Tourist Attractions in Bhutan

25 Best Tourist Attractions to Visit in Bhutan

Here is a list of the 25 Best Tourist Attractions in Bhutan

1. Drukgyel Dzong Monastery

tourist attractions in Drukgyel Dzong Monastery
Drukgyel Dzong Monastery

One of the best tourist attractions in Bhutan, The Buddhist monastery and fortress have been devastated over time. If you’re an enthusiast of natural history and folklore lover, we recommend you explore the remains. You will know a plenty more about the history of Paro, and by extension Bhutan, in this place than you will know anywhere else. Attempts are on to reconstruct the monastery and reinstate it to its initial status. You can find the Chomolhari Mountains from the top of the monastery.

2. Zuri Dzong Fort

tourist attractions in Zuri Dzong Fort
Zuri Dzong Fort

It is one of Bhutan’s most ancient dzongs. It was constructed in the 14th century. The paintings in the upper chapels show the great history and heritage of this fort. Natives think that there used to be a cavern in this place where the fort today sits, and Buddha meditated inside that cave. From the top of the dzong, you can relish panoramic looks of Paro valley.

3. Namgay Artisanal Brewery

tourist attractions in Namgay Artisanal Brewery
Namgay Artisanal Brewery

This microbrewery makes native flavors of Bhutan. The eccentric, gorgeous flavors will tingle your tongue and post you in a coma. Some of the most renowned beverages vended here incorporate Bhutan Dark Ale and the Bhutan Red Rice Lager. The last mentioned is prepared from red rice obtained from the rice paddies of Paro. It is mightier than the Dark Ale.

4. Jangtsa Dumtseq Lhakhang Temple

tourist attractions in Jangtsa Dumtseg Lhakhang Temple
Jangtsa Dumtseq Lhakhang Temple

There are innumerable legends associated to this renowned Buddhist temple in Bhutan. Some narrate that this temple was established on the land where a huge serpent was executed. Another myth is that it was established on the head of a monster. These legends add to the affluent heritage of the temple. It is one of the best tourist attractions in Bhutan to travel on your spiritual withdraw.

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5. Haa Valley

tourist attractions in Haa Valley
Haa Valley

Ha Valley, which is located just 13 miles away from the India-China frontier, links key Bhutanese villages, for instance, Chhukha, Paro, and Samtse. It extends over a region of 1700 square kilometers. The valley was unlocked to the public in 2002. However, do not suppose to see any grand hotels in Haa Valley. You can suppose to see primary home-stays in the valley. The natives of Haa Valley are congenially warm.

6. Punakha Suspension Bridge

tourist attractions in Punakha Suspension Bridge
Punakha Suspension Bridge

Except for Punakha Dzong, what makes Punakha a wonderful tourist attractions in Bhutan is the Punakha suspension bridge. It is established over the Po Chhu River. It is one of the biggest suspension bridges in Bhutan, extending across 160 m. It links Punakha city with Punakha Dzong. Hanged with prayer flags, it is a charm for photographers. Strolling on it will be one of your most daring experiences. Be certain to halt by this spot.

7. Simply Bhutan

tourist attractions in Simply Bhutan
Simply Bhutan

Established in the theme of the villages in Bhutan, Simply Bhutan is a wonderful museum that takes the tourists through the multiple aspects of Bhutan. From the grinning people to the genuine cuisine, and from the age-old conventions to the live cultural presentation, watch the finest of Bhutan at this beautiful museum. Explore the finest of Bhutan culture under one shade in this museum. Learn about the life-style of the native people, their conventional attires, food, earthen huts, and plenty of other things. If you want you can purchase some mementos from the stores in this place and have a snack at the tiny eateries.

8. National Museum of Bhutan

tourist attractions in National Museum of Bhutan
National Museum of Bhutan

Established in the year 1968 and set above the renowned Rinpung Dzong, it was built to display the renowned Bhutanese art. From modern paintings to old sculptures, the museum now contains nearly 3000 masterpieces and displays over 1,500 years of the cultural heritage of Bhutan. This spot is also the picture gallery of the country and plenty of Bhutanese arrange their dance ceremonies here as well. The edifice is at the present time under some impermanent edifice but you can explore the other portions of it as the museum is separated into parts for wildlife, masks, and so on. At the evening period the museum lightens up and you can travel the spot to take magnificent pictures. Except for masks and wildlife, you will observe the beautiful plants and animals here and know the concise history of Bhutan as well.

9. Motithang Takin Preserve

tourist attractions in Motithang Takin Preserve
Motithang Takin Preserve

Situated in the district of Motithang in Thimphu, Motithang Takin Preserve acts as the abode of the renowned species of takin. Plenty of tourists consider this zoo-transformed-reserve as one of the finest tourist attractions in Bhutan. The Takin is an endangered animal and falls under the goat species and their real home is the eastern Himalayas. These animals reside in the high elevations of the country, also seen in Northwest Myanmar, northwest India as well. This animal is the outcome of evolution and has a prolonged nose, big head, and stout torso offers it a separate look. The Takins reside around the 8.4 acres from the rainforest and the Bhutan administration is taking good care of them by protecting the species and they do not store the animals in a zoo because they trust in non-captivity of animals in a Buddhist country.

10. Drukgyel Dzong

tourist attractions in Drukgyel Dzong
Drukgyel Dzong

Once a huge fortress that erects high and served as one of the most magnificent Buddhist monasteries, just wreckage remain on the spot of the renowned Drukgyel Dzong. Situated in the upper district of Paro, this monastery was founded in 1649 by the renowned Tenzin Drukdra after they were victorious over Tibet’s occupation. This is one of the renowned Dzong in the country and considered as the biggest landmark of Thimphu. The dzong is located two kilometers away from the initial city and holds vast significance as it is the key secretariat and its abodes are the office of the throne chamber and the King as well. Several of the central monastic bodies and several people from the ministry stay in this place and this is the summer retreat of the monks too. If you have a scheme to explore this site then attempt not to miss the 5 pm altering of the flag, as it’s very significant to observe and it starts in the courtyard and terminates outside in the front.

11. Tashichho Dzong

tourist attractions in Tashichho Dzong
Tashichho Dzong

Situated at the northern tip of the town, Tashichho Dzong is one of the most wonderful tourist attractions in Bhutan. A famous fortress set on the fringe of the town’s boundary, this monastery is a delight to observe as it is set on the western edges of River Wang Chu.  It has not just acted as the summer epicenter of the country but also as the royal seat of Druk Desi who is also named the Dharma Raja.

12. Main Street

tourist attractions in Main Street
Main Street

The main street of Paro, extending across two lanes, is familiar for its vintage Buddhist mementos and prayer associated stuff. Some of the distinctive mementos can be purchased in this place. Enjoy a stroll on this Main street of Paro for appreciating the countless stores and the mountain ahead. If you are a traveler then you must purchase something as the memento. Try exploring the bazaar on this street on Sunday, and you will see how much pleasant stuff the Bhutanese sell in their individual stores. From Kiran which is the conventional attire of the country to Bhutanese stamps, all are gettable in this place. You can try the handcrafts of this place, handmade Bhutanese boots, parched Yak cheese, astonishing embroidery, and weavings at different stores. Take note of the big-budget jewelry from the shops as well, as there are expensive silver amulets and other kinds of conventional wearables are sold.

13. Norzin Lam Street

tourist attractions in Norzin Lam Street
Norzin Lam Street

The capital town is perhaps the most charming tourist attractions in Bhutan. The key street of Norzin Lam is fringed with stores vending different stuff – mementos, woolen garments, crafts, and native wine. Although moderately costly, some things are worth purchasing there if you’re not going far till Bumthang. This is the main route of Thimpu and is a very beloved spot here as well.

Although the site is all-time full of people you will get to find some relics and so many other stores which are ideal for shopping. If you reside at a hotel close to this street, you might get to find the football stadium from there and if fortunate you can relish a match on the ground too! You can see the wonderful timber items in this place and carpets, clothing anything that represents Bhutan; you will obtain from the stores at the side of the street. Relish the flavor of native cuisine from the eateries here.

14. Chomolhari

tourist attractions in Chomolhari

This place is among the famous Bhutan tourist sites, most famous for its treks. Chomolhari trek, beginning at Paro, is one of the most exciting treks of Bhutan. With the height going about 5,000 meters, it is captivating and remunerates the trekkers with ecstatic views after a strenuous trek. The trek is basically for the adventure lovers and spans between 7 – 15 days normally. If you like small treks then this is one of the perfect ones for you. Chomolhari or Jomolhari is one of the famous tourist spots, and if you are here for the tour then you must be habituated in the Haa Valley first then start the trek. This whole valley will provide you the eye-catching charm of the monasteries and the little villages. Get to find the wonderful alpine jungles and explore the most unharmed portion of the country. The ideal time for the trek is from late March to the middle of June, also, September to November is a wonderful time as well. However, the perfect time for the trek is April to May. Also, the total trek is gently arduous but not tough.

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15. Phobjikha Valley

tourist attractions in Phobjikha Valley
Phobjikha Valley

It is a little city in the central portion of Bhutan (The Land of Thunderbolt). Like plenty of other wonderful places to find in Bhutan, Phobjikha is gifted with valleys and is encompassed by mountains and rich greenery making it one of top Bhutan draws. The site is familiar for its wonderful scenery and passes and a day’s hike will take you through the city and the forests. Phobjikha valley is nearly 3000-meter high and the location is in the form of a bowl, and it’s on the western inclines of the mountains. The place is at the edge of the Jigme Singye Wangchuck National Park. If you are traveling Bhutan then this is the most renowned place and you must explore this place. Get to find the large flock of black-necked cranes at the winter period and as it is at the side of the critical wildlife sanctuary in the country, you might also find some barking deer closeby as well or listen to their voice. To enhance your exhilaration you must know that there are leopards, wild boars, red foxes, Himalayan black bears and plenty of other species in the jungle.

16. Tiger’s Nest

tourist attractions in Tiger’s Nest
Tiger’s Nest

Taktsang Monastery or Tiger’s Nest is one of the must-see spots in Bhutan. It is familiar for the charming and the holy monastery of Guru Rinpoche. It is thought as a spot of pilgrimage and is an effortless half trek, which provides you the scenic views of the Paro valleys. According to the myth, Guru Rinpoche also regarded as the second Buddha ascended here on a tigress’s back to defeat a native demon and thus he meditated in this place for 3 months. This spot is Bhutan’s most religious place and it hangs on the cliff as it sits above the rich jungle of thousands of species of rhododendrons and blue pine. Travelers can visit this monastery by standard permits which your tour guide will organize for you. Also, you have to enlist yourself at the access point, deposit your cameras and bags because photography is forbidden inside of the temple.

17. Dochula Pass

tourist attractions in Dochula Pass
Dochula Pass

It is a charming pass comprising of 108 Chortens or Stupas, established in the remembrance of the Bhutanese soldiers who led their lives in a war against the rebels from India. The wonderfully made temple and stupas, with the picture-perfect Gangkar Puensum peak in the background, makes the Dochula Pass one of the most wonderful tourist spots in Bhutan. Dochula pass is located at on the route to Punakha and Thimpu.

This very pass is a beloved position for every traveler who travels the country. From the pass, you can have a scenic view of the Himalayan mountain range, and you must realize the view is really magnificent from the top. You will get to find the snow-capped mountains and the breathtaking backdrop of this spot. Plenty of Bhutanese families relish their holidays in this location, they have little picnics, and some only come to this place to enjoy the scenery. You can have packed your lunch and have tea in a flask and appear here to relish the food and warm tea.

18. Buddha Dordenma Statue

tourist attractions in Buddha Dordenma Statue
Buddha Dordenma Statue

This statue is a 169 feet high sculpture of Buddha, established at the base of the hills in Thimphu. This iconic gold and bronze sculpture is noticeable from almost any place in Thimphu and is among the finest tourist attractions in Bhutan. This is a sculpture of Buddha and it’s a huge one at the top of the mountains in Thimpu and it’s also familiar as the Kunzang Phodrang. The existence of this massive sculpture of Buddha represents the supreme religion of Bhutan. This very religion plays an important role in this country and in the everyday life of the country people. You will find the string of flags at the roadsides and some praying circles nearby the clock tower, which is at the center of the city. There are little temples and the different illustrations that decorate the walls that are constructed of cement and stone. Buddha Dordenma is the biggest statue and its 52.5 meters high and created by bronze. Inside this sculpture, there are 125,000 small statuettes of the same.

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19. Punakha Dzong

tourist attractions in Punakha Dzong
Punakha Dzong

This Dzong is the second biggest dzong in Bhutan (The Land of Thunderbolt) and is familiar for its wonderful structure. It is the winter epicenter of this country and the chief clergy of Bhutan passes the winter in this beloved Dzong. The Punakha Dzong is located on the 1,200 meters and on this altitude no one ever troubled with height sickness or oxygen insufficiency, so if you are planning about hiking, then you can attempt for the higher spot, for instance, Paro Taktsang or tiger’s nest and it’s a perfect spot for beginners. This dzong is thought to be the most magnificent one in the country and the very first national assembly occurred in this place in 1953. Nearly every national treasure of the country is stored here, and in this place, the king of Bhutan Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck got wedded to the Queen Jetsun Pema in 2011.

20. Chele La Pass

tourist attractions in Chele La Pass
Chele La Pass

Situated at a height of nearly 3,989 meters, Chele La pass is among the beloved tourist attractions in Bhutan. The wonderful pass is en-route the Haa Valley in Paro. On a beautiful and sunny day, you can see the Jomolhari mountain from this place and the nearby peaks from the northwest side and can see the valleys of Haa and Paro as well. It is the loftiest road pass of Bhutan and is encompassed with magnificent views of the Himalayan range, and the Mount Jomolhari, which is this country’s most holy mountain and it’s more than 22,000 feet high. To get to this spot you have to take one and a half-hour drive from the valley plain of Paro. Another draw of this spot is the Haa summer carnival, and this is the emblem of the prosperous culture of the wandering heaps. You can have a little trip, which will take just 2 and a half hour, as many travelers travel this spot for the excursion in here.

21. Rinpung Dzong

tourist attractions in Rinpung Dzong
Rinpung Dzong

It is a wonderful dzong (fort), with high fences, constructed in the 16th century. Familiar as the Fortress on a Heap of Jewels, Rinpung Dzong is among the finest tourist attractions in Bhutan and an excellent instance of Bhutanese architecture and cultures. The total area is stuffed with numerous temples and shrines. Several of the shrines are, Kungarwa, Monk’s assembly hall, Sandalwood stupa, protector’s shrine et cetera. Each year there is a yearly carnival of tshechu and it is arranged in Rinpung Dzong and it begins from the eleventh day to the fifteenth day and the day is marked in Bhutan’s lunar calendar.

If you wish to learn the months exactly then it’s the months of March to April. In this carnival, sacred images are carried in a march, and this very thing is trailed by the mask dances which narrate plenty of myths and these are done by the monks for many days. On the fifteenth day before the sunrise breaks a holy banner which comprises of eight demonstrations of Padmasambhava is displayed for the public in those early hours and the custom is that there will be no sunlight to fall on the banner.

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22. Jigme Dorji National Park

tourist attractions in Jigme Dorji National Park
Jigme Dorji National Park

This is the second biggest national park in Bhutan and is a total treat for wildlife enthusiasts on Bhutan tour. The park extends over a very huge region – 4316 sq. km which is obvious from the fact that its height spans from 1400 m to 7000 m. Some of the key draws in this park are endangered animal species like clouded leopard, Bengal tiger, Himalayan blue sheep, Himalayan black bear, and so on along with plenty of other native and foreign species of plants and animals. Besides amazing biodiversity, Jigme Dorji National Park consists of several of the most charming landscapes in the world containing glaciers, snow-laden mountains, and stunning lakes. Furthermore, there are numerous wonderful trekking tracks in the park that take you through some memorable sights in Bhutan. Situated at a distance of 122 km from Thimphu, the national park is well attached by road.

23. Gangtey Monastery

tourist attractions in Gangtey Monastery
Gangtey Monastery

The lively and distinctive culture of Bhutan is one of the main factors why the country attracts travelers all across the world. The country is full of countless Buddhist monasteries exhibiting the wonderful architecture. A renowned one among those is Gangtey Monastery situated in Wangdue Phodrang District in central Bhutan. It is a beloved site among pilgrims and travelers alike for its architecture and panoramic location. It is situated at a height of 16,000 ft. Magnificent looks of the Phobjikha Valley below can be seen from the monastery. If you love trekking, you should know that a trekking trail passes through this place in case you are seeking for some action around your tour to this monastery.

 24. Dagala Thousand Lakes

tourist attractions in Dagala Thousand Lakes
Dagala Thousand Lakes

The most renowned and bestowed with a high level of natural charm, the Dagala Thousand Lakes trek is obviously a must attempt if you ever want to travel Bhutan. The tranquil beauty of the valley as you trek from one lake to another in this 5-day trek takes a mighty hold on your temperament.  This trek in Bhutan begins with a trip to the Paro Taktsang, and after getting the favor of the divine, takes you into a trek from Thimphu to Genekha, and onto Gur, Labatama, Pankha, Talakha, Chamgang and then back to Thimphu. All through the trekking experience, you will find several of the most magnificent high altitude lakes with the bluest of waters. You will certainly leave your soul in this place when you depart, as have many who have strolled the Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek.

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25. Royal Manas National Park

tourist attractions in Royal Manas National Park
Royal Manas National Park

If you consider Bhutan is all about Buddhist monasteries, time to rethink your concept as Bhutan has much more to provide. This wildlife park is the most ancient one in Bhutan and is all a wildlife lover can ever ask for. Royal Manas Park extends over a region of 1057 sq. km and contains wonderful biodiversity. The southern edge of the national park is linked with Manas Tiger Reserve of India. This park is an abode to many threatened wildlife species incorporating one-horned rhino, Royal Bengal tiger, clouded leopard, Gangetic dolphin, Himalayan black bear and so on. Unique golden langur can also be seen in this place. A trip to this park is a wonderful way to have a closer look at the wilder side of Bhutan. Trekking and elephant safari are among the thrilling activities to do in Bhutan that you must attempt on your trip to the Royal Manas National Park.

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