Tourist attractions in Hawaii

25 Best Tourist Attractions to Visit in Hawaii

 Here is a list of the 25  Best Tourist Attractions to in Hawaii

1. Akaka Falls State Park

tourist attractions in Akaka Falls State Park
Akaka Falls State Park

This wonderful park on the Big Island of Hawaii is an abode to the green jungle, waterfalls, and a deep gorge, making it an ideal spot for nature enthusiasts to visit when you require a pause from Hawaii’s magnificent beaches. You can find the gushing Kahuna Falls and the exciting Akaka Falls as you make your way through rich tropical plants along a paved track that guides to some observation points. The whole Akaka Falls Loop Trail is less than a mile long and the moderately sheer walk, which presents plenty of steps and is inappropriate for wheelchairs or children’s buggies, will prize you with a wonderful sight of the 442-foot Akaka Falls as they fall impressively into the water-abraded gorge far below.

2. Napili Beach

tourist attractions in Napili Beach
Napili Beach

It is located in a picture-perfect small bay defended by two rocky formations on the northwestern shore of Maui. The whole bay is defended by a reef nearly 30 yards off the coast that offers some of the finest snorkeling in Maui. The water transparency is wonderful and you can effortlessly swim out to the reef and pass hours visiting the submerged wonderland with the additional bonus of probably swimming with green turtles. In winter, a powerful coast-break confirms some wave movements to keep surfers and bodyboarders content, and when these happen, trainee swimmers should be especially cautious and possibly select to relish sunbathing and lazing on the sandy shore alternatively.

3. Lanikai Beach

tourist attractions in Lanikai Beach
Lanikai Beach

This Beach has to be one of the most panoramic beaches anywhere on earth; Think a sandy palm-bordered coast splashed by the sky blue tropical waters of the Pacific and you will begin to get the concept. Lanikai beach is completely intact (and also not developed – if you love kiosks, rentals, and restrooms, you might choose Kailua Beach Park, only one mile away), and offers an approximately wave-less reserved region ideal for family amusement. The tranquil waters are also wonderful for kayaking and if you are feeling active, you can paddle across to the offshore islands to visit rarely-visited confidential bays and inlets. You will see this jewel of a beach only 30 minutes from Honolulu on the windward shore of Oahu.

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4. Hapuna Beach State Recreation Area

tourist attractions in Hawaii
Hapuna Beach State Recreation Area

Hapuna Beach State Recreation Area is located on the island of Hawaii and is the abode to one of Hawaii’s most charming beaches, brags about half a mile of mushy sand and shining sky blue waters. You can carry along a picnic and make utilize of the picnic tables and barbecue provisions or enjoy a drink or snack at the on-site snack bar. When the sea is serene, Hapuna Beach is ideal for swimming and snorkeling and when the surf is up, you can attempt your hand at bodyboarding. Other beloved beach activities incorporate volleyball, beach football, and sandcastle constructing, and just experiencing one of the finest beaches in Hawaii.

5. Kailua Beach Park

tourist attractions in Kailua Beach Park
Kailua Beach Park

Located less than 30 minutes from Honolulu on the windward shore of Oahu, Kailua Beach has fame for being one of the finest beaches and a wonderful tourist attractions in Hawaii. Kailua Beach Park provides tourists an ideal half-mile of mushy white sand, hot tropical waters, and right sufficient of a breeze to cool things down a little. In this place you can just unwind or attempt your hand at a wide diversity of water sports, incorporating bodyboarding, surfing, kayaking, paddleboarding, snorkeling, and diving. There are some outfitters where you can hire apparatus and take instructions as well as many spots to enjoy a drink or a meal; picnic tables, showers, and restrooms are accessible too.

6. Wai’anapanapa

tourist attractions in Wai’anapanapa

A wonderful tourist attractions in Hawaii, Wai’anapanapa State Park is located along an isolated extend of shoreline on Maui and reserves a wealth of amazing and uncommon geological development, incorporating a black sand beach, sea stacks, blow holes, lava caves, and anchialine water bodies. You can pass hours touring the shoreline on foot along a paved historic passage that guides you past stands of local hala jungles, a religious worship spot, and a tiny graveyard as you travel to the volcanic black sand beach. Activities in the park incorporate hiking (the Ke Ala Loa O Maui/Piilani Trail is a nearly 2-hour hike), fishing, sightseeing, and swimming. You can also visit lava caves and have a plunge in an anchialine pool – a freshwater rock pool with a secret link to the ocean.

7. Kalalau Trail

tourist attractions in Kalalau Trail
Kalalau Trail

Hikers who are up for a challenge and would like to experience what has been praised the finest coastal hiking track on earth (by National Geographic) can experiment their strength and feeling of adventure on the Kalalau Trail in the Napali Coast State Wilderness Park on Kauai. The track comprised of a 22-mile loop through one of the most idyllic portions of Hawaii squeezed between the soaring pali (cliffs) and the great Pacific Ocean. On Day 1 of your hike, you will pass through 11 miles of jungles, valleys, and gorges on your way to the wonderful crescent-framed Kalalau Beach, where you will set up your tent overlooking the sky blue waters of the Pacific, in one of the most distant places of Hawaii.

8. Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve

tourist attractions in Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve
Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve

It is a nature conserve located within a volcanic cone, providing tourists one of the most distinctive snorkeling and diving spots on the Hawaiian Islands. The bay was announced a reserved marine reservation region in 1967 and supports a varied collection of marine life, incorporating green sea turtles. You can go to the bay by car, bus, or shuttle and pass your day exploring the perfect submarine wonderland, where you will be encompassed by spectacular coral and millions of sea animals. There are some shops where you can rent the apparatus and take snorkeling instructions. For a wonderful look of the bay, you can hike one of many tracks or enjoy a short tram ride to the crater edge.

9. Kilauea Iki Trail

tourist attractions in Kilauea Iki Trail
Kilauea Iki Trail

Hiking the distinctive Kilauea Iki Trail in the Volcanoes National Park is a key tourist attractions in Hawaii of any tour. The track will provide you the once-in-a-lifetime chance to stroll along what was one time an ocean of melted lava and investigate the still-simmering center of the volcano, which finally discharged in 1959. You require being fairly fit to hike the 4-mile track, which raises a height of 3,874 feet above sea level. You can begin your journey from the Kilauea Iki Overlook on Crater Rim Drive to investigate the track, which will guide you through rich rainforest along the crater edge and down to the crater ground. There are some interpretive pauses along the track that describe the striking series of events that happened during the final discharge.

10. Mauna Kea Summit

tourist attractions in Mauna Kea Summit
Mauna Kea Summit

This latent volcano is located on the island of Hawaii. Since the top of the volcano is the loftiest point in Hawaii, the top has become a universal center for the education of astronomy and is the abode to the world’s biggest observatory, with 13 telescopes run by astronomers from eleven separate countries. Ascending the top of Mauna Kea (13,800 feet) is no effortless piece of work as you will require an intense four-wheel drive transport to go to the rim, and both hikers and drivers frequently face height sickness close to the top. However, at the tourists’ information base (at 9,200 feet), you can enjoy a cost-free nightly star observing program or a frequent Saturday night astronomy or astrophysics presentation.

11. Diamon Head State Monument

tourist attractions in Hawaii
Diamon Head State Monument

Le’ahi in Hawaiian or Diamond Head is a volcanic cluster cone that extends an elevation of 761 feet above sea level and is one of the most iconic Hawaiian sights. The memorial rises over the town of Honolulu and is vastly famous with both native and traveling hiking lovers and is one of the most traveled draws on Oahu. You can go to the 300,000-year-old crater edge along a moderately short track (nearly one mile long), but for the sheer climb it is a risky hike that takes about two hours. However, your attempts will be prized with sudden extensive looks of the town of Honolulu and the Pacific Ocean.

12. Napali Caost State Wilderness Park

tourist attractions in Napali Coast State Wilderness Park
Napali Caost State Wilderness Park

This park preserved a very attractive 16-mile extent of shoreline along the northwestern border of Kauai, where soaring cliffs (up to 4,000 feet above sea level), familiar as pali in Hawaiian, fall suddenly to meet up with the Pacific Ocean. Hiking lovers can take on the arduous but wonderfully breathtaking Kalalau Trail, a 22-mile bend that crosses 11 miles of jungles, valleys, and gorges on its course to Kalalau Beach (the initial 11 miles take minimum a whole day and the track is just suggested for fit and skilled hikers). Less active tourists can enjoy a day hike along the initial two miles of the track, which will prize you with some wonderful looks. There are fundamental campgrounds at Kalalau Beach and wildlife observing, fishing, and hunting are beloved activities in the park.

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13. Haleakala National Park

tourist attractions in Haleakala National Park
Haleakala National Park

This national park defends a holy Hawaiian landscape in a distant portion of Maui that surrounds a soaring dead volcano (the Summit District) as well as the Kipahulu Coastal District. A key attraction of any trip to Maui is observing the sunrise or sunset from the crater edge 10,000 feet above sea level. You can enjoy hiking along 30 miles of tracks in the craggy Summit District (incorporating overnight rural areas hiking adventures) and along 3 miles of rich jungle tracks in the Coastal District. Additional activities incorporate ranger-led programs that instigate you to the scarce flora and faunas of the park (some of which exist nowhere else on Earth), camping, wildlife observing and star gaping.

14. Waimea Canyon State Park

tourist attractions in Waimea Canyon State Park
Waimea Canyon State Park

No vacation in Hawaii would be fulfilled without exploring the Waimea Canyon, one of the most excellent natural jewels on the archipelago. The canyon is frequently mentioned as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific and extends over 14 miles in length and extends depths of up to 3,600 feet. Maximum people drive up Waimea Canyon Drive to travel the upper and lower observation points, which provide extensive looks of rough ridges and deep mountain gorges. Enthusiastic tourists can investigate some idyllic hiking tracks. One wonderful trip opportunity integrates a ride to the summit of the canyon with an effortless mountain bike ride back down to ground level, or you could relish an aerial viewpoint of the canyon and the total of Kauai on a panoramic flight.

15. Hana

tourist attractions in hana

The small city of Hana is located along the rough eastern shoreline of Maui, and reaching there will surely be the key attraction of your trip. The 52-mile trip from Kahului can take anything from two to four hours as you steer one of the most picturesque drives on earth. The Lana Highway will conduct you through rainforests, waterfalls, and sudden coastal observation posts – you can expect 620 sudden bends and 59 bridges. There are some spots to halt and relish the looks or even enjoy a picnic. Once you get in Hana, you can just unwind on the shores, explore a diversity of water sports, enjoy snorkeling at Wai’anapanapa State Park, or experience hiking in the Haleakala National Park.

16. Kailua

tourist attractions in kailua

The busy seaside city of Kailua is located on the windward eastern shore of Oahu, providing sandy beaches, hot tropical waters, and a nearly limitless list of activities which made it a wonderful tourist attractions in Hawaii. You can just laze beneath a shadowy tree on Lanakai beach or take benefit of the serene protected waters of Kailua Bay to enjoy a new water sport. You can enjoy diving or snorkeling in the serene lucid waters or attempt your hand at kayaking, surfing, wind-surfing, kite surfing, stand-up paddleboarding or sailing. Powerful swimmers and kayakers can cross to the charming off-coast islands in Kailua Bay to visit a bird refuge and discover distant secret coves. You can enjoy golf on one of six courses in the region, shop at some distinctive small boutiques, and explore the Thursday farmers’ bazaars.

17. Lanai

tourist attractions in Lanai

The beautiful island of Lanai was one time the world’s biggest yielder of pineapples and now you can meet the successors of the native plantation employees as you travel this affable island that is renowned for its ‘aloha’ ambience. The island provides some picturesque beaches with wonderful snorkeling and diving locations – the sheltered waters of Hulopoe Bay are perfect for novices, while skilled divers can advance to the Lanai Cathedrals location to dive immense underwater lava tubes. Lanai provides wonderful dolphin and whale observing, and when you require a change of pace you can have some amusement traveling the island by four-wheel drive along hundreds of miles of dirt tracks. There are many hiking tracks that will guide you to breathtaking perspectives, so be certain to carry along your hiking boots.

18. Molokai

tourist attractions in Molokai

The ideal Hawaiian island, Molokai is for the tourists who would love to get away the glitz, attraction, and shopping malls of the bigger islands and return back to nature in a Robinson Crusoe-like surrounding. In this place, you can pass your days sleeping beneath a palm tree or get as energetic as you like in the alluring hot waters. There are some shops that will rent you anything from a kayak or surfboard to scuba gear and fishing equipment – they will also organize the ideal whale observing voyage or give you the opportunity of deep-sea fishing. Other activities incorporate exploring a macadamia nut farm and a coffee plantation or enjoying a mule ride down terrifically sheer sea cliffs to the Kalaupapa National Historic Park, a past leper dominion.

19. Hilo

tourist attractions in Hilo

From its modest starting as an early farming and fishing community, Hilo became a flourishing city serving the sugar industry in the 1800s. Now, the city offers an amazing and suitable base for tourists wishing to explore the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, which is only 45 minutes from Hilo. Downtown Hilo is the abode to plenty of early edifices, some of which are on the National Register of Historic Places – you can travel the neo-classical Palace Theater (1925), some art galleries, and the Hilo Farmers Market. If you can pull yourself away from the beach, you can go to the Pacific Tsunami Museum, the Lyman Mission House and Museum, the Mokupapapa Discovery Center, and the Imiloa Astronomy Center. Hikers can have amusement appreciating waterfalls and the Boiling Pots at the Wailuku River State Park.

20. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

tourist attractions in Hawaii
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

In Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on Hawaii Island, you can precisely find the Earth taking figure instantly as the Kïlauea Volcano, the world’s most lively volcano always creates lava stream. You can watch this wonderful natural happening directly from the watch deck at the Thomas A. Jaggar Museum, where you can know all about the captivating science of volcanology. After going to the Kïlauea Visitors Center, you can enjoy the Crater Rim Drive Tour or drive the Chain of Craters Road to gain a wonderful outline of what the park has to provide. Active tourists can select from some effortless day hikes (and there are some energetic backcountry tracks for the magnificently fit).

21. Honolulu

tourist attractions in Honolulu

It is the biggest town in Hawaii and is the abode to a big percentage of the Hawaiian population. The town houses the state capitol, plenty of historical landmarks, a flourishing arts scene, wonderful shopping and nightlife and, certainly, renowned Waikiki beach, where surfing was originated. Enthusiasts of historical architecture can visit the attractive Lolani Palace in center of Honolulu and enjoy a strolling trip through the encompassing roads to travel the Hawaiian State Art Museum and some other historical areas. You can know all about the notorious Japanese charge on Pearl Harbor during World War II at the Pearl Harbor National Historic Landmark and shop until you reach the Ala Moana Center and some other best shopping malls. Round your day off with tremendous native cuisine, live music, and dancing in the center of the town and Chinatown. No wonder Honolulu is the best tourist attractions in Hawaii.

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22. Kauai

tourist attractions in Kauai

It  is conventionally familiar as the adventure epicenter of the Hawaiian archipelago and the action begins the minute you walk off the plane. Besides snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, and sunbathing, you can experience extraordinary snorkeling, panoramic boat torus along the sea cliffs of the Na Pali Coast, where you have a considerable opportunity of observing dolphins or attempt your hand at kayaking in the charming Wailua River. Other adventures distinctive to Kauai incorporate tubing along the historical water passages of Lihue (which were dug to water the sugar plantations), zip-lining high over the Kauai rainforests, and off-road 4X4 experiences. You can also enjoy hiking in the Kokee State Park or Waimea Canyon, try a round of golf, or enjoy an aerial trip of the island with Blue Hawaiian Helicopters.

23. Oahu

tourist attractions in Oahu

The third biggest of Hawaii’s six major islands Oahu is the abode to Honolulu, the epicenter of Hawaii, and marvelous Waikiki, where the sport of surfing invented. There is a limitless list of water sports to keep active tourists contended and history enthusiasts will see many to impress them after a day on the beaches – in central Honolulu you can go to the historic Lolani Palace, while at the Pearl Harbor National Historic Landmark you can know all about the Japanese charge on Pearl Harbor during World War II on a trip of the five historic places that remind this incident. The Bishop Museum exhibits Oahu culture, while at the Hawaii State Art Museum and the Honolulu Museum of Art – Spalding House you can appreciate the visual arts.

24. Hawaii Island

tourist attractions in Hawaii Island
Hawaii Island

The Large Island or Hawaii Island is the biggest and youngest island in the Hawaiian archipelago and prizes tourists with incessant chances for amusement and adventure. In this place you can find an lively volcano in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, where you can hike more than 150 miles of tracks through scorching deserts, craters, and rainforest, stroll through a 500-year-old lava tube, and go to the Thomas A. Jaggar Museum to know about volcanology. There are some cultural and historic places you can trip, incorporating Kealakekua Bay State Historical Park, where you can scuba, snorkel, or kayak. The dramatic natural beauty of the island has inspired many artists and you can see their work at several galleries as well as at the East Hawaii Cultural Center and the Lyman Mission House Museum in Hilo.

25. Maui

tourist attractions in Maui

The entertainment never ends on Maui and you will see yourself craving for more hours in the day to visit the great number of fascination on offer in this place. The island is privileged with over 30 magnificent beaches where you can laze, swim, snorkel, scuba, and paddle. You can see big-wave surfing tournaments or get out there and catch a wave yourself – instructions and apparatus are extensively available. You can visit the island’s heritage along the Lahaina Historic Trail, hike through the rich and charming Iao Valley State Park to find where historic fights occurred, or observe the everyday sunset cliff-diving ritual at Kaanapali Beach. Haleakala National Park is one of the main Hawaii points of attraction. Family adventures incorporate a ride on the 1890’s Sugar Cane Train and a trip to the Maui Ocean Center.

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