Tourist Attractions in Oklahoma

25 Best Tourist Attractions to Visit in Oklahoma

 Here is a list of the 25  Best Tourist Attractions in Oklahoma

1. Turner Falls Park

tourist attractions in Turner Falls Park
Turner Falls Park

The wonderful tourist attractions in Oklahoma, Turner Falls sits at the center of the Turner Falls Park in the Arbuckle Mountains close to Davis. You can explore the park for a day or several hours to find the 77-foot falls (the biggest in Oklahoma State) or hire a cabin or campsite and pass some days relishing all the amusement activities on offer. There are sandy shores, natural stone swimming pools, wading regions, bathhouses, and a water slide to experience. If you like hiking, you can start off along various trails to gain perspectives of the falls. Above the falls there are three natural caverns for hikers to investigate on foot.

2. Travertine Creek Trail

tourist attractions in Travertine Creek Trail
Travertine Creek Trail

The Travertine Creek Trail is a picture-perfect and effortless hiking track in the Chickasaw National Recreational Area in the base of the Arbuckle Mountains. The track serpentines along the verges of the Travertine Creek for nearly one and a half miles, and you will go by a series of natural rock falls and man-made barrages as you go along with the route of the creek from the Travertine Nature Center to Pavilion Springs. You can pause along the route to have a refreshing bath in the natural water body underneath the Little Niagara waterfall. If you are feeling spirited, you may love to enjoy an additional side-hike to Travertine Island where you can enjoy a picnic at a true stone picnic table.

3. Skydance Bridge

tourist attractions in Skydance Bridge
Skydance Bridge

A renowned sight, Skydance Bridge is on the Oklahoma City skyline, traversing Interstate 40 south of downtown. The stroller bridge is 380 feet long and is capped by an attractive 197-foot long sculpture inspired by Oklahoma’s national bird, the scissor-tailed flycatcher. You can take a stroll along the bridge, and seats have been offered in case you would love to sit for a while and appreciate the sculpture or see the earth go by bottom on Interstate 40. Although this landmark is utterly magnificent by day, it truly comes into its own at night time when it is slightly lit up with a series of altering colored lights.

4. Grand Lake

tourist attractions in grand lake
Grand Lake

It’s full name is Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees. This lake  is situated at the base of the Ozark Mountains in northeastern Oklahoma and marks all the boxes for a vigorous family leisure destination. The massive lake is encompassed by five state parks, providing an extensive display of amusement activities. Keen fishermen appear from miles around to attempt their hand at landing bass, catfish, and more, while families usually arrive to experience camping, boating, water sports, and hiking. The region is peppered with RV sites, resorts, marinas, and outfitters providing apparatus rent for water sports, and there is no less than six golf courses close by. Hikers and bikers will see some amazing tracks to explore. No wonder, it’s one of the best tourist attractions in Oklahoma.

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5. Mount Scott

tourist attractions in Mount Scott
Mount Scott

It is one of the most famous mountains in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge close to Lawton and one of the best tourist attractions in Oklahoma. You can attain the 2,464-foot peak of Mount Scott by car along a three-mile paved street and will be prized with extensive panoramas over the neighboring wildlife sanctuary. It is also probable to drive to the peak in an RV – there is many parking and space to turn. Mountaineering lovers can accept some challenging rock-ascending on the north side of the mountain (and in some other spots within the reserve). Hikers and cyclists usually utilize the paved street to approach at the peak, but you can also indulge in some off-road traveling to approach the top.

6. Route 66

tourist attractions in route 66
Route 66

A Great American Road Trip along Route 66 is recorded on plenty of bucket lists, but taking on the total 2,400-mile journey can be a bit intimidating. To get a sample of the experience, you can think about driving the portion of the Mother Road that divides Oklahoma from Quapaw in the east to Texola in the west. Along the road, you can travel dozens of cities and villages and find plenty of the iconic Route 66 sites that have fascinated tourists for decades. You can halt by a traditional American Diner for burgers and milkshakes, check into a historic roadside motel, and find dozens of neon signals, old traditional truck stands, and kitschy Americana. History enthusiasts can tour historic spots and districts in right about each city along the road.

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7. Turkey Mountain

tourist attractions in turkey mountain
Turkey Mountain

The 300-acre Turkey Mountain Wilderness has situated only seven miles from the center of the town Tulsa and provides a wonderful amusement region for energetic natives and tourists. Horse riders can park their horse-curt close to the key access point on 67th Street and South Elward and part the multi-use tracks with strollers, hikers, and mountain bikers. Unlike most of the neighboring landscape, Turkey Mountain is rough and sheer, and the peak ascends to 300 feet above the Arkansas River, satisfying active hikers with extensive views of the town. Families can attempt some of the easier tracks that fan out from the parking region while earnest hikers, bikers, and horse riders will see many more challenging tracks up towards the peak. All these provisions made this place an amazing tourist attractions in Oklahoma.

8. Natural Falls State Park

tourist attractions in natural falls state park
Natural Falls State Park

Hidden in the idyllic Ozark Highlands near the Oklahoma/Arkansas frontier, the Natural Falls State Park is well worth a trip. The key attractions of the park are the magnificent 77-foot waterfall that falls over a rocky point into a charming natural pool. The park is a wonderful spot to pass some days communicating with nature and relishing the distinctive plants that flourish in the micro-climate formed by the waterfall. You can bear a tent or RV to the campsite and pass some time strolling and hiking along three miles of panoramic tracks. The railed watching platform at the top of the falls is available to wheelchair users, but you will require hiking down a (sheer) path to arrive the second view point at the base of the falls.

9. Robbers Cave State Park

tourist attractions in Robbers Cave State Park
Robbers Cave State Park

Located in the base hills and jungles of the picture-perfect San Bois Mountains in Southeast Oklahoma, the Robbers Cave State Park invites all daredevil visitors to come and explore an extensive diversity of open-air recreational opportunities. The park got its name from the infamous fugitives Jesse James and Belle Starr – now you can hike up to the very cave they utilized as a hiding place. You can enjoy swimming, boating, and fishing on three lakes or attempt rock ascending, rappelling, hiking, and horse riding. There is also a devoted region for ATV lovers and wonderful opportunities for younger tourists incorporating a playfield, a mini train, and ranger-led activities. There are some opportunities for a cabin rental, or you can bear your tent or RV to one of the campsites.

10. Bricktown

tourist attractions in Bricktown

It is located right east of the Downtown Business District in Oklahoma City and was the town’s first storehouse and supply center, Constructed soon after the renowned Land Run in 1889. After a time of abandonment and deteriorating, the region was completely renovated during the 70s and is today a lively and flourishing city amusement center. A wonderful way to visit the region is to jump aboard the Bricktown Water Taxi for a delightful narrated trip. Some of the Bricktown draws you can explore incorporate the American Banjo Museum, the historic Chesapeake Boathouse, the Land Run Monument, and some sports areas. Food lovers can explore the Bricktown Brewery and eat dinner at one of thirty restaurants.

11. The Golden Driller

tourist attractions in The Golden Driller
The Golden Driller

The Golden Driller definitely deserves a position on the list of Oklahoma’s most eccentric tourist attraction. The massive sculpture was first established for a business show at the Tulsa Fairgrounds in 1953 when this was one of the worlds biggest oil yielders and drilling rigs spotted the cityscape. The sculpture has been substituted three times, and the ongoing Golden Driller that you will find on your trip is the most elevated free-standing sculpture in the U.S. (76 feet) – high enough to keep his hand on a true Oklahoma oil derrick. The Golden Driller is devoted to the thousands of men in the petroleum industry who have assisted form the history of Oklahoma and the U.S.

12. Chickasaw National Recreational Area

tourist attractions in Oklahoma
Chickasaw National Recreational Area

Inviting all nature enthusiasts and water sports lovers, the Chickasaw National Recreational Area is all about having amusement in and around water. The region is a veritable oasis providing freshwater springs, lakes, waterfalls, shady glades, natural rock swimming pools, and all you require for a wonderful summer vacation. If you like camping, consider about fetching your RV to the Lake of the Arbuckles Campground. The three campsites in the Platt Historic District, on the contrary, are ideal for tents. You can visit the region on foot along with a diversity of tracks, enjoy cycling, or experience all the water sports on offer at Lake of the Arbuckles and Veteran’s Lake, which incorporate boating, fishing, sailing, water-skiing, and much more.

13. Broken Bow Lake

tourist attractions in broken bow lake
Broken Bow Lake

Located in the center of the Ouachita Mountains in McCurtain County, the transparent water of the 22-mile long Broken Bow Lake allures open-air lovers and nature enthusiasts to visit and experience a perfect open-air recreational region. You can attempt just about any type of water sport on the clear serene lake – fetch your own craft or rend a speedboat, houseboat, or jet-skis at the Beavers Bend Marina. Hiking lovers can keep their feet dry and experience the 180-mile coastline on foot along the Big Oak and Beaver Lodge Nature tracks, which curves through charming jungles. Trout (and other) fishing is exceptionally famous and there are several outfitters who provide guided fishing trip on the lake.

14. Centennial Land Run Monument

tourist attractions in Centennial Land Run Monument
Centennial Land Run Monument

Situated at the south tip of the Bricktown Canal in Oklahoma City, the Centennial Land Run Monument recalls the 1889 Land Run when more than 50,000 optimistic settlers contested to gain a plot of unallocated land in the Oklahoma Territory. The magnificent bronze memorial by artist Paul Moore virtually captures the feeling and vigor of a moment in time, really bringing history to life. It is formed of more than forty-five bigger-than-life sculptures of the heroic Land Run pioneers designed with astonishing attention to detail. You will see yourself carried back in time to this renowned historical event as you stroll around the impressive memorial, which is more than 365 feet long.

15. Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge

tourist attractions in Oklahoma
Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge

Settled between two arduous granite mountain ranges, the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge is situated on remains of mixed grassland that is the abode to some species of wildlife incorporating the iconic bison, America’s biggest land mammal. In addition to magnificent wildlife observing, the shelter provides tourists a broad range of amusement activities. You can enjoy hiking along 15 miles of idyllic tracks at your own pace or take part in a guided bus or hiking trip conducted by a native naturalist. Anglers are allowed to throw a line in one of some lakes, and there are some wonderful sites for rock ascending. You can carry a tent or RV and pass a night or two under the stars and backcountry camping is accessible in the Charon’s Garden Wilderness Area.

16. Bartlesville

tourist attractions in Bartlesville

Situated 50 miles north of Tulsa in northeast Oklahoma, Bartlesville provides tourists a comprehensive blend of draws for all ages. You can know about the historic architecture of the town by taking part a Bartlesville Heritage Trail Walking Tour and then move on to explore the Phillips Petroleum Company Museum and Johnson Park, both of which describe the town’s little-town conversion into a universal energy leviathan. There is even now more history to admire at the 1903 Santé Fe Engine and Depot and the historic Frank Phillips Home. Outdoor lovers can relish wildlife observing in the Tallgrass Prairie Reserve and the Woolaroc Wildlife Reserve or enjoy hiking, biking, and camping in the Osage Hills State Park.

17. Broken Arrow

tourist attractions in broken arrow
Broken Arrow

It is situated in suburban Tulsa and has a variety of recreational fascination for tourists, incorporating eight golf courses and magnificent hiking and cycling tracks. History enthusiasts can travel the Museum Broken Arrow, which is located in the historic downtown close to the actual train depot and then move on to trip the Military History Center. Outdoor lovers can explore the Ray Harral Nature Center and Park, which provides quality wildlife observing, a three-mile strolling/hiking track, and picnic opportunities. The Rose District is the leading destination for art enthusiasts, abode to the Performing Arts Center, Pinot’s Palette, and the Rose District Farmer’s Market.

18. Tahlequah

tourist attractions in Tahlequah

Settled in the small hills of the base of the Ozark Mountains you will see Tahlequah, a city devoted to conserving and exhibiting an affluent heritage of Cherokee culture. You can learn all about the Cherokee Nation by visiting several historic sites, which include the Cherokee National Capitol (1869), the Cherokee Heritage Center, the Cherokee National Prison Museum, and a presenter of other historic spots. For a break from history and heritage, you can travel Lake Tenkiller for boating, fishing, and just about any water-associated activity you can think of. You can also enjoy canoeing, kayaking, or paddling on the idyllic Illinois River. Historic Downtown Tahlequah is filled with uncommon stores, eateries, and amusement opportunities, incorporating Movies in the Park in summer.

19. Enid

tourist attractions in enid

Situated only 100 miles north of Oklahoma City, Enid provides a wonderful selection of draws for all flavors and fascination. If you like knowing about native history and culture you can advance to the Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center or the Leona Mitchell Southern Heights Heritage Center and Museum. You can also take a strolling trip through the Waverley and Kenwood Historic Districts. There are some family draws, incorporating Leonardo’s Children’s Museum/Adventure Quest, Splash Zone Water Park, mini golf, and rail and carousel travel at Meadowlake Park. To add some culture to the blend, you can be present at a concert at the Briggs Auditorium or explore the Enid Symphony Center. Foodies can travel Indian Creek Village Winery and the Plain View Winery.

20. Ardmore

tourist attractions in ardmore

This palce is situated in south-central Oklahoma and provides tourists a wide diversity of cultural, historic, and open-air activities in and around the town. Horse riders will be attracted to the historic Hardy Murphy Coliseum, which arranges a diversity of equine and other amusement events, while history enthusiasts can travel the Greater Southwest Historical Museum, the Military Memorial Museum, and the distinctive Eliza Cruce Hall Doll Museum. Outdoor lovers will appreciate a trip to the Lake Murray State Park for a day or two of hiking, camping, cycling, and water sports or they can go a bit farther distance to Arbuckle Wilderness and Turner Falls Park for more open-air activities. Cultural spots incorporate the Charles B. Goddard Center for theater, music, and visual arts.

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21. Edmond

tourist attractions in edmond

Situated right north of Oklahoma City on Legendary Route 66, Edmond is providing tourists a suitable stand for visiting this amazing area. You can know all about the Wild West at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, which brags about the biggest gathering of western antiques in the country, and then observe a true live Rodeo at the Lazy E Arena. History enthusiasts can go on a strolling trip with the Edmond Historical Society and travel the Oklahoma Frontier Drugstore Museum in adjacent Guthrie. You can show your regards to the casualties of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing at the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum before diminishing the mood and taking the family to have some amusement at the Barnett Field Splash Pad.

22. Norman

tourist attractions in norman

History and architecture lovers have an amusement in store in Norman, Oklahoma, which is the abode to the famous Miller and Chautauqua Historic Districts, where more than 150 historic residences dating back to the 1920s are exhibited. Key attractions incorporate the Boyd House, the Alpha Chi Omega Sorority House, and the Beta Pi Fraternity House, all of which portrays three individual and separate styles of architecture. Draws for art enthusiasts incorporate the historic Sooner Theatre and the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, while families will admire the Discovery Cove Nature Center, the National Weather Center, and the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History. To explore some open-air amusements you can advance to Lake Thunderbird State Park, which provides hiking, biking, camping, and a wide collection of water sports. 

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23. Lawton

tourist attractions in lawton

It is an amazing escape destination presenting historic spots, idyllic landscapes, and vast open areas where wildlife is free to wander in their natural environment. You can clear your knowledge of Oklahoma history at the Museum of the Great Plains and then head to Fort Still, which is an operative army stronghold dating back to 1869. The Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge invites all nature enthusiasts – here you can find free-roaming buffalo, longhorn cattle, elk, and deer and experience varieties of amusement activities incorporating hiking, mountain biking, rock ascending, and repelling. You can appreciate a diversity of live theatrical performances at the McMahon Memorial Auditorium or know about the native culture at the Comanche National Museum and Cultural Center.

24. Tulsa

tourist attractions in Tulsa

Art enthusiasts will have a hard time determining between the illustrious Philbrook Museum of Art, the Gilcrease Museum (which has a wonderful gathering of western American art), 108 Contemporary, and the flourishing galleries of the Brady Arts District. Tulsa, Oklahoma is an abode to few of the finest tourist attractions in Oklahoma, incorporating the Tulsa Zoo (which brags about a devoted Children’s Zoo and petting region), the Tulsa Aquarium, and the captivating Tulsa Air and Space Museum and Planetarium. For open-air amusement, you can enjoy hiking or biking along 26 miles of tracks in the Tulsa River Parks or the Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area. Garden and nature enthusiasts will love a tension-free walk through the charming gardens of Woodward Park.

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25. Oklahoma City

tourist attractions in oklahoma city
Oklahoma City

Active and energetic, Oklahoma City is filled with amazing tourist attractions for the total family, incorporating a few wonderful museums. Families can have amusement traveling the Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum and the American Banjo Museum, while history and architecture lovers can advance to the Oklahoma Hall of Fame at the Gaylord-Pickens Museum as well as the Oklahoma History Center. Art enthusiasts will love indulging their feelings at the Civic Center Music Hall (for ballet, opera, symphony, and Philharmonic) or appreciate the gatherings at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art and the Red Earth Art Center. The total family will love Riversport Adventure Park for white-water rafting, kayaking, tubing, and much more recreational activities. 

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