Tourist Attractions in Uzbekistan

25 Best Tourist Attractions to Visit in Uzbekistan

Tourist Attractions in Uzbekistan, Visit 25 Best Amazing Places

1. Tashkent

Tourist Attractions in Uzbekistan

Stretching Tashkent (Toshkent) is Central Asia’s center and the spot where everything in Uzbekistan emerges.
It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Uzbekistan. It’s one portion recently founded national epicenter, dense with the institutions of power, and one portion leafy Soviet town, and yet another portion quiet Uzbek town, where conventionally dressed peasants transport their goods through a labyrinth of mud-partitioned residences to the humming crowds of the market place.

Tashkent is a captivating medley of refutation that’s well worth exploring over some days. Like maximum sports that tourists use basically to get somewhere else, Tashkent doesn’t all time instantly fascinate tourists, but it’s a wonderfully fun and amusing place, with the finest restaurants, museums, and nightlife in the country. There are also many scopes to escape the busy city for wonderful hiking, rafting, and skiing in Ugam-Chatkal National Park, only a 1½-hour by motor cars.

2. Bukhara

Tourist Attractions in Uzbekistan

Central Asia’s most sacred town, Bukhara (Buxoro) has edifices stretching a thousand years of history, and a scrupulously lived-in and cohesive ancient hub that hasn’t evolved very much in a couple of centuries. It is one of the finest locations in Central Asia for a glance of pre-Russian Turkestan. Most of the hub is an architectural conserve, filled with medressas and minarets, a huge royal fortress and the remains of a once-immense bazaar complex. Government reconstruction attempts have been more artful and less random than in ostentatious Samarkand.

The town’s accommodation opportunities are doubtlessly the finest and most atmospheric in the state. You’ll require a minimum of two days to visit the key locations. Attempt to grant time to laze yourself in the old city; it’s effortless to overdose on the 140-odd reserved edifices and misses the total for its many portions.

3. Samarkand

Tourist Attractions in Uzbekistan

No name is as powerful of the Silk Road as Samarkand (Samarqand). For maximum people, it has the fabulous resonance of Zanzibar or Timbuktu, fixed in the Western beloved fascination by passionate poets and playwrights, some of whom found the town in the flesh. On the surface, the imposing, larger-than-life memorials of Timur (Tamerlane) and the town’s lengthy, affluent history still work some type of enchantment. You can explore most of Samarkand’s famous draws in two or three days. If you’re lack on time, at least visit the Registan, Gur-e-Amir, Bibi-Khanym Mosque and Shahi-Zinda. Far from these islands of magnificence, Samarkand is a well-adorned up to date city, with a big Russian town of wide avenues and parks.

The late walling off of portions of the old city and the pedestrianization of Toshkent street has followed to the ‘Disneyfication’ of some regions, but there’s adequate splendor left to tell that Samarkand stays a stunning spot to visit.

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4. Khiva

Tourist Attractions in Uzbekistan

Its name, reminiscent of servant caravans, brutal ferocity, horrible desert expeditions, and steppes overspread with attacking Turkmen ethnic people, struck terror into all but the bravest 19th-century hearts. Today it’s an accessible and greeting Silk Road old city that’s suitably set up for tourism and so it’s one of the best Tourist Attractions in Uzbekistan. The historic center of Khiva (Xiva) has been so well maintained that it’s sometimes criticized as without life – a ‘museum city’. But walk through the town gates and stroll the fabulous Ichon-Qala (inner walled town) in all its monotone, mud-partitioned renown and it’s difficult not to experience like you are entering into another time. Attempt to pass a minimum one night in Khiva. The old city is at its top at morning, sunset and by night, when the moonlit delineate the leaning minarets and medressas, found from bending alleyways, work their true enchantment.

. The historic center of Khiva (Xiva) has been so well maintained that it’s sometimes criticized as without life – a ‘museum city’. But walk through the town gates and stroll the fabulous Ichon-Qala (inner walled town) in all its monotone, mud-partitioned renown and it’s difficult not to experience like you are entering into another time. Attempt to pass a minimum one night in Khiva. The old city is at its top at morning, sunset and by night, when the moonlit delineate the leaning minarets and medressas, found from bending alleyways, work their true enchantment.

5. Nukus

Tourist Attractions in Uzbekistan

The desolated Soviet creation of Nukus (No’kis) is one of Uzbekistan’s minimum attractive towns and draws few tourists than its beautiful Silk Road cousins. With its huge avenue and collapsing apartment blocks, in plenty of sides, it seems like Uzbekistan 25 years before. However, as the access point to the fast-withdrawing Aral Sea and abode to the marvelous Savitsky Museum – one of the finest collections of Soviet art on earth – there is basically a cause to come here, besides tasting the usual sense of despair and solitude.

6. Kokand

Tourist Attractions in Uzbekistan

As the valley’s earliest important city on the road from Tashkent, and as one of Uzbekistan’s three grand 19th-century khanates, Kokand (Qo‘qon) is an access point to the area and terminating point for many tourists. With a historically amazing spot dominated by the prior khans, a loosen atmosphere and some medressas and mosques concealed in the old city backstreets; it makes for a rewarding half-day trip.

7. Fergana

Tourist Attractions in Uzbekistan

Tree-lined boulevards and pastel-plastered tsarist edifices provide Fergana (Farg’ona) the look of a mini-Tashkent. Throw in the finest facilities and habitation in the area, plus a central position, and you will have the most complete foundation from which to visit the rest of the valley. Fergana is the valley’s minimal old and minimal Uzbek town. It commenced in 1877 as Novy Margelan (New Margilon), a colonial extension to neighboring Margilon, and became Fergana in the 1920s. It’s beautiful enough to hang out and quite international with its comparatively high percentage of Russian and Korean residents and one of the best tourist attraction too.

8. Termiz

Tourist Attractions in Uzbekistan

The final stoppage in Uzbekistan on the way to Afghanistan, Termiz is a historic border town with an edgy, Wild West feel. While the modern town contains little evidence of its cosmopolitan history, the neighboring place is full of archaeological signs to the area’s Buddhist and Bactrian former times, and plenty of these come together in Termiz’s outstanding museum. Termiz is the warmest spot in Uzbekistan, so attempt to shun traveling here in July and August, when temperatures regularly cross 40°C (104°F).

9. Andijon

Tourist Attractions in Uzbekistan

Tourist attraction Andijon – the Fergana Valley’s biggest town and its cultural hub – will always be connected with the revolt and following mass murder of 13 May 2005. The word ‘Andijon’ is a controversial one in Uzbekistan; only uttering it is adequate to finish any discussion in its streets. That’s a disgrace because both culturally and linguistically Andijon is may be the country’s most genuine Uzbek town. For tourists, it is of attention for its energetic markets and as the valley’s basic access point to Osh in Kyrgyzstan.

10. Shakhrisabz

Tourist Attractions in Uzbekistan

It is a little, conventional Uzbek city south of Samarkand, across the hills in the Kashkadarya province, and is a wonderful drive from Samarkand with some breathtaking sights. This is Timur’s home city, and formerly it possibly put Samarkand itself in the shadow. In past years the once beautiful hub of city was demolished and renovated as another of Uzbekistan’s immense, vacant plazas, with some medieval edifices abandoned in the antiseptic blandness. Despite the reformations, it’s a rewarding day tour from Samarkand, and different agencies in Samarkand provide some amazing add-on hikes and homestays in the nearby mountains.

11. Moynak

Tourist Attractions in Uzbekistan

This  is an ancient port south of the Aral Sea. After Lenin’s commands, Moynaq fishermen played a key part in the struggle versus the Russian famine of 1921-1922. Now there is no water close by, so we can travel the “boat cemetery” with a dozen corroded remains of ships, and a little memorial that ascertains the scale of the contemporary natural calamity that made the water vanishes.

12. Aral Sea

Tourist Attractions in Uzbekistan
Aral Sea

The Aral Sea is an old saline water lake surrounding Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. During the 1960’s, the Aral Sea was the fourth largest lake in the globe. Unluckily and for awful Soviet irrigation plans that redirected the rivers, Aral became one of the world’s most serious environmental disasters.

13. Republic of Karakalpakstan

Tourist Attractions in Uzbekistan
Republic of Karakalpakstan

The Republic of Karakalpakstan is a sovereign republic in western Uzbekistan close to the Aral Sea. Its capital town is Nukus. Karakalpaks were once of nomad people and fishermen, but life evolved as there is no water in the Aral, and the desert is not fit for animal grazing anymore. One can cross Karakalpakstan approaching from Kazakhstan and driving through Moynaq and down to Nukus.

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14. Orom Lake

Tourist Attractions in Uzbekistan
Orom Lake

Out of Uzbekistan epicenter – Tashkent, Orom Lake is a tranquil lake adored by native people that come here at the weekend to laze and chill down from the summer warmth. It is located next to Saksonota in Tashkent.

15. Nurata

Tourist Attractions in Uzbekistan

On the way to Aydar Lake comes across the town of Nurata. In Uzbekistan, Nurata is famous for its water origin, thought to be sacred by Muslims. The remains of a fortress established by the soldiers of Alexander the Great still oppose its last days. Tourists can go up the fortress hill, but the establishment is nearly all missing.

16. Langar

Tourist Attractions in Uzbekistan

Far in the rural areas and a few dozen kms bypass from the high way Hahrisabz to Guzar one can find the amazing village of Katta Langar which is one of the best tourist attraction in Uzbekistan. Langar is a mountain village with conventional mud houses, where a specific sacred place among Uzbeks is situated. The 16th-century Mohammed Sadik tomb was established on the peak of a hill having a view of the village. The scenes from the mausoleum and the mosque are spectacular. People are very friendly and you can even take part in the sacred water drinking at the bucket ritual on the central access point.

17. Margilan

Tourist Attractions in Uzbekistan

Situated in the center of the Fergana Valley, Margilan was a key Silk Road terminal before passing over the Alai Mountains to attain Kashgar, China. All around Fergana, but specifically in Margilan, people keep a very stern way of conventional Islam. During the Soviet era, a significant silk factory complex was founded, which is now one the biggest in Uzbekistan. One can visit the silk factories and see carpet weaving workshops where everything is performed in a conventional way.

18. Dengizkul Lake

Tourist Attractions in Uzbekistan

This lake is basically encompassed by sandy desert with big sand dunes coated with acacia jungles – it matches to the northern portion of the Sundukli sands.

19. Kasri Arifon

Tourist Attractions in Uzbekistan
Kasri Arifon

This is a tiny village situated not away from Bukhara. Although nearly no visitor knows about this spot, it is actually one of the most renowned religious spots in the Muslim world. It was on this location that was entombed one of the most respected founding father of Sufi Islam, Mohamed Bahauddin Naqshbandi (1317-1388). While this place is limited for non-Muslims, one can visit this place with the help of local people and see the holy tree and the Naqshbandi mausoleum.

20. Aidarkul Lake

Tourist Attractions in Uzbekistan
Aidarkul Lake

This is a half artificial lake built as an outcome of Soviet agricultural project. On the location of Aidarkul, there was once a tiny seasonal lake that used to bake up totally in warm summers.  In summer 1969, the high waters of Syr Darya flooded the irrigation supply barrage and water overflowed the lowland underneath. Now the lake covers a region of nearly 4000 square kilometers, extends over 250 kilometers in length and stands just in the center of the Kyzylkum desert.  It is a distinctive spot to rest in a yurt encompassed by desert and mount horses or camels.

21. Ancient Forest Ruins

Tourist Attractions in Uzbekistan
Ancient Forest Ruins

Old Khwarezm was familiar for its plenty of fortresses soaring above the deserts of Kyzyl Kum which is obviously one of the best tourist attractions in Uzbekistan.  There are fortresses dating back above 2200 years.  Maximum of them were accommodations, fortresses with the barrier that could be found from another fortress, and thus planned to assist keep control over the area and to pass on the news.  There are many myths linked to each of these fortress remains and affluent archaeological discoveries. One of the most outstanding is named Chilpyk, which is usually a spot of Zoroastrian burial exercise.  Corpses were abandoned there for years and the cleaned skeleton would be gathered to be entombed in ossuaries. Visit separate remains of old fortresses.

22. Shah I Zinda

Tourist Attractions in Uzbekistan
Shah I Zinda

Samarkand’s most touching and famous spot,  this beautiful avenue of tombs, which includes some of the most affluent tilework in the Muslim world is one of the best tourist attractions in Uzbekistan. The name, which translates ‘Tomb of the Living King’, mentions its real, deep-seated and most sacred shrine – a complex of beautiful, tranquil chambers around what is maybe the tomb of Qusam ibn-Abbas, who is said to have preached Islam to this region in the 7th century. The most beautiful Timurid-time tilework dates from the 14th and 15th centuries.

23. Savitsky Museum

Tourist Attractions in Uzbekistan
Savitsky Museum

The Savitsky Museum contains one of the most amazing art collections in the past Soviet Union. Nearly half of the paintings were collected in Soviet-era by painter and ethnographer Igor Savitsky, who managed to maintain a total generation of avant-garde art that was banned and demolished elsewhere in the country for not following to the socialist authenticity of the times.

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24. Bibi-Khanym Mosque

Tourist Attractions in Uzbekistan
Bibi-Khanym Mosque

The huge body Bibi-Khanym Mosque, northeast of the Registan, was funded from the booty of Timur’s attack of India and must have been the gem of his empire and one of the best Tourist Attractions in Uzbekistan. Once one of the Islamic world’s greatest mosques (the cupola of the central mosque is 41m high and the pishtak or access door, 38m), it pushed concurrent (14th century) building methods to the limit, so much so that the dome began collapsing even before the building had been completed.

25. Tosh-Hovli Palace

Tourist Attractions in Uzbekistan
Tosh-Hovli Palace

This palace, which translates ‘Stone House’, includes Khiva’s most lavish inside ornamentation, heavy with blue ceramic tiles, engraved timbered pillars and intricate ghanch. Constructed by Allakuli Khan between 1832 and 1841 as a more magnificent substitute to the Kuhna Ark, it’s thought to have over 150 chambers off nine courtyards, with lofty ceilings planned to catch the least desert air. Allakuli was a man in a chase – the Tosh-Hovli’s first architect was killed for failing to finish the construction work in two years.

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