Things to Do in Aruba

20 Best Tourist Attractions & Things to Do in Aruba

Here is a list of the 20 Most Favorite Tourist Attractions in Aruba

1. The Gold Mine Ranch

Tourist Attractions in Aruba
The Gold Mine Ranch

This ranch provides horseback riding ventures and tours to Aruba’s most charming beaches, valleys, and lagoons. It is one of the best tourist attractions in Aruba. Horseback ventures incorporate traveling beaches on the northeast shore of the island as well as the Hidden Lagoon and the Hidden Valley and plenty of other isolated jewels. Voyages are led by skilled guides and the horses offered are fit for people with a bit or no knowledge with horseback riding, as well as for more skilled riders/groups with diversified potentials. Affable, greeting staff offer outstanding service throughout the journey and vehicles to and from the ranch is get-at-able upon request.

2. Aqua Windies

Tourist Attractions in Aruba
Aqua Windies

A distinctive dive training and aquatic fitness facility in Aruba, Aqua Windies contains some swimming pools of various sizes and provides a wide range of scuba diving and swimming directions and other water activities too. Aqua Windiesprovides expert PADI dive command for all levels as well as kids’ diving classes, swimming classes, toddler swimming lessons, water athleticism, hydro riding, and snorkeling. Its also provides venture camps during school holidays for island kids and holidaymakers alike and incorporates water-based entertainments, for instance, body boarding, snorkeling, swimming, and more. Aqua Windies is also the abode to one of the largest dive stores in the Caribbean and vends various diving and snorkeling stuff.

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3. Skydive Aruba

Tourist Attractions in Aruba
Skydive Aruba

It provides secure and excellent skydiving venture over the attractive waters and beaches of Aruba. Possessed and run by Rick and Lisa Hornsby, Skydive Aruba has been taking tourists into the sky for more than 18 years and is also famous as one of the lengthiest standing and secured skydiving businesses in Florida. Skydiving tours are done in a Cessna 182 plane, which has been specifically made for skydiving and is preserved to the greatest standards of security. All pieces of stuff are given, and jumpers must be in a comparatively fine physical condition with a minimum weight of 100lbs and a maximum of 220lbs.

4. UTV and ATV Tours

Tourist Attractions in Aruba
UTV and ATV Tours

Action Tours Aruba’s UTV and ATV tours provide a good range of amusing and thrilling trips for singles, couples, and families that visit Aruba on horseback, ATVs, and UTVs. ATV trips visit some of Aruba’s finest amazing spots, for instance, the Alto Vista Chapel, the Bushiribana Gold Mill remains, the Natural Pool, and Baby Bridge and take nearly 3 hours. UTV Tours are 3-hour guided off-road trips to the renowned California Light House, Black Stone Beach, Wish Rock Garden, the Bushiribana Ruins, and Baby Bridge. Horseback trips provide a 3-hour expedition on horseback from the picture-perfect Rancho Daimari that explores concealed jewels, for instance, Moro Beach, Daimari Beach, and the Natural Pool.

5. Oranjestad

Tourist Attractions in Aruba

Continuously mixing the old and new to form a unique beauty, Oranjestad, a busy port city is the epicenter  and one of the best tourist attractions of Aruba. Wonderfully renovated landmark edifices erect alongside cosmopolitan luxury retailers and top-class boutiques, and various cafés, eateries, casinos, bars, and nightclubs offer a humming nightlife for both natives and tourist to the city. A new modern tram goes from the cruise terminal into the city and all the way along the recently landscaped Main Street, moving the thousands of cruise-ship voyagers that travel Aruba every year. Tuesday evenings offer the Bon Bini Festival in the outlying square of the Historical Museum, which exhibits the island’s history through native music and art, conventionally dressed folkloric dancers, and mouth-watering cooking specialties.

6. Natural Pool Safari

Tourist Attractions in Aruba
Natural Pool Safari

The Natural Pool Safari Tour is led by ABC Tours Aruba and provides an unforgettable access point to the picturesque shoreline of Aruba in modern Land Rovers. This half-day, 4-hour Natural Pool Safari travels renowned draws and spots, for instance, the Natural Bridge, Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins, Aruba’s Arikok National Park, and the Natural Pool where tourists can swim and snorkel in the transparent waters. The Natural Pool is created by an enclosure of a volcanic rock development that offers quiet waters for swimming and is the abode to a wide variety of brilliant corals and fish. This trip is run in luxurious, air-conditioned Land Rovers and incorporates hotel collection and drop-offs, ice water, hot lunch, and snorkeling stuff.

7. Kukoo Kunuku

Tourist Attractions in Aruba
Kukoo Kunuku

The Kukoo Kunuku is an entertaining party bus with music, maracas, and a full-service bar that runs on the town streets and rural roads in search of a wonderful Caribbean party. The “party on wheels” bus travels a wide range of bars, clubs, and water bodies in Aruba and greets tourists from all over the world with the least age of 18. A broad range of trips is provided, incorporating the Kukoo Kunuku Dinner & Nightlife Tour, which contains dinner beneath the stars at Casibari Grill and three bar stops, the Kukoo Kunuku Pub Krawl, the Kukoo Kunuku Rocks & Beach Tour, and Kukoo Kunuku Speciality Group Tours for remarkable functions. Private transfer in the party bus is convenient too, as are bonus certificates.

8. Jolly Pirates Cruises

Tourist Attractions in Aruba
Jolly Pirates Cruises

Joly Pirates Cruises provides different type of sailing cruises and charters on boats planned to copy pirate ships. Trips incorporate swimming, snorkeling, rope-swinging, and sunset cruises, and boats can be rented for individual charters and trips for particular moments. Snorkeling trips travel some of the island’s most beloved snorkeling spots, for instance, the shallow coral reefs at Boca Catalina and Malmok and a WWII German shipwreck. The boats have full-service bars on them as well as a collection of snacks and other sustenance and total facilities and are provided by skilled and expert staff and sailors.

9. Fort Zoutman

Tourist Attractions in Aruba
Fort Zoutman

It is an army fortification at Oranjestad in Aruba and the most ancient edifice on the island. Fort Zoutman was established in 1798 by the Dutch army and equipped with four cannons to defend the city against opponents and pirates. The Willem III Tower was established in 1868 and performed as both a public clock tower and lighthouse, which was first illuminated on King Willem III’s birthday. The castle and tower were renovated and opened again to the public in 1983 as the Historical Museum of Aruba and is today a grand emblem of Aruba’s national tradition and one of the best tourist attractions. Every Tuesday evening the Bon Bini Festival is held in the outward square of the Historical Museum, which exhibits the island’s history through native music and art, conventionally dressed folkloric dancers, and appetizing culinary specialties.

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10. Eagle Beach

Tourist Attractions in Aruba
Eagle Beach

This is the broadest beach in Aruba and brags about secure swimming region, adequate parking, sheltered picnic locations, thatched shacks, and various motorized water sports. Eagle Beach is one of the island’s most picturesque beaches, with unspoiled and smooth white sands that slope into the brightly blue colored waters of the Caribbean which made this beach one of the best tourist attractions in Aruba. Eagle Beach is also renowned as a turtle nesting region for four types of turtle and each year the beach is spotted with red and white markers to defend turtle nests, whose hatchlings come out around sunset and at night. Travelers gather to the shore during the season to observe this wonderful natural happening. Eagle Beach is also the abode to two world-famous fofoti trees, whose symbolic figures point in the course of the Caribbean.

11. Atlantis Submarine Expedition

Tourist Attractions in Aruba
Atlantis Submarine Expedition

Take a thrilling and memorable journey into the depths of the Caribbean Sea on an Atlantis Submarines Expedition. Nominated Aruba’s most marvelous draw, tourists are carried to 130 feet below the surface of the sea on a guided trip in the biggest passenger submarine in the world. U.S. Coast Guard-supported, environment-friendly, and totally air-conditioned, the submarine trip takes nearly one hour and 45 minutes and investigate the spectacular marine life that resides in the waters around Aruba. Trips leave the Atlantis Submarines Store downtown across from the Renaissance Resort and tourists are suggested to dress relaxed dress and cozy walking shoes. Children have to be at least 36″ in height (90 cm) and 4 years old to travel by submarine.

12. California Lighthouse

Tourist Attractions in Aruba
California Lighthouse

Situated on the northwestern point of Aruba close to Arashi Beach, one of the best tourist attractions of Aruba, California Lighthouse was established in 1910 to alert ships from the shoreline of the island. Mentioned after the S.S. California, which was sunk around 1891, the lighthouse is today an indicator for tourism, signaling tourists to enjoy the most picturesque looks of the island’s western shoreline, which incorporate rocky coral coastline, white sandy beaches, and the wonderfully landscaped golf course of Tierra del Sol. Near to the lighthouse are the California Sand Dunes, which provide plenty of family amusement, while refreshments, lunch, or dinner are at hand at the La Trattoria el Faro Blanco (The White Lighthouse) eatery.

13. Blue Melody and Black Pearl Sailing

Tourist Attractions in Aruba
Blue Melody and Black Pearl Sailing

The cruisers can be hired for personal sailing tours and extraordinary events, for instance, marriage ceremony, anniversaries and other observations, and the company also provides snorkel stuff rentals. Blue Melody & Black Pearl Sailing provide memorable tailor-made sailing tours and sails around the island. Cruising tours are taken on the Blue Melody or Black Pearl cruisers, which contain many cozy seating with shadow and total facilities. Sailing trips incorporate alcohols and other cold drinks, tasty food and snacks, options to snorkel in uncrowded spots, sunset sailing, and a corresponding video of the tour.

14. Aruba Kayak Adventure

Tourist Attractions in Aruba
Aruba Kayak Adventure

Uniting the amusement of water sports with the excitement of expedition, kayaking trips discover the strange concealed caves and charming mangrove forests of the shoreline, while snorkeling tours go underneath the water surface to uncover the beauties of the ocean. Aruba Kayak Adventure provides tourists an opportunity to explore the Caribbean at its finest on daily kayaking and snorkeling trips. Journeys are run by skilled and knowledgeable native guides who part their vast knowledge of Aruban folklore, history, and nature and incorporate security and command briefing previously. Voyages incorporate visiting the mythical Spanish Lagoon, quiet inland waters, and mangroves near the coast as well as guided snorkeling expedition of Aruba’s South Coast Barrier Reef. Every trip incorporates transportation to and from hotels; all kayak instruments, a guided snorkel trip with snorkel stuff, and lunch.

15. Aruba Aloe Factory

Tourist Attractions in Aruba
Aruba Aloe Factory

Situated in Hato, the Aruba Aloe Museum, Factory, and Store provide supportive museum and factory trips of the formations that explore the domestication of the aloe plant and the methods beyond the manufacturing of aloe-based skin care. Run by native Aruba Aloe trip guides, these instructive and interactive trips are operated in various languages and occur every day every 15 minutes. Tourists can also visit the museum on self-guided trips, starting with a little audiovisual presentation on the history of the museum, which incorporates a strolling trip of the factory provisions, incorporating the aloe cutting chamber, the testing lab, and the filling chamber.

16. Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins

Tourist Attractions in Aruba
Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins

Situated between Wairiruri beach and Andicuri beaches on Aruba, the Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins are the rest of the residues of a long-deserted gold mill that managed gold ore during the Aruban gold rush in the 19th century. Gold was spotted in Aruba in 1824, and the Bushiribana factory was established by the Aruba Island Gold Mining Company a year after to withdraw gold from the nearby hills of Ceru Plat. The mine was run for 10 years and the industry extracted more than three million pounds of gold through the decade. Now, this wonderful tourist attraction is a beloved sojourn for visitors en route to the Aruba Natural Bridge.

17. Palm Beach

Tourist Attractions in Aruba
Palm Beach

The world-famous Palm Beach Aruba is a wonderful 2-mile-long piece along the shore of the island that is the abode to grand hotels, attractive restaurants, trendy beach bars, and cafés, and top-class boutiques and stores. Spotted with piers and watersports activities, this renowned expansion of beach is also a paradise for swimmers and snorkelers for the serene waters and provide scenic sunrise or sunset strolls along the sand. Palm Beach comes lively at night with a wide array of humming bars, nightclubs, and casinos as well as cinema theaters, bowling, and spa amenities in two of the biggest shopping malls on the island.

18. Arikok National Park

Tourist Attractions in Aruba
Arikok National Park

The Arikok National Park is an immense national park on the island that takes up about 18 percent of the landscape and contains three main geological developments, namely limestone, quartz diorite, and lava. And being a picture-perfect natural phenomenon, these developments have straightly innovated Aruba’s human accommodation. The Arikok National Park is the abode to the island’s most ancient Arawak drawings as well as some species of wildlife that are native to the island, incorporating two distinctive bird and snake species, specifically, Baker’s cat-eyed snakes and the Aruban burrowing owl. Tourists to the park can visit conventional Aruban residences and experience various hiking tracks that serpentine past plantation remains and gold mines.

19. Alto Vista Chappel

Tourist Attractions in Aruba
Alto Vista Chappel

Even if you’re not a Catholic, you’ll love to visit one of the best tourist attractions in Aruba, Alto Vista Chapel, which is situated on a hill close to the city of Noord. Officially mentioned as “Our Lady of Alto Vista,” this was the earliest Catholic Church in Aruba. Yellow in color with a red roof, this small church juxtaposes beautifully with the vivid blue sea beyond it. Alto Vista Chapel is accessible every day from 5 pm to 7 pm, and there is a gathering on Tuesdays. Although this present day structure was established in 1952, there has been a chapel on this spot from 1750. If you choose to travel the Alto Vista Chapel, make certain to visit the Peace Labyrinth, where you can meditate or say prayers while strolling through its circuits.

20. Donkey Sanctuary, Aruba

Tourist Attractions in Aruba
Donkey Sanctuary, Aruba

Though donkeys are not endemic to Aruba, they did play a very significant role in the regions’s history. For many years, they were the key body of transportation for natives and also aided with the construction of this nation. The emergence of automobiles to Aruba finished that, and plenty of donkeys were set free to find for themselves. Unluckily, illness and collision with motor vehicles eliminated much of the population. And by the 1970s, there were just 20 donkeys survifing in the wilderness. Animal enthusiasts didn’t wish to observed these animals disappear from the frame of the island, so they established a sanctuary where they could reside risk-free. The sanctuary is cost-free to travel, but donations are greeted.

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