A Middle-Eastern sojourn: Exploring the region’s gems

Travel, they say, is the best therapy. Seeking out new places, exploring new lands and embracing new cultures is quite possibly the best way to expand your horizons in life. Burned out from working too much? Take a trip. Head clogged, can’t think of any ideas? Hit the road for some inspiration. Want to bond better with family and friends? Head out to a tranquil place and enjoy. No matter what the problem, travel is, quite often, the best remedy and a great therapy.

Here to inspire the wanderlust bug in you, we now look at some of the best destinations to visit in the Middle East. Brimming with historical and cultural importance, the region is, without a doubt, the cradle of human history. Flying you to these dream destinations is the region’s reliable budget carrier- Air Arabia, making travel affordable with Air Arabia Coupons.
Without further ado, lets check out the places to visit in the Middle East:

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The holiest land for the followers of Islam, Saudi Arabia is home to the most sacred places of Islam. The very land where the Prophet spread Allah’s message to the people, is today the most pious place of visit for Muslims all over the world. With the cities of Mecca and Medina holding paramount religious importance, millions fly in to Saudi Arabia each year to perform the holy Hajj.



The embodiment of the modern-day UAE at its finest, Dubai is the paragon of the region’s emergence as a global destination. A luxurious oasis within the desert, Dubai is lined with jaw-dropping skyscrapers and centres of luxury. From the Burj Khalifa to the Ferrari Centre, nothing defines luxury and riches quite like Dubai. Indulge in the lap of luxury, shop at the poshest brands, dig in to world cuisine and unwind like a mogul, only in Dubai.



A small country in the Middle East, Jordan is the hidden gem of the region, boasting of sites that hold special significance in the context of human history. Visit the ancient city of Petra- a UNESCO World Heritage Site, that contains the remains of one of the earliest human settlements record in history. Walk along the path of ancient humans and get to know human history and civilization like never before. Use Air Arabia Promo codes to make your trip to Jordan affordable and memorable.



The Kingdom of Qatar is among the poshest countries in the world, boasting of wealth and riches that are unrivalled. With jaw-dropping skyscrapers and some of the highest living standards in the world, Qatar is truly a sight to behold. Explore Doha to leave your senses spellbound by the grandeur and riches of the Qatari people. With entertainment centres aplenty, there is something for everyone.



A country blessed with a wide variety of natural relief features; Iran is the hidden gem of the Middle East. From deserts to mountains to sea-side resorts, Iran is the destination to explore. Visit the ancient city of Persepolis, explore the beautiful mosques and explore the capital city of Tehran for the perfect blend of modernity and tradition.

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