Tourist Attractions in Greece

25 Most Favorite Tourist Attractions in Greece

List of 25 Most Favorite Tourist Attractions in Greece

1. Zagoria

Tourist Attractions in Greece

A combination of 46 mountain villages in northwestern Greece, Zagoria is a region familiar for its captivating natural charm. No wonder, it is the best tourist attractions in Greece. Plenty of overseas travelers come to visit Zagoria for the beaches and other more beloved locations. However, the location has some of the most wonderful natural characteristics in the country. Adventure trippers will like the plentiful chances for hiking, climbing, and trekking. Additional activities incorporate horseback riding, rafting, and other outdoor activities. In the winter time, there are some popular ski resorts, which draw fairly a few natives and some travelers. One of the most beloved tourist attractions is Vikos Gorge, which is second just to the Grand Canyon as the deepest canyon on earth.

2. Thessaloniki

Tourist Attractions in Greece

Country’s second biggest town Thessaloniki has a central position and a big, bustling airport, which signifies that Thessaloniki is the transportation center for the northern portion of Greece. The town has an affluent history, incorporating plenty of wonderful locations from Byzantine and Roman eras, and tourists come here for amazing historical sites, standard shopping, and enjoyable nightlife. The city’s Beach Promenade is a beloved meeting spot, as is Aristotle Square in the town center. Tourists and natives visit both sites frequently all day long and plenty of amazing draws, stores, and restaurants can be attained on foot from either.

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3. Sparti

Tourist Attractions in Sparti

A little town Sparti sits on the location of the renowned old city-state of Sparta on the southeastern part of the Peloponnese. Sparta was renowned for its powerful and sometimes fierce army. The present-day city of Sparti is situated right next to the old city and was the earliest Greek city to be established as a well-designed municipality, signifying it has a well-decorated city center and other architectural establishments. There is very little in the way of facilities for travelers traveling Sparti, as most take a break on their way to other spots in the region, such as Elafonissos, Gythio, and Monemvasia.

4. Rethymno

Tourist Attractions in Rethymno

An area on Crete’s western part  Rethymno is somewhat isolated but still has plenty to provide travelers. The northern part of the area has some quite beloved beaches, for instance, Adelianos, Bali, Kampos, Platanias, and Panormos, which are the most urbane regions. However, maximum of the rest of the region is serene, easy-going, and tension-free. Family trippers will see the spots of Agia Galinia and Plakias to be best suitable for a private family escape. Rethymnon Town has remarkable instances of medieval architecture and a lively Venetian port. Some of the most beloved tourist attractions in the area are the Odeon Cave, where Zeus was thought to have been brought up, and the abbeys of Preveli and Arkadi as well as plenty of wonderful gorges and other natural characteristics in the inland.

5. Porto Heli

Tourist Attractions in Porto Heli
Porto Heli

A little city on the eastern part of the Peloponnese the seaside city Porto Heli is established around a big harbor that often hosts yachts and fishing boats in the summertime. The city is beloved as a tourist attraction in Greece among the affluent and a big number of Athenians have leisure accommodations in this spot. The location is a beloved destination for family trippers as it is a secure and stress-free destination. There are a few traditional beaches in Porto Heli as well as a big number of tiny, remote bays which provide an amusing and private way to relish the seafront.

6. Pelion

Tourist Attractions in Greece

A mountainous peninsula Pelion is familiar for its conventional Greek villages and charming, remote beaches. The most conventional of the villages incorporate Milies, Portaria, Makrinitsa, and Tsagarada. These villages are ideal for walking and promote usual architecture and paved walkways. The peninsula’s eastern portion is remarkable for wonderful beaches with picture-perfect blue water. The most beloved summer escapes are Platanias, Agios Ioannis, Horefto, and Milina. During the winter months, the region draws winter sports lovers, who come in especially for the ski center in Chania village. Among the plenty of tourists draws in the region are a good number of magnificent churches, for instance, the Church of Taxiarches in the city of Milies.

7. Parga

Tourist Attractions in Greece

A beloved summer destination city concealed away in a calm bay on the Ionian Sea, Parga is remarkable for its picturesque spectacular residences and edifices, which are established into the hillside, signifying nearly every edifice has charming views of the sea. Specifically wonderful scenes can be seen at the remains of the Venetian fort located on top of the hill. This tourist attraction in Greece is mainly traveled by visitors who come for the region’s tremendous beaches. Valtos Beach is the most picture-perfect in the region, and other beloved beaches are Lichnos, Sarakiniko, and Town Beach. The beaches can be attained by boat from the harbor in Parga. Some mouth-watering restaurants encompass the port and a magnificent white church also locates nearby.

8. Olympia

Tourist Attractions in Greece

This is not only one of the most important archaeological spots but also one of the best Tourist Attractions in Greece. Abode to the earliest Olympic Games which comprised of members standing for each Greek city-state in separate athletic contests the Ancient Stadium in Olympia offers tourists the chance to assume what it might have been felt to watch or even take part in the real events. Close to the stadium, the ancient Greeks established a temple of Zeus. Other attractive locations incorporate the palaestra and the factory of Pheidias and the Archaeological Museum. The neighboring village provides a range of facilities for travelers as well as many unwinding green expanses to relax after a day visiting the old sites.

9. Nafpaktos

Tourist Attractions in Nafpaktos

one of the country’s most ancient cities, with a rich history dating back over 3,500 years  Nafpaktos is centered near a little but picture-perfect Venetian harbor. The harbor is sided by a lengthy pristine beach that has a relaxing atmosphere that is ideal for lazing. Appearing over the city is a big Venetian fort, which provides charming looks of the Peloponnese and the sea. The Castle of Nafpaktos is quite well protected, as are some other remains of old times in the city. There is a diversity of annual cultural events as well as a good number of facilities for travelers even though Nafpaktos stays a little off the path of the usual travelers.

10. Mystras

Tourist Attractions in Mystras

It is a Byzantine fort and archaeological spot close to Sparta in Laconia. The spot was a significant city in the Byzantine time period and was encompassed by fort walls, making it a fort city. The city is a wonderful tourist attraction and is renowned around the world for its attractive Byzantine churches, which make up some of the most captivating architectural locations in the city. There is an impressive edifice familiar as the Palace of Despots, which overlooks the city from the top of the fort hill. Beneath the castle city, a new village has been established, which provides chances for shelters and other facilities for travelers. For those who love the outdoors, the region has a good number of trekking trails that guide to captivating and charming locations.

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11. Mycenae

Tourist Attractions in Mycenae

An archeological spot close to the city of Mikines, Mycenae is the birthplace of plenty of renowned historical Greek personalities. The region was established around 700 BC and flourished over the years to become one of the biggest architectural complexes in the total ancient world up until its collapse during nearly 1100 BC. Consequently, the archaeological spot promotes especially a great number of old remains and a range of antiques that span some centuries and give proof of the grand society that once prevailed at this location. Some of the most remarkable elements are the renowned Tomb of Agamemnon, which also familiar by the name Treasury of Atreus, the Cyclopean stonework, palace complexes, immense arches, magnificent cascades, and more.

12. Monemvasia

Tourist Attractions in Monemvasia

A fort city, Monemvasia is on a little island right off of the shore of the Peloponnese that played a key role during medieval times. The island is linked to the mainland by a 200-meter raised road, and the city itself was engraved into the side of sea rock, so as to be unnoticeable from the mainland, giving safety from intruders. It is also the past location of a fortress. Some medieval characteristics are even now noticeable, incorporating the genuine city walls and a good number of Byzantine churches. Plenty of ancient mansions are still available but have become living places for travelers. The top of the fort provides wonderful looks of the sea, which are a must-visit.

13. Meteora

Tourist Attractions in Greece

It is the country’s second biggest and most important complex of abbeys from the Eastern Orthodox faith. This jewel of Greece is situated close to Kastraki and Kalampaka in the northwestern area of Thessaly in Central Greece. The region has a good number of rock peaks and 24 monasteries dispersed among the rocks. These abbeys have remained in Meteora since the 14th century, and even now some exist active. The abbeys of St. Nicholas Anapafsas, Meteoron, Holy Trinity, Varlaam, St. Steven, and Rousanou are all still in use now. Every day these existing monasteries find innumerable tourists, who come to watch the monks, find the charming views and architecture, say their prayers and meditate.

14. Mesolongi

Tourist Attractions in Mesolongi

A little town Mesolongi is on a big sea lake in western Greece. The city’s principal income source is fishing and marketing fish eggs. Although the view is charming and the beaches are pristine, the city doesn’t attract many overseas travelers, although fairly a few Greek families travel every year. Historically, the most important ceremony in Mesolongi was the Exodus, when besieged inhabitants became unable in their try to exit the city during the Greek Revolution and were murdered by the Ottomans. Now, a wonderful park sits in the town center in memory of this incident. Traveling Mesolongi provides tourists the chance to travel to other surrounding cities, for instances, Patra, Nafpaktos, Astakos, and many others.

15. Lassithi

Tourist Attractions in Lassithi

Situated on Crete’s less-appealing eastern portion, Lassithi is a charming and genuine way to explore Crete away from the heavy crowd. The finest beach in the region is Vai, but all of the region’s beaches have transparent water and a relaxing atmosphere. The Plateau of Lassithi is the abode to some conventional villages, which come after century-old traditions and methods of living. A tour to Lassithi can be almost anything you wish it to be. Whether you wish to explore cosmopolitan towns and cities or to travel far off the beaten track into more distant locations, Lassithi has it all. Driving around the countryside will bring looks of deep canyons, old abbeys, and pristine beaches.

16. Kalavryta

Tourist Attractions in Kalavryta

A historic city in the mountainous east-central part of the Achaea area, Kalavryta is standing picture-perfectly on the River Vouraikos. The city is the southern tip of the Diakopto-Kalavryta rack railway, and the rail tour to Kalavryta passes through underpasses, close to waterfalls, and along the fringe of cliffs. It is one of the most charming cog railway tours on earth. The city is also one of the most beloved winter escapes in Greece as it is established on side of Mount Helmos. Winter sports lovers gather here in the winter months to ski and mount the escarpments. The town has a catastrophic history, being the location of a horrific massacre in 1943, which is commemorated by a big white cross.

17. Heraklion

Tourist Attractions in Heraklion

Crete’s biggest town Heraklion is the epicenter of the island. Street in the city center has been changed into a walkers spot on 25th of August, when tourists can investigate the history and culture of this captivating town, without any traffic and street sound. Travelers can find some of the lengthiest town walls in Europe as well as the town’s colossal fortress close to the port of Koules. Other draws along the road incorporate St. Titus’ Cathedral, the Loggia, and St. Mark’s Basilica. Lion Square at the next tip of the strolling path from the Old Harbor is the center of the town’s social life, with natives and travelers alike gathering here to face friends for both business and social events.

18. Halkidiki

Tourist Attractions in Halkidiki

An area in northern Greece Halkidiki is famous for having three peninsulas projecting out into the Aegean Sea. Every peninsula promotes Mediterranean jungles, sandy shores, and concealed coves. The most progressed of the peninsulas is the westernmost one, Kassandra. Here you will see the biggest hotel complexes. However, for a more conventional experience of Halkidiki, attempts one of the plenty usual guesthouses on the beachfront. Familiar activities incorporate mountain biking, hiking, watersports, open-air theatre, and traveling one of the several art festivals held throughout the peninsulas during the summer. Remarkable tourist attractions incorporate the birthplace of philosopher Aristotle as well as Stageira and Olynthus, which travelers travel to find well-maintained instances of mosaic floors.

19. Gythio

Tourist Attractions in Gythio

A seaside city, Gythio is located on the south part of the Peloponnese. The city is the epicenter of Mani, which is a spot famous for having an obvious, mountainous territory. Travelers come to the city for sightseeing options in the locations as well as easy entry to some very amusing beaches, the most renowned of which is Mavrovouni. However, Selinitsa and Ageranos are both quite beautiful as well and somewhat less energetic. If you rent a car, you can effortlessly attain different Tourist Attractions in Greece from Gythio, such as the city of Acropolis, the village of Gerolimenas, and the Caves of Diros.

20. Ermioni

Tourist Attractions in Ermioni

A wonderful coastal city Ermioni is generally neglected by guidebooks and bloggers. It has a good number of facilities for travelers, incorporating banks, ATMs, hospitals, a visitor’s office, car rental offices, mass transportation, and restaurants. However, it is even now a genuine Greek city, and space incorporates the usual little hotels and apartments for rent as well as private conventional Greek residences, all of which offer a friendly and genuine Greek experience. The city is the ideal base for traveling neighboring spots such as Kilada, Thermisia, Porto Heli, Kosta, and Kannada. There are caves to visit, rock ascending spots, beaches, and beloved dive locations all effortlessly accessible from Ermioni.

21. Epidaurus

Tourist Attractions in Epidaurus

An important town in ancient Greece, Epidaurus was renowned as a healing spot and was thought to be a shelter for Apollo, Hygeia, and Asclepius, who was respected as gods of healing in Greek mythology. Now the tourist attraction provides travelers the opportunity to visit a vast range of archeological relics and have a look at life in ancient time. The region once had hundreds of spas and a good number of the existing establishments can be explored now, incorporating a big one in the asclepeion, which was the principal sanctuary region. Another of the most important locations at Epidaurus is a well-maintained theater that was established in the 4th century and could hold around 15,000 viewers.

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22. Delphi

Tourist Attractions in Delphi

The renowned historic sanctuary considered by ancient Grecians as the middle of the world, Delphi stands at the foot of Mount Parnassos. According to ancient Greek mythology, Zeus released out two eagles to see the navel of the earth and they met at this spot. Now, the archeological location holds the relics of two sanctuaries devoted to Athena and Apollo, serially, as well as a museum and some other edifices, plenty of which were built for sports. Tourists should plan to be at Delphi for not less than 4 hours. There are many things to find and tourists should certainly pace themselves. Now this tourist attraction in Greece is effortlessly entered by the present day town of Delphi or Arachova, which is much less appealing.

23. Arachova

Tourist Attractions in Greece

It is a city in the mountains of Viotia in Southern part of Greece. The village stands in a picture-perfect location at the foot of Mount Parnassos and is a beloved winter escape that is a beloved among skiers. Mount Parnassos also has the largest downhill ski resort in the country. Arachova is a dreamlike mountain ski city with totally present day amenities for travelers. You may even see a celebrity or two, so keep your eyes wide open. The city also has a lively nightlife, which draws young Athenians and travelers alike to its bars and clubs. During the summer, a number of hiking tracks and mountain trips offer wonderful looks of the charming scenery near Arachova.

24. Athens

Tourist Attractions in Greece

The town of Athens has long played an important role on earth. No wonder, it is the best tourist attractions in Greece. The town has an important and rich history, as it is Europe’s historic epicenter as well as the capital of present-day Greece. The town has been captured by several rulers throughout the centuries, and many of these standing wonderful monuments. Now, the town is a busy, present-day metropolis, but beautiful historical characteristics lie right beneath the surface. The historic city center has been changed into a big walking zone that offers entry to many of the major archeological parks, incorporating the temple of Olympian Zeus, Hadrian’s Arch, the old Theatre of Dionysus, and plenty of other spots. Strolling among the sites, it is effortless to assume yourself strolling through the paths of ancient Greece.

25. Chania

Tourist Attractions in Greece

This is one of the most beloved spots in Crete. The old edifices clustered close to the Old Venetian Harbour, a thread of quality waterfront restaurants and slender paths lined with shops; make the town an attractive destination for travelers. There are many museums, offering a good presentation to the history and culture of Crete and Chania itself, for instance, the Naval Museum (also named the Maritime Museum) and the Archeological Museum. Close to Chania, there is an abundance of amazing locations, such as the Samaria Gorge, the Venizelos Graves, the district of Tabakaria, and a number of magnificent little village ideal for submerging yourself in Cretan culture.

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