo Bay or Cheoc Van, Macau’s finest beach. Earth away from downtown Macau, Cheoc Van has a common swimming pool and the restaurant is a beloved foreigners’ hangout for pizza.

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