Tourist Attractions in Colombia

25 Best Tourist Attractions to Visit in Colombia

 Here is a list of the 25  Best Tourist Attractions in Colombia

1. Las Dalias Natural Reserve, Caqueta

tourist attractions in Colombia
Las Dalias Natural Reserve, Caqueta

Caqueta is one of Colombia’s least traveled parts, but that’s not because it is in need of attractive sights and entertainment activities Undoubtedly it’s the best tourist attractions in Colombia. Instead, Caquetais of the country’s secret jewels, particularly, the mentionable canyon of Las Dalias Natural Reserve, an extension of the river surrounded on both sides by a noteworthy high-walled canyon, coated in naturally occurring oil. The river is unbelievably shallow; meaning the maximum fearless of tourists can hike through the slender canyon, relishing the surreal looks of one of Colombia’s most off-the-beaten-track locations.

2. Cano Cristales

tourist attractions in caño cristales
Cano Cristales

 “The river of five colors,” or Caño Cristales,  is situated in the Serranía de la Macarena National Park. This distinctive and magnificently spectacular phenomenon is a picture-perfect view situated within a distant portion of the country. The 62-mile (100-kilometer) extension of river has charming waterfalls and natural water bodies.

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3. Medellin

tourist attractions in medellin

Colombia’s second biggest town, Medellín is is renowned for its flower carnival, warm climate, Botero Museum and has a metropolitan sense. Medellín has plenty of distinctive things to do and watch. Neighboring Guatapé, for instance, has a 650-foot (198-meter) rock jutting out of the even lands, where you can ascend more than 700 steps and experience the “finest scene in the world.” Medellín is a vibrant town with plazas, spectacular graffiti, uncommon transportation links, and distinctive museums.

4. Cali

tourist attractions in Cali

Colombia’s third biggest town Cali is the salsa epicenter of the world. Cali is stuffed with music, tiny bars, live bands and dancing on roads. The town is the ideal spot to know to dance salsa and take a step back timely to know the history of the famous Colombian dance in little record stores.

5. Amazon Rainforest Communities

tourist attractions in Colombia
Amazon Rainforest Communities

The Amazon rainforest is a huge ecosystem spreading over big regions of Colombia, Peru, and Brazil. Traveling the Amazon rainforest is a distinctive experience, where you will observe communities residing with nature and very few material elements. Traveling an Amazon community is a life-altering knowledge; you get to find how villagers stay with no supply water or electricity. In the Amazon, you can walk through the rainforest, travel Monkey Island, enjoy boat tours and try fishing for piranhas.

6. Walled City of Cartagena

tourist attractions in Walled City of Cartagena
Walled City of Cartagena

Cartagena is a town situated on the Caribbean shore of Colombia. At the ending of the 16th century, the town made a fence to defend its residents from being looted by buccaneer. The fence even stands now and has become a display of the town and its wonderful architecture. Cartagena’s fence is accompanied by its forts, established to defend from French and British occupation. Now you can stroll along the fence, around the forts and take in the town’s distinctive Spanish colonial edifices.

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7. Tayrona National Park

tourist attractions in Tayrona National Park
Tayrona National Park

This parrk is situated near to the town of Santa Marta, on the Caribbean shore. Tayrona National Park is a holy region for the native aboriginal community of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. The park brags about some of the country’s most charming beaches, supported by the rainforest and the snow-topped mountains of the Sierra Nevada.

8. Andres Carne de Res

tourist attractions in Andres Carne de Res
Andres Carne de Res

A really distinctive bar and restaurant, Andrés Carne de Res is situated right outside of Bogotá in Chia. Upon stepping into the spot you sense transferred into another world, with insane ornamentations, a menu or book filled with mouth-watering meats and other usual Colombian food, all distributed on one-of-a-type plates and cups. Andrés Carne de Res is a must-visit for any tour to Bogotá and Colombia.

9. Salt Cathedral

tourist attractions in salt cathedral
Salt Cathedral

First established in 1816 by the diggers working within the salt mine as a region to pray, the Salt Cathedral has flourished suddenly into a major tourist attraction on the fringe of Bogotá. Situated in Zipaquirá, 32 miles (52 kilometers) from Colombia’s epicenter, Bogotá, The Salt Cathedral is made up of plenty of draws incorporating a 3,000-seat cathedral, the seven Stations of the Cross, an ascending wall, 3D movie hall, museum, art gallery, and café.

10. Lost City

tourist attractions in lost city
Lost City

The Lost City, or Ciudad Perdida, is situated near to Santa Marta and Tayrona National Park on the Caribbean coast. First established in 800C.E. this old community was built 650 years before Machu Picchu but was just unearthed in 1972. Traveling the Lost City includes a 27-mile (44-kilometer), four- or six-day stroll through the rainforest, through rivers and past waterfalls.

11. Barichara

tourist attractions in Barichara

It is a distinctive colonial city comprised of whitewashed edifices with orange roofs, all lining cobbled paths. The city is a photographer’s heaven, with tiny shops and eateries situated within colonial-style edifices, a large plaza and a view over the mountains. Barichara is filled with handmade arts and crafts and distinctive family-run eateries, like the Pizzeria Siete Tigres.

12. Rosario Islands

tourist attractions in Rosario Islands
Rosario Islands

A gathering of 27, The Rosario Islands are primarily unpopulated Caribbean islands, situated off the shore of Cartagena. These islands are a reserved National Park due to their coral reefs and marine life, which promote wonderful snorkeling and diving experiences. The islands can be arrived by boat from Cartagena’s harbor, and tourists can reside overnight in hotels scattered around the islands, or instead go for a day tour.

13. Guatape


It is a brilliantly-colored city conserved in time, with its lively colored edifices kept in an ideal state. Guatapé is situated near to El Peñól de Guatapé, a 650-foot (198-meter) high rock jutting out of the even encompassing land. The rock is accessible to all and has a substantial network of stairs, granting tourists to ascend to the peak and take a look at the vision which natives mention as “the finest view in the world,” watching out over a huge network of impressively, distinctively-colored rivers and lakes, supported by mountains. Situated around 51 miles (83 kilometers) from Medellín, it’s the ideal day tour from the town.

14. San Andres and Providencia

tourist attractions in San Andres and Providencia
San Andres and Providencia

Two Colombian islands situated in the Caribbean sea right off the shore of Panama. These two islands have white, sandy shores and turquoise waters, ideal for snorkeling, kitesurfing, and swimming. Providencia is familiar for having the sea of seven colors, and the islands stand on the third biggest coral reef on earth, offering an ideal spot for diving and snorkeling.

15. Bogota

tourist attractions in bogota

This is Colombia’s quickly flourishing epicenter town, an abode to more than 10 million residents and filled with history. The town’s La Candelaria vicinity provides tourists a perception about how the town flourished with its wonderful colonial roads and Bolivar Plaza. Bogotá is a blend of past and present: businesses are flourishing their Latin-American head offices within the town and its partitions are stretching in every way. Bogotá has a big number of museums and its food has been shaped by the Spanish, French, Argentine and Peruvian factions.

16. Bogota Botanical Garden

tourist attractions in Bogota Botanical Garden
Bogota Botanical Garden

This Botanical Garden unites art and science by educating tourists about sustainability, landscaping, preservation and more. One of the main objectives of the garden is government experimentation into botany and environmental reservation. By 2026, the garden targets to be the most comprehensive knowledge hub for Andean biodiversity. In order to impart lessons on about the environment to children, the garden has its own science club. Tourists can travel the Bogota Botanical Garden for a little fee on any day of the week. There are travel guides available for rent all over the park.

17. Central Cemetery of Bogota

tourist attractions in Colombia
Central Cemetery of Bogota

Inaugurated in 1836 after Colombia’s detachment from Spain, the Central Cemetery of Colombia is renowned for its extreme and charming cemeteries. Presidents, politicians, famous and civilians are entombed at this distinctive location. There are some tombs that are specifically significant to the natives. The mausoleum of the Bodmer sisters, who passed away in 1903 from a mysterious disease, is one of the most famous ones. The mother of the sisters is said to have begged with an angel at their mausoleum to free her sole living kid, a son who was affected with the very disease. Another renowned grave belongs to Leo Siegfried Komp, a businessman who established one of the world’s biggest breweries.

18. Independence Museum

tourist attractions in Independence Museum
Independence Museum

A wonderful tourist attraction,The Independence Museum–Casa del Florero was established in 1960 to commemorate 150 years of Colombian independence. The museum was planned to give an impartial look at Colombia’s history and the main characters who assisted bring about its freedom. The museum houses an extensive range of artwork, artifacts, documents and displays connected to Colombia getting its freedom on July 20, 1810. One of the most valuable items in the museum is the Vase of Llorente, which is considered to be a visual delineation of Colombia’s fight to detached from Spain. The museum is accessible to tourists every day of the week.

19. Monserrate Sanctuary

tourist attractions in Monserrate Sanctuary
Monserrate Sanctuary

The Monserrate Sanctuary is the ideal spot to escape the fast-paced area of Bogota for an afternoon. Situated 3000 meters above the town, the sanctuary contains a religious temple, a charming chapel and some other mentionable edifices which made this a wonderful tourist destination. From the top of the hill, tourists can get a breathtaking look of the town underneath. In order to arrive at the sanctuary, tourists can stroll along a recently-opened paved street or mount in a cable car. At definite times of the year, for instance, Easter, the sanctuary becomes lively with hundreds of people making the pilgrimage to the sanctuary on the top of the hill.

20. Museo del Chico

tourist attractions in Museo del Chico
Museo del Chico

This museum is familiar for being an instance of Colonial-era architecture in Colombia. Stuffed with furniture, statues, artwork and other national and international remains from the 18th century, this magnificent residence is evocative of the haciendas that were once beloved by the country’s elite class. The museum contains three venues that are often utilized as gathering spaces for meeting, parties and other significant occasions. In addition to being a beloved gathering spot, a part of the land has been changed into a playfield that is accessible to the public. El Chico Museum is accessible every day of the week excluding Sunday.

21. ParqueMundo Aventura

tourist attractions in Parque Mundo Aventura
ParqueMundo Aventura

The World Adventure Park is a popular tourist destination among families in Bogota. Stuffed with thrilling draws and a multitude of entertainment activities, the park has something for all. Park travelers can experiment their bravery on a variation of theme park-style rides, find a presentation in the park’s 5D theater, or play inside mammoth air-filled bubbles that drift in the water. There are also some play regions devoted to babies and small kids. Tourists can purchase day passes or “passports” to get entry to non-identical sets of draws. The adventure park remains shut on Mondays and Tuesdays.

22. Plaza Bolivar

tourist attractions in Plaza Bolivar
Plaza Bolivar

Situated in the heart of historic Bogota, Plaza Bolivar came into being long before Colombia’s freedom from Spain. The plaza was planned by the well-known conqueror and founding father of Bogota, Jimenez de Quesada. Some of the pioneering incidents that happened at this plaza incorporate the 1810 revolt against Spain, Pope Paul VI’s travel in 1968 and the M19 Guerilla strike in the mid-1980s. A big sculpture of Simon Bolivar, a national hero, observes over the plaza night and day. In present days the plaza stands as an important site in Bogota where marches, protests, markets, meeting and other significant incidents occur and it’s a wonderful tourist attraction too.

23. Parque

tourist attractions in Parque

Familiar today as a center for art, culture, and trends, 93 Parque used to be a dumping ground for building garbage. It was regenerated in the mid-nineties with assistance from the government and native organizations. Now, the neat, centrally-situated park provides various activities and occasions every week and today it’s one of the best tourist attractions in Colombia. There is a tourism library where people of all ages can take books, there are concerts from famous artists, carnivals are a usual incident and there is a cinema situated in the park for frequent movie exhibition. Inhabitants can book portions of the park for arranging their own events and meetings as well.

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24. Primatical Cathedral

tourist attractions in Primatial Cathedral
Primatical Cathedral

This cathedral is formally familiar as the Metropolitan Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. This magnificent Roman Catholic cathedral presents soaring steeple, lines of fancy windows and doors, some stunning domes and a serene chapel where tourists can pray. The chapel has been established four separate times in the very spot. The ultimate building happened in the early 1800s. Now, the chapel contains the relics of Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada, the founder of Bogota, and it bears a record for being the biggest cathedral in Colombia and one of the biggest cathedrals in South America.

25. Quinta de Bolivar

tourist attractions in Quinta de Bolivar
Quinta de Bolivar

Once, Quinta de Bolivar was home to Simon Bolivar, a renowned savior, soldier, and politician in Colombian history. Bolivar possessed these belongings for over 10 years but didn’t expend much of his time at the Quinta until later in his career, when it became a shelter from his busy life in Colombia’s political site. Before Bolivar’s passing, he willed the property to an intimate friend. Years after, in 1990, the Quinta became the center of a government-conducted reconstruction project. Now tourists can travel the belongings and find some historic chambers as well as the charming garden where Bolivar passed much of time thinking and de-stressing.

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