Tourist Attractions in Benin

25 Best Tourist Attractions to Visit in Benin

Here is a list of the 25 Best Tourist Attractions in Benin

1. Malanville

tourist attractions in malanville

Not the effortless portion of Benin to get to but worth a look, however, Malanville is nearly 35km away from Karimama via a bumpy and ready dirt route. The finest way to manage the trip is perhaps a taxi as it is totally a thrill. The marketplace is the key tourist attractions in Benin although some natives would insist that the chicken and chips provided by the Niger River Bridge is also worth an indication. Malanville is another instance of a village that is a wonderful spot to travel if you are expecting to stay away from the traveler beaten track.

2. Boukoumbe

tourist attractions in Boukoumbe

Another city with an attractive bazaar, Boukoumbe is situated nearly 40km west of Natitingou. The city is a wonderful base for visits to the loftiest point of Benin; Mount Koussou-Kovangou. Boukoumbe has its own draw however, the tata sombas, conventional two-story castle like edifices that were actually established and populated by the Dita Mari people. The ground floor of the residences was used to keep farm animals and the upper level was utilized by the families living there. The city has a “tats touristique” which is an instance of the edifices for travelers which is accomplished via a guided hike or a lighter motorcycle. Resting on the tata somba’s roof is also probable.

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3. Pehunco

tourist attractions in pehunco

It is another wonderful tourist attractions in Benin to get away from the well-trodden visitors’ trail (if there is a well- visited track in Benin). The city of Pehunc is familiar for its ornaments so the bazaars in this place are further special. Throughout the year rituals occur in Pehunco presenting the native king’s horse. There are not plenty of views as such in Pehunco, it is only a usual Benin village and this is the key cause for traveling. A short visit in Pehunco is a wonderful lesson and insight into the rural life of the mass people of Benin.

4. Nikki

tourist attractions in Nikki

The epicenter of historical Bariba, Nikki is also the abode to an old mansion that even now controls a big region incorporating some of Nigeria. Nikki is comparatively visitor free which makes it a wonderful tourist attraction to find Benin in all of its unharmed prestige. Additionally, the bazaar in this place is well worth exploring as well as the city center which has amusing stores and locations to eat. The key vision, however, is obviously the Royal Palace and the museum of the Royal Palace which is ever developing and enlarging.

5. Tchaourou

tourist attractions in Tchaourou

Situated nearly 60km to the south of Parkou, Tchaourou is mainly an agricultural city but is also familiar for its attachment with Nigeria in fuel trading. The key attractions in the city are the bazaar, that occurs every Monday, as well as the unmissable houses of Benin president Yayi Boni which are both luxurious and out of town but worth a view nonetheless. The neighboring cashew factory also provides guided trips for a cheap price (sometimes free) but capturing photos is not granted.

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6. Lake Nokoue

tourist attractions in Lake Nokoue
Lake Nokoue

This lake and the little village is a wonderful spot for bird observers. The species that mention this 16,000-hectare lake their abode incorporate the African Openbill and the white crested heron. The lake is in a dangerous state for some environmental and biological complications, for instance, cutting trees, contamination, and killing of the wildlife. Reservation attempts are being taken but the danger level is graded as high, so see this wonderful location while you still can.

7. Parakou

tourist attractions in Parakou

The second biggest town in Benin, Parakou has an approximate population of 200,000 people. In spite of its size, the city does not feel as vibrant and populated as Porto Novo or Cotonou for more open areas and broader roads. The town is industrious with a maximum of its economy concentrating on cotton, textiles and peanut oil. There are plenty of valuable things to find in Parakou incorporating the open-air museum which displays conventional Bariba architecture and the bazaar specializing in a conventional type of beer.

8. Tanguieta

tourist attractions in Tanguieta

This beautiful city is a wonderful tourist attraction in Benin to find colonial French edifices. The number of population of the city is little: just nearly 20,000 people refer Tanguieta their abode. Tanguieta also has a vibrant bazaar, although it is not anywhere near as vibrant as Bohicon’s, and is a wonderful spot from which to trave the Tonogou Waterfalls or the Pendjari National Park which is abode to some of the most awesome beasts in Africa incorporating lions, hyenas, and elephants to mention just a few.

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9. Bohicon

tourist attractions in Bohicon

It is more of a location to go through than to literally pass an expanded period of time traveling. The city is an almost totally modern spot but it is well worth exploring the bazaar, which is disputably the largest and the finest in Benin. The distinction between the vibrant bazaar and the comparative tranquility of neighboring Abomey is surprising. The most engaging times for the bazaar are in the mornings, so these should be shunned if manageable (unless obviously, you do well on the chaos).

10. Natitingou

tourist attractions in Natitingou

Situated a suitable 50km away from the Pendjari National Park, the town of Natitingou also has several of its own draws that make it a worth short visit on a trip of Benin. The town has its own museum which is housed in a French colonel edifice and chronicled the lifestyle of the Somba people. Actually, the town of Natitingou is one of the finest spots to find the Somba people’s way of leading life and ways of constructing. Natitingou is also a wonderful spot to find Shea butter being produced.

11. Grand Popo

tourist attractions in Grand Popo
Grand Popo

The city of Grand-Popo has an interesting history principally for the significant part it played in the slave-dealing. The city exudes with African beauty and the people are cordial. The city is nearly an hour’s drive from Cotonou and provides an ideal change of pace from the bustling town. There are plenty of backside hotels and resorts in the city and the beaches are a magnificent location to rest and bathe. The neighboring Mono River is a beautiful spot to stroll and provides an opportunity to find mangroves and guest bird life.

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12. Abomey

tourist attractions in Abomey

This city was the epicenter of Ancient Dahomey for nearly 300 years beginning in the 17th Century. The cause for traveling the town is the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Abomey Royal Palaces which made it one of the best tourist attractions in Benin. Although the mansions have mostly been ruined and are in a damaging state, the spot still has huge historical worth and the stories of kings that once lived in this place are captivating.

13. Porto Novo

tourist attractions in Porto Novo
Porto Novo

It is the epicenter town of Benin and past French capital of Dahomey. If you have traveled Cotonou first, you will possibly tussle to realize why Porto Novo is the official epicenter town, the population is just around 250,000 and the pace is much more easy-going than Cotonou. The impact of the Portuguese in this region is still evident to find in modern times. Attractions in the town incorporate the Royal Palace and orchards as well as the museum of Porto Novo kings.

14. Ouidah

tourist attractions in Ouidah

The town Ouidah has a blend of impact from the French and the Portuguese for different incidents in history. The town is situated nearly 40km away from Cotonou and is comparatively more easy-going. If you feel interest in African history (and you should be) then this town should be at the top of your list. It has remarkable museums for investigating slavery and voodoo. If all the history seems too much for you, there are more extraordinary beaches to relax on in Ouidah too.

15. Cotonou

tourist attractions in Cotonou

It may not be the real epicenter town of Benin but Cotonou certainly does feel like it. The town is an extreme explosion of urban vigor mixed with African beauty. If it is your first time in Africa, the town can be a tiny bit intimidating and full on but for those prepared to risk the thrill, Cotonou has plenty of gifts.  These gifts incorporate several wonderful heaven beaches with golden sand and palm trees. The Pendjari National Park is too a must visit in Cotonou and is found as one of the main animals conserve in Africa. For those seeking for a more mysterious draw, the “Fetish Market” vends a big diversity of dead animals for voodoo carnival celebrations.

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16. Ganvie

tourist attractions in Ganvie

A lake village in Benin, Africa, Ganvie is situated in Lake Nokoué, close to Cotonou. With a population of nearly 20,000 people, it is possibly the biggest lake village in Africa and as such is very famous among the travelers. The village was formed in the sixteenth or seventeenth centuries by the Tofinu people who took to the lake to avoid Fon soldiers detaining slaves for trade to European slave merchants. Using the shallow waters and islands of Lake Nokoue a shelter, the Ganvie villagers are frequently mentioned to as “watermen. Actually based on agriculture, the village’s key industries other than tourism are today fishing and fish producing.

17. Possotome and Lake Aheme

tourist attractions in Possotome and Lake Aheme
Possotome and Lake Aheme

The alluvial waterside of Lake Ahémé is a beautiful spot to pass some days, especially around vibrant Possotomé, the region’s largest village. The lake is accessible to swimmers who can swim here which is a wonderful way to cool down or discover the region’s wildlife. Learn the skill of conventional fishing methods, encounter craftsmen at work or go on a captivating two-hour botanic trip to learn about regional plants and their medicinal qualities. There are nearly half a dozen of thematic tours to select from (from two hours to day tours, CFA4800 to CFA17, 000), all managed by pleasant native guides.

18. Parc National de la Pendjari

tourist attractions in Benin
Parc National de la Pendjari

This 2750-sq-km national park is one of West Africa’s finest for wildlife. Tourists may locate lions, leopards, elephants, baboons, and hippos. The finest observing time is close to the conclusion of the dry season (November to February), when the animals gather at water bodies. With waterfalls, a jungle landscape, and fine routes, it’s a delight to drive around. The park links up with the Parc National d’Arli in Burkina Faso and is surrounded to the west, north, and east by the Pendjari River.

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19. Zinzou Foundation Museum

tourist attractions in Benin
Zinzou Foundation Museum

This museum of modern African art, accommodated in a wonderful 1920s Afro-Brazilian villa, exhibits drawings and statues as well as light, video and sound equipment. It’s an exclusive matter, managed by the Zinzou foundation out of Cotonou, a reputable organization with a rich history of backing Beninese painters. Most of the guides can speak minimum acceptable English.

20. Centre Songhai

tourist attractions in Centre Songhai
Centre Songhai

The Centre Songhai is key experimenting, learning and production center in sustainable defendable farming. There are one-hour guided trips to explore the plantations and factories. You can also purchase the center’s yield – anything from firm quail eggs to biscuits and jam, jellies. Songhai is nearly 1km north of the city. Every zem is aware of its location.

21. Route des Esclaves

tourist attractions in Route des Esclaves
Route des Esclaves

The Route of the Slaves incorporates the slave auction plaza, the Tree of Forgetfulness (where slaves were marked with their possessor’s signs and, to make them fail to recall where they appeared from, compelled to stroll around the tree in circle) and the Tree of Return, another tree the bondsmen frequently rotated with the view that their spirits would go back to abode after demise. There is a touching monument on the shore, Gate of No Return, with a low relief delineating bondmen in shackles.

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22. Grand Marche de Dantokpa

tourist attractions in Benin
Grand Marche de Dantokpa

The supposedly limitless Grand Marché du Dantokpa is Cotonou’s beating heart, surrounded by the lagoon and Blvd St Michel. Everything beneath the sun can be bought in its maze-like lanes, from fish to soap, plastic sandals to goats, pirated DVDs to alternative car parts. More conventional fare, for instance, batiks and Dutch wax cloth, can be seen in the bazaar edifice. The fetish bazaar part is at the northern tip of the bigger market.

23. Adjara

tourist attractions in Adjara

This place is renowned for its bazaar, one of the most spectacular in Benin. Held each fourth day, it’s filled with fetishes, grigri beauties, and distinctive blue-and-white tie-colored cloth, some of the finest crockeries in Benin, and tamtams and other sweet-sounded instruments. You’ll also find blacksmiths working in the bazaar.

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24. Cathedral de Notre Dame

tourist attractions in Cathedral de Notre Dame
Cathedral de Notre Dame

With its bright red and white streak, this Catholic cathedral is not only a spot of pray but also an abode to a little bookstore vending titles by local writers as well as a small number of academic texts. The streaks go on into the inside with sandstone and cream-colored arches. Beyond its pretty stripes, it’s a serene and beautiful getaway from the rush of the town.

25. Fondation Zinsou

tourist attractions in Fondation Zinsou
Fondation Zinsou

Mentioned after the family that began it, this terrific presentation area wants to encourage modern African art among Beninese people through taking photographs, drawings and sculptures. The stylish boutique vends wonderful art books and the cafe provides wi-fi facility. The gallery frequently offers transports from schools to the center for promoting art admiration and participation.

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