25 Best Tourist Attractions to Visit in Indonesia

1. Bukittinggi

This beautiful town in West Sumatra is at the front of tourism in the province. At 930 meters (3,051 feet) above sea level, this town has excellent highland sight and crisp pure air. Bukittinggi has sensational nature, a lengthy history, and exceptional cultural values, all of which draw many visitors each year. Famous tourist destinations include the glorious Sianok Canyon, the Japanese WWII subterranean tunnels, the Dutch hilltop fortress Fort de Kock, Pasar Atas traditionary market, and the wonderful Jam Gadang clock tower, which was established during the colonial period in 1926.

2. Nusa Islands

Often mentioned as “The Maldives of Bali,” this group of three islands off the shore of Bali is up-and-coming tropical heaven with natural draws that many would dispute overshadow the famous mainland. Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, and Nusa Ceningan each have their own characteristics, but all three provide wonderful underwater views, with rich wildlife, transparent water, and a serene surface. The sites are ideal for diving, snorkeling, or water sports. Additional beloved activities include cliff-jumping in Nusa Ceningan, passing the yellow bridge amidst Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan, caving, hiking, and more

3. Lombok

Some said Lombok reminds them of Bali decades earlier before the island turned out a tourist magnet. Lombok’s landscape and beaches are undoubtedly on par with Bali and are controversially more charming because of their primitive state. Among the most magnificent views in Lombok is the volcano Mount Rinjani and Pink Beach. The world-renowned Gili Islands, just off the shore of Lombok, are too a must-visit, providing a blend of natural charm and modern draws such as luxury resorts and hip bars.

4. Wae Rebo Village

This beautiful Indonesian village in Flores has been attaining more acceptance all over the world for its unparalleled glamour. Its iconic cone-shaped central houses, lined fantastically against the background of photogenic mountains and accidental mist, are appreciated by native and international visitors alike. Situated in a distant highland, don’t forget to enjoy the neighboring nature, with its pretty orchids, wildlife, and tropical verdancy.

5. Bangka Belitung Islands

Situated off the shore of mainland Sumatra, Bangka Belitung Island is famous for its beautiful beaches with glorious white sand, iconic granite stones, and palm trees. But underneath the transparent water and mesmerizing sunsets, this place is also home to fascinating cultural and historical features—many of which are heritage structures from the colonial time—that fits the beautiful natural sight. From this archipelago, visitors can also venture to the neighboring tinier populated islands for even more primitive natural charm.

6. Derawan Islands

This archipelago in East Kalimantan is one of Indonesia’s greatest instances of tropical heaven, consisting of six incredible islands and some tinier islets, each with its own beauty. Maratua Island, for instance, is familiar for its supreme sea caverns, lakes, and numerous resorts. Kakaban Island provides swimming in a lake full of jellyfish without the sting. Sangalaki Island is well known for diving and snorkeling, for its magnificent underwater view, stuffed with coral, manta rays, turtles, and more. The comparatively distant location assists in protecting the natural charm of this archipelago, making it a primitive and charming island paradise in Indonesia.

7. Tanjung Putting National Park

Just in case an immense, mostly undiscovered tropical forest with pure air, arcane morning mist, birds cooing, and rivers flowing are not alluring enough for you, factor this in Tanjung Puting National Park is abode to the wild orangutan, the fantastic primate that robs the hearts of many, with its grace and intellect.

8. Tana Toraja

Usually graceful for its mesmeric exequial traditions, Tana Toraja is also a charming destination. This highland in South Sulawesi has an illustrious canvas of mountain scenery, green tropical jungles, and well-decorated villages with fascinating traditional houses. Visitors can begin the day experiencing the sunrise from atop the clouds, then visiting the villages and photogenic hills, including the spooky but captivating burial cavern.

9. Lake Toba

Toba is not only Indonesia’s largest lake, but also one of its most charming lakes.  It is wonderful from every angle. Nearly double the sizes of Singapore, there are many angles of vision to enjoy the view of this volcanic lake, encompassed by hills and lush greenery. In the neighboring villages, tourists can also explore the fascinating Batak culture, with its captivating traditions and cultural objects. Tourists can also look over Samosir, the tiny beautiful island in the center of Lake Toba.

10. Ubud

Regarded as Bali’s art and culture epicenter, Ubud enchants visitors beyond its fine art galleries and pleasant traditional representations. Ubud is also one of the most charming surroundings of the beloved island destination. The famous Tegalalang Rice Terrace, for instance, is a must-visit site while in Bali. Ubud’s green tropical forests, calm and quiet rivers, and additional natural characteristics have also provided plenty of good establishments with a peaceful atmosphere. Even an aimless walk or meal in this place may come with a wonderful view of nature or architecture.

11. Mount Bromo

This volcano, frequently enclosed by smoke and an illustrious sky, has become one of the most familiar views from Indonesia. Experiencing the sunrise at Mount Bromo from Java Island is a beloved trip that provides a never-to-be-forgotten experience. The volcano also partakes the area with an endless desert, other vigorous mountains and hills, far-flung flower fields, and several waterfalls, most of which can be visited in a day or two.

12. Raja Ampat

With one of the most pleasant underwater sights on the planet, this world-renowned tropical paradise contains more than 530 species of coral, 700 types of mollusk, and 1,300 species of fish. Despite the attraction of fantastic species and an exciting island view, Raja Ampat remains mostly primitive because of its distant position and huge locality. More than just a divers’ heaven, Raja Ampat also makes a never-to-be-forgotten destination for birdwatchers, photographers, adventurers, and even those who seek for excellent leisure with a marvelous view in a remote island.

13.Komodo National Park

A strong and preternatural lizard, the Komodo is debatably one of the most wonderful creatures on earth—one you can just see in the wild at Indonesia’s Komodo National Park. Impressive as it is, the Komodo is hardly the sole attractive thing in this group of fantastic islands that constitute the Komodo National Park. The three islands—Komodo, Padar, and Rinca—have sublime hills and a beach sight, along with a sensational shoreline, green tropical hills, and flourishing submarine wildlife. Komodo Island even has the famous pink sand beach, while Padar Island has a wonderful hill with a view of three fascinating bays.

14. Borobudur Temple

The world’s largest Buddhist sanctuary is a must-visit draw, not only because of its religious importance but also for its elegance and charm. Established around the eighth century, this temple is a resemblance of the country’s long and complicated history that covers religion, culture, customs, architecture, and more. Tourists can watch the ornamented and fascinating stone engravings, stare of the central grand structure, and submerge themselves in the neighboring theatrical sight that includes the sunrise, forests, and remote hills.

15. Dieng Plateau

006 Dieng , Java

Located at 2,000 meters (6,562 feet) above sea level, Dieng Plateau is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Indonesia, and not only climate-wise. Both a natural and cultural site, there are many things to watch and do in Dieng Plateau. Other than the far-flung mountain view of forests and remote villages, this highland also has an illustrious lake, thermal spring, and old Hindu temples. Once a year, visitors gather to the site for a much-expected anniversary that includes traditional functions, performances, and jazz atop the clouds.

16. Mount Krakatau

Of course, the eruption of Indonesia’s most prominent volcano, Krakatau, in 1883 was the biggest in filed history. The eruption gravely influenced climate conditions all over the world and took a subversive toll on human life on neighboring Java and Sumatra. Anak Krakatau, “Child of Krakatau,” is the smallest of the islands created by the 1883 eruption, and compelled itself above the surface in 1930. This juvenile and unstable volcano maintains to emerge higher out of the sea and have serious eruptions. Anak Krakatau still erupts smoke and fire, and visitors can see Krakatau’s child for a reminder of the wonderful, hidden power right underneath the surface at every turn in Indonesia.

17. Gunung Rinjani

Another of Indonesia’s famous volcanoes, Gunung Rinjani is one of the topmost tourist attractions on Lombok. Rinjani itself does not behold the eruptions and activity that some of the others have, but its crater-forming eruption in the late 13th century is thought to have been one of the mightiest in human history. A lake located in Rinjani’s crater, and at the center of the lake stands Mt. Baru, another effective volcano. Here, you can locate animals, for instance, the endangered black Ebony leaf monkey, long-tailed macaques, the sulfur-crested cockatoo, and additional fantastic species. Guided tours are available, and you can stay overnight in the park. The park does warn that treks are arduous, so if you plan to climb the mountain, you should be fit and be prepared with the required equipment.

18. Pura Tanah Lot

This is one of Bali’s most beloved temples, constructed on a rock formation in the ocean. The first formation began to decay at one point, so a part of the rock is now forged. Nevertheless, Pura Tanah Lot attracts visitors in droves, specifically in time to behold the sunset. This temple compound is located on the southern coast of Beraban village, and you can reach there on foot at low tide. Once the sun sets, explore the stalls at the Tanah Lot market to buy unparalleled Balinese souvenirs.

19.Banda Islands

Bali and Lombok are experimented and perfect tourist attractions for a reason, but the less famous Banda Islands have their own charm as an off-the-beaten-path entrance. This group of 10 islands is located at the end of the Banda Sea, whose depths go more than 6,500 meters. The Bandas have long been on the rudder of those employed in the spice business, thanks to their affluent source of nutmeg. Referred to as “Eastern Indonesia’s best-kept secret,” the Bandas maintain hidden thrills for divers and sailors especially. Primitive dive locations offer an opportunity to locate sharks, sea turtles, whales, the native Ambon scorpionfish, lobsters, and an abundance of other creatures. You can book rooms and trips yourself, or choose a live-aboard boat, which stops at plenty of wonderful dive sites all over the islands.

20. Jatiluwih Rice Fields, Bali

The beaches may be the foremost thing that emerges in mind when you think of Bali, but the green rice fields are a near second. So green and life-giving are the stairs of the Jatiluwih Rice Fields that they were listed as a UNESCO Cultural Landscape as a portion of Bali’s Subak System. The discreetly plowed and watered fields are a testimony to the riches of natural resources in Bali, as well as the cautiously honed efficiencies of the native farmers. No trip to Bali is fulfilled without watching these rich acres.

21. Kalimantan, Borneo

A small number of places offers silvan, untamed venture like Borneo. One of the most environmentally wonderful places on earth, Borneo houses orangutans, fascinating birds, Sumatran rhinos, pygmy elephants, and an array of additional creatures. In Kalimantan, in Indonesian Borneo, you can take a journey down the Kapuas River, the lengthiest in Indonesia; Look over the villages of the native Dayak people; and watch foreign impacts from China, Malaysia, and even Europe in the ports and cities along the way. You can also enjoy trekking in the rainforest for an opportunity to see some of Borneo’s famous wildlife in person. Bukit Baka-Bukit Raya National Park is a protected region in West Kalimantan that contains two of the most elevated mountains in Borneo and backs wildlife, for instance, orangutans, clouded leopards, sluggish lorises, sun bears, and plenty of additional species.

22. Kelimutu Lake

Kelimutu is a fount of molten magma in focal Flores which has three pit lakes located inside it. The lakes are famous for their contrasting shades of blue, red, and green, considered to be activated by volcanic activity and gases beneath the surface of the water. A good number of tourists visit the lakes to experience this effective volcano or to ascend to and take rest near to the spring of flowing lava to see the sunrise over the pit. Has it begun giving you excitement already?

23. Sidorajo Mud Volcano

One of the most captivating places to visit in Indonesia is the Sidoarjo mudflow. It is an incessant flow of hot mud of lava that had erupted in May in the year 2006 and had influenced lives in neighboring areas flooding them in its mud. Statues of calamities lie there surrounding this mud volcano and for some strange reason, this unearthly place is a tourist draw. One of the quaintest places in the world, this attraction in Indonesia is a must-trip for adventurers, geology- lovers and explorers.

24.Gili Islands

The Gili Islands consisting of three islands, Gili Meno, Gili Air, and Gili Trawangan, all located off the coastline of Lombok. The largest and most inhabited of these is Gili Trawangan, yet even there, there are just basic streets and transportation comes as bikes or horses and trucks. There are no auto-rickshaws and no police, which is the cause many visitors make the travel by ship or speed boat from Bali to make tracks in a reverse channel from everything and to spot a peaceful retreat from the bustling towns of Sengiggi in Lombok or Bali.

25. Pulau Weh

Pulau Weh, or Weh Island, is located at the top of Sumatra, off the coast of Aceh. The island even now confronts volcanic activity. Situated in the Andaman Sea it is home to Sabang, the northernmost city of the country, and taking a sunbath in Weh is one of the greatest things to do in Indonesia. Visitors visit the island to go swimming in the blue water which has plenty of tropical fish and in addition exceptional Megamouth sharks. You can stay at the Gapang coastline near to Sabang or visit Anoi Itam Beach, famous for its wonderful dark sand. Weh Island provides you with one of the greatest beach experiences in Indonesia.

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