Tourist Attractions in Taiwan

25 Best Tourist Attractions to Visit in Taiwan

Here is a list of the 25 Best Tourist Attractions in Taiwan

1. Yunlin County

tourist attractions in Yunlin County
Yunlin County

A county established on farming, Yunlin County brags about itself on its very good quality agricultural productions and its rural beauty. Tourists are welcomed to visit experience the rich culture distinctive to Yunlin – the epicenter of Taiwanese Puppet Theater. There are plenty of people who gladly welcome tourists to their abode workshops to find the detail that goes into the construction of the puppets. After buying a memento puppet for themselves, tourists can attempt some of the native specialties, which incorporate coffee, Taiwan tilapia, and a distinctively flavored soy sauce that puts everything else to embarrassment. Draws that shouldn’t be missed incorporate the Beigang Chaotian Temple, Caoling Forest, and Jianhusan Fancy World.

2. Yilan County

tourist attractions in Yilan County
Yilan County

Less than an hour distant from Taipei, Yilan County provides tourists in Taiwan a wide variety of natural environments for them to relish. Everything from swimming and relishing water sports in the ocean to enjoying a picnic in the beautiful countryside can be met in this place. Yilan County is also stuffed with cool and warm springs for tourists to enjoy an invigorating dip while there. One of the most distinctive draws there is the Qilan Sacred Trees Garden, which is the abode to more than a hundred ancient trees, for instance, Taiwan hinoki false cypresses. Other draws incorporate dolphin and whale observing, camping in the Qilan Forest Recreation Area, or strolling the Caoling Historic Trail. Tourists can finish the day snacking on beloved native foods at the Yilan Night Market.

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3. Taroko National Park

tourist attractions in Taroko National Park
Taroko National Park

Founded in 1986, Taroko National Park was called after the monumental gorge in the park, which was normally carved by the Liwu River. Tourists can pass the day rafting through the fresh waters, capturing breathtaking images of the Tunnel of Nine Turns, or strolling among the relics of the Tupido Tribe Trail, which was established more than 120 years ago. A few features of the park that shouldn’t be missed are the Eternal Spring Shrine, the Bridge of the Kind Mother, Lioufang Chiao Bridge, the Baiyang Waterfalls Trail, and the Shakadang Trail. Each year, the national parks arrange the Taroko Music Festival where tourists can experience the conventional sounds of the country and its people.

4. Taoyuan City

tourist attractions in Taoyuan City
Taoyuan City

Located on a plateau on Taiwan’s key island, Taoyuan City, a wonderful tourist attractions in Taiwan is frequently called “the land of a thousand ponds” or “flower kingdom.” The affluence of panoramic locations and natural draws in the region has made a beloved traveler destination over the years. The historic Chiang Ching-Kuo and Chiang Kai-Shek cultural park is stuffed with native plants and animals that can’t be met anywhere else in the country. There are plenty of tracks and bikeways tourists can utilize to explore the region on their own. Apart from that, there are plenty of travel companies that provide packages tailor-made to a traveler’s interest, for instance, experiencing the native Hakka culture or the nearby rural areas.

5. Taitung County

tourist attractions in Taitung County
Taitung County

The ecological richness and charm of Taitung County make it a distinctive spot for tourists to visit while in Taiwan. The county varies from coastal regions to soaring mountain tops, making it one of the most panoramic sites on the island. Taitung is familiar for its unique native products, which vary from special seafood items to hibiscus and top-quality rice. Taitung is also famous for having Taiwan’s most ancient bikeway, the Guanshan Bicycle Trail, which welcomes cyclists to relish the captivating beauty of the land on two wheels. The Zhaori Saltwater Hot Springs is one of the draws that shouldn’t be missed; tourists can unwind in the curing waters while looking out to a picture-perfect view. No wonder, it’s a wonderful tourist attractions in Taiwan.

6. Tainan City

tourist attractions in Tainan City
Tainan City

The old epicenter of Taiwan, Tainan City is an amazing area for tourists to pass their vacation. The hot weather remains all year in the most ancient town on the island, granting tourists to visit national parks and panoramic regions, for instance, Taijiang National Park, Qigu Lagoon, the Qigu Salt Mountain, and Siraya National Scenic Area. The Wanpi World Safari Zoo is in the region, and tourists of all ages can go see pandas, raccoons, and plenty of other threatened animals. While in Tainan City, you can also go to the Nanhua Reservoir or the Hutoupi Reservoir, both of which provide magnificent scenic views of the neighborhood.

7. Taichung City

tourist attractions in Taichung City
Taichung City

Taiwan’s second-biggest town, Taichung is a highly flourished commercial and industrial center  and a wonderful tourist attractions in Taiwan. Tourists can go there and relish the year-round climate, which is all time gentle and enjoyable. There are many historic locations, incorporating the 200-year-old Lecheng Temple, the distinctive three-hall style Wanhe Temple, and the decorated Chenghuang Temple. The town’s yesteryear beauties are just intensified by the addition of the 200-year-old Zhenlan Temple in Dajia and the shrine devoted to the famous Chang Liao family. The flourishing art scene in Taichung has made it the abode of the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts and the National Taichung Theater. There are plenty of bazaars that become active at night; tourists can relish the lights and street cuisine at Fengjia Night Market, Zhongua Night Market, or at Jingming 1st Street.

8. Pingtung County

tourist attractions in Pingtung County
Pingtung County

Supported by mountains and facing the open water, Pingtung County is one of the most picture-perfect places in whole of Taiwan. The region relishes spring-like weather all year long and is the embodiment of southern beauty in the country. Plenty of tourists visit Pingtung for an unwinding and tranquil weekend distant from the busy life of the town. While there, they can enjoy draws, for instance, Kenting National Park, the Eden of Xiaoliuqiu, Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area, Saija Air Park, and the Maolin National Scenic Area. Pingtung is familiar as one of the finest sports to paraglide in Taiwan; tourists can also relish snorkeling in the coral-stuffed waters or watch guest birds in the jungles.

9. Penghu County

tourist attractions in Penghu County
Penghu County

Frequently called “the pearl of the Taiwan Strait,” Penghu County is an archipelago seen in the southwest area of the island. It comprises more than 90 islands of different sizes and has become an international popular place for competitive sailing. Tourists can see the magnificent firework carnivals held in the spring and summer or relish waterside activities on the mushy shores and transparent waters. The region is famous for fresh seafood, and they even have a yearly Penghu Seafood Carnival that food lovers should not miss. Fongguei Cave, the Penghu Great Bridge, Ekran Historical House, Xiyu Western Fort, and the Guanyin Pavilion are several of the most beloved draws in Penghu County.

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10. New Taipei City

tourist attractions in New Taipei City
New Taipei City

Affluent in cultural wealth, one of the best tourist attractions in Taiwan, New Taipei City is generally the host of different cultural activities and carnivals that can be enjoyed at the Eighteen Wang Gong temple, Qingshui Zushi temple, or in panoramic sites, for instance, Sanxia Old Street or Jiufen. There are plenty of draws and locations in the region for tourists who would love to find natural locations, travel merriment parks, or hike through national forests, and there is much to find and perform for those who like the waterfront. Several that shouldn’t be missed are the Longmen Camping Site, Bitou Cape Park, Nanya, the Caoling Historic Trail, Manyueyuan National Forest, and the Tamsui River Mangrove. Those visiting with younger tourists should not miss passing a day at Yeliu Ocean World where they can observe closely sea lions, dolphins, and plenty of other sea creatures.

11. Nantou County

tourist attractions in Nantou County
Nantou County

Located just in the center of Taiwan, Nantou is the sole landlocked county on the whole island. It is the abode to more than 40 mountains, incorporating Taiwan’s loftiest peak, Mount Jade, or Yushan. The island’s longest river, the Zhuoshui, also serpentines through the county and provides breathtaking views. Tourists can pass the day at the wonderful Sun Moon Lake or travel one of the plenty of amusing farms in the region for a pleasant, tranquil day in the countryside. Other draws in the region incorporate the Aowanda National Forest, the Ita Thao Lakeside Trail, Xitou Nature Education Area, and the memorial that marks the very geographical heart of Taiwan.

12. Miaoli County

tourist attractions in Miaoli County
Miaoli County

Tourists from all over the world go to Miaoli County in Taiwan to explore the Lion’s Mountain Head or Shitoushan. The temple is one of the most beautiful in the country, and tourists are encouraged to pass a few days there to find serenity and tranquility. The nice climate, as well as a blend of distinctive ceramic commodities, wood carvings, tung blossoms, and seasonal fruit, make it a wonderful stop for those tripping through Taiwan. The Taian Hot Spring Scenic Area is a great draw alongside the Dahu Strawberry Culture Park and the Mingde Reservoir Panoramic Area.

13. Lienchiang County

tourist attractions in Lienchiang County
Lienchiang County

Lienchange County, or Matzu as it is frequently called after the goddess Mazu, is a group of little islands that can be seen on the Taiwan Strait. The weather can be extremely hot in the summer, but that doesn’t discourage tourists from gathering there to observed the renowned Chinese crested tern, a bird famous by bird lovers. During the winter, tourists will be able to find the county become active during the yearly Lantern Festival and other religious ceremonies. When in Lienchiang County, tourists will be able to pick up some wonderful culinary mementos to take back abode, for instance, beneficial red yeast cuisine and mouth-watering pickled vegetables.

14. Kinmen County

tourist attractions in Kinmen County
Kinmen County

Quemoy, or Kinmen County as it is popularly familiar, is a little island off the shore of Taiwan with great fame; the land was once the location of the terrible clash between Nationalist forces and the Communists in 1949. Nowadays it’s a beloved traveler destination and is frequently called the “park in the sea” due to the spectacular flowers and rich greenery seen on the island. Tourists in Kinmen County can purchase some of the plenty specialty items that the island is familiar for such as porcelain and ceramic commodities and knives made from old mortar shells. The food delicacies vary from oyster omelets and other seafood specialties to stuffed clay-oven rolls and Cantonese congee – all mouth-watering things tourists should taste while there.

15. Keelung City

tourist attractions in Keelung City
Keelung City

Taiwan’s Keelung City is a crucial port town seen close to the busy Taipei. The town is frequently mentioned as the “Rainy Port” because of its role as Taiwan’s second-biggest seaport as well as its profuse rain. Other than the Bisha Fishing Port, tourists in Keelung City can also visit the Keelung Cultural Center, Chung Cheng Park, Heping Island Park, and the National Museum of Marine Science and Technology. There are different historical constructions dispersed throughout the town, for instance, Dawulun Fort, Pengjia Lighthouse, and the Uhrshawan Battery. The town becomes full of people during the yearly Mid-Summer Ghost Festival, which dates back to 1851.

16. Kaohsiung City

tourist attractions in Kaohsiung City
Kaohsiung City

The industrial and marine epicenter, Kaohsiung City is a flourishing metropolis that is a wonderful tourist attractions in Taiwan. The year-round lovely weather, as well as the neighboring panoramic draws, have made it a beloved holiday destination. Tourists, there will be able to go to famous locations, for instance, Love River, Xiziwan Bay, Mount Shoushan, Lotus Pond, and the Old City of Zuoying. The sights of the river, ocean, and mountains can be found via hiking, bicycling, camping, and plenty of other activities. The tribal melting pot also ensures that tourists will be able to enjoy a broad range of cultures and conventions and sample a variety of new foods.

17. Hualien County

tourist attractions in Hualien County
Hualien County

It is Taiwan’s largest county and is frequently considered as it’s most panoramic as well. With blue skies, soaring mountain peaks, panoramic valleys, and sights of the immense Pacific Ocean to the east, it’s no wonder that tourists are taken away by the area’s natural charm. Both, native and international tourists, gather in Hualien County to find the breathtaking natural landscapes in the East Coast National Scenic Area or the attractive gorges at Taroko National Park. The half-hour stroll through the Tunnel of Nine Turns permits tourists to find captivating sights of several of Taiwan’s most charming rivers, gorges, and marble cliffs.

18. Hsinchu County

tourist attractions in Hsinchu County
Hsinchu County

It is the abode to the biggest Hakka community in Taiwan, and because of the traditional communities that flourish there, what tourists find is an especially well-preserved place with customs and conventions that are distinctive from the rest of Taiwan. There are plenty of proposed spots for travelers to explore, with one of the major points of enthusiasm being the panoramic Shei-Pa National Park. Other locations and draws incorporate Guanwu National Forest, the Leofoo Village theme park, Emei Lake, and the Xiakaluo Historic Trail stuffed with battery posts and police stations that were constructed during the time when the Japanese captured it.

19. Hsinchu City

tourist attractions in Hsinchu City
Hsinchu City

First flourished in 1723, Hsinchu City became a beloved tourist attractions in Taiwan that is famous for the Science-based Industrial Park. Hsinchu Science Park, or HSP, is stuffed with distinguished academic and research institutions and is the abode to more than 370 high-tech companies; the high-tech city is a wonderful spot for tourists to visit. Other draws you will confront in Hsinchu City incorporate Green Grass Lake, the Shibajain Mountain Range, the Glass Museum of Hsinchu, and the Hsinchu Zoo. The Hsinchu City God Temple, also familiar as Chenghuang Temple, is one of the loftiest-ranking temples in Taiwan. After tourists visit the wonderful temple, they can stroll through the plenty of stalls close to it and sample mouth-watering Taiwanese snacks like rice noodles, which the area is renowned for.

20. Chiayi County

tourist attractions in Chiayi County
Chiayi County

Surrounded by the sea on one side and the mountains on the other, Chiayi County is stuffed with historical and cultural draws. It is famous for being the sole county in Taiwan with three main national panoramic regions: the Southwest Coast National Scenic Area, the Alishan National Scenic Area, and the Siraya National Scenic Area. Tourists will be able to see several stunning cloud formations and sunrise sights among bright-colored cherry blossoms, old trees, secluded jungle tracks, waterfalls, and valleys. A few of the draws noteworthy are the Yu Mountain range, the Budai Salt Fields, the Aogu Wetlands, the Taiping Suspension Bridge, and the Budai Tourist Fish Market.

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21. Chiayi City

tourist attractions in Chiayi City
Chiayi City

Tourists can find plenty of conserved relics from its affluent history in the Yimin Temple. Chiayi City is the settlement place of several of the earliest settlers from Zhangzhou. Those who like the outdoors will relish passing time in the Chiayi Botanical Garden, Lantan Holland Lake, or at Chiayi Park; there’s even the Alishan Railway, which will take touritst on a panoramic rail trip through the jungle. There are plenty of museums and galleries in Chiayi City, for instance, the Culture Center, the Municipal Museum, or the Historic Archives, stuffed with amazing displays for tourists to enjoy. While there, you must visit the Wenhua Road Night Market where you can get to familiar with the inhabitants and try different regional snacks.

22. Changhua County

tourist attractions in Changhua County
Changhua County

This County is one of the first regions in Taiwan to be prospered; the alluvial land is encompassed by the Taiwan Straits on the west and mountains on the rest three sides. The Bagua Mountain Range is one of the most beloved tourist locations in Changhua County, and tourists who go there can pass their time hiking or cycling through the thriving mountains. You’re also welcomed to stroll through the native orchards and sample several of the fresh regional produce which incorporates litchis, carambola, guava, grapes, and watermelon. Several of the monumental draws that shouldn’t be missed when in Changhua County incorporate the Baguashan Great Buddha, Longshan Temple, and Baozang Temple.

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23. Kenting National Park

tourist attractions in Kenting National Park
Kenting National Park

Founded in 1984, Kenting National Park is thought to be Taiwan’s most ancient national park and one of the best tourist attractions. It can be seen on the southernmost point of the island on the Hengchun Peninsula. Familiar for its sunshine, beach, panoramic mountain, and tropical climate, the national park is an exceptionally beloved destination with both natives and tourists. The affluent plants and animals within the park assure that tourists will come across different types of reptiles, mammals, fish species, and birds; several of them incorporate the threatened hawksbill turtles, bull sharks, and more than 26 species of land crabs. One draw in the national park that must be visited is the Eluanbi Lighthouse, which is more than 70 feet high and has been around since 1883.

24. Yushan National Park

tourist attractions in Yushan National Park
Yushan National Park

Covering over 100,000 hectares, Yushan National Park is called after the loftiest peak in the park, the Yushan summit. There are more than thirty more peaks in addition to plenty of cliffs, canyons, and valleys at Yushan National Park. There are three tourist centers to access from Tataka, Nanan, and Meishan. Tourists are led through the park so that they can come close and personal with the rich plants and animals. Several of the most beloved animals found here are the sambar deer, Taiwan macaque, and black bears, besides other mammals, reptiles, and birds. The Yushan track elevates tourists to what seems like eye level with the clouds and provides breathtaking views of the neighboring areas.

25. Taipei City

tourist attractions in Taipei City
Taipei City

It is the cultural, political, and economic center of Taiwan besides being the biggest town on the island it’s one of the best tourist attractions in Taiwan.. Tourists will meet up with a world that blends modern with the conventional, like ancient temples mix with world-class gastronome eateries and marketplaces. Draws, for instance, the Taipei Zoo, Flora Expo Park, and the Botanical Garden are beloved spots to explore while there. The Maokong Gondola provides a bird’s eye view of the charming town, which observes plenty of carnivals throughout the year. There are plenty of centers and museums that grant tourists to better realized and admire the land’s history; some that shouldn’t be missed incorporate the Taiwan Handicraft Museum, the Puppetry Art Center, the Discovery Center of Taipei, and the National Palace Museum.

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