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Top 21 Beaches in Virginia to visit in 2021

Here is a list of the 21 Best Beaches in Virginia

1. Sandbridge Beach

Best Beaches in Virginia
Sandbridge Beach

Just 15 minutes south of Virginia Beach’s busy, crowded Resort Area is Sandbridge Beach, familiar as the “Outer Banks of Virginia,” 5 miles of splendid golden sands extending along the Atlantic Ocean Beaches in Virginia. This calm, tranquil beach is encompassed by 5 miles of huge sand dunes and rich, thriving sea oats, an ideal private oasis for a family excursion. If you are seeking for more than spattering in the calm, transparent waters or just walking along the beach, you can investigate the encompassing swamplands and huge open waters of the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge as well as False Cape State Park, both familiar for wonderful hiking, kayaking, and fishing.

2. Resort Area Beach

best beaches in virginia
Resort Area Beach

Virginia Beach is a delightful little coastal city a few hours from Washington D.C. familiar for being the longest entertainment beach on earth. The beloved tourist destination of Beaches in Virginia is a blend of history, amusement, and pretty nature. Along the Atlantic Ocean, from Croatan all the way to the north tip of the town beach, is the Resort Area, the most beloved and most energetic portion of the city. In this place, you can see all types of live music, street entertainers, food sellers, open-air cafes, and a 3-mile lengthy boardwalk that resembles the beach. It is the spot for jogging and rollerblading, for coming off the beach for a cool drink, to have a bite to eat, and people-observation. The beach is well-beloved among the surfers, swimmers, and sun-worshipers and lifeguards make it secured for the children as well.

3. Ocean View Beach

best beaches in ocean view
Ocean View Beach

Norfolk’s Ocean View has 7.5 miles of striking public cost-free-access beaches along the Chesapeake Bay with quiet waters that are ideal for swimming, sunbathing, and playing. Big commercial piers provide tackle rentals and bait stores and are an outstanding position for crabbing and fishing. Along the beach is Ocean View Park, with a good number of shadowy trees, a summer house, several picnic tables, and a bathhouse. It is one of three well-ordered and conserved parks on the beach. The serene bay waters are ideal for children, paddle boarding, and kayaking, while the even solid-packed sand is wonderful for jogging or relaxed walk along the water.

4. Colonial Beach

best beaches in virginia
Colonial Beach

It is a delightful little resort city on the Potomac River, well-known for its 2.5-mile-long beachfront. The city grew as a resort destination for the citizens from Washington D.C. in the early to the mid-20th century and is the sole city with a shoreline on the Atlantic Ocean as well as the Chesapeake Bay. The city has affluent history and a number of very remarkable erstwhile inhabitants, but the largest draw is the beach.

It is difficult to trust that the beach is literally on the Potomac River, which is 6 miles broad at Colonial Beach. Parallel to the beach is the renowned boardwalk, where most of the tourist life occurs. Except swimming and sunbathing on the shore, you can hire a kayak and paddle the river’s quiet waters, observe the ospreys in their nests, fish from the lengthy pier, or observe the boats passing by from one of plenty riverfront eateries.

5. Virginia Beach

best beaches in Virginia
Virginia Beach

No beach in Virginia is as renowned as Virginia Beach. Holidaymakers like the entry to the Atlantic Ocean. It is near to the Chesapeake Bay, which provides the region additional glamor when it comes to the food site and activities beyond constructing sandcastles. The variety of water and land experiences at Virginia Beach is one of the cause it is so famous among natives and out-of-towners. Sit beachside as you observe a surfing contest. Enjoy live music or observe a game of sand volleyball. Learn how to snorkel, or hire a bike to enjoy a ride along the tracks in the Back Bay National Refuge. Be certain to take a walk along the three-mile

boardwalk, as you hear the waves smash into the coastline, and browse the plenty of stores and eateries that line the key drag. There are plenty of good-value hotels along the beachfront, but if you are searching for more magnificent accommodations during your travel, the historic Cavalier Hotel is a portion of the Marriott five-star Autograph Collection, with chambers that have oceanfront sights and high-end decorated accommodations.

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6. Assateague Island National Seashore

Best beaches in virginia

Assateague Island is a fence island right off the Delmarva shore. One-third of the 37-mile long island is in Virginia and the remaining part is in Maryland. The Virginia portion incorporates Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge and about 1 mile of beach. The Maryland portion incorporates most of Assateague Island National Seashore and Assateague State Park. The island is familiar for its wild horses, the historic

Assateague Lighthouse, and wonderful beaches. The island is a paradise to travel, with its swamps, inlets, and bays. There are bridges that joint the island with the mainland but there is no road that goes across the total island. South of the Virginia frontier is the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge, a paradise for guest birds, specifically snow geese.

7. Bethel Beach Natural Area Preserve

best beaches in virginia

Bethel Beach Natural Area Preserve is situated in Mathews County, Virginia, near to the Chesapeake Bay. This 105-acre sandy narrow piece of land of various habitats with salt swamps and low dunes continually alters as the water and wind advance and reshape it and its slender yet beautiful sandy shore. It is magnificent hiking and bird observing region, with tidal lagoons, marshes full of shrubs, a little bay, and deeper passages. The total region is flourishing with life, for instance, the nearly extinct northeastern beach tiger beetle and thousands of birds. While the region is accessible to the public, some portions are sometimes closed to conserve its animal residents, specifically, birds during nesting times.

8. Buckroe Beach

best beaches in virginia
Buckroe Beach

Settled along the Chesapeake Bay, Buckroe Beach is one of Hampton’s most famous beaches, with 8 acres and ¾ of a mile outspread sand, a children’s playfield, three picnic spots with grills and tables, hiking and biking trails, and sufficient of parking. Lifeguards are on duty during the summer time. Each Sunday throughout the summer, there are conventional Groovin’ by the Bay concerts. Tuesdays are conserved for open-air movies, a portion of the Family Movie Series. The beach is wonderful for swimming, and paddleboats and kayaks are available for hire. No dogs are granted during the summer months.

9. Cape Charles Beach

best beaches in virginia
Cape Charles Beach

This Beach is one of the lesser familiar beaches in Virginia, which is why it is one of the finest to explore. It is situated on the East coast on the Chesapeake Bay. The public beach has quiet, shallow waters, so it is fine for families and for tourists who do not wish to swim in the ocean waves. If you are seeking a beach that provides effortless entry to water sports, Cape Charles Beach has some native stores that can book trip for you. The shops also have kayaks for hire if you like to plan your own paddle trip in the bay waters.

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The beach is only 10 miles north of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, which is effortless to see. It is nice for pets with diverse hours during different times of the year, so you will wish to check before you visit. The Kiptopeke State Park is close by, which also contains a public beach and a bathhouse. The city of Cape Charles is a historic city with little eateries and boutique stores. The lodging opportunities are mostly small bed-and-breakfasts in Cape Charles, for instance, the Alyssa House Bed and Breakfast in a reconstructed century-old abode.

10. Chesapeake Beach

best beaches in virginia
Chesapeake Beach

Familiar among the natives as Chic’s Beach, is one of the most beloved beaches in Virginia Beach. This beautiful stretch of sand goes for about 2 miles between the Lynnhaven Inlet and the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel. The region was flourished as a seafront suburban community in the early 1900s and was utilized as an observation post during WWII. The region was familiar for Chic’s, a beloved spot vending ice cream and limeade.


It is a locality of single-family abodes, condominiums, beach cottages, duplexes, and apartments. Beloved Ocean Park is also extended along the beach, and hiking and biking are wonderful along the sandy fringe of the water. The Little Creek Naval Amphibious Base is situated at the west side of the region, joining long extends of conserved beaches, which bear sea life. Beloved activities on the beach are boating, jet skiing, paddle boarding, hiking along the beach, and building sand castles.

11. Chincoteague

best beaches in virginia

The beach at Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge is thought to be one of the most charming beaches on the Atlantic shore. The windswept sandy fence island is very famous among beach enthusiasts, who can select between the wild beach, Toms Cove Hook, and the entertainment beach. Swimming and sunbathing draw a big crowd each summer and lifeguards are on duty to make certain everyone’s safety. The entertainment beach is also beloved with birders, beachcombers, photographers, anglers, and nature enthusiasts. Crabbing, clamming, kayaking, and surfing are also famous. Wild Beach is 11-mile-lengthy heaven for hikers as no cars are granted. Toms Cove Hook provides wonderful 10-mile walks along the ocean to Fishing Point. The brittle dunes along the hook are thought to be closed reservation regions.

12. First Landing State Park

best beaches in virginia
First Landing State Park

This coastal refuge provides a good number of activities, for instance, swimming, boating, hiking, biking, fishing, or enjoying a picnic. For overnight stays, there is accommodation such as a campsite or the park’s cabins. First Landing State Park is a 2,888-acre park situated on Cape Henry in North Virginia Beach. The beach is one and a quarter-mile long, situated on the Chesapeake Bay. There are no lifeguards on the First Landing’s beach and no swimming is permitted at the boat launch region or in the Narrows. The beach is mainly secluded and the water is hotter and quieter than in the Atlantic Ocean, ideal for little kids. There are noticeable access points to the beach with boardwalks across the dunes to defend the brittle dunes’ plant life. The beach is usually clean and the sand is white and very nice.

13. Kiptopeke State Park

best beaches in virginia
Kiptopeke State Park

Until 1964 the region was utilized by the Virginia Ferry Corporation as the last stop for the Little Creek-Cape Charles Ferry. Kiptopeke State Park is situated on Virginia’s eastern coast. The park has entry to the Chesapeake Bay, providing a good number of entertainment chances for instance hiking, biking, and watching guest birds that are nesting along the flyway. The park contains a boat ramp, a fishing pier, some picnic spots a, children’s playfield, and more than 5 miles of biking and hiking tracks. For those who wish to expand their stay, there are cozy cabins, a campground, six-bedroom cottage, a yurt, and a bunkhouse. It is a calm and serene spot, ideal for those who wish to loosen up and relax encompassed by nature.

14. Westmoreland State Park

best beaches in virginia
Westmoreland State Park

The Horsehead Cliffs are the finest place for tremendous sights of the river, which is 6 miles broad at this point. Westmoreland State Park is a 1,311-acre conserved region that extends for 1.5 miles along the Potomac River on the Northern Neck Peninsula, close to Montross in Westmoreland County, Virginia. The rich unfrequented park provides seven hiking tracks stretching over 6 miles, wonderful fishing with boat ramps for fishermen, camping, lodging in 26 rural cabins, and swimming both on the river beach and in the park’s pool. Westmoreland State Park was founded in 1936 and is one of the six state parks constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps. Near the park is Stratford Hall, the birthplace of Robert E. Lee as well as the birthplace of George Washington.

15. Belle Isle Beach

best beaches in virginia
Belle Isle Beach

For a really extraordinary “beach” experience in Virginia, Belle Isle Beach in Richmond is a leading one. It is thought as a city beach cause in lieu of sand and ocean waves, it has natural plain rocks that the natives prefer to utilize for lying in the sun. While swimming is not recommended because of the quick rapids, it is a wonderful opportunity if you only wish to be around water and plunge your feet in to chill off. The scenery around Belle Isle Beach has cliffs and little, quiet shallow pools of water. Belle Isle Beach is situated in the middle of Belle Isle Historic Park in downtown Richmond.

It is a wonderful opportunity if you do not have the time to allot to drive to the ocean and passing the day. The park itself is a 54-acre island that was one time a fishing village. Besides the spectacular urban beach, there are hiking tracks and several historic places to travel.

16. Jamestown Beach

best beaches in virginia
Jamestown Beach

One of the finest kept beach secrets in Virginia is Jamestown Beach, situated near the historic Jamestown Settlement. There is a seafront park with facilities like concessions, a pier, picnic spots, restrooms, and shadowed regions. It is a family-friendly beach with lagoons and a fine park when you require time out of the sun. Jamestown Beach is an ideal add-on opportunity if you are already traveling Historic Jamestown or Busch Gardens Williamsburg. The park does charge tourists a little day-fee for entry.

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17. Kerr Lake

best beaches in virginia
Kerr Lake

If you like lake beaches than ocean beaches then Kerr Lake on Buggs Island in Clarksville is your finest bet. It is the biggest lake in Virginia, with 50,000-acres of water. You can see tucked-away inlets and over 800 miles of coastline extending around the lake. There are plenty of swimming spots and water sport opportunities, for instance, water skiing, boating, and sailing. The vastness of Kerr Lake means that you have plenty of alternatives for getting the ideal stretch of waterway to suit your enthusiasm. If you are camping, there are some parks neighboring the lake with conveniences, incorporating Ivy Hill Park, Buffalo Park, North Bend Park, Rudds Creek, Palmer Point Park, and Longwood Park.

18. Smith Mountain Lake Beach

best beaches in virginia
Smith Mountain Lake Beach

One of the most famous in-shore beaches in Virginia is Smith Mountain Lake. It is the second-biggest lake in the state and it is encompassed by a cottage community. The freshwater beaches on the lake are magnificent for families and water sports lovers. There are plenty of swimming spots, and the lake is appropriate for jet skiing, boating, and fishing. There are a public fishing jetty and plenty of picnic spots. Smith Mountain Lake has camping provisions and many trees where you can suspend a hammock in the shade after passing a day on the water.

19. Lake Anna

best beaches in virginia
Lake Anna

With 200 miles of coastline, Lake Anna in northern Virginia is the third biggest lake in the state. There is a popular beach with fine white sands. You will feel you are on the ocean, without the absence of waves. Lake Anna has clear water, so it is a fine spot to swim and unwind on the coastline. The lake is also famous for water entertainment activities, for instance, wakeboarding, water skiing, and boating. There are some shops and marinas near the lake where you can purchase things for the day or reserve a lesson to learn a new water sport, for instance, wakeboarding.

20. Yorktown Beach

best beaches in virginia
Yorktown Beach

The little coastline of Yorktown Beach is a two-acre public beach situated in historic Yorktown. This little beach is fine for families because there are amenities close by, for instance, restrooms and eateries. Besides the seafront, there is a fishing jetty and nice picnic spots. Entry to Yorktown Beach is effortless. You can park in public lots situated in Yorktown and take a supportive shuttle to the beach. Swimming is the most beloved activity at the beach, but kayaks and paddleboards are at hand for hire from a native shop. For an additional beach outing, you can also take a sunset sail or historical boat tour on the York River.

21. Croatan Beach, Virginia Beach

best beaches in Virginia
Croatan Beach, Virginia Beach

The little beach is less than a mile long and is very popular among surfers, who have two appointed spots to relish the waves. There are lifeguards in presence, and provisions incorporate restrooms and showers. It is much calmer than the close by Virginia Beach boardwalk. Those wishing to learn to surf can get lessons in the midpoint of summer. There is a charge for parking but the beach is cost-free. An amusing piece of trivia – it was purchased by a religious group for progression of a training center in 1898 but these plans never happened.

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