Tourist Attractions in Jaflong

Topmost Tourist Attractions to Visit in Jaflong

Tourist Attractions in Jaflong

Situated at the border between Bangladesh and Indian state Meghalaya, Jaflong is one of the most Tourist Attractions in Jaflong destinations in Sylhet. Overshadowed by subtropical mountains and rain-forests, this place is about 60 km from Sylhet town. This scenic spot is situated on the river Piain. Its landscape beauty among gardens and hills enchants the tourists. The Mari River coming from the Himalayan Mountain range brings tons of stone boulders with its stream. This place is famous for its stone collection activities. It is the home of the Khasi tribe. Tourists come here mainly in winter to see the stone collecting process but during monsoon, Jaflong reveals its different type of beauty with numerous falls cascading from lush green mountains. The amazing beauty of white clouds and gushing waterfalls streaming from the green mountains enthrall locals as well as tourists.

To See

Zero point:

Tourist Attractions in Jaflong, Zero point

It is actually the no-man’s-land between India and Bangladesh. From here you can enjoy the best panoramic view of the Meghalaya hills. You can also have the best view of the river Piain from here. The iconic picture of Jaflong which is seen everywhere is a bridge between two hills and this place is only a little distance from the zero point. You can go there on foot when water flows low. But in the rainy season, the water level becomes high and then you can hire a boat from Bolla Ghat to go there.

Piain River:

The river comes from the hills of Meghalayas and flows through Bangladesh. Numerous waterfalls of the hilly area are the contributor of this river. The river fetches a lot of stones with its flow. From the river you can have the stunning view of the hills of Meghalayas.

Sengram Punji Waterfalls:

Tourist Attractions in Jaflong

Nearly 700 meters west of the Zero Point, there is a waterfall on the hills of Meghalaya.  During winter, when the water flows low you can cross the river on a boat and walk to the waterfall. But in Rainy season you have to hire a boat to reach this place. Though this beautiful place is in Indian Territory, Bangladeshi tourists can go there and enjoy the scenic beauty of this stunning waterfall. To enjoy it’s full form you have to visit this waterfall during the monsoon.

Khasia Village:

This is the abiding place of the Khasia pople. Their main occupation is to produce betel leaves and betel nuts.  They live in their unique designed house.  This village is situated on the opposite side of the Sengram Punji Waterfall.  During dry season you can go there on foot and in the rainy season you must hire a boat to reach this beautiful village.

Jaflong Bridge:

Jaflong Bridge

The bridge connects the two sides of the river Piain. From this solid infrastructure, you can have the magical look of river Plain and the hills of Meghalaya surrounding the whole Jaflong. It is the best Tourist Attractions in Jaflong to spend your evening in Jaflong.

Stone Collection Activities:

Stone Collection Activities  jaflong

Stone collection and its processing is the main business here in Jaflong. Majority of the people of this region are somehow connected to this process. Some people gather stones from the river, some buy from them and sell to the crushing companies and these companies make them tiny pieces suitable for constructing works and supply these stones to all over Bangladesh by trucks.

Stone Crushing Yard:

When you will enter Jaflong you’ll have the view of the stone crushing yards spread through miles. People carrying stone on their heads to the crushing machines is a regular view here. Heaps of stones are stored outside every yard. Crushing machines are breaking these stones into small pieces . All these things make this place noisy and full of activity. If you advance further you’ll see the stone gathering activities.

How to Go:

Jaflong is 315 km away from Dhaka and 60.7 km away from Sylhet.  Journey to Jaflong from Dhaka is a two-phased one.  First, you have to reach in Sylhet from Dhaka and then you have to go to Jaflong from Sylhet. From Dhaka, you can go to Sylhet by three types of transportation: bus, train, and air. A/C and non-A/C buses are available from Sayedabad Bus Terminal. Different Train leaves for Sylhet from Kamalapur Railway Station and if you have a shortage of time then you can go by plane from Shahjalal International Airport. From Sylhet, you can go to Jaflong by bus or CNG auto rickshaw. Tourist Attractions in Jaflong takes two hours to reach in Jaflong from Sylhet.

Where to Stay:

There are some good hotels to stay here in Sylhet town.  Most of them are located at the Mazar road, Amberkhana or Zindabazar.


Eating facilities are available here at reasonable price. Local restaurants serve delicious foods and beverages. You can find quality food here in different resorts. Though the food here is a bit expensive, it is not much compared to its quality.  You can also find many restaurants in Ballaghat that serve decent food on local standard.


 You can buy bottled mineral water and different beverages from the nearby shops.

Some Useful information:

The best time to visit Jaflong depends on what you want to enjoy. If you want to enjoy the natural beauty of Jaflong then it’s wise to visit there during monsoon (July- September). If you want to see the stone collecting process and photographing it then you should go there during Winter(October- May) because there will be no stone collecting process during monsoon.

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