Tourist Attractions in Sri Lanka

25 Best Tourist Attractions to Visit in Sri Lanka

Tourist Attractions in Sri Lanka, Visit 25 Best Amazing Places

1. Yala National Park

Tourist Attractions in Sri Lanka

All these things made Yala National Park a one of the best tourist attractions in Sri Lanka. The most beloved national park in Sri Lanka, Yala National Park contains 377 square miles of jungles, prairies, and lagoons. It is divided into five portions, and not all of them are accessible to the general people because Yala is also a vast wildlife reserve, famous for the diversity of animals within its boundary. Tourists to Yala National Park may confront bears, leopards, hunting birds, and elephants, all of which and more make their abode in the park. Yala is also the spot of some significant cultural remains, which contain old temples and archeological spots that certifies that humans have been active in this region for millennia.

2. Wewurukannala Vihara

Tourist Attractions in Sri Lanka
Wewurukannala Vihara

This Vihara is a colossal Buddhist temple situated on the southern shore of Sri Lanka and is well-known for the huge sculpture of the Buddha that is seated on this spot. The 160-foot-long statue is reachable by a tunnel, one which is appropriately named as the Tunnel of Hell. Inside, tourists will find delineation of Buddhist hell – painting of agony and torment by cutting human’s limb, being simmered alive, and all the other dreadful destiny that await Buddhists who get lost from the path of justice. At the termination of the tunnel, tourists will see the temple, the Buddha, and all the elements that await dedicated devotees of the Buddhist faith.

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3. Unawatuna Peace Pagoda

Tourist Attractions in Sri Lanka
Unawatuna Peace Pagoda

The pristine white dome of this temple, situated in Unawatuna, is similar to a beacon that mounts from the green forest that encompasses it. The Peace Pagoda, which was constructed by Sri Lankan and Japanese Buddhist monks, is tranquil and calm, with walking tracks for tourists to enjoy as they visit the statues and architecture of the building. After a brief ascent of several steps to the deck, tourists will be able to find a breathtaking 360-degree view of the location that encompasses the pagoda: the lush green forest, and the incredibly blue waters of the bay.

4. Udawalawe National Park

Tourist Attractions in Sri Lanka
Udawalawe National Park

This Park was founded in 1972 as a reserved for the wide numbers of wild animals that were being dislocated due to human development and establishment of the neighboring Udawalawe Reservoir. Now, it is a wonderful location for tourists who want to find water buffalo, mongooses, macaques and, obviously, elephants. About 250 Asian elephants make Udawalawe National Park their abode and tourists to the park can frequently see them in the prairies or bathing in water bodies. The park is also abode to the Elephant Transit Home, a rehab and reservation hub where little orphaned elephants are raised and sheltered until their release back into the forest.

5. Traditional Puppet Art Museum

Tourist Attractions in Sri Lanka
Traditional Puppet Art Museum

Conventional dances and performances, like the devil dance, Kolam, and Nadagam, were once very popular in conventional Sri Lankan culture, and artistes and partakers of these ceremonies wore face masks or worn puppets. At the Traditional Puppet Art Museum in Colombo, tourists will know about the usage for these puppets and see plenty of instances of the timbered puppets that are common of Sri Lankan culture. They can even find a puppet show, acted with musical instruments, or take part in a lecture or seminar on the formation of puppets and their usage in performance. This museum is a wonderful location for families or for anyone fascinated to these arts.

6. Temple of the Tooth

Tourist Attractions in Sri Lanka
Temple of the Tooth

One of the best tourist attraction in Sri Lanka, The Temple of the Tooth, which in Sri Lanka is mentioned as Sri Dalada Maligawa, is situated in Kandy, Sri Lanka, within a palace complex with intricate golden ceilings that was once the royal palace of the Sinhala kings. The Temple of the Tooth is the abode to the holiest Buddhist remains in whole Sri Lanka – the tooth of the Buddha. Kandy, with its great history and wonderful architecture, is a UNESCO World Heritage City, and tourists gather here, especially Buddhist traveler, to see the Temple of the Tooth. The tooth itself is contained in an ornamented golden casket, and tourists can watch it during puja, or times of religious ceremony and prayer.

7. Sri Pada Adam’s Peak

Tourist Attractions in Sri Lanka
Sri Pada Adam’s Peak

During the 14th century, a monk saw Adam’s Peak, a 7,359-foot-lofty mountain in the center of Sri Lanka. At the peak, with its charming scenes in all directions of the neighboring land and sea, the monk proclaimed that he could virtually find paradise itself, and for centuries, Adam’s Peak was thought to be the spot of the Garden of Eden itself. At its peak, there is a dent in the rock that is shaped like a footprint. Christians demanded that this was the footprint of Adam, and Buddhists demand that the footprint is the Buddha’s, and name it the Sri Pada. Hikers and religious travelers can determine for themselves what it is when they hike this mountain top and find the breathtaking scenes it has to provide.

8. Sigiriya

Tourist Attractions in Sri Lanka

Sigiriy a, which means “Lion Mountain”, is an old fortress established by a Sri Lankan monarch during the 5th century, who constructed a palace on top of a lofty, scenic mountain plateau to conceal from invasion. Encompassed by the remains of old gardens and panoramic grounds, It is the abode to several of the most ancient cultivated gardens on earth, and the existing works of art i, which include paintings, frescoes, and sculptures, are invaluable and distinctive instances of former Sri Lankan art. Tourists can penetrate into the opening of a huge rock lion to ascend the renowned winding Lion Staircase to attain the gardens at the mountain’s peak.

9. Sathmahal Prasada

Tourist Attractions in Sri Lanka
Sathmahal Prasada

Not much is basically studied about Sathmahal Prasada. The seven stories of the stepped pyramid are considered to have been established sometime between the 11th and 13th centuries. Maximum number scholars thought it to be a Buddhist stupa, but in reality, there is nothing else somewhat like it in the total country. It is the sole stepped pyramid in Sri Lanka, and basically most intimately looks like Mayan architecture and that of a temple in Cambodia. But whatever it is, undoubtedly,  this seven-storied palace of Sri Lanka is a really marvelous view for tourists.

10. Saint Anthony’s Church and Cemetery

Tourist Attractions in Sri Lanka
Saint Anthony’s Church and Cemetery

No one truly knows precisely how ancient Saint Anthony’s Church and Cemetery is. Some say it was founded by the Dutch during the 17th century, and others demand it dates back to 1900 when Sri Lanka was under the British dominion. But the strange remains of this church, situated close to the city of Manalkadu, are plainly beautiful. Located on a sandy shore, the fences and archways of what was once an attractive edifice are submerging into the sand, so what is remained seems like a view from a science fiction movie. Tourists will see that Saint Anthony’s Church and Cemetery is continually transforming, as the beaches around it shift to disclose or hide more of the old stone.

11. Royal Palace Kandy

Tourist Attractions in Sri Lanka
Royal Palace Kandy

The monarchs of the Sinhalese monarchy named this palace complex their abode until 1815, when the final king, King Sri Vikrama Rajasinh, was dethroned by the British. But the Royal Palace relics, and with it stand several of the other portions of the complex, as well as the King’s Palace, the Queen’s Palace, and the Temple of the Tooth. Maximum of these edifices are now museums of Buddhist history and national culture, and the palace is situated in a huge park that is usually a portion of the royal complex. There, tourists will see plenty of calm and marvelous walking tracks with beautiful sights of the town of Kandy and Bogambara Lake.

12. Royal Botanic Gardens

Tourist Attractions in Sri Lanka
Royal Botanic Gardens

This sweeping garden, situated in the town of Kandy, contains plants, trees, and flowers from almost all countries of the world, with gatherings of medicinal plants, plants that develop in certain environments, and even a hedge labyrinth. The Royal Botanic Gardens are specifically famous for their collection of orchids, but tourists will also experience a stroll through tracks lined with undulating palms or a trip to the huge Javan fig tree, with a huge trunk and ropelike boughs, which expand above like an all-surrounding umbrella. The gardens are abode not only to plants, but also to plenty of species of birds, fruit bats, and monkeys.

13. Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

Tourist Attractions in Sri Lanka
Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

At the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, parentless baby elephants are looked after and cared for until they got an age where they are able to be freed back into the forest. The elephant orphanage, which is situated on a 25-acre park in Sri Lanka’s Sabaragamuwa Province, also take care elephants of all ages that have been hurt in the forest. Tourists to the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage can see as the baby elephants are fed every day, and even wait to catch a glimpse of the elephants bathing in the neighboring river. The park is accessible every day to travelers from 8:30 am until 5:30 pm.

14. Nissanka Malla’s Palace

Tourist Attractions in Sri Lanka
Nissanka Malla’s Palace

The old town of Polonnaruwa was the home of Sri Lankan monarchs from as early as the 11th century. The palace was perhaps established during the 12th century, and historians think it was once a marvelous two-story edifice constructed with bricks, stone, and timber. Now, all that survives are eight granite pillars, which once would have been utilized to contain a ceiling or a second story. Tourists will observe the detailed engraving of the pillars in the form of a lotus stem. The palace relics also contains the remnants of a royal bathing pool and the remains of a room that was built for meetings of the king’s council.

15. National Maritime Museum Galle

Tourist Attractions in Sri Lanka
National Maritime Museum Galle

The 16th century Galle Fort was established by the Portuguese during their invasion of the island of Sri Lanka. It’s an unbelievable piece of history that already justifies an area on this chart, but in a historic warehouse close to the stronghold is the National Maritime Museum, a spot where tourists can know about the history, biology, and anthropology of this area and coastal region. Unluckily, during the tsunami of 2004, the maximum of the Museum’s archaeological study was destructed in the inundation, but the museum endured and just lately was re-opened to the general people. Tourists to the museum can find instances of classic watercraft used in the area throughout history as well as samples and exhibition of plants and animals seen in the seas neighboring Sri Lanka.

16. National Art Gallery

Tourist Attractions in Sri Lanka
National Art Gallery

The National Art Gallery is situated in the town of Colombo, opposite the National Museum. It is located within a little, modest edifice close the center of the town, and consists of three basic wings where tourists can see the art displays. The prime section of the gallery presents a constant collection of traditional and modern portraits and landscapes, and the rest two sections exhibit pieces and displays made by regional Sri Lankan artists on an alternating schedule. The National Art Gallery is accessible every day from 11 am until 8 pm.

17. Kumbuk River Resort

Tourist Attractions in Sri Lanka
Kumbuk River Resort

This villa, situated in Buttala, is a 14-acre eco-resort that visitors can charge out for the time span of their stay. It is located on the verges of the Kumbuk River, close to the Yala Wildlife Sanctuary, where tourists can watch the marvelous view and attractive wildlife that consists of bears and elephants. But the area isn’t the key attraction for Kumbuk River Resort, the site is. Visitors here will reside in a two-story thatched villa that is formed like a huge elephant. It’s totally furnished with present-day comforts like electricity, indoor plumbing, and warm water, and a team of up to 12 people will see that the elephant villa is a distinctive and ideal experience for passing time along with friends and family.

18. Koneswaram Temple

Tourist Attractions in Sri Lanka
Koneswaram Temple

Situated close to the town of Trincomalee, at the verge of the Trincomalee Cliffs on the eastern shore of Sri Lanka, Koneswaram Temple stands encompassed by breathtaking 360-degree scenes of Koddiyar Bay and the cliffs. The building of this amazing temple, which is devoted to the god Shiva, dates back to roughly 400 BC, and in its prime, it was a wide and acclaimed construction that was many times as big as what still rises now. During the 17th century, the Portuguese destructed much of the temple, but devotees and worshippers went to much effort to conceal and inter some of their finest treasures. Several of these have been retrieved, and are on exhibitions in the temple for tourists.

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19. Horton Plains National Park

Tourist Attractions in Sri Lanka
Horton Plains National Park

One of the best tourist attractions in Sri Lanka, Horton Plains National Park is most famous for its tracks guiding to World’s End, a highland that drops instantly for more than 880 meters. From the verge, tourists will find a really mesmerizing view of the encompassing mountains, the valley below, and villages that are so distant that they seem like they could be an abode for ants. The finest time to travel World’s End is prior in the morning, as during the day the scenes are usually shrouded by a dense fog that surrounds the countryside in a delicate, strange way. The hike to World’s End and back, a 9.5 km round tour, guides past some other marvelous portions of Horton Plains National Park, including prairies, jungles, and Baker’s Falls.

20. Galle Fort

Tourist Attractions in Sri Lanka
Galle Fort

It was founded during the 16th century by Portuguese colonizers, and then much more thickly surrounded and extended by the Dutch during their period of Sri Lankan colonization. The distinctive blend of European architecture and South Asian conventions in the building of this fort has made Galle Fort into a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is situated in the spot where Dutch colonizers first disembarked in Sri Lanka, which was once one of the biggest business ports in the world. Tourists to the fort now will see it mainly unharmed, with plenty of proofs of all the countries that once dominated it, from the Portuguese speck to the Dutch drawbridge to the British gate region. Undoubtedly it’s one of the best tourist attractions in Sri Lanka.

21. Fa Hien Cave

Tourist Attractions in Sri Lanka
Fa Hien Cave

He was a fabulous Buddhist monk who probably resided in this distant cave for months. The rock that configures Fa Hien Cave, also mentioned as Pahiyangala Cave, is seemingly the biggest natural stone in the whole continent of Asia, but that’s not its only allegation to renown. During the 1960s, diggers saw prehistoric human skeletons that date back about 37,000 years, and additional research has proved that the cave was utilized as a human residence during the Pleistocene era. In 2012, an entire human skeleton was discovered from around this time, with stone instruments, beads, and weapons, and was considered to be the most ancient skeleton ever discovered in South Asia.

22. Dutch Period Museum

Tourist Attractions in Sri Lanka
Dutch Period Museum

For the maximum period of the 17th and 18th centuries, Sri Lanka was a colony governed by the Dutch. This museum, situated in Colombo, investigate the history beneath the Dutch colonization of the country and the consequence that it had upon the formation of Sri Lankan culture. Located in a historic edifice that was once the home of the Dutch ruler, and has since experienced a diversity of other usages, the Dutch Period Museum houses a gathering of over 3,000 things from the Dutch period and describes to its visitors the history of these things as well as of the country.

23. Dambulla Cave Temple

Tourist Attractions in Sri Lanka
Dambulla Cave Temple

One of the best tourist attractions, The Dambulla Cave Temple, also familiar as the Golden Temple, is a monastery situated, as the name indicates, in a cave. Within the system of five caverns, tourists will see a collection of over 150 pieces of historic Buddhist art, from sculpture to paintings, all within a charming, spectacular temple constructed from the rock of the caves. This UNESCO World Heritage Site was primarily used as a Buddhist temple over 2,000 years ago, and the art in the caves extended and grew over the centuries to become the magnificent piece of religious art that it is now.

24. Borella Kanatte General Cemetery

Tourist Attractions in Sri Lanka
Borella Kanatte General Cemetery

This magnificent graveyard, founded during the 19th century, is the last resting spot for plenty of citizens of Colombo, Sri Lanka’s economic epicenter town. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Sri Lanka. The cemetery is also the locations where renowned science fiction writer Sir Arthur C. Clarke, writer of 2001: A Space Odyssey, among others, is engraved, and his tomb is frequently toured by admirers of his works. There are interment sections in the graveyard for a number of separate faiths: Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and more. The elaborately constructed cemetery and temples make for a wonderful and strange setting, one which is stated as haunted by a number of unhappy souls.

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25. Ariyapala Mask Factory Museum

Tourist Attractions in Sri Lanka
Ariyapala Mask Factory Museum

Situated in Ambalangoda, the Ariyapala Masks Museum observes the conventional craft of mask making, which has been in the museum’s establishing Wijesuriya family for generations. The conventional mask of Sri Lanka was once utilized when performing the Sanni Yakuma, or Devil Dance, as well as other conventional performances. The engraved timbered masks are manufactured, made into intricate faces and expressions, spectacularly painted, and made to mimic conventional tales and stories. At the Mask Museum and Workshop, tourists can find hundreds of these engraved masks and know about their historical usage in conventional Sri Lankan culture.

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