Tourist Attractions in Uruguay

25 Most Favorite Tourist Attractions in Uruguay

Here is a list of the 25 Most Favorite Tourist Attractions in Uruguay

1. San Gregorio de Polanco

Tourist Attractions in Uruguay
San Gregorio de Polanco

Come here to San Gregorio de Polanco for crisp pure healthy air, abundant flora, and blue aqua.  San Gregorio de Polanco is one of the best tourist attractions in Uruguay. This is a relatively secluded region, which quietly adds to its glamour.  There are approximately 3,000 residents here and it’s really natural heaven. You can go to see the native visual arts museum, the excellently adorned OSE water tank, and the regional parish which has an art gallery inside.  For such a remote location there are many water activities on offer as well as wonderful fishing.

2. Nueva Helvecia

Tourist Attractions in  Nueva Helvecia
Nueva Helvecia

There is a great feeling of community in Nueva Helvecia.  The city square, a beloved meeting place for natives, was specially planned for people to come together. You’ll see everyone in the city passes at least some time here daily.  The seniors of the community usually narrate tales from the past days.  There’s a magnificent Founder’s Monument here that remembers the migrants who worked hard and offered their lives to form Nueva Helvecia.  Built of granite, it’s a magnificent homage to this pleasant community. There are also wonderful carnivals in this place.  In August experience the Swiss Festival where you can taste Swiss foods, signing, and dancing.  Some families go all out in producing marvelous Swiss cheese fondues for everyone to taste.

3. Rocha

Tourist Attractions in Rocha

Rochaa is where you’ll see the end of the immense intact beaches of Uruguay.  The sand is white, the ocean a dazzling blue, and the shore is mainly vacant.  The whole section has very slight progress but the sense of seclusion is greater than actuality.  The spot is even now quite reachable.  More and more tourists are uncovering leisure heaven in Rocha.

4. Cabo Polonio

Tourist Attractions in Cabo Polonio
Cabo Polonio

There’s no water, sewage facility, or electricity in Cabo Polonio, making it a big attraction for the bohemian and backpacker crowds.  The total place is a natural conserve filled with the woodland of Ombu trees, and a neighboring colony of sea lions beyond the picture-perfect lighthouse. The key reason to come to this place is to laze on the beach and luxuriate from all your journeys. Mind to bring true books with you if you wish to laze on the beach – recharging your e-reader will be really hard!

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5. Tacuarembo

Tourist Attractions in Tacuarembo

This is cowboy region.  The extending hills of Cuchilla de Haedo serve as the canvas for this rough cattle country.  The assumed birthplace of the tango great Carlos Gardel, you’ll see beautiful plazas, tree-spotted roads, and the picturesque Plaza 19 de Abril in the center of the city. Be certain to travel the Museo Carlos Gardel, the Gruta de Los Helechos, the Catedral de Tacuarembo, the Museo del Indio y del Gaucho Washington Escobar, and the extraordinary Pozo Hondo, a cave and cascade right outside of the city. Everybody falls in love with the language, lifestyle, and foods of Tacuarembo that all appear to be affected by right about everywhere.

6. Piriapolis

Tourist Attractions in Piriapolis

There is a certain Mediterranean aura in Piriápolis.  There are a seafront esplanade and an attractive old hotel.  Established especially for tourism at the inception of the 20th century, it contains the Castillo de Piria (Pira’s Castle) and the Argentino Hotel. There’s a ten block section of shoreline where you’ll see the shopping, restaurants, and water sports.  Though most of Uruguay is absolutely even, there are wonderful scenes here of the neighboring region – with two of the country’s loftiest hills nearby.

7. Punta Del Este

three places in uruguay
Punta Del Este

This beach resort city has everything:  sand, yachts, gambling clubs, and sunshine. Sometimes mentioned as the Monaco of South America, Punta del Este is a little bit costlier than the rest of Uruguay, but the magnificent shore, entertainment activities, restaurants and more make it a must visit the city. Don’t fail to experience the sunset in either Jose Ignacio or La Barra and the surfing in La Playa de los Dedos. There’s some wonderful beach art at this spot as well. You’ll like gaping at the seaside residences and strolling along the tree-lined picturesque streets.   There’s too a museum, Casa Pueblo, established by Carlos Paez-Vilaro. Additionally, you can see here the Pablo Atchugarry Foundation, the Museo del Mar (maritime museum), the Museo Ralli (modern art museum),  Arboretum Lussich, and Isla de Los Lobos – the biggest seal dominion in the southern hemisphere.

8. Punta del Diablo

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Punta del Diablo

This ancient fishing village is today the number one summer break destination for Argentines and Uruguayans.  It’s also the center of the backpacker view in Uruguay.  There’s been plenty of progress lately, but the city hasn’t lost its beauty. This wonderful city with a stunning shoreline and serene atmosphere is the best tourist attraction in the area. You’ll like this small corner of the country.  Be certain to visit the sandy plaza, situated nearly 200m inland.  Little sandy paths fan out in all courses.

9. Durazno

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Located on the Yi River, Durazno is a little city primarily established in the 19th century and mentioned after the Brazilian Emperor Pedro I.  There is a wonderful local art museum, Casa del General, with displays on Uruguayan archaeology, Gaucho art, and regional history. Sports enthusiasts will love the native sports museum and children will like the Durazno zoo. There’s also the stunning Iglesia San Pedro De Durazno, planned by famous architect Eladio Diesde.

10. Colonia (Colonia del Sacramento)

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Colonia (Colonia del Sacramento)

Established in the 17th century, Colonia is today elected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and definitely, it’s one of the finest tourist attraction in the country. You’ll like the ancient colonial edifices and cobblestone paths that provide so much temperament.  The town itself was, for a long time, a smuggling harbor and altered hands a few times among the Portuguese and the Spanish. As you’d assume, the major appeal is the ancient historic center.  There are eight little museums in this place (all for the cost of one ticket). The city lighthouse offers a beautiful view of the town and the river. Go to the deserted Basilica del Sanctísimo Sacramento, an ancient bullfighting ring and experience some of Colonia’s asado, a beloved among the natives.

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11. Chuy

Tourist Attractions in Uruguay

The prime street between these two cities is the true boundary between Brazil and Uruguay. Chuy lies on the Atlantic shore in Uruguay and just across the path is its twin sister Chui, in Brazil. Half the city will say, “Bienvenido,” as you travel, and the rest half will say, “Bem vinda.”  Don’t fail to visit Fuerte San Miguel, an 18th-century fort fundamental in the design of Uruguay as a sovereign country, and Fortaleza de Santa Teresa, a National Historic Monument situated in a national park.

12. Carmelo

Tourist Attractions in Uruguay

Packed with small old houses and cobblestone paths, Carmelo is the area for tension-free water activities. Fishing, yachting and visiting the Paraná Delta are the main leisure activities in this place which made it one of the best tourist attractions.  Located close to the meeting place of the Rio Uruguay and the Rio de la Plata, there’s a beautiful protected harbor here.  Go across the bridge to Playa Sere beach with vast expanse for camping in the neighboring park.  Keep some additional cash on hand to explore the casino.

13. Paysandu

Tourist Attractions in Uruguay

The third-biggest town is Paysandú and it’s connected to Colón, Argentina by the Puente Internacional General Artigas. Established as a distant camp for cattle herders in this area, the city has developed to be the provider of the maximum of the meat for all of Uruguay.  Now, the action is on Plaza Constitución so aim to pass an afternoon walking around.  If you schedule it properly, you can take part in the town’s annual week-long beer festival and find a frantic side of calm Paysandú.

14. Salto

Tourist Attractions in Uruguay

It is the country’s second largest town and is mentioned after the spot where the Rio Uruguay makes a “big leap.”  People come here for the warm springs and the outdoor activities provided.  You’ll see a beautiful riverfront city that’s stress-free and allows you effortlessly relax. Strange enough, the city’s hydroelectric barrage, situated 2okm from the town, is a very beloved tourist attraction in Uruguay.   Visit the warm springs at Daymán which has three pools of different temperatures, separate showers, and fountains, and vast space to relish a picnic lunch.

15. Montevideo

Tourist Attractions in Uruguay

Montevido is the place of the nation’s epicenter and residence to nearly half of its population.  This wide-ranging town is great on fun and high in cultural life.  There are plenty of separate characteristics to uncover here.  Begin with the historic center where you’ll see neoclassic edifices just next to soaring buildings.  You can explore the harbor and industrial side, passing the day shopping, or visiting the beach communities of spots like Pocitos and Carretas.  In the evening explore theatre, art galleries, and concerts.  You’ll like the tango bars and discos along the sea. Be certain to visit La Feria Tristán Narvaja flea market, The Rambla, and Plaza de Independencia.

16. Estadio Centenario

Tourist Attractions in Uruguay
Estadio Centenario

This is the largest football stadium in the country and was established in 1930 for the earliest ever World Cup. It is even now Montevideo’s principal stadium, and a must see even if you’re not a great football enthusiast. The vigor during a match is unlike anything else; going to watch the national team is a sight in itself. You can also explore the museum in the stadium to know all things about Uruguay’s football history.

17. Pan de Azucar

Tourist Attractions in Uruguay
Pan de Azucar

This is a hill in Maldonado which is effortlessly identifiable because of the large cross established on its peak. The hill is the abode to a natural conserve that houses a wonderful display of local Uruguayan wildlife. Several species even used to be extinct and were survived by the attempts of the natural reserve. Do some hiking, enjoy nature, and climb to the peak!

18. Teatro Solis

Tourist Attractions in Uruguay
Teatro Solis

Solis Theater is a distinctive feature in Ciudad Vieja, the Old City district in Montevideo. The architecture and town designing of Ciudad Vieja are wonderful—you can get lost wandering through the  paths, people-watching, and exploring charming corners. Go inside Solis Theater to find magnificent artistic decoration from the starting of the 20th century.

19. Mercado del Puetro

Tourist Attractions in Uruguay
Mercado del Puetro

The “Port Market” is not basically so much of a market anymore but more of a vast area with restaurants and stores in it. You can see street markets just outside during the weekends, and a handicraft market nearby daily. It’s a wonderful location to submerge yourself in Uruguayan culture because you can taste the most classic food, explore street performers doing native music, and people-observing for hours on end as it’s one of the most active parts of the town.

20. Laguna de Castillos

Tourist Attractions in Uruguay
Laguna de Castillos

Castillos Lake is a wonderful location to enjoy swimming and fishing, as the clean water is an invigorating change from the customary saline sea water from the beach. You can ride a boat to the Ombú mount, an exceptional area that houses immense shrub-like trees that are vacant inside. There are also lands of very lofty palm trees that are very unique to this spot.

21. Estancia la Aurora

Tourist Attractions in Uruguay
Estancia la Aurora

This looks like a usual countryside farm… until you uncover the wonderful spiritual belief beyond it. Thousands of people travel every year because it is thought to have unusual power that, for some basis, draws UFOs. Plenty of people have astonishing stories about the incidents that happen here. You can also see the religious figure of Padre Pío, which some people also trust, provides blessings to devotees that travel. Anyway, it’s an amazing spot to test your possibilities for some supernatural occurrences. All these myths made Estancia La Aurora one of the best Tourist Attractions in Uruguay

22. Mines of Precious stones in Artigas

Tourist Attractions in Uruguay
Mines of Precious stones in Artigas

The amethyst gem is plentiful in the north of Uruguay. You can reserve an exploration trip that brings you inside the caves, to find some of the largest, most unbelievable exhibitions of unprocessed expensive jewels that are yet to be extracted. You can even acquire your own with the assistance of specific tools and direction provided by the travel guides. You will also enjoy scenic views of the area where the mines are situated.

23. Pablo Atchugarry Foundation

Tourist Attractions in Uruguay
Pablo Atchugarry Foundation

A renowned Uruguayan carver, Pablo Atchugarry who sculpts basically with marble and metal. Several years before, he inaugurated a gallery in Manantiales, Punta del Este, that is also abode to the finest sculpture park in Uruguay. The gallery has two individual indoor areas: one where Atchugarry’s sculptures are exhibited, and another one for altering displays. The sculptures park, outdoors, stretches and develops as more sculptures are commissioned and the area is modified to house them.

24. Punta Ballena

Tourist Attractions in Uruguay
Punta Ballena

It is one of the major Tourist Attractions in Uruguay from where you can observe amazing sunrises and sunsets along with ridges and ocean sights, and Punta del Este town distant away in the skyline. Punta Ballena is situated very close to Punta del Este. An additional one is Casapueblo, Carlos Páez Vilaró’s workshop-turned-museum, a remarkable work of architecture by one of Uruguay’s most renowned artists. Eventually, you can also explore Las Cumbres, or “the hills,” to enjoy more sights from above, and a botanical garden.

25. Garzon

Tourist Attractions in Uruguay

It  is a little village close to Rocha that has stayed picturesque and captivating throughout the years. Chef Francis Mallman started a Michelin-starred restaurant and hotel there, which put the city’s name on the map. The spot is very distant and ideal to stroll around as if you were the sole inhabitant. It is really serene and calm, and very near the countryside.

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