Tourist Attractions in Tunisia

25 Best Tourist Attractions to Visit in Tunisia

Tourist Attractions in Tunisia, Visit 25 Best Amazing Places:

1. Matmata

tourist attractions in Tunisia

Matmaata is one of the best tourist attractions in Tunisia Matmat got into the field of public curiosity when it became the abode of an accepted Luke Skywalker in the tales of Star Wars way back in 1976. Actually, the site is one of plenty in a lengthy line of filming place seen throughout Tunisia, but might just be the most renowned. The canvas for the iconic lands of Tatooine was the amazing primitive houses of the natives here, which are engraved directly into the dusty earth and colored white to mirror the sun. You can still find them, along with other nice instances of cave residences in the dusty neighborhoods of Gabes.

2. Zarzis

tourist attractions in Tunisia

Palm-dotted Zarzis (also spelled Jarjis) is a spot that boastfully praises its fringing of gleaming beaches and resorts. Lined up all along the Mediterranean to the north and south of the city, they are amongst the most beloved tourists attractions for package holidaymakers in search of Tunisia’s blend of sun, sand, sea, and uncompromising desert heat. The city itself is a present day, a built-up location that conceals the centuries of Roman and Arabic history underneath. You’ll find magnificent mosques emerging above the street corners, the periodic olive oil vendor, and whitewashed villas covered by oases.

3. Hammamet

tourist attractions in Hammamet

Hammameta lies on the southern curves of the Cap Bon, relishing the lapping waves and calm salt-stuffed breezes of the Mediterranean Sea. The city attracts tourists with its captivating impression, which comes as a strange mixture of Spanish, Sicilian and Castilian architecture, all mixed out by the all over Maghreb medina city of whitewashed adobe residences and palm-lined streets. However, it’s the beaches in this spot that truly remarkable. Head down to warm Hammamet Sud, where loungers confront jet skis, encounter sunbathers, and come across SCUBA outfitters.

4. Douz

best things about tunisia

It’s only a stone’s throw from Douz to the vast sand plains of the Jebil National Park – one of the magnificent natural wealth of southern Tunisia. So, it’s not for nothing that this distant city in the south is thought to be the access point to the Sahara. It’s the abode to purring camels and weather-beaten Berber trip guides who are earnest to lead journey on humpback into the sear wilds. It’s interesting getting in the saddle and pursuing them, cause marvels like the salt flats of Chott al-Jerid and the changing Grand Erg wait there!

5. Sfax

unusual things to do in tunisia

It’s difficult not to be taken by the charm of Sfax. Ancient and extensive, one of the best tourist attractions in Tunisia holds all the signs you’d expect of a town tramped by Sicilian kings and Spanish attackers, Barbary raider and Ottoman imperialists. Moorish characteristics mark the old Kasbah, mixing with Rococo and colonial things, while the wonderful town fences resemble something plucked directly out of Aladdin. Meanwhile, the attractive Place de la Republique is scampered by horses and carts, and the Sfax War Cemetery is a sobering mnemonic of the serious fight that happened in North Africa between Allied and Axis groups during the 20th century.

6. Carthage

tourist attractions in Tunisia

The very name of Carthage raises romantic stories of Greek mariners, characters like Aeneas and Dido from the heroic time, and tales of fearsome wars on the Alps and Mediterranean Seas. That all makes it effortless to find why this expansive relic site right outside of Tunis is one of the most-traveled tourist attractions in the whole Tunisia. However, the centuries of Punic wars and Muslim attacks have left it deserted more than once, and the relics of Carthage are not as appalling as some of the country’s other Roman heritages. It’s interesting coming though if just to stand where eminent generals in the type of Hannibal once did!

7. Dougga

tourist attractions in Tunisia

UNESCO World Heritage renown marks the collapsing peristyles and ancient temples of Dougga out from plenty of North Africa’s other enormous ancient sites. Once Roman, the relics of the whole town here are thought to be some of the best-maintained in the area.

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Tourists come to stare at the emerging Doric columns of the Dougga Theatre, erecting high over the green fields of the Beja Governorate. They appear to stroll the old cobbled Roman streets or to find the remains of temples to Jupiter and the Imperial Cult. There are also bathrooms, towering mausoleums, and unharmed sewer systems to confront and all these things made Dougga one of the best tourist attractions in Tunisia.

8. Monastir

tourist attractions in Tunisia

Maximum people will remember Monastir for the huge citadel fortress that holds its name. And it’s real that the Monastir Ribat, capped with its crenulated balustrade and red stone walls, is undoubtedly the main tourist attraction in the city. (Ultimately, it was one of the filming spots in the superhit film Monty Python’s The Life of Brian). However, there are other things to find and perform here, like discover the Muslim motivation at spots like the Mausoleum of Bourguiba, or marveled at the huge town mosque (dating from the 1000s no less!).

9. Kairouan

tourist attractions in Tunisia

About 1,500 years of history encounter within the dust-caked desert hills surrounding Kairouan. A town famous for its long relation to the Islamic world, it’s been a hub of Sunni teachings since no less than the 7th century. Cue the strong rises of the Great Mosque of Kairouan: a UNESCO World Heritage Site that attracts thousands of devotees to its prayer halls and compounds every year. Once you’ve marveled at that astonishing Aghlabid remains, be certain to travel the old medina and its whitewashed lodges, try sweet Tunisian pastries in the bakeries there, and find out the amazing Mosque of the Three Gates.

10. Tunis

tourist attractions in Tunisia

Go beneath the wonderful arches of the Bab el Bhar (the Port de France) and you’ll find both sides to this captivating epicenter: the French side and the Maghreb side. In the past, the so-called Ville Nouvelle, the traces of influence from Paris are all too obvious. There are broad, tree-dotted roads. There are coffee shops swarming onto the pavements. Here are impressive cathedrals with Gothic components.

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And on the later side of the city; the African side, things take a spin for the Arabic style. Vibrant market places loaded with multicolored fabrics crawl and sprawl over one another. The yell of traders touting spice echo, and the perfumes of tagines and mint teas blend with camel skin lamps and shisha pipes.

11. Tozeur

tourist attractions in Tunisia

Every journey to Tunisia should incorporate an excursion to the vast desert of the Sahara, whose shifting sands and arid slopes starts here in earnest. And where better for a savor of the desert life than the adobe mud city of Tozeur? This oases accommodation in the ultimate south-west of the nation is a veritable showpiece of Berber convention and also one of the best tourist attractions in Tunisia. For beginners, it’s encompassed by wrapped by green date palm blooms that erects direct from the ochre-colored earth. And then there’s its medina town, with fretworks and engravings and brick art straight from the ancient arabesque world.

12. Sidi Bou Said

tourist attractions in Tunisia
Sidi Bou Said

You could be excused for imagining that you’d made the skip across the Med to the islands of the Greek Aegean as you enter the lively inner part of Sidi Bou Said city, sitting only 20 kilometers from busy Tunis. Yes, the sky-blue and whitewashed color plan on this spot is more than reminiscent of cities in Santorini and Mykonos. However, this one’s amazing colors were basically commenced by the French musicologist Rodolphe d’Erlanger. He first coated the stucco fences of his residence with the adorable tones in the 20s, and his luxurious mansion at the Ennejma Ezzahra is today a museum to his inheritance.

13. Sousse

tourist attractions in Tunisia

Still staggering from the frightful terror attacks of 2015, the coastal town of Sousse is today much less noisy about its charm. But the charms are there notwithstanding. They hide between the tight-knit passageways of the city’s historic medina; they exude from the easy and graceful rises of the Aghlabite Great Mosque; they signal from the intimidating walls of the old Ribat citadel above the place. And away from the warm Turkish baths and spectacular Maghreb market places of the city center, there are lovely beaches that glow turquoise blue, all bordered with magnificent hotels and palm-dotted esplanades.

14. Houmt Souk

tourist attractions in Tunisia
Houmt Souk

Djerba Island comes topped with the clay domes of the Bordj el Kabir castle, which was established in the 1400s and 1500s to defend the port on the Gulf of Gabes beneath. Over the centuries, everyone from the Numidians to the Arabs to the Spaniards to the Ottomans has built their residence in this strategic location on the verge of the Med. Consequently, history exudes from every dust-caked aperture. There are the conventional fondouks quarters of medieval traders remained in the Old Town. There spectacular crockery bazaars, whitewashed synagogues, Turkic mosques, and vibrant marketplaces vending olive oils and chickpea soups.

15. El Djem

tourist attractions in Tunisia
El Djem

It doesn’t get much better than this for the enthusiasts of the old. Huge arches and elliptical amphitheaters to challenge even the Colosseum in Rome are what spot the skyline of renowned El Djem, one of the best tourist attractions in Tunisia. Labeled by UNESCO, the town is a present-day one constructed just on the top of an ancient one, with the sporadic remain of Roman residences and galleries appearing up on the corners.

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Plenty of sights have been protected gratitude to the swirling dust storms of the neighboring Sahara, but a deficiency of wide-ranging archaeology means that the major draw residues the colossal Amphitheatre of Thysdrus. Walk in and explore the changing rooms of gladiators, or stand where old governors once did on the top of the fighting ditches.

16. Djerba

tourist attractions in Tunisia

If you’re searching for the picturesque beach escape, then the island of Djerba is the perfect choice for you. The island city of Houmt Souk is the key point of entertainment off the beach, with an ancient city district that is a mixed-up of whitewashed residences. Houmt Souk’s shopping is an appeal in itself, with many handicraft sellers for looking and bargaining options off the beach. But it’s those sandy outfits of coastline out of the city that is the island’s most beloved attractions. Unspoiled and decorated by date palms, the beaches are tension free, escape-from-it-all surroundings where summer daydreams are framed.

17. The National Bardo Museum

tourist attractions in Tunisia
The National Bardo Museum

Even non-museum enthusiasts can’t miss being influenced at the huge pull of amazing mosaics displayed inside the Bardo. This is one of North Africa’s leading museums, and it contains one of the world’s most significant mosaic collections, all organized wonderfully. It’s a display of the extraordinary, complex creativity of the Roman and Byzantine times, with pieces cherry-picked from every main archaeological spot in Tunisia. If you just have one day in Tunisia’s epicenter, Tunis, this museum should be on top of your to-do list.

18. Grand Erg Oriental

tourist attractions in Tunisia
Grand Erg Oriental

Tunisia’s immense Sahara covers a maximum of the country’s inner parts, and the most charming corner of the desert is the land of sand dunes familiar as the Grand Erg Oriental. These aesthetically attractive dunes are a surreal and stunning landscape of colossal waves, formed by the all-time-shifting desert sands. For plenty of tourists, this is an adventure recreation ground for riding dune buggies and camel ride, but nothing can reach the easy entertainment of sitting at the top of one of these huge sand mountains and observing the sunset over the Sahara.

19. Bulla Regia

tourist attractions in Tunisia
Bulla Regia

Tunisia has no scarcity of Roman relics, but Bulla Regia close to Tabarka is the country’s most amazing and fascinating spot. Here, the Roman people endured the severe summer climate by cleverly constructing their villas underground, which has left the town residences unbelievably well maintained today. For history buffs, this is a distinctive option to stroll through authentic Roman houses, with their fences still unharmed. It’s a glance of the suburban life of the past world that you usually don’t find.

20. Chott el Djerid

tourist map of tunisia
Chott el Djerid

The moonscape neighboring of the Chott el Djerid is a storybook scene brought to life; packed with glistening illusions on the skyline and jigsaw puzzle parts of extremely white cracked land beneath the foot. This spreading salt pan (most effortlessly attained on a day tour from the desert city of Tozeur) is a deserted and unworldly view that marvel all who travel with its naked and brutal charm. A sightseeing tour here shows that nature manufactures many strange landscapes than you could ever anticipate.

21. Onk Jemel (Mos Espa)

tourist map of tunisia
Onk Jemel (Mos Espa)

Star Wars fans: Inhale a deep breath at this moment. Out in the desert, in the spot famous as Onk Jemel, close to Tozeur, is the deserted film set of Mos Espa encompassed by enormous dunes. This is where Anakin Skywalker did his earliest pod racing in Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace. It’s a strange spot, with the dome-shaped residences abandoned to wither at a slow pace with age, and other nostalgic parts from the film set abandoned in place. You have to visit the spot by 4WD transport, which is a thrill in itself. Maximum Tozeur trip companies integrate a trip here with a bit of dune driving to entertain those visitors who aren’t so infatuated with the location’s film-buff status.

22. Bordj el Kabir

Tourist Attractions in Tunisia
Bordj el Kabir

A castle has looked out over Houmt Souk’s bay from the 13th century. The early edifice was strengthened in the 15th century, but afterwards substituted in the 16th century, when the infamous pirate Dragut constructed the colossal Bordj el Kebir fortress here to look out over the harbor. Heavy renovation work has been done on the edifice since the 1960s to protect it. If you stroll up here, there are excellent views across Houmt Souk’s bay. With the fort and the harbor, you can find a tiny monument remembering the pyramid of skulls, which Dragut built on this spot.

23. Fondouks

Tourist Attractions in Tunisia

A number of well-maintained fondouks (caravanserais) can be found among Houmt Souk’s passages. These trader pubs integrate sleeping quarters, animal stabling, and stockroom storage for the plenty of visiting merchants who wandered North Africa, purchasing up salt, spices, and textiles to take back to Europe. Their quintessential structure generally took the form of a series of chambers, a few stories tall, constructed around an arcaded square. Now plenty of the fondouks in Houmt Souk serves as boutique hotels or restaurants and have been meticulously renovated.

24. La Ghriba Synagogue

Tourist Attractions in Tunisia
La Ghriba Synagogue

La Ghriba is Djerba’s most important mnemonic of the island’s lively Jewish community, which has today vanished. Although not especially attractive from the outside and not that ancient either (the synagogue was established in the 1920s), this spot has a history that dates back much further. One native tale narrates that a sacred stone (probably a meteorite) fell to earth on this spot indicating the spot’s religious significance. The inner parts of the synagogue have excellent paneling and incorporate significant and precious ancient Torah scrolls. Every year, 33 days after Easter, La Ghriba is the spot of the Maghreb’s (North Africa’s) most significant Jewish pilgrim’s journey.

25. Midoun

Tourist Attractions in Tunisia

Encompassed by fruit gardens and date-palm plantations, Midoun is Djerba’s biggest market city. All tourists should attempt and grab the bustling Friday market. The old medina region is full of striking edifices, narrow passages, and high fences with collapsing whitewash detail. The population of the village incorporates plenty of successors of slaves, who were basically brought here from Sudan. If you’re on this spot during the summer months there is a weekly cultural display filled with folk dancing and camel parades.

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