Tourist Attractions in Switzerland

25 Best Tourist Attractions to Visit in Switzerland

Tourist Attractions in Switzerland, Visit 25 Best Amazing Places:

1. Thun

Tourist Attractions in Switzerland

Thun is an old city situated at the lower side of Lake Thun. Mainly founded as far back as the 1100s, the city encompasses a wonderful ancient town, supervised by the towered Thun Castle, which was constructed around 1100.
 Undoubtedly it’s one of the best tourist attractions in Switzerland. Architecture fanatics will see many things to appreciate, including the octagonal Bell Tower of the 14th century Stadtkirche Thun (city church) and its baroque hall. You can enjoy hiking, canyoning, and rafting along the course of the Aare River. Take a guided city trip, or sign up for a delicate Culinary Tour, which will apprise you to native foodie treats. The city provides many family-friendly draws, including field, donkey rides, and child-compatible ski school.

2. St. Gallen

Tourist Attractions in Switzerland
Historic Center St Gallen Historically Switzerland

St. Gallen lies on the coast of the Bodensee (Lake Constance), a wonderful location in the east of Switzerland that provides visitors with many outdoor activities all year round. History lovers will relish wandering through the beautiful, traffic-less ancient town, which includes amazing architecture and plenty of stained-glass windows. Here you will see the UNESCO World Heritage Abbey Precinct, which dates back to the 7th century. You can experience watersports on Lake Constance in summer or go on a boat trip of the lake, visiting nearby Germany and Austria, all in the space of a day. Outside St. Gallen there are miles and miles of photogenic hiking and cycling trails. 5 Best mid layers for skiing

3. Saas Fee

Tourist Attractions in Switzerland

Situated in the center of the Saas Valley, the small town of Saas-Fee is in particular photogenic and is encompassed by no less than 40 alpine pinnacles. In winter the whole area becomes a play-field for all types of snow sports, and professional skiing teams come to this spot to ski on the glacier nearly year round. You can make use of a wonderful network of ski lifts to enter the sites and besides skiing and snowboarding, ice climbing, winter hiking, and curling are also get-at-able. In summer the valley is perfect for hiking and maximum cable cars are without cost. Saas-Fee has many alternatives for accommodation and a pleasant après-ski indication.

4. Murren

Tourist Attractions in Switzerland

Fairytale perfect, Murren is everyone’s concept of the typical Alpine mountain village where you are far more possibilities to confront cows (with big cowbells) than cars. Situated in one of the most beautiful areas of the Bernese Oberland, Murren is located on the edge of a 3,000-foot cliff and you will require taking a cable car to get at it. Once there, you will see yourself in one of the greatest hiking areas Switzerland has to provide. From Murren, you can get at the summit of Schilthorn, take the railway up to Europe’s most elevated railway station at Jungfraujoch, watch the interesting Trummelbach Falls, and take the Schynige Platte cogwheel train to another wonderful viewpoint overlooking Interlaken.

5. Montreux

Tourist Attractions in Switzerland

The Montreux Riviera is situated along the coasts of Lake Geneva, encompassed by vineyards and elevated alpine pinnacles. The city brags about a wonderful flower-lined lake promenade including several instances of the Belle Epoque architecture, where natives come to meet and wander. The horribly raised Rochers-de-Naye rack railway is a fine way to get an attractive viewpoint providing a great overview of the region. You can go to see the 14th century Chillon Castle, which is located on a rocky islet just off the coast or takes a dramatic boat trip on Lake Geneva. Another way to explore the amazing landscape is to board the Golden Pass Line, a scenic train that runs from Montreux to Gstaad and on to Lucerne.

6. Lugano

Tourist Attractions in Switzerland

Lugan o stands on the coasts of Lake Lugano in southern Switzerland’s Ticino region, which is famous for its peaceful climate and many days of sunshine. This place is perfect for outdoor activities of all types and is in particular well-known to mountain bikers, who come to experience more than 230 miles of panoramic trails. Other familiar outdoor activities include golf, rock climbing, and paragliding as well as boating on Lake Lugano. To attain the most from your tour you should take at least one guided trip, either on foot or by boat or bike, to learn some of the histories of this area. For leisure from outdoor activities you can go to see the Lugano Cultural Center, the Gold Mining Museum, or the Swissminiatur – an open-air miniature townscape.

7. Lucerne

Tourist Attractions in Switzerland

Beautifully located on the coasts of Lake Lucerne, the city of Lucerne is one of the most charming in Europe and its many draws will keep you occupied from dawn to dusk. To get the most of the city you can take a guided tour, which will take in many of the historic attractions, including the well-known Chapel Bridge, the Musegg Wall, the Mill Bridge, and the Water Tower. If you like museums, you will see many to appreciate in Lucerne, beginning with the Museum of Art Lucerne and the famous Rosengart Collection as well as the History Museum, the Glacier Garden and Natural History Museum, and the Richard Wagner Museum for the music enthusiast. You can also experience a panoramic cruise on the lake and spend hours applauding wonderful Swiss watches on every corner.

8. Locarno

Tourist Attractions in Switzerland

Locarno is a southern Swiss city situated on the northern coasts of Lake Maggiore, which detached Switzerland from Italy. The town brags about the most hours of sunshine anywhere in the country and its wonderful climate allures many visitors. There is a cable car, which will take you swiftly to the peak of Locarno’s nearest mountain for wonderful hiking in summer and winter sports in winter. The lake provides a good number of watersports in summer and boat tours all year round. If you are a history enthusiast, you can take a walking tour of the Old Town’s macadamized lanes, all of which guide to a central piazza and medieval fort. Mounting above the city is the pilgrimage church of Madonna del Sasso, a theological place that also provides wonderful sights.

9. Lauterbrunnen

Tourist Attractions in Switzerland

Lauterbrunnen, in the Bern area of Switzerland, is situated in one of the most attractive valleys in the Swiss Alps, encompassed by colossal sheer rock faces and elevated peaks. In winter the valley evokes skiers of all levels to come and experience 213 pistes, 62 miles of walking trails, and 31 miles of sled runs. In summer several hiking trails will reveal over 72 waterfalls in the valley, two of which are really attractive, dropping a huge 650 feet m and 980 feet, respectively. The key attractions of Lauterbrunnen include an expedition to the apex of Jungfraujoch, usually familiar as the Roof of Europe and which you can reach via a scenic 4.3-mile tunnel on the Jungfrau Railway, and a visit to the summit of Schilthorn, Piz Gloria, which provides views of 40 mountain apexes and 20 glaciers.

10. Lausanne

Tourist Attractions in Switzerland

Situated in the Vaud region encompassing Lake Geneva, Lausanne is a modern and busy city with many mentionable cultural draws, including the Vaud Museum of Fine Art and the Musee de l’Elysee, which is devoted to exhibiting photographic art. When you want a break from the plenty of museums of the city you can advance to Ouchy to wander among the native walkers, skaters, and cyclists. Take some time to soak the unparalleled atmosphere of Flon, which is a renovated area of past forlorn warehouses that has been changed into a busy shopping, dining, and entertainment hub, which offers an outdoor skating rink in winter.

11. Lake Maggiore

Tourist Attractions in Switzerland

Situated in the southern Ticino area of Switzerland, Lake Maggiore verges Italy and provides a peaceful climate, marvelous mountainous landscape, and impressive sights. Different famous towns and villages, such as Locarno and Ascona, dot the coastline, providing an ideal destination for visitors. The best way to enjoy the shoreline of Lake Maggiore is by a composition of train and boat on the Lake Maggiore Express, halting off here and there to wander along the lakeside promenades, take a cappuccino, and absorb the sunshine. More active tourists can explore a range of watersports, including kayaking, boating, sailing, and more.

12. Lake Constance

Tourist Attractions in Switzerland

Lake Constance lies encompassed by Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and Liechtenstein. The variety of this area means that there is something here for everyone, disregarding your enthusiasm. Those who like history and old architecture can spend some days watching one magnificent baroque gems after the other, including the Tower of St. Martin in Bregenz, the Church of Pilgrimage in Birnau, and some other palaces and forts. The lake effortlessly links visitors to many wonderful cities and villages by boat, making it easy to visit the area. Active tourists have miles of hiking and biking trails to enjoy, and the lake provides plenty of watersports in summer. 

13. Interlaken

Tourist Attractions in Switzerland

Panoramically nestled amidst two lakes (Lake Thun and Lake Brienz), the city of Interlaken has many to offer tourists to Switzerland. In addition to its lakeside area, the town is also encompassed by some of Switzerland’s most stunning mountains and provides daring visitors a varied selection of adventure sports, including parasailing, rafting, canyoning, and skydiving. For the less adventurous there are different guided walking trips and panoramic boat tours on the lakes. You can spend an amazing day visiting up to the peak of the snow-capped Jungfraujoch on the tremendously elevated cogwheel railway – when you reach the apex you have the opportunity to wander through some glacial ice trails.

14. Grindelwald

Tourist Attractions in Switzerland

Grindelwald is a picturesque Alpine mountain village in the Bernese Oberland area that will snatch your breath away. The village is encompassed by wonderful mountains, including the Eiger north face and the Wetterhorn and is one of the most beloved ski resorts in this area. Winter sports lovers can expect to enjoy 100 miles of pistes and over 30 lifts. In addition, you can attempt more than 37 miles of toboggan runs and 50 miles of winter walking passages. In summer the resort is right as tempting, providing limitless choices for hiking, mountaineering, mountain biking, and paragliding as well as an extended list of adrenaline-rushing adventure sports like bungee and canyon jumping, zip lining, and river rafting.

15. Engelberg

Tourist Attractions in Switzerland

Situated 15.5 miles south of Lake Lucerne, Engelberg is the biggest summer and winter recession destination in central Switzerland. The lengthy winter sports season can endure from October to May and the resort provides every kind of winter sport you can guess, with slopes to fit everyone from children and freshman to veteran skiers and snowboarders. If you go there in summer, you can expect some wonderful hiking, rock climbing, mountaineering, biking, and golf. Disregarding of the season you can ride the fascinating Titlis Rotair Gondola just up to the constantly snow-covered glacier and watch the mentionable Titlis Cliff Walk suspension bridge. Engelberg is very family-friendly and provides amusing activities for children all year round.

16. Davos

Tourist Attractions in Switzerland

The city of Davos is well known for hosting the annual World Economic Forum and for providing some of the best outdoor activities in the country. If you go there during the summer, you can spend hours hiking, mountain biking, or playing golf. Water activities consist of stand-up paddleboarding, sailing, and river rafting. Tourists who will visit in winter will never have a flat moment as they can choose from downhill and cross-country skiing, tobogganing, snowshoeing, and snowboarding. After an engaged day of hiking or skiing, you can rest in a spa, enjoy a delicious dinner, and then taste the après-ski nightlife. Try and organize to visit Davos by train for one of the most panoramic train journeys you will ever experience.

17. Bern

Tourist Attractions in Switzerland

Switzerland’s capital city of Bern stands on the backs of the Aare River. This old city dates back to the 12th century. The city comprises a deposit of well-maintained medieval architecture, much of which can be appreciated on a walking trip of the Altstadt (old town). Some of the key attractions of your tour will be the Bundeshaus (the neo-Renaissance city hall) and the Zytglogge (bell tower), which dates back to the 13th century. The city is also full of wonderful museums for all tastes as well as some arts and music venues. Wherever you go in the city you will never be distant from fascinating Swiss watch shops and chocolate stores – expend the calories by having a long walk in the countryside.

18. Bellinzona

Tourist Attractions in Switzerland

The historic city of Bellinzona is situated in the Ticino area of southern Switzerland, near charming Lake Lugano. You can think you have passed the border into Italy when you’ll go there as everyone speaks Italian here and the wonderful food is heavily motivated by the nearby country. Bellinzona is firstly well-known for its three medieval castles and is encompassed by very charming countryside, which provides great hiking and mountain biking chances. To get a wonderful view of the neighboring Alpine peaks and magnificent lakes, you can enjoy a ride in one of two separate types of the gondola. For food-lovers, the city provides a stunning morning market and you should scheme to include a trip to the Museum of Chocolate.

19. Basel

Tourist Attractions in Switzerland

Situated along the verges of the Rhine and dating back more than 2,000 years, the city of Basel is stuffed with amazing historic edifices and over 40 museums within a 14-square-mile area. Joining a guided trip is the best way to get the most of the city and know about its history. If you choose to go it alone, you should begin by wandering through the well-maintained old town and seeing the Rathaus (city hall). If you are residing in a city hotel, you will get a Basel Card, which offers free public transport, Wi-Fi, and deducted access to museums and other draws. Art enthusiasts will enjoy appreciating different street art installations as well as watching dozens of galleries.

20. Jungfrau Region

Tourist Attractions in Switzerland

The Jungfrau Region is one of the finest spots to travel in Switzerland, both in summer and winter. A century or two before, this Alps area was only traveled by hard-core visitors who wished to ski or ascend through the mountains. Now, thanks to a wide network of railways and well-kept foot and bike paths, the region is get-at-able to many kinds of tourists. The Jungfrau Region includes four photogenic towns: Grindelwald, Murren, Lauterbrunnen, and Wengen, and three dashing mountains: Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau. One of Switzerland’s most panoramic rail trip, the Jungfraubahn takes tourists from the Kleine Scheidegg mountain through the Eiger and Mönch up to the Jungfraujoch.

21. St. Moritz

Tourist Attractions in Switzerland

St. Moritz is perhaps Switzerland’s most famed ski resort and is the most beloved of well-heeled and trendy native skiers as well as the British regal family. You can visit St. Moritz by train on both the famed Bernina Express and the Glacier Express, both of which are bucket-list tours in their own right. The city provides world-class shopping along the Via Serlas, beautiful art at the Sergantini Museum, and wonderful and unparalleled winter events that include the White Turf Horse Races (on the frozen loch), the Snow Polo World Cup, and an Olympic bobsleigh drive. It is needless to say that the resort provides every type of winter sport you can think, and in summer you can explore hiking, mountain biking, and these all can be explored by cable car and mountain railway.

22. Lake Geneva

Tourist Attractions in Switzerland

The area encompassing beautiful Lake Geneva is familiar as the Vaud, a year-round playground for active natives and tourists. Here you can see some of the best winter sports locations in the country, serving to skiers, snowboarders, tobogganists, and even para-skiers. For something truly different you can go to the peak of Les Diablerets to walk the frightening Glacier Peak Walk, hanging over a 9,800-foot-high steep cliff, and attempt the neighboring bobsleigh drive, which is the loftiest in the world. Of course, this area is not only about adventure and there are plenty of museums and historic sites to see, including the Alimentarium Food Museum in Vevey, the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Chateau d’Aigle Vine as well as Wine Museum in Aigle.

23. Geneva

Tourist Attractions in Switzerland

Probably most familiar for being the home of the United Nations, there is also much more to Geneva than just its altruistic heart, and although it may be referred the ‘Capital of Peace’ by many, the city also has a various and sensational inflow for tourists to reveal. For those who wish to wander around the city at their vacation, there are chic boutiques, galleries, winding streets, and fantastic quays. Don’t miss the iconic fountain that explodes from Lake Geneva and launches sprays of water up to 500 feet in the air. If you are a culture devotee, then Geneva is house to theatres, opera houses, as well as museums.

24. Appenzell

Tourist Attractions in Switzerland

Come to Appenzell in the Alpstein area if you wish to know all about the culture and folk heritage of Switzerland. Certainly soaked in native flavor, Appenzell still follows and exhibits century’s old heritages such as the yearly descent of the cattle in expectation of the winter months, as well as cultural exercises like traditional dancing and folk music, or there is also the Appenzell Museum for those who want to dig into the history of this area even further. Many tourists also visit here to hike or climb in the area, and there are rock building that mounts more than 2500 meters high.

25. Zermatt

Tourist Attractions in Switzerland

Situated near to the wonderful Matterhorn, Zermatt has made a name for itself as the site to visit if you love skiing and mountaineering in the winter, or if you only wish to visit for a hike in the summer months. Whatever time of year you go, there are cable cars to approve you enter to the peak of the nearby mountains, and you can also visit around the location by panoramic mountain trains, 63 of them accurately, that serve the area.

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Skiers in this area can enjoy more than 200 miles of slopes that serve to all levels of capability, or if you love to walk then there are more than 400 kilometers of hiking and nature passages to follow. Zermatt is also famous for being unpolluted as gasoline run transports are not approved in the city and just cars that run on battery power can enter the area. This means that you will get pure air, extraordinary views, and a lot of outdoor activities. That’s why it is thought to be one of the most beautiful towns in the world.


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