Tourist Attractions in Nepal

25 Best Tourist Attractions to Visit in Nepal

Tourist Attractions in Nepal, Visit 25 Best Amazing Places

1. Upper Mustang

Tourist Attractions in Nepal
Upper Mustang

Situated beyond the Himalayan Mountains, a small number of tourists get the opportunity to travel Upper Mustang, a region that lies atop the Tibetan Plateau. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Nepal. The dry climate and uneven landscape in this region are the same as Tibet. Entry to this place is totally restricted; tourists have to get a specialized trekking license and must be escorted by a government officer in order to make the trip. Trekking tours in this region are nine days long at least. The weather is dusty and arid nearly all year long, but the winter months tend to be favorable for trekking. Mountain biking, village trips, and food trips are also beloved in this area.

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2. Tengboche Monastery

Tourist Attractions in Nepal
Tengboche Monastery

This monastery is considered one of the most renowned holy spots in Nepal. It is set against the remarkable canvas of Mount Ama Dablam, pilgrims, tourists, and natives come to this distinctive spot to enjoy the ingenuousness of their neighborhoods and to take part in carnivals and outstanding events. Some main spots are reachable from Tengboche, including the beginning of the Everest Base Camp trek and Kala Pattar, which provides a clear view of the top of Mt. Everest. Tourists are instructed to be careful moving through this region because of the high elevation and the probability for harsh weather conditions.

3. Swayambhunath Monkey Temple

Tourist Attractions in Nepal
Swayambhunath Monkey Temple

Before meeting the monkeys at the peak of this holy Buddhist temple, tourists have to ascend 365 sheer steps. At the top of the complex is a colossal domed stupa along with some shrines and temples. Hundreds of monkeys flock the complex, and devotees and worshippers greet them since they are thought to be holy in the Tibetan Buddhist and Hindu trusts. Apart from the monkeys, tourists can also find wonderful views of the Kathmandu Valley from the summit of the hill where this temple complex is situated.

4. Sukla Phanta Wildlife Reserve

Tourist Attractions in Nepal
Sukla Phanta Wildlife Reserve

Familiar for being Nepal’s first national park, the Sukla Phanta Wildlife Reserve was founded in 1973 to defend the distinctive ecosystem in this portion of the country. The park was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1984. A small part of the reserve is utilized for tourism, while the rest of the region remains undisturbed and mainly out of contact of humans. Visitor’s numbers at the park seem to be low since there is just one flight a day to this portion of Nepal from Kathmandu. Like plenty of parks in Nepal, Sukla Phanta has an attractive bird population with about 500 separate species that have been listed over the years.

5. Patan Museum

Tourist Attractions in Nepal
Patan Museum

The edifice that contains this museum was once an ancient palace established by the Malla Dynasty. Years of laborious work altered this bygone palace into a jewel with a fascinating garden, a decorated façade, and pretty hand-engraved woodwork. Antiquities from Hinduism, Buddhism, and Nepal’s history are all on exhibit at the Patan Museum. More than 1,500 items can be found at any time, with 300 of these things being part of the museum’s permanent collection. There are also things from India and Tibet on exhibit. The museum is open every day excluding Tuesdays and national holidays.

6. Pashupatinath

Tourist Attractions in Nepal

The Pashupatinath Temple is devoted to Lord Shiva. As the biggest and one of the most important temple building in Nepal, Pashupatinath attracts Shiva worshippers from around the globe. The temple presents a gilded roof along with complicated wood engravings throughout the complex. The temple is situated alongside a river where holy Hindu events are accomplished. Tourists can come to find Pashupatinath, although some portions of the temple are private only for Hindu devotees. A spring carnival named Maha Shivaratri attracts hundreds of thousands of Hindus from Nepal, India, and other nearby countries.

7. Parsa Wildlife Reserve

Tourist Attractions in Nepal
Parsa Wildlife Reserve

Abode to many types of distinctive animals The Parsa Wildlife Reserve was once shut off to visitors, but now there is a little guesthouse on the reserve and some other visitors facilities. Numerous tourists stay in the neighboring cities of Hetuada or Birgunj and then ride a bus in to explore the reserve for a day or two. Wild elephants, tigers, leopards, blue bulls, and wild dogs are among the animals that call this tranquil spot home. There are hyenas, monkeys, and jungle cats too that wander the big reserve, and over 300 species of birds have been located at Parsa.

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8. National Museum

Tourist Attractions in Nepal
National Museum

Located in the western portion of Kathmandu, the National Museum is housed in a historical edifice established by General Bhimsen Thapa. This museum has a wide array of displays and collections from Nepal’s history. Art, sculptures, weapons, and other artifacts are on exhibit throughout the National Museum. Some of the most significant antiquities here include regionally-made firearms, leather canons from the 18th and 19th centuries and many works of art constructed from wood, stone, and bronze. The museum is open every day excluding Tuesdays and national holidays.

9. National Ethnographic Museum

Tourist Attractions in Nepal
National Ethnographic Museum

The National Ethnographic Museum houses distinctive displays and antiquities that describes Nepal’s history. Situated in Kathmandu, the museum displays the history of many aboriginal communities that have resided in separate portions of Nepal for plenty of years, including the Sherpas, Tamangs, and Thakalis. The museum includes exhibits about Nepalese architecture, language, culture, and other points of view of life in this distinctive country. The National Ethnographic Museum is open daily of the week excluding Mondays.

10. Narayanhiti Palace Museum

Tourist Attractions in Nepal
Narayanhiti Palace Museum

This wonderful palace was once the prime residence of Nepal’s monarchs. Situated in the middle of Kathmandu, the palace has undergone some big reconstructions over the years. It was reconstructed in 1970 and was made like a pagoda. In 2001, Naranyanhiti Palace was the spot of one of Nepal’s massive catastrophes when King Birendra, Queen Aishwarya, and other members of the royal family were murdered in a bloodbath. There is still debate about the massacre because officials aren’t totally certain about the situation that led to the catastrophe. Now, Narayanhiti Palace is a museum that is open to the general people throughout the year for a little fee.

11. Namche Bazaar

Tourist Attractions in Nepal
Namche Bazaar

Familiar as the ultimate stop before Mount Everest, Namche Bazaar was once a serene outpost on a jagged hillside. Today, the establishment is packed with internet cafes, restaurants, currency exchanges, hostels, and other tourist provisions. Tourists pass through Namche Bazaar as they prepare to commence on Everest Climbs and base camp treks. The city also has a sherpa museum where tourists can know about the history of sherpas and their part in Everest treks. Namche Bazaar also happens to be the richest district in Nepal, gratitude to its vibrant tourist economy.

12. Manaslu

Tourist Attractions in Nepal

The Manaslu trekking circuit is a firmly-founded track that gives tourists an intimate look at Mt. Manaslu, the world’s eighth loftiest pinnacle. The perfect trail that surrounds the foot of the mountain is dotted with tribal villages, and rolling valleys and lofty peaks encompass the total region. The Manaslu trekking region is also beloved among mountaineers, backpackers, and other outdoor thrill seekers. Tourists can find Manaslu on their own or as part of a guided trip.

13. Langtang

Tourist Attractions in Langtang

A trek to Langtang National Park is ideal for getting a feel of the Himalayas without having to obligate to a long tour. As it provides one of the most reachable trekking regions close to Kathmandu Valley, tourists come here for short hikes as well as multi-day tours. Langtang is also famous for its concentration of regional Tamang people. Over 70 glaciers dot the attractive landscape in this location and there are some main rivers that cut through the huge landscape. Visitors’ facilities and guides can be seen throughout Langtang.

14. Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve

Tourist Attractions in Nepal
Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve

The Wildlife Reserve of Koshi Tappu is famous for being the tiniest park in the Terai. Although tourists won’t locate tigers or rhinos in this region, there is plenty of birds. All types of distinctive species gather to this region throughout the year, and about 500 bird species have been located at the reserve over time. Five globally-endangered bird species have been seen on the reserve as well. Travelling Koshi Tappu generally includes an elephant ride or a canoe tour with a skilled guide. Tourists can also visit some regions on foot. All these things made Royal Botanic Gardens a one of the best tourist attractions in Nepal.

15. Kapan Monastery

Tourist Attractions in Nepal
Kapan Monastery

This famed spot is one of the most beloved monasteries in the Buddhist belief. The stunning complex stands atop a hill north of Boudha. Per year thousands of tourists pour into the monastery to know the primary principles of Buddhism and to feel the peace that this specific region offers. The monastery has its own step-by-step process for people who wish to know about Buddhism, meditation, Buddhist medicine, Thangka painting, and more. The monastery has become such a beloved spot that the number of tourists is limited on a daily basis.

16. Garden of Dreams

Tourist Attractions in Nepal
Garden of Dreams

The Garden of Dreams is a welcoming escape from bustling town life in Kathmandu. Actually established in the early 20th century as a withdrawal for a high-ranking government official, this garden houses a museum as well as a lake covered in lily pads. The park was famous as the Garden of Six Seasons when it was founded in the 1920s. In 2007, the region was reestablished and opened up to the general people. Now it is a beloved spot for cultural celebrations, meetings, concerts, specific events, and parties. The Garden of Dreams also gets much traffic daily from natives and foreigners.

17. Chitwan National Park

Tourist Attractions in Nepal
Chitwan National Park

This National Park is a world heritage site that has secured Nepalese plants and animals for more than three decades. Is is one of the best tourist attractions in Nepal.  Situated in Nepal’s subtropical southern area familiar as Terai, the park contains nearly 70 species of mammals, 550 species of birds, and about 130 species of fish. All of these animals thrive in the distinctive climate that prevails in the Terai. Chitwan National Park also defends a number of rhinoceros, crocodiles, and Royal Bengal Tigers. The park provides some lodging regions for tourists along with wildlife trips throughout the year.

18. Boudhanath Stupa

Tourist Attractions in Nepal
Boudhanath Stupa

This attractive Buddhist edifice is one of the biggest stupas in the world. Although the huge complex was established years ago, it didn’t play a remarkably significant role in Buddhism until the 1950s when emigrants from China started tripping to Kathmandu. The stupa is decorated with eyes on each of its sides to represent the all-knowing nature of the Buddha. The structure itself is a colossal dome capped by a Buddhist pyramid tower. Tourists and natives alike frequent this holy place.

19. Bardiya National Park

Tourist Attractions in Nepal
Bardiya National Park

This secured park in Nepal was founded in the Terai area during 1988. Located along the verges of the Karnali River, this park is surrounded by Siwalik Hills, the Nepalgunj-Surkhet Highway, and the Babi River. Over 555 square miles of land is defended between Bardiya and a nearby park named Banke. The park has been utilized for some significant studies and reservation attempts, including a monsoon dolphin observation project, a bamboo plantation venture, and rhino radio collaring projects. The park is nearly 15 hours away from Kathmandu by bus.

20. Annapurna

Tourist Attractions in Annapurna

The Annapurna area, one of the most wonderful and diversified natural regions in Nepal, is famous for its trekking, and tourists come from all around the globe to enjoy backpacking tours that last anywhere from three days to three weeks. These tours usually include magnificent mountain scenes, stroll alongside transparent alpine lakes, and stops in the tiny tribal villages that are dispersed throughout Annapurna. Tourists can travel Annapurna on their own or take part in a guided trip to find all that the region has to provide. The region is also beloved among mountaineers, skydivers, kayakers, mountain bikers, and canyoners. Undoubtedly it’s one of the best tourist attractions in Nepal.

21. Aircrafts Museum

Tourist Attractions in Nepal
Aircrafts Museum

This comprehensive museum is placed within the old fuselage of a 100-seater aircraft. At the opening of the jet, a docent clothed in a flight attendant’s uniform guides tourists inside for an intimate look at the technology that grants us to visit around the world in a handful of hours. Tourists get to pass time in the cockpit to know about the various controls, and they can see over 200 small-scale models of aircraft that were made by native children. The Aircrafts Museum is the sole aviation-themed museum in Nepal till now.

22. Kathmandu Durbar Square

Tourist Attractions in Nepal
Kathmandu Durbar Square

Durbar Square is situated in the center of Kathmandu. Stuffed with color and complex woodwork, it sits in stark contrast to the drab concrete edifices on its outer edges. The complex was once abode to Nepal’s royal family, but it has since developed into a significant cultural and historical spot. Over 50 temples are seen in and around the square, and every temple is distinctive and outstanding. Many of the temples were established in the 17th century, and the first temple in Durbar Square dates back to 1549 AD.

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23. Sagarmatha National Park

Tourist Attractions in Nepal
Sagarmatha National Park

This National Park is abode to Mount Everest, the world’s loftiest peak. Reachable from Namche Bazaar, this park houses miles of trekking trails and all types of charming and solitary sites where tourists can find scenes of the authoritarian Himalayan Mountains. The park is full of arduous terrain and a diversity of wildlife and birds are seen throughout the area. Wonderful plants, including pine, oak, and flowering rhododendrons, are dispersed throughout the lofty alpine regions. The best time to travel Sagarmatha National Park is between October and November and between March and May. Trekking and mountaineering are the most beloved activities in this portion of Nepal.

24. Rara National Park

Tourist Attractions in Nepal
Rara National Park

This charming park has a unique alpine feel with its pine and juniper-stuffed jungles. Rara Lake, one of the key attractions of the park, is ideal for boating and other water sports. Rara Lake is the biggest lake in Nepal and covers 167 meters at its deepest points. There are also many hiking trails and strolling paths throughout Rara National Park. Plants and animals are plenty here. Rara houses over 500 separate species of flowers, 20 individual types of mammals, and 214 species of birds. Plenty of tourists experience trekking into the park along the Tibetan boundary during the hot months of the year.

25. The Brass and Bronze Museum

Tourist Attractions in Nepal
The Brass and Bronze Museum

Situated next to the woodworking museum, the Brass and Bronze Museum exhibits items utilized by aristocrats in the early 20th century. Items used for religious ceremonies, for instance, incense stands are also on exhibit throughout the museum. The spittoons on exhibit, which were once used to hold the saliva of Nepal’s monarchs and nobles, tend to be a beloved item at the Brass and Bronze Museum. The museum is open daily of the week excluding Tuesdays.

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