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10 Best Activities to Experience – Qatar Nightlife

Being known as the epitome of energy, the Arab world never fails to impress us with its boasting Best Nightlife in Qatar. From hanging out at the corniche with family to camping in the sandy deserts, every activity is worth experiencing in night. With an abundant mix of ethnicities and cultures, Qatar is a destination that proves to be the best choice when it comes to exploring the Middle East as it is home to 15% of locals and 85% of expatriates.

The country is also known for its hospitability and a warm welcome for the tourists and travelers. There are, of course, many places to discover in Qatar during the day like visiting historical places like Barzaan Towers, Rock Cravings, experiencing desert adventures in the day and much more. Exploring a place in a day is indeed fun and common, but to get the real spirit of the place, discovering and doing activities at night is also a fun way to fulfill your travel experience. Make sure to go through the following list as to what activities you can do at night in Qatar.

Here is a list of the 10 Best Nightlife in Qatar

1. Villagio Mall

Located in the Aspire Zone in the west end of Doha, Villagio mall is indeed a must place to explore at night. The interiors are purely Italian and you can take a glimpse of mini Venice in the mall. Shop, eat, admire the astounding structure and the fun this mall has an offer. It is a perfect place for kids for adults as it has entertaining kids. It is one of the most Best Nightlife in Qatar.

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2. Al-Hazm

Al Hazm is a beautiful luxurious place to explore in Qatar. With heated gardens and a library situated with the mall is eye-candy in the night. Although for some it may not sound appealing to spend 1000 QAR but to enjoy the fine architecture and lights in the evening will be mesmerizing for the visitors.

3. MOQ

The central Oasis of the Mall of Qatar is the final destination to hang out after you are done shopping. There’s always live entertainment to enjoy for free, so it will be a great experience. Catchup with live music, entertainment shows and much more after you are done shopping and hanging out in the mall.

4. The Pearl

Both a community and tourist destination, the pearl is the result of developed efforts to diversity a country’s economy. Hotels blab la are there to enjoy. It is an artificial island that is home to hotels, dining areas, souks, and much more. Enjoy shopping and dining at the finest restaurants with a variety of cuisines available at the Pearl. 

5. Restaurant Night scene

Restaurants and food make every new traveler comfortable if they are visiting a new country. The night restaurant scene is amazing in Qatar to enjoy local and international food. You will be spoiled for the choices when it comes to dining in the night city rush.

6. Doha Corniche

Experiencing Doha Corniche at night is something nobody can afford to miss out upon. Walk at night from the museum of Islamic arts to west bay and enjoy the emerging the night view. For an authentic cruise fun, a book to be a part of Dhow cruise for a fulfilling night fun experience.

7. Vox Cinemas Qatar

If you are in the mood for a relaxed night after a busy day touring places in the day, consider watching a movie at Vox Cinemas. Enjoy latest released blockbuster movies released in the Vox cinemas to double your vacation joy. The relaxing recliners and ambiance of the theatre are sure to set your mood for a great movie night.

8. Night Desert, Safari

Go dune bashing with the desert safari under the blanket of shining stars in the desert. Enjoy the cultural and adventurous experience to spice up the night out. Camp and enjoy the best hospitality while sipping on Arab coffee and savoring delicacies of Qatar.

9. Kayaking Under the Sky

And for the more activities to explore, why not try kayaking under starlight either in a west bay or in the mangroves! If you are short on time, stay in Doha rather than going out to the mangroves. The skyline in Doha by night is magnificent and Kayaking is the best way to see and admire it.

10. Lusail Marina

A place that is traced in Qatar for a change is the Lusail City and is already being witnessed to change into a proper district. While the transition is still in process, every individual must visit the beautiful city of Lusail and enjoy Lusail Marina. Shop, eat and relax your evening by exploring the new city.


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