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20 Best Tourist Attractions to Visit in Norway

1. Tromso

tourist attractions in Tromso

For those who have dreamt of watching the glaring green lights of the aurora borealis, tourist attractions in Norway have a few opportunities to make those dreams come true. But in the northern city of Tromso, spectators will find themselves in the center of the Northern Lights Oval which means they have a better chance of watching the lights from September to April each year, and the city has many tourism companies to take the visitors to the best viewing spots. Tromso is often mentioned as the Capital of the North, and it is the cultural center of northern Norway, with a wide variety of restaurants, draws, and accommodations, including the Tromso Ice Domes, ice hotel, and Aurora Spirit, the northernmost liquor shop in the world.

2. Trondheim

tourist attractions in Trondheim

Although Trondheim is not very big compared to other European cities like London or Paris, it is the third largest city in Norway. The massive presence of students in Trondheim means that there is an ambiance of culture, with many restaurants, nightlife, festivals, and music. Visitors can enjoy varieties of local food and drink here, with huge locally brewed beer and restaurants pair these beers with extraordinary meals. Trondheim offers a good number of art museums, history museums, and even the Rockheim, a museum committed to the development of pop music in tourist attractions in Norway, there is The Nidarosdomen cathedral is located in this incredibly historic city. The church was first built in the year 1070.

3. Voss

tourist attractions in Voss

Located in southwest Norway, Voss is a little town with a lot to offer to the visitor. Tourists can ski or snowboard down some of the wonderful mountain slopes, boating in the rivers, or even get an adrenaline-rushing view of the area from above while skydiving or paragliding. In the city, visitors can experience the 13th-century medieval church of Vangskyrkja or check out Molstertunet, a beautiful farm with a lovely view.  Voss offers many things for the visitors including Waterfalls, open-air folk museums, historical buildings, and much more. At the end of a busy day, they can satisfy their hunger with a plate of smalahove, a traditional lamb meat dish to the region.

4. Svolvaer

tourist attractions in Svolvaer

Svolvær is situated on the island of Austvågøya, which is actually a portion of the Lofoten Archipelago. Svolvær is the biggest settlement on the archipelago. In spite of its tiny population, this place offers some real gigantic views. In every single direction in Svolvær there are snow-capped mountains or vast blue panoramic seascapes dotted with other islands peeping out from behind the structures of the town. It’s an enormous fishing site, so you will repent if they don’t try some seafood while in Svolvær. It is also home to Trollfjord, a tiny, slender fjord that is often thought one of the well-kept secrets in Norway. 

5. Stavanger

tourist attractions in Stavanger

The historic city of Stavanger is situated in southwestern Norway, near the coast of the Norwegian Sea. Established in the 12th century, Stavanger has many tourist attractions in Norway to offer including an old cathedral, which was built around the time of the city’s conception, and many other wonderful historical wooden structures from centuries past. Oil production is its main business, and thus Stavanger is occasionally compared to other large oil cities like Houston. Visitors can explore this industry in the Norwegian Petroleum Museum or know about the history of this region in the Stavanger Museum. The neighboring areas around Stavanger are full of upright, dramatic cliffs, chill blue waters and wide skies. For a fun hike and panoramic views, visitors should visit the mountain plateau of Preikestolen.

6. Sognefjord

tourist attractions in Sognefjord

Sognefjord is the longest and densest fjord in Norway, with many tiny fjords that branch from its strong waters. It has earned the nickname “The King of Fjords.” For 126 miles, Sognefjord stretches inland from the Norwegian Sea, and just by sticking to this one fjord, visitors can see a great part of Norway including Flåm, Balestrand Jostedalsbreen National Park, and Jotunheimen National Park. The Sognefjord region offers sheer, dramatic mountains, glacier-engraved valleys, historical cities, and unparalleled landscapes. Visitors can take a fjord cruise to visit these sites or stop in one of these little towns at the fjord’s bank for some savory local seafood.

7. Odda

tourist attractions in norway

Odda lies between Norway’s Hardangervidda National Park to the east and Folgefonna National Park to the west. It is home to Trolltunga (the Troll’s Tongue), a long, slender precipice of rock that extends dangerously out from the cliff behind it in a gravity-defying exhibition of natural beauty, with a view that is well worth the adrenaline pump. Spectators will find lots of entertainment opportunities for camping, both in tents and in mountain cabins or lodges, as well as canoeing, hiking, and climbing. In the colder months, here you will find a lot of slopes just waiting to be skied and glaciers ready to be ascended.

8. Narvik

tourist attractions in Narvik

The town of Narvik is situated in the Nordland region of Norway, amidst the Arctic Circle. Narvik sits in a wonderful location, islands to its west, mountains in other directions as far as the eye can behold, and fjords to its north and south. In Narvik, tourists can visit Polar Park for a close encounter with wolves, Arctic foxes, reindeer, bears, and more.  Ice fishing, dog sledding, snowshoeing, and cruises on the fjord serves a magnificent look at the neighboring nature, and at night the Northern Lights will create a mesmerizing exhibition in the night sky. Leaving Narvik Station, there is also the Ofotbalen Railway, which joins with Sweden and takes travelers through the flourishing northern landscapes of Norway.

9. Naeroyfjord

tourist attractions in Naeroyfjord

Nærøyfjord is nearly 11 miles long and in some places, it is only some 800 feet broad. This feature made it the thinnest fjord in the world. It was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005. It has stunningly huge mountains that ascend strongly up on either side of the water to heights of nearly 6,000 feet, with beautiful waterfalls that cascade down their cliffs into the fjord. Boats and ferries offer amazing advantages for visitors to see Naeroyfjord from the water, where they can observe small farms isolated from the rest of civilization, and spectators can also hire a kayak for a more laggard trip. On land, hiking through Aurlandsdalen provides the best views of the fjord and the nearby mountains.

10. Myrdal

tourist attractions in Myrdal

Myrdal is a railway station situated high in the Norwegian mountains nearly 10 miles south of Flåm. This wonderful scenic stop is approachable via the Flamsbana railway from Flåm or via the Oslo-Bergen Railway. The open-air Flamsbana train will take its passengers through valleys of writhing fjords lined with tall mountains and switchback roads, from sea level up to Myrdal, with an altitude change of about 3,000 feet over the hour-long journey. It’s one of the most arduous train lines in the world, and the ride past waterfalls, through tunnels, and all over the Norwegian countryside is a never-to-be-forgotten one. Once at Myrdal, tourists can return to Flam or shift to the Oslo-Bergen train for more wonderful sightseeing.

11. Lysefjord

tourist attractions in Lysefjord

Lysefjord is a fjord that is 26 miles long and runs through southwestern Norway. The huge Rocky Mountains – which in some places ascend up to almost 10,000 feet above the water – and deeply engraved valleys were constructed millions of years ago during the last ice age. Though the icy glaciers are now gone, they’ve left behind is a wonderful landscape ideal for researching. A boat ride of the fjord will disclose sensational views of mountains, rock formations, projected islands, and probably settlement of seals. On land, if tourists go for a hike, they can trek to such fantastic areas as Preikestolen or Kjerag.

12. Lofoten

tourist attractions in Lofoten

The Lofoten Archipelago is a cluster of islands isolated from the western coast of Norway. Its landscape is featured by the amazingly rough pinnacles that ascend up from the islands, including the Svolværgeita peak, which creates a stunning view that can be seen for miles. It’s a wonderful spot to experience the aurora borealis, and there are a number of Northern Lights tours that conduct on the islands. There are also a few Viking-related museums on the Lofoten Archipelago, like the Lofotr Viking Museum, where visitors can see a rebuilt Viking longhouse and know about their culture and the history in the region.

13. Lillehammer

The southern Norwegian city of Lillehammer is unbelievably historic, and in Maihaugen, an open-air museum, guests can see the edifices that date back to the 13th century. In Hunderfossen Familiepark, visitors can enjoy rides and fascinations in a big amusement park including lots of trolls. Lillehammer is a famous ski resort town, where once held the Winter Olympics and it still houses museums and lots of tourist attractions in Norway from the games and events for visitors to enjoy. On the slopes, spectators to Lillehammer will see jungled mountains, alpine slopes, and a lot of opportunity for skiing and play.

14. Kristiansand

tourist attractions in Kristiansand

The city of Kristiansand, situated in southern Norway, is an amazing destination for families who want to get a glimpse of Norwegian landscapes along with the full cultural experience of a fussy city. The town of Kristiansand has the biggest zoo in Norway, many seaside beaches, art museums, and an entertainment park. Guests can take a ferry ride to the Kristiansand archipelago, tour the Christiansholm Fortress, or enjoy an unhurriedly walking through Posebyen, which is the most historic part of the city of Kristiansand. Posebyen has many historic wooden houses and other structures as well as the Kristiansand Cathedral.

15. Hardangerfjord

tourist attractions in Hardangerfjord

Hardangerfjord is one of the lengthiest fjords in Norway as well as in the world, a wonderful valley engraved by glaciers millions of years ago and now filled with fantastic blue water underneath the same blue sky. Hardangerfjord is the ideal spot for outdoor activities, and guests will find plenty of opportunities to experience all the amusement that nature has to offer them here, through several beautiful hikes that lead to wonderful landscapes. Beautiful cascading waterfalls in the Husedalen Valley create a stunning view and standing upon the Trolltunga, a long, slender strip of rock that stretches out from the cliff face over the fjord, is absolutely wonderful in every sense of the word.

16. Gudvangen

tourist attractions in Gudvangen

The village of Gudvangen is situated at the end of the Naeroyfjord, a wonderful fjord that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s a well-beloved tourist attractions in Norway featured by writhing fjords, lofty mountains, and green valleys, which guests can visit via foot, bike, kayak, or boat. Those who don’t cherish physical labor can still experience nature with a scenic drive through the mountain tracks. The Magical White Caves, a complicated cave system underneath the ground, is a popular fascination where visitors can visit the underground rooms and caverns with flowing water, underground lakes, and even a bar and dining area.

17. Geirangerfjord

tourist attractions in Geirangerfjord

Geirangerfjord is an immense and well-known fjord in western Norway with plenty of lovely and famous natural formations that often arrive on lists of the most wonderful natural spots in the world. The area is a haven for visitors, who can see well-known waterfalls like the Seven Sisters cascade or the Bridal Veil, both of which go down from upright cliffs in an exhibition of haze and rainbows. Sightseeing tours on a boat, by bicycle, or by foot will lead visitors to sights of sheer mountain faces, dazzling blue waters, and the deep engraved glacial valleys that form the fjords.

18. Oslo

tourist attractions in Oslo

Oslo, the capital city of Norway, is situated in the southern part of the country. There are many lovely green places within the city of Oslo, for instance, Frogner Park and Vigeland Sculpture Park, and plenty of history to be examined. In the Viking Ship Museum, visitors can know about the ancient inhabitants of Norway, their culture, and their way of travel via long wooden ships. There is also the Akershus Fortress, a historic 13th structure along the water’s edge of the fjord that has been used over the century as a safeguard, as a royal palace, and even as a penitentiary. The Fram Museum has shows on polar exploration, and at Holmenkollbakken, the world’s most archaic ski jump, guests can know about the history of the sport at the Ski Museum.

19. Alesund

tourist attractions in Alesund

Alesund, a tiny port city, situated on Norway’s western coast, is a wonderful little town in a beautiful setting. In 1904, about the whole town was burned to the ground in a terrible fire, and the reconstruction of the entire town at the same time has made Alesund an unparalleled destination especially for the art nouveau style architecture in the town. Rough mountains, sparkling blue fjords, and a wonderful Norwegian landscape attract guests to this region, as does its vicinity to the Geirangerfjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Museums, parks, architecture, and numerous festivals are sure to keep visitors occupied for the duration of their stay at the town.

tourist attractions in norway

20. Andalsnes

tourist attractions in Andalsnes

With lofty mountains and arduous hairpin trails, Andalsnes is an ideal destination for those who enjoy hiking and being outdoors. The Norwegian landscape is an excellent one, and the port town of Andalsnes shows it off in all its loftiness with tours designed for spectators with varied physical abilities and different allowances of time. The Nebba observation point, for instance, is just a 20-minute walk from the city center. Then there’s Trollstigen and Trollvaggen, one of the most beloved places for the visitors in Norway. Visitors can ascend the arduous path to Trollstigen – keeping an eye out for trolls, naturally! – To find waterfalls, scenic mountain pinnacle, and fantastic green valleys.tourist attractions in Norway


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