Tourist Attractions in Rhode Island

25 Best Tourist Attractions to Visit in Rhode Island

Here is a list of the 25 Best Tourist Attractions in Rhode Island

1. Enchanted Forest

tourist attractions in Enchanted Forest
Enchanted Forest

The Enchanted Forest will appeal to those who are fascinated in a bit eerie and off-beat draw and probably to earlier tourists on an evocative trip. In its prime (it started in 1971), the jungle was a beloved fairy-tale themed kids’ entertainment park aimed specifically at younger kids. In those times young tourists could live through their beloved nursery rhymes and fairy-tales as they relished an exceptional child-sized roller coaster, bumper cars, a merry-go-round, and other draws in a lovely, shadowy forest setting. Unluckily the Enchanted Forest shut down in 2005, and now it is more of a ghost city than an entertainment park. Maximum of the authentic edifices and constructions (incorporating a timbered pirate ship) have been left on site but it would be prudent to practice care when visiting.

2. Burlingame State Park

tourist attractions in Burlingame State Park
Burlingame State Park

This state park and Campground is a very beloved open-air entertainment region near Charlestown and a wonderful tourist attractions in Rhode Island. You can visit the park on a day tour and relish a picnic or barbeque or carry a tent and pass a night or two beneath the stars. The park has a swimming beach and a boat launch, and you can experience canoeing, kayaking, and salt-water fishing. Maximum people travel precisely to hike the 9.5-mile Campground Trail, which serpentines through 3,100 acres of rugged forest in a loop around Watchaug Pond – the track is also appropriate for mountain bikers and tracks runners. There are further hiking options in the nearby Kimball Wildlife Sanctuary.

3. Blackstone River Bikeway

tourist attractions in Blackstone River Bikeway
Blackstone River Bikeway

It is one of the most beloved tourist attraction in the John H. Chafee Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor, which connects Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Ardent cyclists should not miss the opportunity to enjoy a  fabled adventure along the bikeway which connects central Worcester, MA to India Point Park in Providence, RI. Although portions of the bikeway go along prevailing roadways, most of the track goes alongside the historic Blackstone River, and you will have innumerable options to jump off your bike and inspect. Plenty of the cities and villages along the forty-eight-mile bikeway provide historic strolling trips (wonderful for a small saddle relief) and self-guided paddling trips are extensively available along different portions of the river.

4. Goddard Memorial State Park

tourist attractions in Goddard Memorial State Park
Goddard Memorial State Park

This state park is a spreading amusement green space situated along the coasts of Greenwich Bay and a wonderful tourist attractions in Rhode Island. The park provides a broad variety of open-air activities both on the coast and along big tracts of jungles and fields. You can try horseback riding along eighteen miles of picture-perfect bridle tracks, attend in the amusement on one of eleven playfields, enjoy strolling through the gardens, or just laze and enjoy a picnic encompassed by nature. You can pass the day unwinding on the swimming beach or try canoeing around the coastline. The park also incorporates a nine-hole golf course and a performing arts center that arranges frequent concerts and ceremonies.

5. Napatree Point Conservation Area

tourist attractions in Napatree Point Conservation Area
Napatree Point Conservation Area

Natural and marvelous and right far enough isolated area to be less filled but still effortlessly reachable, Napatree Point Conservation Area provides nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers a marvelous spot to explore the beach and do some bird-observing. The reservation region is situated on a narrow sandy area that parts Little Narragansett Bay from the ocean, and it is a significant refuge for plenty of species of native and guest birds. You can enjoy a three-mile hike along the beach to observe the wildlife and experience some wonderful scenes of the bay and the ocean. The beach is effortlessly entered from the parking region on Bay Street.

6. Scarborough State Beaches

tourist attractions in Scarborough State Beaches
Scarborough State Beaches

North and south are situated along Ocean Road in Narragansett and provide tourists and natives a perfect spot to laze, relax, and have a wonderful family sun and surf experience. Both beaches have lately been reinvigorated, and the improved provisions incorporate a pavilion and shadowed picnic spots. You can enjoy a stroll along the covered boardwalk that goes the full length of the beach and has accommodations for those who would love to sit and gape at the ocean or do some people-observing. You will see that the beach is perfect for families – it is long and broad with clean mushy sand and transparent water for bathing with the extra bonus of a lifeguard on duty until 6 pm in summer.

7. Misquamicut State Beach

tourist attractions in Misquamicut State Beach
Misquamicut State Beach

Scarborough State Beaches (north and south) are situated along Ocean Road in Narragansett and provide tourists and natives a perfect spot to laze, relax, and have a wonderful family sun and surf experience. Both beaches have lately been reinvigorated, and the improved provisions incorporate a pavilion and shadowed picnic spots. You can enjoy a stroll along the covered boardwalk that goes the full length of the beach and has accommodations for those who would love to sit and gape at the ocean or do some people-observing. You will see that the beach is perfect for families – it is long and broad with clean mushy sand and transparent water for bathing with the extra bonus of a lifeguard on duty until 6 pm in summer.

8. Sachuest Point National wildlife Refuge

tourist attractions in Sachuest Point National wildlife Refuge
Sachuest Point National wildlife Refuge

This place offers a haven to more than 200 species of local and guest birds and invites all wildlife lovers and nature enthusiasts to visit and pass a day getting closer to nature and knowing about the environment. You can enjoy a hike along three miles of tracks that cover various abodes, incorporating forty acres of salt swamps and some sheer and rugged coastline. There are elevated passages and high watching points along the tracks so that you consistently have a wonderful look of the haven. Photographers will especially relish utilizing the hide, and everybody can enjoy the explanatory exhibitions in the Visitor’s Center. No wonder, it’s a wonderful tourist attractions in Rhode Island.

9. Historic Wickford Village

tourist attractions in Historic Wickford Village
Historic Wickford Village

Perfectly situated along the Wickford Harbor waterfront, historic Wickford Village precisely exudes Rhode Island ambience and beauty. The village dates back to 1709 and provides tourists the opportunity to return back in time and discern what life was like in New England over a century ago. As you walk along the lovely village paths, you can look a variety of distinctive boutiques, art galleries, and eateries and appreciate the frontage of some of the historic abodes and churches, which were established in the 1700s. The village arranges some yearly events, incorporating the Wickford Art Festival in July and Daffodil Days in spring. To get busy on the water, you can hire a kayak or paddleboard from the Kayak Center who also provides instructions and guided trips.

10. Narragansett Town Beach

tourist attractions in Narragansett Town Beach
Narragansett Town Beach

Plenty of tourists to Rhode Island visit to experience the miles and miles of charming shoreline and sandy swimming beaches, of which Narragansett Town Beach is perhaps one of the most beloved. Although you have to pay to utilize the beach (and the parking spot) during the summer season, maximum tourists concur that it is well worth the price to have entry to such a neat and well-maintained beach. There are nearly nineteen acres of white sand inviting all ardent sand-castle makers, and the water is ideal for bathing, body-boarding, and surfing. The beach has accommodation for resting and concessions vending food and snacks.

11. Historic Federal Hill

tourist attractions in historic federal hill
Historic Federal Hill

It builds the very center and core of Providence, mirroring the affluent history and culture of the Italian settlers who inhabited in the region in the late 1800s. You can visit this busy and lively “Little Italy” on foot, traveling distinctive Italian bakeries, food stores, and boutiques, or see yourself a place at a pavement café and relish an espresso as you see the world go by. Food lovers will have to make some hard selection in Federal Hill – the region is the abode to some of Providence’s finest eateries. If you require some direction, you can go on a Savor Food Tour to encounter several of the finest chefs and know all about cooking the Italian way.

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12. Brenton Point State Park

tourist attractions in Brenton Point State Park
Brenton Point State Park

This state park is situated where Narragansett Bay and the Atlantic Ocean join about midway along Newport’s renowned Ocean Drive. The park holds the grounds of what was one time Hammersmith Farm, one of the most magnificent private estates in Newport, and accordingly provides several of the finest views you are probably to see anywhere in Rhode Island. You can halt by to appreciate the looks and beautiful gardens as you make your way along Ocean Drive or you can make a day of it and carry a picnic basket to relish at one of the picnic spots peppered underneath the shadowy trees. Fishing and hiking are accessible too on site.

13. Mohegan Bluffs

tourist attractions in Mohegan Bluffs
Mohegan Bluffs

The soaring 200-foot mud cliffs that make up the Mohegan Bluffs are a must-visit tourist attractions in Rhode Island for any tourist to Block Island and provide one of Rhode Island’s most scenic looks out over the Atlantic Ocean. The view at the top of the bluffs is effortlessly reachable, but if you wish to appreciate the cliffs from Corn Cove beach at the base of the bluffs, you will require steering more than 100 steps. As payment for the laborious trip up and down, you will be prized by outstanding views and plenty of magnificent photo chances. Be certain to explore the historic Block Island Southeast Lighthouse which had to be disassembled and moved back more than 300 feet in 1993 for abrasion of the cliffs.

14. Colt State Park

tourist attractions in colt state park
Colt State Park

This park holds an excellent position along the western coast of Rhode Island and its total western border provides peerless panoramas of charming Narragansett Bay. The park is a perfect spot for both natives and tourists to appear and laze and relax, have a picnic, or practice some movements and so it’s a wonderful tourist attractions in Rhode Island. You can carry your bike and enjoy a ride (or stroll) along four miles of covered bicycle tracks that serpentine through the 464-area green region. You can pack a picnic to relish in the open air at one of the six picnic spots, which together provide more than 400 picnic tables. The maintained lawns, flowering bushes, and groomed fruit trees provide a wonderful canvas for wedding photographs, and there is a beloved Chapel-by-the-Sea for those loving to strap the knot.

15. Ocean Drive

tourist attractions in Ocean Drive
Ocean Drive

the Ten Mile Drive (or just The Drive to natives) is situated in Newport, Rhode Island and is a must-do activity and a superb way for tourists to absorb the Newport ambience and find several of the basic landmarks. Newport excellently became the summer playfield of the affluent and renowned in the Gilded Age of the late 1800s when hundreds of rich Americans gathered to the picture-perfect island to construct huge summer residences. Now you can drive or cycle the ten-mile loop to find some of the vast Newport Mansions, explore Brent Point State Park and Fort Adams where you can trip the Fort Adams Museum and Eisenhower House, and halt by the public sailing center at Sail Newport.

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16. Johnson

tourist attractions in Johnston

The little Rhode Island city of Johnson is situated eleven miles west of Providence and would be a perfect base for tourists desiring to visit bigger providence region There is a wide selection of open-air activities on offer within a little drive of Johnson, incorporating Neutraconkanut Hill Conservancy where you can enjoy hiking and wildlife observing along a diversity of tracks and Wolf Hill Preserve which also provides a selection of hiking tracks. When you require a dose of culture you can proceed to Providence to travel Roger Williams Park, which surrounds the Roger Williams Park Zoo, the Museum of Natural History and Planetarium, the Botanical Center, Carousel Village, and the Casino. All these provisions made this city a wonderful tourist attractions in Rhode Island.

17. Cumberland

tourist attractions in cumberland

The historic rustic city of Cumberland is located into the far north-eastern corner of Providence County and dates back to 1635. The city is a treasure trove for tourists fascinated in historic architecture and has four different historic districts to visit. You could begin your journey at the historic Metcalf Franklin Farm, which spreads over 65 acres of land and is the abode to a 19th- century Greek renovated the farmhouse and an early 19th – century wood frame barn. A walk or drive through several of the historic districts will exhibit dozens of abodes and edifices dating back to the early and mid-1800s. Outdoor lovers can travel the Blackstone River State Park to enjoy cycling along the twelve-mile Blackstone River Bike Path and at Diamond Hill. Hikers can take on the thirteen-mile Warner Trail.

18. Middletown

tourist attractions in Middletown

As its name indicates, Middletown is situated just in the center of Aquidneck Island in Newport Country between Portsmouth in the north and Newport in the south and a wonderful tourist attractions in Rhode Island. The city dates back to 1743, and history lovers can know all about the settling days by traveling the headquarters of the Middletown Historic Society in the 1875 Paradise School edifice. Other historic landmarks you can travel incorporate Boyd’s Eight-Vane Wind Grist Mill, Witherbee School, and the Middletown War Veterans Memorial Park. You can enjoy swimming, surfing, and castle constructing on Sachuest Beach (aka Second Beach) or proceed to Third Beach where you can enjoy boating, fishing, and kayaking.

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19. Coventry

tourist attractions in coventry

It is a lovely country city in Kent Country, Rhode Island, offering tourists with a fine base for inspecting the neighboring countryside. If you love history, you can pay a trip to the Paine House Museum and the General Nathanael Greene Homestead (aka Spell Hall), which dates back to 1770 and is today utilized as a museum. For a break from history, you can try strolling, canoeing, and hiking in the Nicholas Farm Management Area Nature Preserve or the immaculate Maxwell Mays Wildlife Preserve or proceed to the coast at Briar Point. Golfers can try a round at the West Warwick Country Club.

20. East Providence

tourist attractions in East Providence
East Providence

The picturesque town of East Providence in Rhode Island is forever joyful to invite tourists who come to find historic landmarks, coastal villages, and magnificent sunsets. You can begin your journey by knowing about the settling days in East Providence at the John Hunt House (1750), which serves as the center for the East Providence Historical Society and promotes huge grounds and hiking tracks along the Ten Mile River. The Phillip Walker House and the Heritage Garden are also worth a trip. The Pomham Rocks Lighthouse is a renowned East Providence landmark and is famous for providing the finest spot for observing magnificent sunsets.

21. Woonsocket

tourist attractions in Woonsocket

Take a step back in time to a more elegant time as you walk through Woonsocket’s South Main Street Historic District, which has been cautiously reserved to look right about as it did in the 1800s. You can find sixty-five historic properties, several of which were established as far back as 1830, and all of which exhibit a classic American little-town main street. To further investigate the city’s historical background, you can explore the Museum of Work and Culture, the Veterans’ Memorial Museum, and the St. Ann Arts and Cultural Center. Outdoor lovers can try canoeing or kayaking in the Blackstone River Valley or leap aboard the Blackstone Valley Explorer Riverboat for Nature and Heritage Tour or an Environmental Trip.

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22. Block Island

tourist attractions in block island
Block Island

This island provides tourists a scenic island leisure destination encompassed by seventeen miles of coastline and limitless opportunities for amusement in the sun. The tight island is ideal to visit on foot along with a collection of hiking tracks that will guide you to concealed coves and bays distant from the gatherings. If you feel a bit less active, you can rend a moped or bicycle from one of three shops. The perfect charm of the island has drawn a good number of artists, and you can appreciate (and buy) their work at some galleries or at the Farmer’s Market each Wednesday and Saturday. You can find the island from a totally new point of view on a chartered island sightseeing cruise or pass your days kayaking, surfing, skim-boarding, diving, and snorkeling.

23. Providence

tourist attractions in Providence

It is the epicenter of Rhode Island, providing tourists little-town glamor associated with large town culture and experience. The town was established back in 1636, and now you can take an East Side Walking Tour to investigate some historic draws, for instance, the Rhode Island State House on Capitol Hill and the Old Brick School House. For art enthusiasts, the Providence Art Club, Rhode Island School of Design, and the Providence Performing Arts Center are must-visit inclusion to the journey. You can jump aboard a gilded gondola to find a series of elegant Venetian-style bridges that join the renovated Downtown to the East Side and travel adjacent WaterPlace Park to join an open-air summer concert and find the magnificent WaterFire multi-sensory bon-fire art installation.

24. Newport

tourist attractions in newport

It  is nearly totally encompassed by the ocean, and it is effortless to find why generations of American nobleman selected it as their summer escape destination. Newport is constructed up of nine separate coastal cities and is frequently named the “Sailing Capital of the World” – you can enjoy a walk around several of the marinas to appreciate the attractive drifting mansions and sporty racing yachts. The Newport Cliff Walk is a National Recreational track offering another way to expose the heart of Newport – the stroll combines the charm of the shoreline with the opportunity to find several of the renowned Newport Mansions in the National Historic District. The Newport beaches provide wonderful swimming and surfing, and you can rent kayaks and paddle boards from Newport Aquatic Center.

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25. Roger Williams Park Zoo

tourist attractions in Roger Williams Park Zoo
Roger Williams Park Zoo

Attracting more than 500,000 tourists each year, it is legit to tell that the Roger Williams Park Zoo is one of the most beloved tourist draws in Rhode Island. The zoo, which can effortlessly keep you amused for a whole day, has over 100 species from all over the world. Roger Williams Park is also an abode to a museum of natural history and the biggest indoor botanical garden in New England..

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