Tourist Attractions in Samoa

20 Best Tourist Attractions to Visit in Samoa

Tourist Attractions in Samoa, Visit 20 Best Amazing Places

1. Robert Louis Stevenson Museum

Tourist Attractions in Samoa
Robert Louis Stevenson Museum

Arrange a trip to the impressive Robert Louis Stevenson Museum, which is a spot where a famous Scottish author lives in Upolo five years ago he breathes his last. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Samoa. You can see here his different properties, including the trip souvenir and library.

2. Falealupo

Tourist Attractions in Samoa, Falealupo

If you wish to pass a quality time when traveling Samoa, go to Falealupo, a beautiful village located in the western region of Savai’i Island. Enjoy a stress-free afternoon here. Enjoy a walk in the magnificent rainforest. Join swimming in the lovely waters and have free time on the captivating white sandy beach. Don’t fail to visit the breathtaking site of the sunset over the wonderful South Pacific Ocean.

3. Saleaula Lava Fields

Tourist Attractions in Samoa
Saleaula Lava Fields

Saleaaula Lava Fields is one of the most renowned draws located on the north shore of the Savaii. You can see here remains of the Saleaaula village, which was damaged for the volcanic eruption that happened in 1905. Be certain you visit the Virgin’s Grave and the relics of a concrete church and captivating lava rocks.

4. Papapapaitai Falls

Tourist Attractions in Samoa
Papapapaitai Falls

Papapapai-Tai Falls is one of the most fascinating waterfalls and remarkable natural scenery in the whole South Pacific area. These gushing waterfalls are more than 100 meters high and provide you captivating sights. You can see these magnificent waterfalls on the Upolu Island of Samoa, only at a brief stroll from the Lake Lanoto’o National Park. You can try swimming close to this exhilarating Papapapai-Tai Falls to have a marvelous feeling.

5. O Le Pupu Puye National Park

Tourist Attractions in Samoa
O Le Pupu Puye National Park

Don’t forget to visit the O Le Pupu-Pui National Park when in Samoa. If you are a hiker, then you would like to visit this major draw in Samoa by stalking different breathtaking hiking trails within this 29 sq.km spreading park. Mt. Fito is famous as the loftiest mountain, about 1,100 meters high, in Samoa, and you can see it inside this interesting park. See fascinating rainforest views. Also, be sure you have an amusing time by exploring the eye-catching Togitogiga Falls in this captivating national park. Also, relish visiting the Peapea Cave, a lava tube cavern, in this location.

6. Falealupo Rainforest Reserve

Tourist Attractions in Samoa
Falealupo Rainforest Reserve

You can see a spectacular nature reserve named the Falealupo Rainforest Preserve which is established by the government in the northwestern region of Savaii. Visit captivating, thriving green vegetation and a wide diversity of wildlife. The key draw in this reserved rainforest is the amazing treetop canopy stroll that links plenty of banyan trees in the jungle. You can see the magnificent sights of this remarkable jungle and shrubs from 40 meters over the earth.

7. Alofaaga Blowholes

Tourist Attractions in Samoa
Alofaaga Blowholes

Alofaag a Blowholes is a must visit draw located on the Savaii island in Samoa. They are situated close to the outskirts of the Taga village. You can see here blowholes which are basically volcanic plug openings that got decayed over a period of some years framing a tube. As the water waves smash the shore, the water discharges and go hundreds of feet up through these magnificent blowholes into the air with a remarkable force, boom, and pace. When the inhabitants of the village hurl the coconuts into these blowholes, you can see them burst into the air when the water smashes the coastline.

8. Tafua Peninsula Rainforest Preserve

Tafua Peninsula Rainforest Preserve
Tafua Peninsula Rainforest Preserve

Explore the Tafua Peninsula Rainforest Preserve that you can see in the Ulopu Island. This magnificent nature preserve is immensely renowned as a perfect spot to locate distinctive birds among the bird watchers. You can see here different species of birds. Also, you can effortlessly find the rushing foxes. Tafua Crater is an amazing hotpot situated inside this natural rainforest. Be certain you bear binoculars when traveling this spot in Samoa.

9. Lake Lanoto’o National Park

Tourist Attractions in Samoa
Lake Lanoto’o National Park
Lake Lanoto’o National Park

Aim to explore the Lake Lanoto’o National Park, a magnificent tourist attraction which is filled with stunning wildlife and flawless magnificence. Make certain, you find the regional goldfish, which is one of the most beloved tourist attractions through the fish is not local to this spot. You can hike or try for a four-wheel trip to attain this wetland yet worth-tripping draw.

10. PaPaseea Sliding Rocks

Tourist Attractions in Samoa
PaPaseea Sliding Rocks
PaPaseea Sliding Rocks

Another phenomenal tourist attractions in Samoa is the Papaseea Sliding Rocks, which you can see in the Faleata district by riding about 15 minutes from the capital Apia. Explore the enjoyment of swimming and gliding down the naturally formed stone slides. You can see about five meters of rock slide going down this breathtaking waterfall into a natural tank of the freshwater to visit.

11. The Dwarves Cave

Tourist Attractions in Samoa
The Dwarves Cave

An amazing tourist attractions in Samoa Island is the Dwarves Cave, which is located in the neighborhood of the village Paia. It is famous as the most puzzling landscape formed because of a volcanic eruption some centuries before. You can see here a lengthy lava tube which is bigger than one mile long. You can see the fascinating cavern and take a few hours to visit it. Now, you may see a traditional contest of small individuals living inside the cave and locate their footprints while you are visiting the cave.

12. Palolo Deep National Marine Reserve

Palolo Deep National Marine Reserve
Palolo Deep National Marine Reserve

As the Apia Wharf stops in its east, you can see a captivating location familiar as Palolo Deep National Marine Reserve. Don’t fail to enjoy snorkeling and swimming in the pristine blue waters of Palolo which is encompassed by the striking coral barriers. Relish the hypnotizing experience of observing spectacular, multitude diversity of beautiful tropical fishes.

13. Apia

Tourist attractions in apia

Apiia is the epicenter and the largest town in Samoa with about 5% of the whole population of Samoa living in it. This town is located in the central north shore of the Upolu Island of Samoa. Be certain you explore the beautiful Maketi Fou, a beloved food market, on the Fugalei Street and try fresh fruits and delicious vegetables. Stroll for nearly ten minutes from this food market and you will attain a wonderful spot to buy elegant ornaments, beautiful baskets, and enjoy conventional Samoan music.

14. Savai’i

Tourist attractions in savai

The biggest of the islands in free Samoa, Savai’i has a distant and little bit wild touch about it. The shoreline brags about some wonderful beaches but not all are defended by reefs so in some places the waters can be absolutely dangerous. The volcanic interior offers a breathtaking canvas and the severe damages of comparatively recent volcanic activities slash through the thriving greenery down to the blue Pacific Ocean.

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There are plenty of locations of attraction to explore, including lava tubes, blow-holes, and trails of the intact jungle: this is far more than only a beach location.

15. Uoplu

Tourist attractions in uplue

Upolu is Samoa’s second biggest but most inhabited island, abode to the busy epicenter of Apia. The moderate coastal street serpentine through quiet small villages and around excellent bays, with enticing bends guiding you out to awesome beaches or up into the mountainous inner parts. In some spots the island is not defended by the edging reef, meaning attractive surf rolls in to beat the open volcanic coasts; in other locations, the lagoon is calm, transparent, and crowded with dazzling tropical fish.

16. Maketi Fou

Tourist attractions in Maketi Fou
Maketi Fou

Booming with regional merchants, buyers, walkers, and men banging it down over games of mu (Samoan checkers), this 24-hour market is a must-visit for buying and social experience. Though basically a goods market, almost everything is sold in this market. Souvenir lovers will see siapo (adorned bark cloth), wood engraving, coconut-shell ornaments, lava-lava (wraparound sarongs) and T-shirts.

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A cool niu (drinking coconut) will provide you vigor to purchase on, despite the harsh humidity of the spot. The environment is somewhat revitalized by the fume-ridden uproar of the nearby bus stop.

17. To Sua Ocean Trench

Tourist attractions in somoai
To Sua Ocean Trench

This unlikely picture-perfect location is a Samoan icon; skip it to your permanent repent. Though the first thing you’ll find upon accessing the area is To Le Sua (a tinier, arid depression), it’s To Sua that is the key attraction of this area: more similar to a colossal sinkhole than a trench, its perfect, green-wrapped rock barriers plunge 20-odd meters to the alluring-blue waters of the wonderful pool below. Swimming entry is via a steep but strong timbered ladder; believe us, it’s worth the climber.

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When you’ve had your feel of this captivating waterhole, take the brief track to the wave-hit cliffs. The well-maintained garden is a wonderful location for a picnic. Amazing though it is here, tourists still require practicing caution: swimming through the subterranean passage that feeds the waterhole from the ocean is a big no-no, and if you’re with children, be careful about the child-sized gaps between the surface and the walls that surround the top of the trench.

18. Samoa Cultural Village

Tourist attractions in Samoa Cultural Village
Samoa Cultural Village

Though this ‘village’ is open every day of the week, it’s the interactive meeting that is an undoubtedly must. Well educated and exceptionally amiable hosts guide tourist through all point of view of Samoan cultural and conventional life, with classes on weaving, wood engraving, siapo cloth making, conventional tatau, dance, and music. Tourists are also entertained to an ‘ava(kava) ritual and lunch from the umu (hot-stone oven). The village is hidden away behind the Samoa Tourism Authority’s information fale.

19. Pulemelei Mound

Tourist attractions in Samoa
Pulemelei Mound

Polynesia’s biggest oldest structure is the fascinating, pyramidal Pulemelei Mound (sometimes referred Tia Seu Ancient Mound). Established sometime among AD 1100 and 1400, it quantifies 65m by 60m at its foundation and goes up to a height of over12m. Its true motive still perplexes experts. It’s a thrilling spot, with sights from its stony peak to the ocean and into dense rainforest. The neighboring region is probably coated in significant archaeological discoveries but, till now, the forest conceals its secrets.

20. Manono

Tourist attractions in Manono

If you feel Upolu was easy-going, attempt the little, serene island of Manono on for size. Dogs and transports have been banned here, and the only things that might freak you out of a tropical vision are irregular bangs from stereos and the trip groups that occasionally congested the island’s basic trail. It’s mandatory for tourists to do the 1½-hour round of the island via the track that cruises its way between the ocean and people’s abodes. They’re amicable types here; hope to be welcome with a jolly ‘malo’ a dozen or so times.

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