Tourist Attractions to Visit in Finland

25 Best Tourist Attractions to Visit in Finland

Here is a list of the 25 Best Tourist Attractions in Finland

1. Vantaa

tourist attractions in Vantaa

This town is situated not far away from Helsinki on the southern shore of Finland. So, it’s no wonder that it’s one of the best tourist attractions in Finland. It’s very suitably situated for a day tour to Sipoonkorpi National Park, where tourists will see hiking tracks, tranquil nature, and a jungled park that is wonderful for a tension-free day. In Vantaa, tourists will see an abundance of cultural draws, incorporating the Vantaa City Museum, the Finnish Aviation Museum, and Heureka, a science museum with a planetarium. Vantaa is situated further inland than Helsinki, but it is even now very effortless to get from the town of Vantaa to the shore of the Baltic Sea, and as an outcome, Vantaa’s eateries are full of mouth-watering newly caught seafood.

2. Turku

tourist attractions in Turku

Finnish town Turku is situated on the southern shore that historically has been famous for its ship-construction industry. Tourists to Turku can know about the construction of the ship at Forum Marinarum, with displays that even incorporate the shipyard where several of the biggest ships in the world were constructed. Turku Castle, a 13th century stone building, is one of the most ancient edifices in Finland that is even now in use. Tourists can travel to the castle and know about its history in the adjacent museum. There is also Turku Cathedral, which was established in 1300 and reformed after the demolition of a fire in the 19th century.

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3. Tampere

tourist attractions in Tampere

In Southern Finland, Tampere is located between two big lakes (and near to 200 others!) and is one of the most congested towns in Finland. Tourists to Tampere can find the outrageous art inside Tampere Cathedral, which was constructed in 1902 or knows about Kaleva Church, which is outlined like a fish when seen from above. Terrific views of the neighboring lake area can be found up close at one of the adjacent parks, beaches, or jungles in the region or from the top of the Pyynikki watchtower, which has a cafe at the top that is renowned for its mouth-watering doughnuts.

4. Savonlinna

tourist attractions in Savonlinna

Situated in the Saimaa Lake area of Finland, Savonlinna is a wonderful coastal city and a tourist attraction formed up of a cluster of islands with an iconic 15th-century castle and fortress. The fort Olavinlinna, which was initially established in 1475, has three colossal rock towers and is situated on a tiny island reachable via a bridge. This impressive historic fortress is open for trips and is also abode to a museum that narrates the castle’s history and exhibit relics discovered within the castle over the centuries. Savonlinna is the host of the yearly Savonlinna Opera Festival and also presents plenty of other carnivals, musical events, and tremendous seasonal draws every year.

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5. Saimaa

tourist attractions in Saimaa

Lake Saimaa is the biggest lake in Finland and one of the biggest lakes in total Europe, with nearly 1,700 square miles of water, and it was created by the dissolving of a huge glacier at the near of the final ice age. Lake Saimaa is fringed with plenty of wonderful islands, several of which are small and plenty of which are totally unpopulated. Tourists can hire a kayak, canoe, or boat or wish to enjoy a steamboat trip with a skilled guide, who will identify particular islands and points of enthusiasm, tell tales, and describe the history behind the views and scenery, granting tourists to unwind and relish their tour.

6. Saariselka

tourist attractions in Saariselka

Situated in the northernmost stretch of Finland, Saariselkä is a tiny village that sits at the gates of mountainous Urho Kekkonen National Park. This huge park spreads over nearly 1,000 square miles of Arctic mountains and iced tundra and is inhabited by groups of reindeer. It’s an unbelievably distant park, and surely very cold, but the looks in Urho Kekkonen National Park are totally stunning. In the village of Saariselkä itself, tourists can become livelier with a coffee or cup of warm cocoa before or after a day passed skiing and investigating everything the area has to provide.

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7. Rovaniemi

tourist attractions in Rovaniemi

One of the best tourist attractions in Finaland, Rovaniemi was about totally demolished during World War II, but reformed with great effort itself into the present-day town as it is now. Rovaniemi is the epicenter of Finnish Lapland, situated right a few minimal miles south of the Arctic Circle. The cold and distant site of this town, however, has no connection on the warmth and tradition of its inhabitants. Rovaniemi splendidly shows itself to be the formal hometown of the man in the red suit himself: Santa Claus, so a Christmas tour to Rovaniemi, specifically with the family in tow, is certain to be a really other-worldly one. It’s a wonderful spot to find the Northern Lights at night, know about Arctic exploration at the Arktikum, and watch the midnight sun during the summer.

8. Rauma

tourist attractions in Rauma

The city of Rauma is situated on Finland’s west shore, alongside the Gulf of Bothnia. Like plenty of coastal cities in Finland, it relies on fishing as an industry and not only has mouth-watering seafood at its eateries, but also provides a number of draws based around the naval industry, for instance, the Rauma Maritime Museum, which is situated inside a historically important edifice and describes the history of the region through the fishing industry. Then there’s the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Sammallahdenmäki, an old burial ground with three dozen rock cairns, some of which date back over 3,000 years.

9. Porvoo

tourist attractions in Porvoo

Situated on the southern shore of Finland, Porvoo is one of the most ancient towns in the country, dating back to the 14th century. This beautiful town provides historical abodes and edifices available to a trip, like the Postimäki Outdoor Museum, where tourists can find houses and cottages from the 19th century and know all about how those men once led their life. The Porvoo Cathedral, portions of which date back to the 13th century, is a timber and stone construction that has experienced plenty of changes over the centuries and carries a lot of history about the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland. Tourists to the town can also relish mouth-watering food, museums, shopping, and an abundance of art galleries.

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10. Oulu

tourist attractions in Oulu

In central Finland, the town of Oulu marks the location where the Oulujoki River meets with the Bay of Bothnia. Though it is situated below the Arctic Circle, Oulu is still a winter wonderland for tourists, with constant looks of the Northern Lights during the fall and winter times. Oulu is the biggest and most ancient town in northern Scandinavia, and this history is seen in the town’s edifices, like Oulu Castle, an edifice constructed in the 16th century on the site of an even more ancient fortress from nearly the 13th century. Trips and private instructors will make tourists see around the town of Oulu as well as the neighboring areas, incorporating cross-country skiing, Arctic camping tours, and much more.

11. Oulanka National Park

tourist attractions in Oulanka National Park
Oulanka National Park

The uneven wilderness of Oulanka National Park is plainly breathtaking. Situated in the Finnish areas of Lapland and Northern Ostrabothnia, Oulanka National Park has more than 100 square miles of hills, jungles, and flowing rivers and it is one of the best tourist attractions in Finland. The park parts its boundary with Russia and immense Paanajärvi National Park right on the other side. Tourists will see gushing rapids in rivers that tour down courses engraved by ice age glaciers as well as waterfalls, suspended bridges, and spacious grasslands. Hiking tracks in Oulanka National Park differ from short day tours that can be enjoyed on foot or by snowshoe, relying on the season, to the huge but charming 50-mile Karhunkierros Trail.

12. Nuuksio National Park

tourist attractions in Nuuksio National Park
Nuuksio National Park

This national park surrounds more than 20 square miles of charming natural expanse on southern Finland, right north of the town of Espoo and a simple drive from Helsinki. Nuuksio National Park contains well-marked hiking tracks of diversifying degrees of difficulty – with choices as short as 1 mile and as long as 10 miles – as well as nearly 20 miles of biking tracks and about 15 miles of tracks perfect for horseback riders. The park’s landscape is marked with plenty of serene lakes, green jungles, and wonderful rugged rock developments. Tourists can enjoy camping in huts or in more uneven, wild positions in their tents and relish a savor of the charming Finnish wilderness.

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13. Naantali

tourist attractions in Naantali

The historic city of Naantali was once a big convent, but now this municipality, largely situated on an archipelago in southwest Finland, is a beloved visitor hub. It’s one of the most ancient cities in Finland, established in the 15th century for a convent whose church is still an iconic portion of the city now and is extends over some wonderful, panoramic islands. Tourists can trip the Naantali Church, situated at the top of a hill in the city as a very noticeable high point. Naantali is also abode to Moomin World, a kid’s theme park based on the famous book series by Tove Jansson.

14. Lappeenranta

tourist attractions in Lappeenranta

Town Lappeenranta is situated on the southern coasts of Lake Saimaa, less than 20 miles from Finland’s eastern boundary with Russia. The Lappeenranta Fortress was one time a line of protection for the town but now is filled with new life as the ancient town of the city, where tourists can walk the historical paths as they explore the artisan’s stores and check out the museums that today call this district abode. Lappeenranta also has a substantial collection of historic churches, edifices, museums, and wonderful parks for tourists to relish during their travel.

15. Kuusamo

tourist attractions in Kuusamo

Whitewater rafting on the strong currents of a mighty river, hiking through fells and jungles filled with unspoiled old-growth trees and skiing down the slope of a mountain with an extensive look of the landscape before you are only a number of the adventures that wait in Kuusamo. Ruka Ski Resort is internationally famous, and it is one of the biggest ski regions in total Finland. There, tourists can relish ski jumping as well as cross-country and Nordic skiing on prize-winning tracks that have been presented in world skiing tournaments. Every winter, Kuusamo is the abode to the Iisakki Winter Village, a wonderful city of igloos and constructions made totally of snow. There are snow shops, snow eateries, a snow theater, and even a snow chapel for marriages.

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16. Kuopio

tourist attractions in Kuopio

It’s a town that is located amidst the plenty of lakes of central Finland in the area of Northern Savonia. Finnish Lakeland is the single biggest Lake District in total Europe, with a scanty population and an amazing number of lakes to form some wonderful landscape. In Kuopio, tourists can visit several of these lakes by foot or even by steamboat, or they can ascend the Puijo watchtower for a look overlooking the lakes. In the town of Kuopio, tourists will see a town full of markets, eateries, shopping, and vibrant culture that even has its own discrete dialect.

17. Kotka

tourist attractions in Kotka

The town of Kotka in southern Finland is situated on the shore of the Baltic Sea, nearly 30 miles from the Russian frontier. In Kotka, tourists can visit the Maritime Museum of Finland as well as the Maretarium, an aquarium that exhibits species of fish seen in Finland. Kotka is really a fishing fanatic’s heaven as the Kymijoki River, which flows through the town, has several of the finest salmon fishing options in the country, and Langinkoski, a rapid on the river, has an ancient edifice that was once a royal Russian fishing lodge. Those who aren’t seeking to enjoy fishing but would still like to relish the surroundings can try kayaking or whitewater rafting on the flowing waters of the Langinkoski Rapids.

18. Koli National Park

tourist attractions in Koli National Park
Koli National Park

Year-round, Koli National Park provides its travelers a stunning view at Scandinavian nature. Relying on the season, tourists can hike, snowshoe, or cross-country ski through huge, open fields, snow-dusted fells, jungled hills, and even beaches. There are plenty of short and panoramic tracks ideal for a day tour as well as others, for instance, the Lake Herajärvi Trail, which is 18-40 miles long and takes some days of hiking to finish the trail. Lake Pielinen provides a wonderful opportunity for those fascinated in canoeing or kayaking, and other draws in the park incorporate caves, waterfalls and, in the hotter months, fields filled with charming wildflowers.

19. Kittila

tourist attractions in Kittila

North of the Arctic Circle in the immense wilderness of Finnish Lapland sits Kittilä, a beloved resort city and a wonderful tourist attractions in Finland. At Levi Resort, tourists can ski or snowboard on imposing mountain slants, and in the evenings from September until April they can have a breathtaking glance of the wonderful and other-worldly phenomenon of the aurora borealis, glimmering in shades of green, pink, yellow, and violet in the night sky. Levi also arranges an educational display about the Sami people, who are native to the area, with pictures, artifacts, and even edifices that show their tradition. Elsewhere in Kittilä, tourists can visit Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park, which contains lofty and unproductive arctic grounds, wonderful jungles, and marshy mires.

20. Kemi

tourist attractions in Kemi

This city is situated at the northern tip of Bothnian Bay, in Finnish Lapland. This Arctic city is a winter wonderland and is the abode to the Snow Castle, a wonderful seasonal attraction in Finland accessible from January through April and containing magnificent tunnels, chambers walkways, and statues, all constructed totally from ice. There is a snow eaterie, an icy chapel where people arrive from all over the world to get wedded, and even an ice hotel where fearless tourists can pass the night in sub-zero temperatures. Kemi is also abode to the icebreaker Sampo, an enormous ship planned to shatter through the heavy ice of the polar seas, and tourists can take a cruise on Bothnian Bay in this monster of a ship.

21. Jyvaskyla

tourist attractions in Jyvaskyla

Town Jyväskylä is in central Finnish Lakeland. There is plenty of wonderful architecture in Jyväskylä, specifically constructions were done by renowned architect Alvar Aalto, who planned plenty of its edifices. Jyväskylä is abode to two sites recorded as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, incorporating Petäjävesi Old Church, a distinctive and charming timbered Lutheran church that was constructed during the mid 18th century, and a 19th century research station named the Oravivuori Triangulation Tower, which was set up in the mid-1800s to try and decide the size and curvature of the world, but today makes for a charmingly panoramic overlook.

22. Imatra

tourist attractions in Imatra

In eastern Finland close to the Russian border, tourists may see Imatra, a city that is familiar for its nearness to the Vuoksi River as well as Lake Saimaa. The powerfully breathtaking Imatrankoski Rapids is the biggest river rapids in Europe and is a beloved draw for guests traveling the region. Kruununpuisto Park, the most ancient national park in total Finland, also provides a wonderful glimpse into nature just in the heart of the town. Various museums in Imatra, as well as the flourishing Cultural Center, and multiple historical abodes and edifices available for travelers to visit make Imatra a thrilling and attraction-packed spot to explore.

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23. Hameenlinna

tourist attractions in Hameenlinna

Situated in southern Finland, Hämeenlinna is a town on the coasts of Lake Vanajevesi. This charmingly historic destination contains an iconic medieval castle constructed of red brick named Häme Castle, where tourists can see the 13th century stone structure and its picturesque surroundings alongside the lake. Tourists can also pass a day at Torronsuo National Park, a natural swampland familiar for the variation and ubiquity of birdlife, or check out one of Hämeenlinna’s museums, like the Artillery Museum of Finland or the Skogster Museum. Hämeenlinna also provides plenty of magnificent historic homes to travel, like Palander House or the abode where renowned composer Jean Sibelius was born.

24. Espoo

tourist attractions in Espoo

Although it might appear little by the standards of other big towns, Espoo is basically the second biggest town in Finland. Situated close to the south of the country, just about a 20-minute drive from Helsinki, Espoo provides a big dose of culture with its memorials, museums, shopping, and eateries, but still maintains to stay very near to nature. Espoo is very conveniently situated to Nuuksio National Park, a huge natural expanse with panoramic jungles and lakes, and Espoo is also just a few miles from the shore of the Gulf of Finland in the Baltic Sea.

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25. Helsinki

tourist attractions in Helsinki

Tourists to Helsinki can enjoy a walk down the Mannerheimintie, the town’s major street, which is fringed with plenty of cultural and fun draws. Helsinki, the epicenter of Finland, is situated on the country’s southern shore on a tiny peninsula in the Gulf of Finland. There’s the Finnish Parliament House, the National Museum, where tourists can know about Finland’s history as far back as the Stone Age, and the Kiasma, a present-day art museum. In Helsinki, tourists can also see Uspenski Cathedral, a red brick construction that was made in the 19th century and stands at the fringe of the town’s port. Helsinki is a wonderful home base for a vacation in Finland, with plenty of other cities and towns in short distance for a day tour. No wonder, it’s one of the best tourist attractions in Finland

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