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25 Best Tourist Attractions & Things to Do in Saint Kitts and Nevis

 Here is a list of the 25 Tourist Attractions in Saint Kitts and Nevis

1. St. Kitts Scenic Railway

tourist attractions St. Kitts Scenic Railway
St. Kitts Scenic Railway

If you don’t have lack of time and wish to find as much of St. Kitts as possible in complete relaxation, you should consider the St. Kitts Scenic Railway. This distinctive railway line will lead you on a 3-hour tour along the shore of St Kitts on a slender gauge trail of 762 mm.It is most Tourist Attractions in Saint Kitts and Nevis This distinctive and wonderful tour makes a 30-mile-long ring around the island, embracing the northeastern shoreline, providing breathtaking views of the Caribbean as well as coasts, surf, sheer cliffs, and lush greeneries. The train unhurriedly races along lofty steel bridges across deep canyons, through little villages and farms, and through rich, mystifying green rainforests surrounded by miles of sugar cane, with the menacing silhouette of the Mount Liamuiga volcanic cone.

2. Cottle Church

Tourist sports Cottle Church
Cottle Church

This Church is a tiny Anglican church north of Charlestown, established in 1824 by John Cottle, then a plantation holder and the President of Nevis. He wished the church to act as a spot of prayer for whites and slaves jointly. Unluckily, it was illicit at the time for servants to pray, so the house of God was never sanctified and was deserted after John Cottle passed away. The remains of the church, concealed in the jungle, are now a tourist attraction and a beloved venue for weddings in St. Kitts and Navis, although there is no much remained but the outside fences, which do, however, offer a fascinating insight into the history of the island.

3. Sky Safari Tours

Tourist attractions Sky Safari Tours
Sky Safari Tours

Situated in Old Road Town, Sky Safari Tours provides a distinctive view on the colorful nature of St. Kitts. This zip line adventure trip company will make you see the neighboring rainforest from a very uncommon point of view – above the canopy, the style birds observe it. From one of the Sky Safari’s five zip lines, which vary in extent and level of complication, with the prolonged extension of 1,350 feet; you will get a sweeping view of many types of trees that constitute the thriving rainforest. You will also be able to find the neighboring historic spots and surrounding islands while flying through the air at up to 80 kilometers per hour. Each line is situated strategically to provide riders the chance to find a separate look. The total zip line system is state of the art and the feeling is, while spectacular, totally secure.

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4. Island Paradise Tours

Tourist places Island Paradise Tours
Island Paradise Tours

St Kitts is little but there are many things to do, you won’t wish to miss anything. You need guides to make certain you visit the finest destinations in as much tranquility and relaxation as possible. Let Island Paradise Tours to the work, driving included. They will catch you at the airport or at your cruise ship and guide you on one of their amusing, instructive, and educative trips. You may select the Cruise and Snorkel Tour aboard their beautiful sailboat along the charming, panoramic shore; snorkeling is incorporated. Or you can enjoy the Scenic Drive and Sightseeing Tour aboard a big a/c bus, sail along the shore, find sugar cane fields, or travel by mountain ranges and great historic plantations. Or travel the epicenter Basseterre, enjoy the Rainforest Tour, the Volcanic Hike Tour, the Capital and Beach Tour, and many others. The remembrance you will take with you will be beyond price.

5. Dolphin Discovery St. Kitts

attractions Dolphin Discovery St. Kitts
Dolphin Discovery St. Kitts

One of the many tourist attractions in St. Kitts and Nevis you can enjoy during your stay in St. Kitts is swimming with dolphins. Dolphin Swim Adventure offers you an opportunity to immerse yourself in the clear tropical waters and have a closer look at dolphins in their natural environment, not in a pool or aquarium. You will be in a position to confront with these brilliant mammals, let them cuddle up with you, and observed them show off with wonderful acrobatics. They will also prod you across the water, in what is famously named “the bootie push.” An additional draw is the Swim Adventure, in which you cling on to a dolphin’s fin while it runs across the water, far swifter than you would be able by yourself. While you are communicating with dolphins, the Swim Adventure specialists will tell you more about the life cycle and biology of these attractive creatures.

6. Beach Addiction St. Kitts Nevis

attractions Beach Addiction St. Kitts Nevis
Beach Addiction St. Kitts Nevis

St. Kitts is encompassed by crystal-clear water and wonderful sandy coasts and is chilled by a nice wind. For some tourists, resting on chairs on the beach or walking through the slender paths of Basseterre is just wonderful, but there are the all-time adventurer and adrenaline junkies who can choose the chance to attempt several intense sports, for instance, kitesurfing, paragliding, flyboarding, or stand-up paddleboarding. That is where the Beach Addiction watersports company works. Its possessor and boat captain Nick assures a lot of amusement in complete protection. Together with his certified trainers, he will capture you from the wonderful sandy shores in their boat to carry out your dreams and gets your adrenaline rushing. Beach Addiction in St. Kitts is situated in the St. Kitts Marriott Resort in Frigate Bay.

7. Amazing Grace Experience

tourist attractions in Saint Kitts and Nevis
Amazing Grace Experience

Situated in Crab Hill, Sandy Point, nearly 11 miles from Basseterre on St. Kitts and right around the corner from the Brimstone Hill Fortress, is the Lighthouse Baptist Church, which contains the Amazing Grace Experience Visitor Center. This museum narrates the tales of John Newton and his expedition from the “great blasphemer”, slave merchant, and ship’s head man to the author of the words for the renowned song Amazing Grace. The tourist’s center narrates how John Newton’s statements to Amazing Grace became famous around the world, how the song motivated the annihilation of slavery, and how it is linked to the amazing island of St. Kitts. The trip is impassioned and educative and leaves a long-lived influence on tourists.

8. A Taste of Saint Kitts

tourist attractions in Saint Kitts and Nevis
A Taste of Saint Kitts

There are so many things to relish in St. Kitts, but the finest method to know about the spot and its people is by knowing about what they eat, cook, and drink. St. Kitts Food Trips concentrates on uniting the observation of the island scenery with its dearest treats, inns, bazaars, coast bars, and small native restaurants. Some trips, for instance, the Food & City Tour of Basseterre, provoke travelers to enjoy Kittitian regional foods, Basseterre, looks of Port Zante, and the mountains. There is also the Chocolate & Rum Trip, St Kitts Chocolate Factory Trip, St Kitts Taste and Views Island Trip, and many others. You can select a strolling trip or jump aboard one of their open transport. The trips generally take nearly 2 hours and commonly terminate on the beach to chill off and get prepared for dinner.

9. Warner Park

tourist attractions in Saint Kitts and Nevis
Warner Park

It is the St. Kitts’ key athletic spot and one of the best tourist attractions. Situated in Basseterre, the complex incorporates the Warner Park Stadium, renowned for organizing the 2007 Cricket World Cup, contains a cricket pitch, pavilion, present-day media center, and accommodation for 4,000 supporters, with momentary stands that can contain up to 10,000 people for big events. The western portion of the big complex has a football stadium that can accommodate up to 3,500 viewers. The northern part has three tennis courts, three volleyball courts, the Len Harris Cricket Academy, as well as Carnival City, a tiny open field utilized mainly for different festival ceremonies.

10. The National Museum

National Museum Saint Kitts and Nevis
The National Museum

The edifice used to be situated on the Basseterre Bayfront, on what is today the spot between Basseterre and Port Zante, which has been retrieved and is now the new access point into Basseterre, where cruise ships dock now. The National Museum of St. Kitts and Nevis is situated in the erstwhile Treasury Building. This distinguished historic edifice made from hand-carved volcanic limestone was established in 1894 and is a wonderful spot to know more about St. Kitts’ past days, tradition, and colonial past. There are three galleries with displays that describe the tale of the country’s legacy, its aboriginal residents, sugar plantations, slavery, the rum marketing, carnival tradition, mutiny and, eventually, freedom. There are several very bright-colored conventional outfits on exhibition and all these things made the national museum one of the best tourist attractions in St Kitts and Nevis.

11. The Circus

attractions The Circus
The Circus

The Carcus is a round road intersection situated in the center of Basseterre and was constructed after the “Great Fire,” which ruined much of city in 1867. In the new design, Liverpool Row and Fort Street were broadened to make certain that the transports could run swifter in case of another fire, and also to stop the quick expanding of flames. At the appointed time, the Circus was adorned with the fancy clock in its heart named the Berkeley Memorial, in respect of Thomas Berkeley Hardtman Berkeley, a native lawmaker, and estate holder.

Palm trees were planted around the central courtyard, which was finally covered with stones, and plenty of the earlier planted trees were ruined by many hurricanes over time. The Circus was said to have been planned to look like Piccadilly Circus in London. Four major roads lead from the Circus in the route of the compass points, and the Circus is a center of town action, specifically during many celebrations and other carnivals.

12. Oualie Beach Resort

attractions Oualie Beach Resort
Oualie Beach Resort

It is situated at the northwest tip of Nevis, overlooking the island of St Kitts, nearly 2 kilometers from the historic Cottle Church and 13 km from Nevis Botanical Gardens. Oualie Beach Hotel is a family-possessed and runs low-key hotel situated on Oualie Beach on the Caribbean shore, encompassed by a rich tropical garden. The beautiful, spacious chambers are positioned in little personal lodges and have tropical decoration, plenty of light, loving four-poster beds, and spectacular native artwork. All chambers have TVs, minibars, coffeemakers, fridges, and beautiful enhanced screened-in verandas with breathtaking looks of the ocean. Studios have kitchens and single-bedroom suites have living regions and cost-less Wi-Fi. Tourists relish a relaxed restaurant with bars on the hotel compound, providing live amusement and dining on the shore.

13. St. Kitts Eco Park

St. Kitts Eco Park
St. Kitts Eco Park

This  eco-Park is Taiwan-financed greenhouse and garden compound in the city of Sandy Point, which has the objective of teaching the young native population about sustainable cultivation and gardening. All the constructions are established with glass fiber-strengthened concrete, which is five times solid and three times lighter than usual concrete. The greenhouse is 24 meters high and extends over 14,000 square feet, making it the biggest greenhouse in the Caribbean. It houses a big number of plants, incorporating native medicinal herbs, butterfly orchids, and roses. There are a big number of tropical fruit trees, and the fruits are traded to the native people. The Eco-Park has a fascinating labyrinth made of trees that are formed like the maps of St. Kitts and Taiwan. No surprise, the native people mention the park “Little Taiwan” and now it’s one of the best tourist attractions in St. Kitts and Nevis.

14. Spooner’s Ginnery

Spooner’s Ginnery sports
Spooner’s Ginnery

Situated at the brink of the city of Cayon, Spooner’s Estate is in several ways the tale of St. Kitts and its industry as it has been altered over time. Actually, the possession was possessed by the French Captain Paul De Brissac who, like all at the time, processed sugar cane. He established a big boiling house, a mill, and a still. John Spooner obtained the belongings in 1720 and, after several different holders, it was bought by Wade and Abbott, who in 1901 changed the prevailing sugar factory into a cotton ginnery, as by that time sugar had discontinued repaying its regular high benefits. The ginnery ran until 1975 when it was bought by the government. Now the estate has the authentic structure and the sole cotton ginnery still enduring and provides wonderful looks of the encompassing land.

15. Park Hyatt Hotel St. Kitts

 Park Hyatt Hotel St. Kitts
Park Hyatt Hotel St. Kitts

This Hotel in St. Kitts is a world-class Caribbean resort situated along the coasts of charming Banana Bay, overlooking The Narrows, which parts St. Kitts from its neighboring volcanic island neighbor Nevis. The resort, which was first inaugurated in November of 2017, provides 126 grand guest chambers and suites, which mixes colonial and present-day design elements made from regionally-sourced elements. In-room facilities incorporate stroll-in rain showers, deep drenched tubs, and individual balconies, with suites with separate infinity pools and wellness regions accessible. Five-star dining experiences incorporate the ocean-to-table restaurant Fisherman’s Village, the grow- up-only Stone Barn, and the colonial-shape Great House, which presents a rum bar and chef’s table. Tourists can also use the resort’s 1,750-square-foot fitness center and state-of-the-art magnificent spa, which provide scenic looks of Mount Nevis.

16. Independence Square

 Independence Square
Independence Square

Situated in the eastern portion of Basseterre near Newtown, Independence Square, or Pall Mall Square as it was formerly familiar, was provided its new name on 19th September 1983 to observe the birthday of the nation of St. Christopher and Nevis. Barely a few genuine residences that existed around the courtyard endure, for instance, the public library and the courthouse. Actually, the spot on which the square stands now was a pasture, then a slave bazaar, where slaves vended their yield and encounter each other, and then it turned into a parade ground and a spot for the militia to exercise its drills. In 1855 the Commissioners for the Supply of Water began the developments in Pall Mall Square, incorporating establishing a wonderful fountain encompassed by flowering plants. The square became a beloved spot to live and many renowned people have lived here, incorporating Doris Wall, Sir Maurice Davis, and Professor Bryan King. Now, the square is a beloved spot for cultural incidents and natives and guests relish sitting beneath the trees.

17. Romney Manor

Romney Manor
Romney Manor

This manor house is the former downtown Basseterre residence of the Wingfield Estate sugar plantation owners. From 1964, the manor has been purchased by the Caribelle Batik store and workshop and is one of the famous tourist attractions in the city. The Caribelle staff makes see the tourists the procedure of making batik and also vend their wonderful products, from dresses to gifts and accessories. The orchard around the past manor is a horticulturists’ thrill, with a 350-year-old raintree as the highlight and a bell tower that was utilized to observe employed slaves. The look of the total garden from the observing gallery is spectacular.

18. Nevis Botanical Gardens

Nevis Botanical Gardens attractions
Nevis Botanical Gardens

A little tour from Charlestown and its opulent resorts will lead you to the illustrious, flourishing tropical Nevis Botanical Garden which is a wonderful tourist attraction, situated against the emerging shadow of Mount Nevis. The gardens’ belongings actually possessed by the Montpelier Estates. The 5-acre gardens incorporate a good variety of tropical trees from all over the tropical world, a beautiful cascade, dolphin fountains, and a pool full of water lilies. Relish breathtaking flowering royal poinciana, the national flower of St. Kitts and Nevis. The shadowed Orchid Terraces are the abode to plenty of bright-colored bromeliads, colorful orchids, and over 100 types of palms. The Tropical Vine Garden will captivate you with the fabric-like flowers of the calico vine and the strong aroma of the stephanotis. Visit the remains of a lost temple in the mystifying Rainforest Conservatory.

19. Museum of Nevis History

Museum of Nevis History

It is a little museum situated in a charming Georgian-style edifice in Charleston with a range of historic relics, exhibiting charts and other elements that delineates the history of the island. The edifice, familiar as Hamilton House, contains the museum on the first floor, while the second floor has the Nevis House of Assembly common chamber. The beautiful stone edifice was established in 1680, ruined in an earthquake in 1840, and renovated in 1983. The edifice is better familiar as the birthplace of American statesman, soldier, legal practitioner, first Secretary of the Treasury, and establishing father Alexander Hamilton, who was born in 1757. Hamilton resided on St Kitts until the age of nine.

20. Fairview Great House and Botanical Garden

Fairview Great House and Botanical Garden
Fairview Great House and Botanical Garden

Situated at the base of the green Olivees Mountain, Fairview Great House is a wonderfully renovated French colonial residence located over 2 acres of a lovely tropical garden. The residence was established in 1701 and is accessible to the tourists in all its distinction – with period furnishing and decoration that incorporating an impressive 16-seat mahogany dinner table laid with porcelain and silver. The docents who escort tourists will describe that the chaises were made broader in order to adjust petticoats. The balcony of the master bedroom provides spectacular looks of the Caribbean Sea, the southeast peninsula, and the island of Nevis. Outside the major edifice, across the square, is the actual kitchen, a bathing chamber, and a fieldstone basement that is now utilized as a gift store. The gardens encompassing the residence are splendid, filled with rich tropical greenery, flowers, birds, and monkeys.

21. Central Forest Reserve National Park

Central Forest Reserve National Park
Central Forest Reserve National Park

St Kitts, world-renowned for its blue seas and wonderful sandy shores, is also famous for its green central mountain chain, which ascends to nearly 4,000 feet and is almost totally coated by flourishing rainforest. All land above 1,000 feet was announced a national forest conserved in order to defend maximum of the island’s rainforest. The region is categorized by scientists as an American Oceanic Rainforest, one of the scarcest types of jungles on earth, and it is spreading instead of diminishing. There are plenty of tracks that serpentine through the rich jungles beneath the canopy of old trees, full of flowers and the noises of the wildlife that flourishes in this breathtaking world.

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22. Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park

Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park
Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park

This  is a compound of stronghold situated on Brimstone Hill that incorporates Fort George Citadel with the Fort George Museum, the Eastern Place of Arms, and the Western Place of Arms. The national park that has been made to defend the compound is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. All these beautifully protected strongholds and edifices can be entered by ascending a very sheer path with a sequence of steps and slopes. The fort was planned by British military engineers and is evidence to their engineering expertise. It was established and preserved by African slaves, so it is also proof of their tolerance and power.

23. Hike to the top of the Mountain Liamuiga

Hike to the top of the Mountain Liamuiga
Hike to the top of the Mountain Liamuiga

Rising to a huge 1,156 meters above the Caribbean Sea in the center of St. Kitts Island, the strong range of Mount Liamuiga rules supreme as the loftiest mountain top in the federation and one of the loftiest in the whole area. Its ridges come robed in vast swathes of hazy rainforest and rich tropical grassy plain, not to refer a good number of hiking tracks, most of which lacing out from the Belmont Estate to the immense crater brim up top. Treks to the top and back usually take an entire day to finish, finding strollers pass ancient wood of old mango trees, explore cloud forests and enjoy 360-degree panoramas of the ocean, dotted with Saba and Antigua on the skyline!

24.  Gasp at the Black Rocks

Gasp at the Black Rocks
Gasp at the Black Rocks

The Black Rocks are one of the most noticeable remains of the historic emission that once discharged from the massive hollow atop Mount Liamuiga. They can be seen collapsing down to confront the Caribbean rollers on the north-eastern verge of St. Kitts Island. Rough and spiky and sprinkled by the whitewash of the bulge, they glimmer in anthracite blacks and off-greys. It’s a really spectacular geological beauty to see, made all the more substantial by the existence of the enormous whitecaps where the Atlantic Ocean confronts the Caribbean Sea. There are plenty of paths and observation points to relish on the top of the cliffs themselves.

25. Feel the history at the Old Road

Feel the history at the Old Road
Feel the history at the Old Road

Dating back to 1624, Old Road endures the most ancient British colonial structure in the whole Caribbean area. Established over its own rocky bay and under the jungle-clad tops of central St. Kitts, the city was first established by Englishman James Warner. Voyager and entrepreneur, Warner produced tobacco for several years at Old Road, before being forced out when a temporary peace with the native Kalinago tribes collapsed down. Once the epicenter of the whole archipelago, this serene seaside city is today a photograph of the old Caribbean: rural, aged and dotted with old rock carvings.

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